Friday, August 29, 2014

Safe Haven

Monday, August 25, 2014 4:21:52 AM

Safe Haven

One of The Many Things that greatly irritates me about Western Civilization is that Apple Computer Shuns anyone that brings in an Old ( Very Old ) Apple Computer, ( Sometimes Not so old at all ! ) & they ( Apple ) refuses to Service it.

That’s just Wrong.

- -

So wouldn’t it be fun to open a Computer Service Shoppe across The Street or down The Block from Every Apple Store in America & Abroad that services Not only older Apple Computers, But any old Computer, Specializing as it were in Very Old Computers, Such as Old Commodores, Atari 400s, Timex 1000s & so on.

The Theory would be; You’d bring these insanely old Apple IIs in & they’d be ‘Refurbished’ to a completely functional condition, & they’d be much better than they were originally. They would look essentially The Same, & The Customer would have The Option of Restoring The ‘Look & Feel’ of The Original Interface, Providing a more ‘Modern’ or ‘Contemporary’ Interface, or Creating an Entirely New User GUI ( Graphic User Interface ) that’s Entirely Unique for that User.

i should think that it would be very, very easy to simply tear out big chunks of an older computer & replace that with a generic ‘New’ Components.

Occasionally you’d come across some nut-case that would want Their Old computer repaired with ‘Original’ or ‘Nearly-Original’ components, & this ( may be ) possible from time to time, as i believe that there are many of these old 4-bit processors still in use ( for very different purposes ) & it should be a simple matter of drawing upon a universal Encyclopedic repository of these old Operating Systems & Other Controller Start-Up routines

But most of The Time; Safe Haven ( The Alternative Store’s Name; Whose Motto is : Every Old Computer is A New Computer Tomorrow ) would be performing perfectly routine Computer Maintenance that would be their cheese & crackers. The Other Stuff would be their Idle Gossip Advertising that ordinary companies, like Apple, McDonalds or Geiko, spend Millions & Millions dollars on, to generate Good Will & Company Loyalty.

This wouldn’t be The only company that uses this ploy of providing good ( &/or unique ) products & services in leu of expensive advertising, but it’s comparatively rare.

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