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The Michael Brown Fiasco

Thursday, November 27, 2014 7:09:05 AM

The Michael Brown Fiasco


In full disclosure; i have Not been particularly following this news story, & i didn’t even watch The Full Interview with Darren Wilson But i did listen to a snippet of it, & based on The bits that i heard, & based on how i interpreted these comments, i would have been more prone ( Not Less So ) to riot in The Streets & get into mischief.


BTW : The -Intentionality- &/or -Functionality- of turning over cars, burning down businesses & throwing Molotov Cocktails at whom or whatever Makes ( Sense ) when you consider The Consequences of these Actions; The Net Effect ( Hopefully ) will be that The ‘Community’ that Elects their Mayor & Police Chief, will put more responsible hamsters in control of their city at some future time.


Granted ; That’s Not The Repercussions that are usually experienced.




What i thought was The most interesting, was that Darren Wilson, as i recall ( ? ) reported having tried to shoot Michael Brown Twice, but his Gun Misfired both Times !


( Prior to successfully shooting him (x numbers of times. / And Also; What i find very ( Annoying/Disturbing ) in these cases, is that The Police Officer will invariably ( Invariably ) fire off dozens & Dozens of shots, Of which, only a tiny Fraction of which will hit their Desired Target. This Suggests to me, ( ? ) that The Police Officers are in a Blind Panic, In a State of Hysteria during The Shooting. Granted; When someone is Attacking You, or Shooting at =You=, It may be entirely reasonable that you would Act ‘Irresponsibly’, But Police Officers should be held to a much, Much Higher Standard, Not, As they usually are, To a much Lower Standard. Clearly; The Things that Police Officers do & are Not held accountable for, would land any Ordinary Muggle in Prison for A Term of The Long Tooth. ) ( ! )




As a side issue; Actually, there are several side issues, & i shouldn’t allow myself to fall into another tangental digression, But i’m sure that in The Few Days right after The Shooting, Darren was reported to have been aware of The Strong Arm Robbery by Someone that may have Resembled Michael Brown, of The Convenience Store of some minor merchandize, But Now, The Spin on all of this is that Darren originally Stopped Michael because it was merely acting oddly. ( ? )


The Other Side Issue is that it seemed very odd to me that The Local Police & Media were very slow to report The circumstances of The confrontation ( accurately ), but instead allowed local Rumors to be widely distributed as News Worthy Revelations ( ? )


- - -




i was originally thinking; What if you were in somekind of scuffle with a Police Officer ( or Anyone permitted by The Judicial System to summarily murder people ) & The PO had made it reasonably clear ( by Attempting to shoot you twice ) that they intended to murder you


“Do you have a legal foundation to defend yourself?”


It seems that you do Not.

This sort of thing has cropped up from time to time under a variety of circumstances, & it is always very clear that if a police officer is intent on murdering you, it is your responsibility as a good citizen to allow them to do so.


This situation is slightly complicated if you’re in The process of robbing a bank ( or Whatever ) & upon exiting The Bank, you are confronted with numerous police officers, with their guns drawn, ( which suggests to me that they have every intent on shooting you / Is it ‘Reasonable’ to assume that when someone is pointing a gun at you that they intend to shoot you with it, or is it ‘more’ ‘reasonable’ to believe that they are merely ’Threatening’ you, without any serious intent to do you serious harm ( ? ) )


Under this situation; Do you have a right to defend yourself ?


i would ‘guess’ that most people would say ’No!’ you do Not !

But that seems very odd to me.


What if instead of Bank Robbery, you were breaking ‘The Law’ by J-Walking, & a police officer drew his gun on you.

Is is reasonable to believe that this police officer is crazy, & would you then be permitted to shoot The police officer in self defense. ( ??? )

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