Monday, August 11, 2014

A More Reasonable Gawd & The Problem of Giving Away Babies

Monday, August 4, 2014 9:17:32 AM

Giving Away Babies


i hate presents.

i hate giving away presents,

i hate getting presents.


i still have this FREE Coffee Promotional that i got from A Local Radio Station for Putting them on Retainer for $10 a month.

The reason that i’m Not Using this Coffee Promotional which would allow me to pick up a bag of Premium Coffee every month, is that i like coffee, but it makes me sick. i can drink a little tiny bit everyday, like one cup, but anymore than that will make me throw up !

So i was thinking that i should just give this to someone, but i haven’t been able to find someone that i would TRUST to Use it ( ! )

i don’t want to just give to someone that wouldn’t use it.

i’ve done that before & it makes me angry & frustrated & sick !

Or i’ve given someone something ( personal ) that i thought was very special, & they didn’t, & they either threw it away or destroyed it or abused it horribly.

The trouble with Presents is that if you get something for FREE, It doesn’t have any value. Unless you’re prepared to give something without any value, any real value, something truly valueless, a great or Infinite ( Seamless Continuum ) amount of Value; You shouldn’t be ENTRUSTED with it !


And The Same goes for Receiving Presents; Most of The Presents that i’ve received; i thought were CRAP ! Getting a Crappy Present doesn’t fill me with Joy; It makes me VERY Sad !

Very, Very Sad. i have routinely burst out into tears on Chrstmsa ( Z-Mass ) Morning because of this. So it Effectively ruins The Festive Atmosphere for me & to some extent, others.


Imagine that you’re gawd ( Ea, El Shaddai, JHVH, Baal ) & you discovered some time ago that you can create autonomous souls, but once they’re created, you Can Not Destroy them ( ! )

And ! You Discover to your Additional Horror that you can’t reliably create Souls of High Quality. Or Good Souls. They come out pretty well, most of The Time, but when they go bad, they turn out very badly, & then you’re stuck with them. What are you going to do with all these Bad Souls ( ? )

Make them into Beetles ( ! ) ?

If The Beetle Solution were Correct, that would mean that Most Souls don’t turn out well, but Most of them turn out very, very crappy !


But what i was thinking originally, along this thread, was that if you’re gawd & you’ve just created A New Soul that looks pretty much OK, & you want to transfer it to your Aquarium, You have to EnTrust it to a Family to Raise it, & what if this Family Abuses your New Soul !

Man !

Wouldn’t that be Annoying, Wouldn’t that just Tear You Up !


i have this crazy idea that gawd isn’t omnipotent.

gawd is just a guy ( or gal or (x )

gawd is a reasonably intelligent creator.


By thinking of gawd as a reasonably intelligent creator,

99.97 % of all Theological ‘Troubles’ disappear.

Nearly all Criticisms of gawd ( JHVH ) start with; If Jehovah is Omnipotent or All Good, or All Just, Why

Why do so many animals look like they were an accidental creation by Evolution ?

Why is there Evil in The World ?

Why Do Bad things happen to Good People ?

Why did a Third of The Angels side with Lucifer ?

Why did gawd’s greatest creation ( The Arch-Angel Lucifer ) Turn Against gawd ?

Why is there A Hell ?


And so on.


If gawd is Omnipotent, these are very troubling.

But if gawd is just a guy, ( A unisexual being of Indeterminant Genital appearance or functionality ) Then all of these difficulties just evaporate.


It also explains what The Meaning of Life is.


Our Meaning of Life is The same as gawd’s now


Keep Busy.


Things are constantly changing,

But they’re Not ( really ) getting any ‘Better’.

Evolutionarily Speaking; The Animals that Existed 700 Million Years ago, were just as sophisticated as The Animals of Today.

The Argument that ‘Intelligence’ is somehow ‘Better’ from A Environmentally Sustaining Perspective is Dubious.

Intelligence would seem to suggest a pattern of Squalor, Wretchedness, Confusion, Ruination that follows in The Wake of Technological Ingenuity that allows Sentient Beings to take this Comportment to Other Worlds that would be much ‘Happier’ if they were filled with Just Trees, Fish & Rabbits.

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