Monday, September 22, 2014

Dumb Questions -vs- Smart Questions

Dumb Questions -vs- Smart Questions

It has recently ( ? ) occurred to me that Some of The Ancient Questions are Dumb Questions.

Generally; A Dumb Question is one that is Obviously Solved,

With what is generally assumed to be, A Disagreeable Solution.

e.g. : Is Life / Existence Meaningful?  ( No.

e.g. : Is Freewill Possible? ( No.

e.g. : What is Good? ( What is Profitable for Me.

If we allow that These are not at all profound, but simply stupid,

Then We are forced to allow that The Disagreeable solutions,

Which can be proved or easily reasoned out,

Must be Axiomatically Asserted or Demonstrated as True.

And from These Axioms; Go on to Argue all The Other Things.

Of course : However / This means that all The Smart Questions are Dumb as Well.

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Are there really any Smart Questions?

- -

Given that there are No Smart Questions;

( And Further : That Logic & Reason are Bunk )

How should an Entity that desires to live A Moral & Ethical Life Proceed?

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“The UnExamined Life is Not Worth Living.”  Pat Sajak

What is The Opposite of The UnExamined Life?

Is An Ant’s Life Unexamined? And if so; Pointless?

This seems wrong.

Plus: The greatest television fathers have examined The lives of their families, relations & neighbors aplenty, and has anything been decided that gives our lives more meaning; Or do we discover that in The Very Next Season of New Television Programing, Those Questions that have been thoroughly discussed and resulted in Humiliating Fiascos, Again & Again, And Will be Considered All Over Again.

These Questions have been rehashed & molded into The Life Stories of Every Superhero in every Comix from The 1920’s and None of The Solutions seem sufficiently Satisfying to Finally put them to rest.

Every Child is Raised as if these Elemental Questions are as Mysterious Today as they were by our Great Grandfathers that made all their own tools from chipping away at river stones.

Is this because children never listen to their parents, or that every reasonably attentive fifth grader can see how ridiculous The Solutions are that their parents provide for them. The Simplest School Yard Dispute seems to refute All The Wisdom that has accumulated over The Last 25,000 years.

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On a Slightly more Established Foundation; Isn’t it curious that after 25,000 years, or 12,000 or 6,000 or 2,000, or 200 years; The Supreme Court of The United States is still Bickering & Reaching only a Majority Consensus over a wide Spectrum of Petty & Obvious Concerns that are Redecided every few years.

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