Thursday, July 10, 2014

News vs Happiness ( ? )

Wednesday, July 9, 2014 6:27:14 PM

The Distortion of Reality that The News Causes

i’ve mentioned this before; & it’s fairly obvious to anyone moderately thinking about it, but it’s over The heads of many people as well;

& that is; Watching The News makes you believe That The World is Much more Dangerous & Chaotic than it really is.

The Test of this is to simply look around your immediate Environment & compare that to The Chaos & Criminality of The World depicted on The News.

Chances are; ( Statistically Speaking ) You’re local World is much more benign & Law Abiding than The World on The News.

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i have long considered that i am one of luckiest people in The World. i don’t have a car, i live in a tiny apartment, i’m Not Married & have a personality disorder that keeps me from forming any kind of Relationship with anyone, & recently i learned that i probably have Attention Deficit Disorder, which apparently prevents me from ever getting anything done.

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But when i compare my situation, resources, security, healthcare, conveniences & intelligence ( which may be a curse ( ! ) ) to The World, Past & Present i am much better off than most everyone from 30 years ago, & for every 10 years backwards, My situation becomes much better by a factor or 10 or so.

The Wealthiest People, Royalty & Just Flat Out Luckiest people from 100 years ago were suffering in a variety of ways that are unthinkable today.

So comparing that to People of Today; Where is my Level of Fortunateness ( ? )

There are Undoubtedly many very happy & fortunate people in The World, ( Today & Throughout History ) But there are also a lot of passive Alcoholics, Drug Addicts, Dumb People that merely consume crap in their search for some degree of contentment & people all over The World that live Monotonous, Pointless Lives, like people from a thousand years ago.

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How many people are really, genuinely fortunate & Happy ?

i often think that there are plenty of people living in The Squalor of India’s Slums & Shanty Towns that are really happy.

Genuinely Happy.

- -

As i like to believe; Most Consumer Americans live in The Outside World, while i live in The Inside World.

My room is sparse & Undecorated; But whatever joy or contentedness that i experience is from my inner experiences.

One thing that i think my Schizoid Personality provides for me, is that i’m Not constantly arguing with a wife, room-mate of my neighbors. i would like to live in a barrel on The moon or in a cave on a mountain top, but my situation Now is very close to that.

i’m Not here to save The world,

The reincarnation of The Soul is always concerned today & Inside The belly of The Turtle that Swims through The Universe, Upon which we all ride, Oblivious to our True Reality With your personal Salvation.

The World is Irrelevant, It is; I Can’t Believe it’s Not Maya.

- -


i live in this building that was recently ( about a year ago ) bought by a very curious asian ( chinese ) man that has been making all The Worst possible decisions to preserve The Safety & Security of The Building.

i have lived here for about 8 years, & while i used to be reasonably content here, since Wei Yan has taken over The Management ( Hands off Style of Building Management ) of The Building; i am now afraid to leave my room, water The lawn or go down to The laundry room.

i want to move, but moving into someplace new requires resources that i don’t have.


My current plan is to keep saving, living to a degree of poverty & Ascetic Austerity that will allow me to have enough to move in another year ( ! ) Until then; i am hoping that all The Crazy People in The Building will move out ( as most everyone in this building usually stays for no more than a few years ) or get themselves arrested & hauled off.

- -

Is my situation really so awful ?


Not really; But it’s worse than it was a few years ago, & i feel sorry for myself.

Am i failing The Stipulations of My Reincarnation ( ! )

- -

That is The Question.

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