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New Rant / News and Older Observations

Friday, July 11, 2014 8:15:05 AM

Recent Complaints

i think ( ? ) that it’s becoming more common for people to take credit for achievements, insights, ideas or novel performances which are Not.

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This morning on Good Morning America ( July 11 2014 ) there was a very fat woman that posted a picture of herself on a social media outlet, wearing a Bikini; & it was her assertion that she was breaking The Bikini Barrier by showing that overweight women can wear Bikinis. i don’t know how often she visits The beach, or which beaches she visits, but every beach that i’ve ever been to, is filled with very fat, very ugly women laying around on The beach in very skimpy 2 piece bikinis !

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M$ used to do this fairly regularly; asserting that their new Operating System was pioneering some feature that Apple’s Macintosh had been using for The pervious ten or more years !

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i have for a long time been confused by The idea of certain kinds of art being considered ‘High Art’ or ‘Gallery Art’ which usually takes The Form of Minimalism, Abstract Expressionism, or Simple Portraiture. For my two cents worth, i find ( Well Done & Imaginative ) Graphic Novels to Be Amazing Examples of High Art. Not only does each of these books contain hundreds of well crafted compositions & interesting plot-lines, but they’re filled with original ideas.

The Real problem that i have with Minimalist Paintings is that when they were originally introduced, they were answering The question; ‘What is Art?’ or ‘How much Paint on a Canvas is Required to make a Painting?’ or ‘Is it Art if the Artist Says it is?’

All of those Questions i think were satisfactorily answered back in The 50’s, if Not before then, So that there’s no need to keep rehashing this, or if your Dentist wants to put up a nice, completely Non-Confrontational Painting ( that Western Viewers have now gotten ‘used’ to ), Then fine. But for them to regularly appear in Contemporary Art Magazines which are Ostensibly supposed to be revealing to me what The Art World is Currently up to, This is just Wrong.

It has been suggested that The Science of Physics has been Dead for The Last 60 years, making no new Discoveries or innovating any new theories in that time period.

Is Art The Same?

When was The last time a really new Kind of Art was Introduced ?

Excluding ‘Rap’ ( which is Bluntly DeEvolutionary ) when was The Last time a new kind of Music appeared ?

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The idea of ‘Holographic’ Projections comes up fairly often; & they are routinely discovered to be a theatrical trick that was used, or popularized, ( as a magic trick ) in The 1800s ( a hundred years ago. ( ! )

There are a couple of methods that you can genuinely present a True 3 Dimensional Projection, But these methods have Not yet been ‘Up-Scaled’ from table top devices to Stage Presentations.

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Is Evolution Dead ?

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It was recently brought up that people are mutating at a ferocious rate nowadays, but our ‘Bad-Genes’ are being selected out, as we very rarely allow ‘Poor-Examples’ of Humanimals to die off at The Rates that they should.

We joke about people that manage to kill themselves off in stupid accidents or Crazy Stunts; Having joined The Darwinian Club, But there are far more feeble humanimals that are cared for & even encouraged to reproduce when they should Not be.

It is readily observed that dumb people spawn more tadpoles than smart people; which would suggest that The world is getting dumber.

Is The World Getting Dumber ?

It’s actually hard to say; While Technology is making incremental advances, On The Whole; The World is behaving just as foolishly as it has since The First City States in North Africa.

There is also The Observation that Smart Parents routinely generate Dumb children; & Dumb Parents occasionally produce an inventive child. The Bell Curve remains surprising constant for Brightness. While The Ordinary Children of Today may be able to run circles around The General Education & Problem Solving Abilities of The Bright Children of Decades Past; Are they really ‘Brighter’, or are they just being exposed to a lot more Educational Venues & ‘Methods’ for solving Familiar Problems & Puzzles ?

When you take a Bell Curve Middling Child of Today & put them in a genuinely novel situation; Will they perform more intelligently than The Bell Curve Middling Child of 100 years ago.

No. i don’t think so.

Another measure of this is to engage in simple conversation with a Bell Curve Middling Child, & while their speech may seem more animated than The Bell Curve Middling Child of 100 years ago; i suspect that their speech is merely derived from The Television Cliches & ComicBook Dialogues that they’re Over Exposed to.

Teacher’s & Parents often believe that The Children that they care for come up with The Most Imaginative Ideas, but far more often than naught, The Children are merely plagiarizing ideas that their Teachers & Parents are Not familiar with.

Children occasionally ‘Invent’ a clever phrase or Contrive a Truly Original Idea, but in these cases, it is because they have stated something that they intended to be ‘Accurate’ in an ‘InAccurate’ manner. Is this really being creative ?

The Trick of being genuinely Inventive is to Recognize a Good Idea when a Box of Random & Chaotic Ideas are presented to you.

Are The Bell Curve Middling Children able to do this ?

No. They are Not.

- -

The More Interesting Question then is :

Is there an ‘Optimum’ Quantification of Smart to Dumb people in The World ?

That is; If The Bell Curve of Brightness is remaining relatively constant throughout history; It is apparent that as more smart people appeared as more people as a totality appeared; It allowed Civilizations to prosper & Technologies to Develop

But will there be a point ( have we passed it already ) when there are far too many dumb people that will overwhelm The achievements of The Smart People.

One Other Constant in this Mix is The UnderUtilized Smart People, that don’t contribute to The Advancements of Civilization. Are these UnderUtilized Smart People Growing or Shrinking in Proportionality to The Whole.

If they are Growing due to ( ? ); Then The Percentage of Functional Smart People will be Shrinking; & What will this mean for The Future of The World.

- -

i have also considered that Evolution created people to be Smart or Bright at A Bell Curve Middling Level, & that The Smart People are Disrupting The Natural Intentions of Darwinian Evolution.

Maybe Evolution never intended us to leave The open savannas, invent sharpened sticks or take to wearing animal skins.

It’s The Smart People that are mucking everything up.

Evolution will eventually win, & return us to our natural balance of Mostly Dumb people to very few anomalous smart trouble makers & Boat Rockers.

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