Monday, September 22, 2014

Another Pointless Premonition ( ? )

Late August 2014

Another Pointless Premonition ( ? )


This all took place a few weeks ago, as i kept meaning to more thoroughly document it in a timely manner, but i kept putting it off, thinking that i would resolve it, & nothing would come of it.

That is; It would Not have been a pointless premonition.


The Alleged Premonition was a Very Clear Recollection of The Entire ( Compressed ) Film; _Noah_, several weeks before i checked it out from Safeway & Watched it at home.

The Premonition Recollection took place at The Library, watching it on my iPod or Kindle Fire. That is: The Recollection ( Memory of ) of Watching This Film was that i was sitting at The Library, Watching The film on my iPod or Kindle Fire.

So After i watched The Film ( DVD ) from Safeway, It seemed very odd to me that i’d already watched this Entire Film, before it was released in DVD form. Also; i’m sure that The Film i watched prior to this, was Not a 2_hour version, But it contained all or  nearly all of The Principle points, Including an Additional Scene in which Noah journeyed to The City to confront The King, which was Not in The DVD Version.

So Naturally; after this; i thought; Well, what i’d seen was a preview of The Film Noah, an Extended Preview, or something on YouTube. But try as i might to relocate this ‘Shorter’ film version on Netflix, YouTube & IMDb, The only sources that i would have had access to, i could Not find it.

Where did i see this shorter, but complete version ( ? )

Another very odd element of this is that i seem to think that The Shorter version was an animated version. Not a Cartoony kind of Animation, but something Not quite ‘Live Action’. ( ? )

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