Friday, November 07, 2014

Intolerable Sounds

Thursday, October 30, 2014 6:33:45 PM

Intolerable Sounds


i have an aunt that can’t stand The Sound of A Balloon Being Twisted.

i used to, & still do, i suppose ( ? ) can’t stand The Sound of A Metal Spoon or other utensil scraping against a Metal Pan.


But more recently; in past few years ( ? ), i have become absolutely intolerant of Knocking on a Door, Specifically; Three Knocks.

Curiously; This Rabid Aversion, which produces an immediate attack of Deep Anxiety, only seems to occur when i hear this sound on The TV or Radio. It doesn’t occur at all when someone knocks on my own door, which i perceive as gentle tapping, which i often don’t even ‘hear’ ( ! ? ) i instead become ‘aware’ that someone has knocked on my door, & i get up to answer it, all The while wondering if someone has knocked on my door ( ? ) 


( ? )


i also find ( to a much lesser extent ) The Sound of The Old Fashion ( circa 1950s ) Telephone Ringing very annoying; Which is making something of a Retro Comeback on Cellphones ( ! )


Do you know anyone that you can’t stand to hear them talking ?

There is a certain ‘Self-Assured’ ‘Tone’ of Voice, when spoken by ( Women ) ( ! ), that i can’t stand.


i very much enjoy that weird cadence that many OCD or Autistic Children or Adults speak in. That Up & Down ( Question Asking ) Inflection that Ignores Sentence Construction. i love that, & have tried to imitate it, but i can’t seem to get it right ( ! )


There are also some people that speak in a Frequency that i suspect resonates with a listeners skeleton that makes listening to Them intolerable.


Then; Opposite of that; There are people that have such a melodious voice that listening to them is so enjoyable that it is difficult to follow what they are saying ( ! ) .


There is now something on The Internet that has to do with Whispering that some people insist causes somekind of Mental Orgasm. i don’t experience this myself, but i am sympathetic that this may be real. This phenomena is also associated with other sounds as well.


It is a well known dictum of Teachers of Young Children, & Adults as well, that if you really want someone to listen to you, you shouldn’t yell, you should whisper. In The Middle of an Hysterical Argument, this is hard to remember, which is why, you should teach this trick to your children when they are very young.


Of course; Though; As a recipient of this technique, It Does have The Potential of Being Extremely Annoying, Such as when you are complaining about shoddy service from a big International corporation, & The Service Provider is ‘Too’ Calm. If you weren’t on The Phone, i’m sure you are often severely tempted to punch them right in The face, irregardless of how much of a pacifist you are in The Classroom.

It would be much better if they just admitted that they have no idea what you’re talking about, & confide with you that The Company Sucks Raw Gizzard Eggs for Breakfast, & how much they hate their job, but this is The only thing that they could find with their extensive criminal record.

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