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More Tediuos & Whiny Bothersome Details of A Pointless Universe ( ? )

Saturday, August 16, 2014 1:05:38 PM

Another Example of...

i have noticed that with each new platform or application version, while there are more do-dads attached to them, they will invariably become dumber in other respects.


i just discovered ( ? ) that i can Not add a sound file to a pdf which i can create from a TextEdit or Pages Document.

It used to be that there were several Appliances that allowed you to create full media presentation documents that you could send around to other people over pre-internet neighborhood phone networks ( ! ) i forget what we called them ( ? )


Anyways; That’s gone now.


i just occurred to me that i might be able to do this with something like a ‘presentation’ application, which i have somewheres around here, on disk or possibly on my backup hard-drive, but i haven’t used that EVER, & i would undoubtedly require a receiver application on The computer of whomever i sent The document to ( ! )


- - -

i have ‘discovered’ ( or realized ! ) that there is a very simple solution to this; & that is; Simply ‘Compress’ a TextEdit Document ( which have all sorts of fun features built into them ) & then Post it through my Google Drive Folders.

This would allow my Documents to be shared in Exactly The Way i’d like them to be viewed, along with Video & Sound Files integrated into them; But They could only be viewed on The Macintosh ( Apple ) Platform.

So be it.


: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - : o


Another way that The internet is getting dumber is that it used to be very easy to goto what were called ‘Chat Rooms’ to ask some crazy question that you’d have. There were so many different Chatrooms with so many different Topics, that it was pretty easy to find The Right Room & have any question you’d like answered, answered; So long as it would have some specific, well defined Answer, & Not The sort that philosophers or scientists would endlessly debate about.

i’m pretty sure that there still are ChatRooms, But The last time i went looking for them, on Yahoo i think ( ? ), The Concept & Navigation of them had become very muddled from The AOL Days, when their usage was very well defined & easy & fun to use.

i seem to recall that most of The Chatrooms i last visited had been taken over by foreigners, which is fine, if it’s clear from The outside what culture is dominating it, but they weren’t labeled in this sense at all.

- - -

The Question that i’ve been trying to get answered, & i’ve tried typing this into Google & some other Search Engines, is: There is a Western Film, made pre-2000 ( ? ), in which, at The End of The Film, there is s GunSlinger Shoot Out, & The Villain is Shot, but he’s still standing, then The camera dollies around him, & we can see in his shadow, a dot of sunlight revealing that he’s been shot through The chest ( ! ) & then he falls over. What is The Name of this film ?

i would think that this would be such a Signature Shot that it would be easy to find, but nothing is coming up. i suspect that if i could connect with ‘People’ that are film buffs & sit in front of their computer all day, as i have witnessed for other venues ( ! ) This would be easy to find The Answer to.

But that sort of Access has either been removed from The Internet or ( more likely ) It has been Buried & is now very difficult to find.

i suspect ( Strongly Suspect ) that there are many ‘Features’ on The Internet in The Guise of Various Websites & Services, but are Not nearly as well ( Promoted ) as Facebook, or Twitter. There are fringe items that i do know about & i would consider Flickr one of these, that should be well understood & accessible, but aren’t.

During The Early AOL Days ( circa: 199 ) Using AOL provided Easy Access to all these Primal Features, & it was really enjoyable to use them. But. Even within AOL, after only a few years, these sites & The Structure became so muddled that it began to resemble what The Internet is like now.

i kind of suspect that Yahoo & Google have or are trying to create portals that resemble something like i’m describing, but they are falling far short of it. ( ? )

- -

Furthermore; i think that Google Blogs have somekind of Access Barrier to them that prevents anyone from just stumbling into them & freely interacting with them. Part of this is to protect them from Spammers, which i consider The Only True Terrorists in The World Today. The Spammers are Destroying The Functionality of The Internet, Along with Advertisers in General that make many sites completely unusable.

- - -

i think that perhaps The way The internet should work, is to extend The Prying, Spying Eyes of Google Search Engines ( & others ) to their Logical Conclusion ( or nearly there ), & Take all The Overt Advertising off of The Web so that it becomes extremely Easy to Use & access information from it; Then Custom Create A ‘Sears & Roebuck’ Catalogue for Each Individual based on their Search Habits & uh, Oh What do call ‘em, Demographics, that Perfectly suits them, so that this Catalogue would be Nothing But Colorful ‘Christmas Catalogue’ Blurbs that Internet users would eagerly browse through, & find only things that they are genuinely interested in ( ! )

So that instead of trying to avoid all The Ads, Users would eagerly swim through them ( ! )

- - -

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