Friday, October 10, 2014

Things that Should have Happened by Now ( ? )

This is A Simplified List ( without Commentary ) of Things that Should have Been.

The Question that this List Poses is :

Why haven’t these things happened ( ? )

If one is to ‘Entertain’ that these things should have in fact happened, & acknowledged that they haven’t happened, & can Not provide a reasonable explanation for why they haven’t happened, Then perhaps it is ‘reasonable’ to allow that UnReasonable Explanations or A Single UnReasonable Explanation may eloquently explain them all away.


The Principle UnReasonable Explanation that i would like to proffer is that we are living in A ScreenSave Reality that is being ‘Orchestrated’ by Angels, Daemons, Gawds or A 12_year old living in our Host Reality that is using off The Shelf Software on her Home Computer to create a Game of Sorts, which is our Reality.


We are very nearly at The Point where we will soon be able to create such a Fully Actualized Reality of our own, on our Home Computers or Reading Tablets. The only remaining hump that we must overcome is Not The Vast Complexity of A Fully Detailed Reality, which could easily be ‘Faked’, But The Problem of Consciousness. We might easily ( soon ) be able to Push something like Second-Life or Sims to A World indistinguishable from our own, but filling it with genuinely Conscious Entities or perhaps only providing it with one or two Genuinely Conscious Entities, & filling in The Rest of ‘Their’ reality with Ghosts & Puppets which either they ‘Subliminally’ Control or we ( The User/Operator ) would Vicariously Control with a Preferences Pane for Each.




The Evidence that Something is Very Hinky about The World that we Live in :


1)              Tides.

2)              The Size of The Moon & Sun.

3)              Why didn’t Leonardo Invent a Hang Glider?

4)              Isn’t it very odd that Hang Gliders weren’t invented for nearly a hundred years -After- The Airplane.

5)              Why didn’t The Romans invent The Bicycle?

6)              Although there are countless very odd films & film genres, Isn’t it odd that there isn’t a genre of films that consist of nudists? There are X & XXX films, but what i mean by this; Are films that are ‘Ordinary’ in every other respect, except that all The actors are nudists? There aren't -Any- Films like this! ?

7)              Why isn’t there a Viable Robot Kit that any child can use to create a Robot that is Genuinely of their own design, as opposed to Lego Mind-Storms which sets ridged parameters to how The Robots can be designed & Created?

8)              In 1966 a Very Clever & Very Simple Demonstration of AI was Created in BASIC called ‘Eliza’ which fooled many people ( for a few minutes ! ) into thinking that this program was Genuinely Conscious. Why hasn’t this approach been ramped up in The intervening 50 years, to at The very least, Become a truly functional search engine for The Internet. All of The Search Engines that we have are still only searching for Key Words, & very clumsily at that.

9)              Why hasn’t anyone Robbed a Bank with A Robot?

10)        Although The Evening News is Routinely Peppered with Accounts of -Senseless- Murders by Teenagers, Why aren’t there -Any- Sensible Murders? Such as of Evil Politicians, CEOs, Gangsters or Lobbyists. Why aren’t there any Righteous ‘Hit-Myn’ ( Serial Killers ) that are roving The World Murdering Bad People, Instead of 20ish Blondes of a Specific Weight Class?

11)        Although using Airplanes as Weapons or Bombs has been examined, This Raw Idea may easily be Extended to a Variety of Other Large Machines which has been ruefully neglected. Why hasn’t anyone used a Giant Mining Dump Truck, Gasoline Truck or Souped up Bull Dozer as a Weapon of Terror?

12)        Why don’t we ever hear of Sex Scandals that involve Inappropriate Petting of Pets?

13)        Why isn’t there a World Religion for Solipsism?

14)        Why do we allow ‘Scientists’ to spread wildly inaccurate ’Truths’ of theirs that are Obviously Wrong? Consider that Physicists would have us believe that all objects fall at The Same Velocity on The Earth, & The Same, but Slower Velocity on The Moon. What if We Dropped The Earth onto The Moon or Vice-Versa. Which rate would they fall together at? The Faster Earth Falling Velocity or The Slower Moon Velocity?

15)        Or in The Case of The Second Law of Thermodynamics, Which Says that everything tends towards ‘Disorder’, but wouldn’t this mean that The Universe was much more Orderly Billions of years ago. Even if you discount The Phenomena of Life, which has come into being ( as far as we know ) recently, What do they mean by ‘Orderly’. How was The Universe more ‘Orderly’ 10 Billion years ago?

16)        Why hasn’t there ever been a case of a Pirate Television Station broadcasting hard-core Porn?

17)        Have you ever heard of children filling Water Balloons with Poison Ivy Sap ? This seems like a very ‘Obvious’ method of High-Mischief to me ( ? )

18)        Why hasn’t anyone invented an X-Ray Gun for Terrorist Purposes ?

19)        Given that Oil Fields occur throughout The World, many of which are under The Oceans, Why aren’t there ever any Natural Oil Spills caused by EarthQuakes ?

20)        E=MC^2 is clearly Nonsensical. Why would The Speed Light be used as a factor here ?

21)        We used to hear about Russian ‘Sleeper Agents’ during The Cold War, but why haven’t any of our ‘Contemporary’ Enemies used this approach against us?

22)        It certainly seems ‘Obvious’ that there should be innumerable Real ’Snuff Films’ in circulation, & although there are many videos of genuine executions or other atrocities, We are told by law-enforcement agencies & others that there just aren’t any ‘Real’ ( Porn ) Films that involve actual murders ( ? )

23)        The Same Phenomena is applicable with ‘Satanic Baby Sacrificing Cults’ Every once in awhile a new accusation of such a cult existing will crop up, usually involving local politicians or other wealthy individuals, & later shown to be pure bunk. Surely there really are, amoung all The Junior High Satanic Cults, A few Satanic Cults that consist of Adults that Routinely Sacrifice Actual Infants ( ? )

24)        How can it be that The Internet is somehow ‘Cleansed’ of Famous Personalities that have endured Scandalous Histories. There was, in The 1970s, a comparatively famous local personality ( Eastern Washington State ) named Clarey Wright; That has somehow been deleted ( Soviet Style ) from all Historical Reference Books & The Internet ( ? )

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