Thursday, July 10, 2014

World News Now vs Good Morning America

Wednesday, July 9, 2014 3:36:53 AM

Additional Thoughts


When Television Metamorphosed into HDTV, although i’d been waiting for & eagerly anticipating HDTV, when it finally arrived, i didn’t switch over to it ( !!! ) The TV’s were too big for my room & i had been weening off TV for several years prior to this; & i was getting most of my Video Entertainment from Netflix & Now Online Netflix & Other iPod & Kindle Venues.


i still have my old TV & Amazingly; there is still ONE Channel that i can get on it, which makes be believe that there must necessarily be A LOT of people that haven’t switched over yet ( ! )

This one Channel is Ostensibly Channel 4 ( ABC ) & it works well enough, with The quality that i’d gotten used to.



In The Early Mornings, there is a News Program called ‘World News Now’ & after that; Local News & Then ‘Good Morning America’.

What just occurred to me this morning is that World News Now has been recognized for a long time as a ‘light’ News Venue, that is marginally silly, with two ( male & female ) talking heads that always have a VERY GOOD chemistry between them, They are just very enjoyable to watch present The News. That is The Secret Success Formula of World News Now, It’s Enjoyable. Very Enjoyable to Watch.




After World News Now, Around 5 or 6 ( ? ), it switches to Local News & then ‘Good Morning America’

& The Thing Is; What i have been ‘Aware Of’ for quite awhile now, is that The Chemistry of The Talking Heads on Good Morning America is A LOT less Successful ! ( ! ) Plus there are Too Many Talking Heads; i suspect that there is a Trend or ( ? ) Drift towards The Formula of ‘The View’, which is to Fill a table with Lots of Talking Heads which are constantly talking over one another.

This is a HORRIFIC Formula !!!!

One of The Things on Good Morning that i hate so much ( Since i only get ONE Channel, i am stuck with this ! I could listen to NPR on The Radio, but ever since they started playing Blurbs for Micro$ every 5 minutes, i loath listening to NPR now !!! )

that i hate so much; Is The ‘Forced’ ‘Giggling’ that is usually led by George Stephanopoulos ! Oh ! That is So Annoying that i often just turn The sound off until it passes. ( !!! )

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