Friday, August 29, 2014

Safe Haven

Monday, August 25, 2014 4:21:52 AM

Safe Haven

One of The Many Things that greatly irritates me about Western Civilization is that Apple Computer Shuns anyone that brings in an Old ( Very Old ) Apple Computer, ( Sometimes Not so old at all ! ) & they ( Apple ) refuses to Service it.

That’s just Wrong.

- -

So wouldn’t it be fun to open a Computer Service Shoppe across The Street or down The Block from Every Apple Store in America & Abroad that services Not only older Apple Computers, But any old Computer, Specializing as it were in Very Old Computers, Such as Old Commodores, Atari 400s, Timex 1000s & so on.

The Theory would be; You’d bring these insanely old Apple IIs in & they’d be ‘Refurbished’ to a completely functional condition, & they’d be much better than they were originally. They would look essentially The Same, & The Customer would have The Option of Restoring The ‘Look & Feel’ of The Original Interface, Providing a more ‘Modern’ or ‘Contemporary’ Interface, or Creating an Entirely New User GUI ( Graphic User Interface ) that’s Entirely Unique for that User.

i should think that it would be very, very easy to simply tear out big chunks of an older computer & replace that with a generic ‘New’ Components.

Occasionally you’d come across some nut-case that would want Their Old computer repaired with ‘Original’ or ‘Nearly-Original’ components, & this ( may be ) possible from time to time, as i believe that there are many of these old 4-bit processors still in use ( for very different purposes ) & it should be a simple matter of drawing upon a universal Encyclopedic repository of these old Operating Systems & Other Controller Start-Up routines

But most of The Time; Safe Haven ( The Alternative Store’s Name; Whose Motto is : Every Old Computer is A New Computer Tomorrow ) would be performing perfectly routine Computer Maintenance that would be their cheese & crackers. The Other Stuff would be their Idle Gossip Advertising that ordinary companies, like Apple, McDonalds or Geiko, spend Millions & Millions dollars on, to generate Good Will & Company Loyalty.

This wouldn’t be The only company that uses this ploy of providing good ( &/or unique ) products & services in leu of expensive advertising, but it’s comparatively rare.

More Tediuos & Whiny Bothersome Details of A Pointless Universe ( ? )

Saturday, August 16, 2014 1:05:38 PM

Another Example of...

i have noticed that with each new platform or application version, while there are more do-dads attached to them, they will invariably become dumber in other respects.


i just discovered ( ? ) that i can Not add a sound file to a pdf which i can create from a TextEdit or Pages Document.

It used to be that there were several Appliances that allowed you to create full media presentation documents that you could send around to other people over pre-internet neighborhood phone networks ( ! ) i forget what we called them ( ? )


Anyways; That’s gone now.


i just occurred to me that i might be able to do this with something like a ‘presentation’ application, which i have somewheres around here, on disk or possibly on my backup hard-drive, but i haven’t used that EVER, & i would undoubtedly require a receiver application on The computer of whomever i sent The document to ( ! )


- - -

i have ‘discovered’ ( or realized ! ) that there is a very simple solution to this; & that is; Simply ‘Compress’ a TextEdit Document ( which have all sorts of fun features built into them ) & then Post it through my Google Drive Folders.

This would allow my Documents to be shared in Exactly The Way i’d like them to be viewed, along with Video & Sound Files integrated into them; But They could only be viewed on The Macintosh ( Apple ) Platform.

So be it.


: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - : o


Another way that The internet is getting dumber is that it used to be very easy to goto what were called ‘Chat Rooms’ to ask some crazy question that you’d have. There were so many different Chatrooms with so many different Topics, that it was pretty easy to find The Right Room & have any question you’d like answered, answered; So long as it would have some specific, well defined Answer, & Not The sort that philosophers or scientists would endlessly debate about.

i’m pretty sure that there still are ChatRooms, But The last time i went looking for them, on Yahoo i think ( ? ), The Concept & Navigation of them had become very muddled from The AOL Days, when their usage was very well defined & easy & fun to use.

i seem to recall that most of The Chatrooms i last visited had been taken over by foreigners, which is fine, if it’s clear from The outside what culture is dominating it, but they weren’t labeled in this sense at all.

- - -

The Question that i’ve been trying to get answered, & i’ve tried typing this into Google & some other Search Engines, is: There is a Western Film, made pre-2000 ( ? ), in which, at The End of The Film, there is s GunSlinger Shoot Out, & The Villain is Shot, but he’s still standing, then The camera dollies around him, & we can see in his shadow, a dot of sunlight revealing that he’s been shot through The chest ( ! ) & then he falls over. What is The Name of this film ?

i would think that this would be such a Signature Shot that it would be easy to find, but nothing is coming up. i suspect that if i could connect with ‘People’ that are film buffs & sit in front of their computer all day, as i have witnessed for other venues ( ! ) This would be easy to find The Answer to.

But that sort of Access has either been removed from The Internet or ( more likely ) It has been Buried & is now very difficult to find.

i suspect ( Strongly Suspect ) that there are many ‘Features’ on The Internet in The Guise of Various Websites & Services, but are Not nearly as well ( Promoted ) as Facebook, or Twitter. There are fringe items that i do know about & i would consider Flickr one of these, that should be well understood & accessible, but aren’t.

During The Early AOL Days ( circa: 199 ) Using AOL provided Easy Access to all these Primal Features, & it was really enjoyable to use them. But. Even within AOL, after only a few years, these sites & The Structure became so muddled that it began to resemble what The Internet is like now.

i kind of suspect that Yahoo & Google have or are trying to create portals that resemble something like i’m describing, but they are falling far short of it. ( ? )

- -

Furthermore; i think that Google Blogs have somekind of Access Barrier to them that prevents anyone from just stumbling into them & freely interacting with them. Part of this is to protect them from Spammers, which i consider The Only True Terrorists in The World Today. The Spammers are Destroying The Functionality of The Internet, Along with Advertisers in General that make many sites completely unusable.

- - -

i think that perhaps The way The internet should work, is to extend The Prying, Spying Eyes of Google Search Engines ( & others ) to their Logical Conclusion ( or nearly there ), & Take all The Overt Advertising off of The Web so that it becomes extremely Easy to Use & access information from it; Then Custom Create A ‘Sears & Roebuck’ Catalogue for Each Individual based on their Search Habits & uh, Oh What do call ‘em, Demographics, that Perfectly suits them, so that this Catalogue would be Nothing But Colorful ‘Christmas Catalogue’ Blurbs that Internet users would eagerly browse through, & find only things that they are genuinely interested in ( ! )

So that instead of trying to avoid all The Ads, Users would eagerly swim through them ( ! )

- - -

Monday, August 11, 2014

i hate =The View=

Friday, August 8, 2014 7:31:25 PM

i hate The View

It is a very awful thing to say that i hate The View ( Morning TV Show ), because i have never watched The View ( !!! )

i have watched snippets of it, & Parodies of it, & it’s my ‘Perception’ that it consists of very dumb, very talkative, chatty women talking over one another without considering The Tenets of Sound High School Level Debate Tactics, or having any consideration for The ‘Rights’ or ‘Opinions’ of The Other Ladies at The Table.

- -

So i have thought of a possible Solution.

This would Not Completely Change The Template or Scaffolding of The View,

But it would allow any Given Speaker to Promote a Salient Opinion about something without having to worry about being shouted down.

It would be called ‘The EggTimer Clause’

Each Lady or Guest at The Table would be allowed 3 such EggTimer Clauses per week, in which they would bring out an egg-Timer, A physical Egg-Timer, & place it on The Table They would wait a moment or two to let everyone quiet down, which they would be duty-bound to do, & then They’d turn it over & speak uninterrupted for 3 minutes.

As just mentioned; they would only be allowed to use this 3 times a week, While a guest would be allowed one usage per visit.

- -

The Weakness of this idea is that i don’t believe that any of The View’s Regular Chatters could be expected to adhere to The 3 minutes of silence.

Also; In The TV reality, 3 minutes is an eternity, so that The Egg-Timers may have to be rejiggered to run for only 2 or 1 minute(s.

A More Reasonable Gawd & The Problem of Giving Away Babies

Monday, August 4, 2014 9:17:32 AM

Giving Away Babies


i hate presents.

i hate giving away presents,

i hate getting presents.


i still have this FREE Coffee Promotional that i got from A Local Radio Station for Putting them on Retainer for $10 a month.

The reason that i’m Not Using this Coffee Promotional which would allow me to pick up a bag of Premium Coffee every month, is that i like coffee, but it makes me sick. i can drink a little tiny bit everyday, like one cup, but anymore than that will make me throw up !

So i was thinking that i should just give this to someone, but i haven’t been able to find someone that i would TRUST to Use it ( ! )

i don’t want to just give to someone that wouldn’t use it.

i’ve done that before & it makes me angry & frustrated & sick !

Or i’ve given someone something ( personal ) that i thought was very special, & they didn’t, & they either threw it away or destroyed it or abused it horribly.

The trouble with Presents is that if you get something for FREE, It doesn’t have any value. Unless you’re prepared to give something without any value, any real value, something truly valueless, a great or Infinite ( Seamless Continuum ) amount of Value; You shouldn’t be ENTRUSTED with it !


And The Same goes for Receiving Presents; Most of The Presents that i’ve received; i thought were CRAP ! Getting a Crappy Present doesn’t fill me with Joy; It makes me VERY Sad !

Very, Very Sad. i have routinely burst out into tears on Chrstmsa ( Z-Mass ) Morning because of this. So it Effectively ruins The Festive Atmosphere for me & to some extent, others.


Imagine that you’re gawd ( Ea, El Shaddai, JHVH, Baal ) & you discovered some time ago that you can create autonomous souls, but once they’re created, you Can Not Destroy them ( ! )

And ! You Discover to your Additional Horror that you can’t reliably create Souls of High Quality. Or Good Souls. They come out pretty well, most of The Time, but when they go bad, they turn out very badly, & then you’re stuck with them. What are you going to do with all these Bad Souls ( ? )

Make them into Beetles ( ! ) ?

If The Beetle Solution were Correct, that would mean that Most Souls don’t turn out well, but Most of them turn out very, very crappy !


But what i was thinking originally, along this thread, was that if you’re gawd & you’ve just created A New Soul that looks pretty much OK, & you want to transfer it to your Aquarium, You have to EnTrust it to a Family to Raise it, & what if this Family Abuses your New Soul !

Man !

Wouldn’t that be Annoying, Wouldn’t that just Tear You Up !


i have this crazy idea that gawd isn’t omnipotent.

gawd is just a guy ( or gal or (x )

gawd is a reasonably intelligent creator.


By thinking of gawd as a reasonably intelligent creator,

99.97 % of all Theological ‘Troubles’ disappear.

Nearly all Criticisms of gawd ( JHVH ) start with; If Jehovah is Omnipotent or All Good, or All Just, Why

Why do so many animals look like they were an accidental creation by Evolution ?

Why is there Evil in The World ?

Why Do Bad things happen to Good People ?

Why did a Third of The Angels side with Lucifer ?

Why did gawd’s greatest creation ( The Arch-Angel Lucifer ) Turn Against gawd ?

Why is there A Hell ?


And so on.


If gawd is Omnipotent, these are very troubling.

But if gawd is just a guy, ( A unisexual being of Indeterminant Genital appearance or functionality ) Then all of these difficulties just evaporate.


It also explains what The Meaning of Life is.


Our Meaning of Life is The same as gawd’s now


Keep Busy.


Things are constantly changing,

But they’re Not ( really ) getting any ‘Better’.

Evolutionarily Speaking; The Animals that Existed 700 Million Years ago, were just as sophisticated as The Animals of Today.

The Argument that ‘Intelligence’ is somehow ‘Better’ from A Environmentally Sustaining Perspective is Dubious.

Intelligence would seem to suggest a pattern of Squalor, Wretchedness, Confusion, Ruination that follows in The Wake of Technological Ingenuity that allows Sentient Beings to take this Comportment to Other Worlds that would be much ‘Happier’ if they were filled with Just Trees, Fish & Rabbits.

Charlie Horse Synchronicity

Wednesday, July 30, 2014 4:46:54 PM

Charlie Horse Synchronicity

i don’t get Charlie Horses ( Very Painful Cramp in my lower leg ) very often, but in The last year or so, i’ve a couple of them, in both legs, & my usual solution is to pull The leg up as tightly as i can into a fetal position. The Contraction usually only lasts less than a minute, & does Not persist thereafter in any way ( usually ).

What is odd about it though, is that it is so painful. Its Not simply that The muscles are contracting, but they’re contracting in a random manner ( ? ) so that that section of the leg ( involving several muscles ) is pushing & pulling ( ? ) to create a ‘knotting’ effect. ( i know ( ? ) of course that muscles only contract & relax, but this sensation is best explained with delusional thinking ! )

But i was wondering about this a little bit, & was thinking that i should look this up on Wikipedia & see what causes them, & what The best solution is.

So today; While watching The Doctors on Afternoon TV, they had a very short segment on Charlie Horses & had an Audience Member reveal that her solution is to simply pinch her upper Lip ! ( ! ) which suggests that Either; This Cure is merely a distraction which allows your muscles to relax, or perhaps The Charlie Horse cycles through it’s normal time allocation while you’re pinching your lip ( ! )

Or maybe it has to do with Acupuncture ( ? )

But more succinctly; How often do you hear about Charlie Horses ?

& What was The Statistical Likelihood of hearing this segment a day or so after having one of my rather rare ones ?

: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - : o

The Atheists Church

The Atheists Church


The Church of Atheism is something that i’ve been considering for a long time now;

There are Real & Genuine Advantages to having a Church to go to,

& If you’re an Atheist or Conscientious Agnostic,

Going to a Regular Church may seem unacceptably Hypocritical for you.

: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - : o


The Basis of my Own Spiritual Atheism is derived from These Two Aphorisms :


“Are we living in a universe that is so cruel, That it allows us to be aware that we are Robots ?”

- - - Tiny Wanda : MailArt Aphorism


“Only Atheists will be allowed into Heaven.”

- - - Foundation of The Babynous Cult


The Following Explanation needs a little additional work ( ? )

It should include The Ideas that Souls that Can’t be Destroyed once they’ve been created, This would explain why gawd would create something like hell. Not only can’t gawd it’self destroy a soul, but s’he(it believes that if they are bad at The moment of creation, they can never be redeemed or saved.

gawd ( even after all this time ) Can’t create a specific kind of soul. To get one working; The chaos of The process complete negates The possibility of shaping it as its forming. Reincarnation believes that they can evolve into ‘believing’ an Ideology of ‘Goodness’ that is more in line with The will of gawd, but it takes a very long time.

If gawd does embrace reincarnation; you can’t just allow souls to exit for a very long time, & if you leave a soul in one ‘body’ for a prolonged period of time, it stops evolving & stagnates.  You need to jump start them every few years through a death/life cycling process.

i have often contended that everyone should burn their house down every 10 years, but gawd thinks that 70 years is more acceptable.

- - -

Chaos is Structured Randomality.

Perfect Chaos is indistinguishable from Randomality.

Randomality is Random,

But Chaos allows for something very much like our idea of FreeWill.

Freewill is either something completely different than how we can imagine it,

Or- Freewill is merely Autonomy, which every individual enjoys by means of drawing upon The Gravitation & Electromagnetic Fields that permeate The universe. Each individual’s -Position- in The Universe allows them Chaotic Sentience based on Our undoubtedly mistaken understanding of how brains work under The Machinery of ElectroChemistry. This Autonomy doesn’t allow us to make Free Decisions though, & it remains intractable that all of the ‘Decisions’ that we do make are Not decisions at all, but artificially perceived nodes in The ‘Flow’ of ‘Activity’. ( ! ) ?


- - - It seems to me that Gawd will want to fill Heaven with only the Noblest Souls and to do so, S’he/It has arranged for this World to be Mislead by various Religious Dogma's that are specifically designed to bring forth the most mealy minded, fatuous pedestrians, by insisting that the only way to get into Heaven is to perform the most specious, unreasonable, self destructive & socially ruinous acts that may be reasonably expected of them... such as mutilating your genitals, persecuting the weak & defenseless, sticking your head in a bucket, or espousing pure gibberish...


- - - Anyone that betrays this agenda will be summarily sent into eternal damnation...!


- - - Thus; Only the bravest, most courageous & those who are sufficiently dauntless that avert themselves from the damp masses & social norms predicated by the established orders, will be worthy of that which they have rejected, to seek a greater, or true provenance of justice & knowledge.


Let us imagine that you are gawd.

You have existed for such a long time that you can not recall your origins.

Then one day you discover a way to make a self replicating system of organisms that attract consciousness and hold onto it.

These beings are able to evolve by some mechanism of reincarnation, so that the life force of sentience & awareness is transferred from one being to another allowing each entity to evolve into a greater & greater being over a prolonged period of time.

As gawd, you would like these beings to develop into companions that you may think of as equals of a sort.

So that you invent various mechanisms to challenge them into developing attributes which you perceive as desirable.

The least of these of these attributes is blind obedience. You would much rather create entities that can think independently and help you to solve some of the universal questions that have troubled you, as gawd, over these countless eons.

Like: What is Good?

Christianity has no answer for this. The Bible gives countless example of Do This, & Don't Do That, But when one asks; What is Good? The only answer is: Whatever pleases gawd, is Good.

From this; We might easily imagine that gawd itself does not know what Good is.

Maybe gawd wants to create a being that is so innovative and imaginative, that it might be able to reason out the solution to What is Good.

One of the challenges / Puzzles / Tasks that gawd creates to help shape its entities into evolving in this direction, is to identify the beings that are clearly falling short of this agenda.

So gawd communicates to his beings, a set of directions that it promises will allow them to come and live with it in heaven. This is a cruel trick though, as all the directions are meant to filter out the entities with those qualities that are the least desirable. The communication tells gawd's followers to dunk their head in a bucket of water, mutilate their genitals, blindly oppress others on the feeblest of premises, ignoring all the best & valuable qualities of their supposed enemies, and turn away from thinking whenever possible.

Further; Those that refuse to obey these rules will be thrown into a pit of fire, where they will burn forever. It is important that everyone really believe this part, so that gawd arranges that the societies are built around these ideas from the ground up, and everyone from their earliest teachings, is fully indoctrinated with these ideas.

So that; Anyone that does turn away from the rules, would do so believing that there is a very strong probability of burning in hell for all eternity.

To turn against the rules would require only the most strongly willed entities that really, very strongly believed in what they had reasoned out to be genuinely good & righteous.

Exactly what gawd is really looking for is the kind of people that he would want to come and live with him, in heaven.


: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - : o

Reasons Why Churches are Good !

Sunday, April 13, 2014 7:38:36 PM

Meet The People in your Community

Officiate Available for Baby Christenings, Funerals, Puberty, Menstruation, Graduations, Other Transitional Periods

Place for Lonely Hearts to Meet

Holiday Parties

Center of Charity Chores

BabySitting & Child Care

Cheap Advice & Resource for Other Services

Sabbath Greet & Meet with Entertainment


: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - : o




- - - The One Day of The Week that is a Mandatory Holiday


- - - Baby Naming & Introduction to The Community


- - - Generic Deity, Gravity, GUTs or Aliens


- - - Gawd Groupie

The Apocrypha

- - - Books left out of the Bible


- - - Spurious Jewish writings composed near the time of J. Christ


- - - Wishie-Washie


- - - Nontheist / Atheist

Hell 1

- - - In The Ground / Inert / The Atheist’s Death

Hell 2

- - - Where Satan & His Minion Party ( Until The Eschaton )

Hell 3

- - - Where Sinners go to Suffer for All Eternity


- - - The Underworld / Benign Home of The Dead as Zombies


- - - The State of Eternal Damnation


- - - The Valley of Hinnon / Where Children were Sacrificed to Baal


- - - Day at the end of time following Armageddon when God will decree the fates of all individual humans according to the good and evil of their earthly lives


- - - The part of theology concerned with death, judgment, and the final destiny of the soul and of humankind.


- - - Speaking in Tongues


- - - A Mystical or Allegorical Interpretation of Scripture


- - - Innocent Error of Judgment


- - - Corrupt, able to be bribed, or involving bribery'


- - - A sin or offense that is 'pardonable, excusable, not mortal


- - - Skirt The Boundary of A Moral Principle


- - - Intentionally Malicious, UnScrupulous & Iniquitous


- - - Moral Corruption, Perversity, Wanton Lechery &/or Obscene Turpitude

Mortal Sin

- - - Just short of Completely UnPardonable


- - - Ultimate & Local Knowledge is Accessible through Spiritual Ecstasy


- - - All Knowledge is Accessible through Ones Own Understanding of The Self


- - - Seeks Truth through Abstinence & Introspection


- - - Knowledge is Accessible to Only a Chosen Few through Mystical Experiences


- - - The Universe ( Universal Knowledge ) is A Inversion of Ones Personal Body


- - - Believes in An Unknowable Gawd


- - - Believes in a Meddling Gawd


- - - Adheres to a Program of Simplistic Natural Introspection /


- - - Refutation of All Fixed Methods of Knowledge Acquisition


- - - All Knowledge is Not Learned or Discovered, But Recalled from The True Reality which we have been Separated from by The Confusion of Existence.


- - - Struggles to Find The Opposite of Every Assertion to Compare Their Truth Value According to PreEstablished Hierarchal Truths


- - - Believes that All Behaviour is The Result of Simple Self-Interested Instincts


- - - Certain that Certainty of Knowledge of Impossible /


- - - All Knowledge is predicated on Whatever The Orthodoxy Refutes


- - - Strict Materialist / Pessimistic Pragmatist


- - - Fanatical Belief is Some (x precedes A Factual Foundation of (x


- - - Structure & Regulation precede Understanding & Knowledge


- - - Participates in The Systematic Formal Inquiry of (x


- - - All Actions are Predetermined & Inevitable / Understanding is Moot


: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - : o

Church of Atheism

Churches that are hurting for support may consider setting aside a midweek evening to allow Atheists or Agnostics to meet and participate in all the desserts of religion, without having to put up with the morality & ethical condemnations that are the heart & soul of conventional services.

Short of This; The Church of Atheism may simply purchase a church that gone belly up. The Sellers may not be entirely interested in getting a good price for their building, the sale may have a clause to prevent it from being used for the very purpose that you intend. If so; You may have to assure them, that while you don't believe in their religious doctrines, you are deeply interested in Social Well-Being and The Prosperity of The Community, Both Fiscally & Ethically... Through the love of teachings of your savior; Lord Beelzebub.

The Emphasis would always be on Entertaining First, Then Social Responsibility, Then Morality, Then Education.

Participants would strongly encouraged to dress up, As the Administrators would wear special costumes that may frequently change.

While many of the constituents of The Conventional Service may be adopted & Then Morphed to suit their new Functionality; These should not be -Deliberately- changed to mock or ridicule their original form.

Themes & Additional Themes :

Amusing Bible Stories

Mythological Stories from All World Cultures

Convert Christians ( Any Given Faith ) to Atheism

Community Stories of Superiour Secular Morality

Educational Features

Movie Night

Pot Luck


Show & Tell ( Edited and Prepared before hand


: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - : o

Sabbath Events

Sunday, April 13, 2014 7:45:14 PM

The Name of The Church Changes Every Week

- - -

The Pews are Set into The Floor so that they may be moved around for Communion ( Bacon & Root Beer ). This allows everyone to stay seated, & it gives them an entertaining ride as each row is brought to The Front.


: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - : o


Gay Marriage & The Other Kind too.

Sunday, April 13, 2014 7:59:53 PM

 Marriage and MicroClans

The simplest Solution to The Problem of Gay Marriage would be for The Government to get out of The Marriage Business.

Why is The Government in The Marriage Business Anyway?

To Provide The Insurance Companies a Venue for Legitimizing Discrimination of Too Many Dependents?

Under this New Marriage System;

Churches would Issue Marriage Certificates.

If you’re a Atheist or Agnostic or simply don’t belong to a given Church,

You can either Obtain a Marriage Certificate from An Atheist Church or Live in Sin.

The Insurance Companies can make up any new rules that they want,

And allow the market place to determine if those rules are fair or not.

As i mentioned just a line or so ago; This New System would encourage The Creation of Atheist Churches, Which We have long needed.

Such a Church would provide all the social services that A Church is Ostensibly supposed to provide, but rarely do, without all the crazy religious nonsense.

There would come into being a wide spectrum of such churches, with axis’ for spirituality, family participation, nudism, sexual hedonism, drug use, magick, personality disorders, autistic spectrum disorders, ( et. al. ) ethnic origins, political beliefs, and so on… 

- - - -

While many Religious Groups, Persons & Churches oppose Gay Marriages because they believe that GM is somehow going to Harm ‘Traditional Marriages’; i have not heard what their proper argument for this is?

It is This: It is well known & understood that in High School & Beyound; The Best Friends of Most Males are Other Males, and The Best Friends of Most Females are other Females. Granted; most of These Teenagers & Older, Persons are ‘HetroSexual’ But they strongly prefer & are far more ‘comfortable’ around persons of their own sex.

But if at some time in The Future, there was No Prohibition &/or Social Condemnation for marrying persons of your own Sex, Many of these boy & girls, Men & Women are going to choose a ‘Life Partner’ that they consider to be their best friend, And many of These ‘Friendships’ last for many, many years, Far longer than most marriages.

After ‘Marrying’ their Best Friend, this does not mean that they will suddenly become homosexuals, but if Society fully accepts these kinds of relationships, they will no doubt show, display & Express far more intimacy than they currently do.

And The Women &/or Men that want to have & Raise Children ( This time after methodically choosing to ! ) they may form Extended Binary Families of Two Men & Two Women or One Man & Two Women or One Woman & Two Men or Some other combination, So that Families will have evolved from Extended, to Nuclear, to MicroClan.

Traditional Marriages will be seen as The Exception and The MicroClans will view these Tiny Nuclear Families as Dysfunctional & Socially Repugnant.

( ??? )


•.·:·.• .·:·.• .·:·.• .·:·.• .·:·.• .·:·.• .·:·.• .·:·.•


: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - : o


Sunday, April 13, 2014 8:04:10 PM



This idea is very similar to Stephen Robert’s suggestion:

“I contend that we are both atheists. I just believe in one fewer god than you do.

When you understand why you dismiss all the other possible gods, you will understand why I dismiss yours.”


“Gawd is Dead!”


- - - Zarthustra ( Friedrich Nietzsche ( Nee-ch’ya ) : Context


- - - What Fried really meant by this was that The Personal Gawd ( Jehovah, Allah or Brahma ) had outlive their usefulness in Modern Society. The True Gawd ( The Unspoken Gawd ) is not considered here, Although; Nietzsche was an Atheist.


“The Spoken Dao is Not The Eternal Dao.”

- - - Lao Tzu ( Lau -( Like Cow ) D’suh ) ( 604 BC ) : Context

- - - The English Language doesn’t really have The Phoneme to Say ‘Tzu’ But suffice to say; it is a Combination of z & s with a subtle t at The beginning; t-zsoo. / Also : There’s no way that an Native English speaker, over The age of 7, can say; Vincent Van Gogh


“The greatest tragedy in mankind's entire history may be the hijacking of morality by religion.”
Arthur C Clarke


- - - Morality is such a tricky thing; Atheistic Scientists would have us believe that The Universe is Meaningless, And by their Actions, Disregard Human Safety while arbitrarily Saving This or That. The World’s Religions may have bungled Morality & Ethics, But Philosophers are still arguing over The Most Fundimental Principles, having started more than 4000 years ago.


“The Problem with Attributing Human like Motivations or Sentience to Human like Behaviours in animals, isn't that we're anthropomorphizing the animals, But that we're all too often Anthropomorphizing Humans.”

- - - Babynous : Context


- - - The Separation of Humans & Animals is based on long held religious beliefs, and even the most atheistic scientists are loath to surrender them. It is much more likely that the core behaviours that are related to eating, sex & social dominance are caused by the same mechanisms that are the result of molecular interactions, are the same ones in humans & starfish.


“Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn't go away.”

[- - - Philip K. Dick : Context


- - - AdditionalCommentary


“Just because something is unbelievable, shouldn’t cause you to doubt it unnecessarily.”

[- - - Attribution : Context


- - - This most clearly ( ? ) applies to something like flying saucer abductions. Many otherwise intelligent & reasonable people simply choose to believe only agreeable things.


“The Religious Zealots may have it right when they assert that same-sex marriage will undermine the sanctity of opposite-sex marriage. After All; Men & Boys invariably prefer to hang out with other Men & Boys, And likewise with Women & Girls. Most Best Friends consist of Same Sex Partners. What if Society Allowed for Same-Sex Marriages; What would be the most reasonable solution for Same-Sex Best Friends that wanted to enjoy all the legal benefits of marriage?”

[- - - The Translucent Amoebae : The Gay Marriage Debate


- - - This would mandate the validation of Sex-Friends and possibly Community Households that consisted of Several Same-Sex Partners that would collectively raise children of indeterminate parentage.


- - - My Solution for all this; Is for The Government to get out of the marriage business.


- - - Marriages should be sanctified and licensed entirely by the churches, or some atheist equivalent.


“It ain’t the parts of the Bible that I can’t understand that bother me, it is the parts that I do understand.”

- - - Mark Twain : Context


“The Golden Rule only Encourages Masochists to Abuse Others.”

- - - The Babynous Cult : The MailArt Phase


- - - When this first occurred to me, i thought that it applied to a reasonably small subset of The Damp Masses with Severe Personality Disorders...


- - - But Now-- i'm thinking that it applies to nearly everyone, since everyone that is trying to be good,


- - - Is aware that they fall short of their personal ideals--


- - - And consequently; Feel that they need to be Punished...


- - - So that they effectively become Masochists.


- - - Then of course; Those that Don't want to be good, they're going to abuse others for the shear joy of it.


- - - - - -


- - - It now turns out that there are many layers of problems with The Golden Rule.


- - - 1.

- - - One of the most obvious interpretations is that while it may be bad for other people to be bad to me; because i'm a good person— But it's an entirely different situation/circumstances that allow me to be bad to bad people. Being Bad to Bad People is Usually rephrased to; A Civilized Society Demands Lawful Justice to Be Administered to The Iniquitous.  


- - - 2.

- - - Given that good people believe that they have fallen short of the glory of god, and are inveterate sinners, which need to be, & deserve to be punished, they must therefore punish others as they expect themselves to be righteously punished.


- - - 3.

- - - The Universal Standard for Moral Guidance: The Golden Rule : Do unto others as you would have other do unto you -- Is fatally flawed. Given that this is ( in this variation ) from a Christian tradition assumes that people want good things done unto them, But this is a mistaken premise. The application of The Golden Rule falls on essentially Three Groups: Non-Christians, Inattentive Christians & Good Christians. Bad/Non Christians of course are not going to be influenced by The Rule, and thus will act out whatever shortsighted desires that occur to them. Inattentive Christians may want to follow The Rule, and follow it accurately, but often become distracted, then rationalize their selfish behaviours into believing that they are actually being good, when they most assuredly are not. Good/Faithful/Conscientious Christians will want to follow, accurately The Rule, but this desire to be good is subverted by another dogmatic requirement. That of the knowledge that all good christians have fallen short of the glory of gawd and will be saved by the grace of their lord Jesus Christ. Thus; In their heart of hearts, they know that they are terrible sinners, and left without the spilled blood of christ, they would suffer the eternal torment of hell, their truly just reward for a life of sin. So-- They believe that they deserve a life of punishment, making them effective masochists. And consequently; What they wish done unto themselves, by others, is rude and egregious acts— So that is how they behave towards others.


- - - 4.

- - - When The Golden Rule is applied to a more general audience, Of Non-Christians, then the motivation for following The Rule will be Altruistic or for the more advanced Moralist: Perfect Egotism: In which all acts are made with the long term benefit of the Ego as it's principle guiding force. For The Altruist, All acts are done for the benefit of the group, or worse; The Many. ( In which case, the minority is freely trampled upon. In these Viewing: There are again Three groups; The Sociopath who simply doesn't adhere to The Rule. The Inattentive Altruist who wants to follow The Rule, but basic human selfishness keeps getting in the way. And lastly: The Good Altruist/Perfect Egoist that wants the best for the group, or themselves, and consequently knows that they must serve the community which is the sea that they live in, So that their actions are for the most part indistinguishable from The Altruist. Let us put The Simple Altruists that serve The Many in the same group as The Inattentive Altruist, since they will invariably follow an immoral path when the minority or minorities ( which is everyone not like them ) is considered. These people are clearly not following The Golden Rule. The One remaining group which may arguably actually follow The Golden Rule; The True Altruists or Perfect Egotists still fail The Rules essential spiritual law because of an intractable law of chaos theory, Which briefly stated, insists that all Inactions are equivalent to all Actions, And there is no way of predicting which will result in the ultimate good. That is: Whenever you are inserted into a situation in which you are given the choice of acting, or participating in the situation, or standing idly by and just watching; These two choices are The Same. Your Decision to Not Act will have all the Same Consequences as Acting, or Vice Versa. This may suggest to many that people that don't get involved are just as morally active as those that do. This is Correct! The second part considers that either your Action or Inaction is going to result in some outcome. What will be the consequences of that outcome an hour later? Will the consequences favor or harm your agenda for helping others? How about 6 hours later, or 2 days, or a year or 100 years... The Good or Harm that your Action or Inaction caused may flip-flop back & forth during this time, so that when perceived at a given interval, it may seem that you did good, and at other times, it may seem that you did bad. This is an Intractable Law of Pointlessness. So— Should you even try to be good?


- - - 5.

- - - There is also the problem of ‘What is Good?’ when administering it to others. You may what to feed the poor, but hosting a ham dinner to Jewish Hobos will not be duly appreciated. In a more universal vein, Consider Christmas or Birthday Presents; How often in a truly desirable gift given? It is so commonly observed that the answer is rarely, or never, that The Aphorism ‘It’s the Thought that counts.’ was coined to cover the assumption of good intentions, but if ones good intentions routine result in suffering and anguish, how good are they truly being?


Dilbert Cartoon

PHBoss : We can Make this A Great place to work by following The Golden Rule.

Treat Others as you would want them to treat you.

Dilbert : That’s Dumb.

PHBoss : It’s Not Dumb!

Dilbert : Let’s test your rule. Would you like it if someone gave you a hundred dollars?

PHBoss : Yes.

Dilbert : Okay. So Give me a hundred Dollars, Or else forever live as a Hypocrite who doesn’t follow his own dumb rule.

Wally: Snork!

Alice : Snork!

PHBoss : I hate your Engineering guts!!!

Dilbert : At least you’re making sense now.

- - -

Somewhat similar with an Ideological Cold War Flavor :

An American Tourist meets a Russian Peasant & they begin discussing The differences between Capitalism & Communism.

The Russian Says that in Russia ( The USSR ) they share everything, if i had two cars, i would give one to my neighbor. But in The United States, you never share anything, you greedy bastards.

Oh, Says The American, & if you had two shirts, you’d give me one.

Well— No, Says The Russian; I have two shirts.



I am approached with the most opposite opinions and advice, and by men who are equally certain that they represent the divine will. I am sure that either the one or the other is mistaken in the belief, and perhaps in some respects, both. I hope it will not be irreverent of me to say that if it is probable that God would reveal his will to others on a point so connected with my duty, it might be supposed he would reveal it directly to me.

-- Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865)


No problem is so big or so complicated, that you can't run away from it.

- - - -- Charles Schulz (Charlie Brown)


A lady asked the famous Lord Shaftesbury what religion he was of. He answered the religion of wise men. She asked, what was that? He answered, wise men never tell.

- - - Diary of Viscount Percival (1730), i, 113


“It’s all Angels.”

“The Ways of Angels are Not The Ways of Men.”

- - - T. Amoebae : Context


- - - i’m not a very religious person, but a am very spiritual, and angels ( Ξ.6 Controllers ) play a large part in everything Temporal. Conventionally religious people may believe in Angels, but they think that Angels do only good things, to help humans. My spiritual understanding of The World would suggest that The Ξ.6 Controllers practice a very different moral code than we are familiar with, serving only The Universe, Using themselves & All Other Lesser Sentient Beings as benign & generic tools to serve this end. They have no purpose to meet The flavors of Good or Evil, but only do what is to do. It’s all Angels. All that happens is by their bidding. Few dishes are broken, Wars fought, Meteors Fall or Phones dialed without having been set into motion by these transparent archers.


While everyone may believe that his or her religion is right, do they believe only “their kind” will be allowed into heaven if they are Christians?

The little discussed matter is actually debunked on Beliefnet. Using a quote from the Pope, they report that “those who live in accordance with the Beatitudes–the poor in spirit, the pure of heart, those who bear lovingly the sufferings of life–will enter God’s kingdom.”

Other Christians are reported as giving similar answers.

- - - ? : Extracted from 25 Religious Myths / Found on The Intertube


- - - The Implication here is That The Pope believes that Everyone, Irregardless of their Religious Preponderance, will go to Heaven, If They’re ‘Generally Good in Spirit’.


- - - Is this Accurate?


I asked God for a bike, but I know God doesn't work that way. So I stole a bike and asked for forgiveness.


God writes a lot of comedy... the trouble is, he's stuck with so many bad actors who don't know how to play funny.

Garrison Keillor

God, Bad, Play