Monday, August 11, 2014

Charlie Horse Synchronicity

Wednesday, July 30, 2014 4:46:54 PM

Charlie Horse Synchronicity

i don’t get Charlie Horses ( Very Painful Cramp in my lower leg ) very often, but in The last year or so, i’ve a couple of them, in both legs, & my usual solution is to pull The leg up as tightly as i can into a fetal position. The Contraction usually only lasts less than a minute, & does Not persist thereafter in any way ( usually ).

What is odd about it though, is that it is so painful. Its Not simply that The muscles are contracting, but they’re contracting in a random manner ( ? ) so that that section of the leg ( involving several muscles ) is pushing & pulling ( ? ) to create a ‘knotting’ effect. ( i know ( ? ) of course that muscles only contract & relax, but this sensation is best explained with delusional thinking ! )

But i was wondering about this a little bit, & was thinking that i should look this up on Wikipedia & see what causes them, & what The best solution is.

So today; While watching The Doctors on Afternoon TV, they had a very short segment on Charlie Horses & had an Audience Member reveal that her solution is to simply pinch her upper Lip ! ( ! ) which suggests that Either; This Cure is merely a distraction which allows your muscles to relax, or perhaps The Charlie Horse cycles through it’s normal time allocation while you’re pinching your lip ( ! )

Or maybe it has to do with Acupuncture ( ? )

But more succinctly; How often do you hear about Charlie Horses ?

& What was The Statistical Likelihood of hearing this segment a day or so after having one of my rather rare ones ?

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