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What are Not Paradoxes

Thursday, November 6, 2014 3:52:04 PM

What are Not Paradoxes


i don’t believe in what are commonly called Paradoxes; Which are usually in The Form of A Self-Referential Statement, such as ‘This Sentence is False’ or The Slightly more Amusing Statement ‘Thas Sentince Contians Fife Errors.’ In this latter case; The Errors may be interpreted in a Variety of Ways, but The Intended Joke is that The Fifth Error is that there are only Four Structural Errors.

The Other kind of Paradox is The More Elaborate Paradoxical Story or Impossibility of Reality that is Revealed; Such as Zeno’s Assertions that Motion is Impossible, or The Delightful ‘The UnExpected Quiz’ in which a Teacher reminds her class that Next Week at 9am on one of The WeekDays, She will administer an Unexpected Quiz. That is; The Quiz will be Unexpected.

One of The Clever Students has something of an Epiphany & decides that if The Quiz isn’t given on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday; it can’t be given on Friday, Because everyone that remembers that there will be an unexpected quiz that week, will be expecting it. This Pundit then realizes that if The Quiz can’t be given on Friday, The Same Irrefutable Logic exposes The Greater Truth, That The Test can’t be given on Thursday either. And then; Wednesday is also forbidden, as well as Tuesday or Monday. The Unexpected Quiz can’t be given on Any Day of The Following Week ( ! )

The Most Paradoxical Truth however is that if The Quiz were given on Friday, it will be Doubly ( ? ) Unexpected, Especially to those that are Most Certain that it Absolutely Can’t be given on Friday ( !!! )


What my position is; Is that all such Brain Twisters occur only because The Sentence or Story is ‘Somehow’ Forbidden within The Confines of What we Allow as ‘Permissible’ Sentences or Logical Narratives.

There are plenty of Sentences that just Silly or UnIntelligible in some obvious way; So that Paradoxes are ‘Illegal’ in this sense, but it may be very difficult to determine exactly how The Sentence or Story should be InComprehensible.


But There is Another kind of Wry Description of (x that is Mysterious in some UnPrescribed Way that makes it seem Paradoxical, Both True & False Simultaneously.


One example of this is Facebook.


Facebook is both very Popular, & Amazingly Dysfunctional at The Same Time.


The Dysfunctionality is that Whenever you post something on Facebook, it reminds ‘Viable’ for only a very short time, before it’s ‘Pushed Down’ by more Crap being added to your Wall.

So whenever i see that something is ‘Liked’ 30 or 40 times, i wonder; Where are all these Viewers that are standing by The Window of Opportunity to ‘Like’ it before it Disappears into The Void.


i suspect that The Solution to this is something that i perceive as Very Sad. And that is; There is a Huge Repository of ‘Viewers’ that sit in front of their Computers all day long, Watching Their Facebook Walls, waiting for something new to be added to it.

i have witnessed this in Newsgroups, in which i can visit this group on any given day, or time of The Day, & post a question, & invariably a ‘Regular’ to this Group will respond within Minutes.


What actually ‘Provokes’ me to contribute this missive to my UnRead Blog ( UnReadable ? ) is that no one ( Rarely ) adds a Comment, which is also applicable to my Flickr Album, or To Things that i Post of Facebook, While other Items, by other Contributors, get Incessantly ‘Liked’ or ‘Faved’ or Commented on for their most Benign & Wearisome Items.


After a Tiny Amount of Investigation into this; i have discovered that these Posters have a Vast & Gratuitous Number of Friends or Contacts, of which; If even a Tiny Subset of these Dust Motes See an Item appear on Facebook, & only a Tiny Subset of Those ‘Like’ it, that still comes to Dozens or Dozens & Dozens of Confirmation of The Item.


Is this Cheating ? ( a )


But aside from that; i am even more bitter that many of my truly amazing contributions are being disregarded &/or snubbed, for what may be; all The wrong reasons.


- - -

( a )

Something that i noticed when i was around 12 years old, was that being famous is a full time job. If you allow yourself to be out of The Limelight for a single afternoon, Fame Hungry Wolverines & Badgers will Push you aside & Leap in to take your  Place.

It is indeed Fascinating how a Celebrity is so quickly forgotten after their ‘Hit’ TV Show is Dropped from Circulation, & how Quickly thereafter, We find this Former ‘Star’ Celebrity taking The Most Horrifically Demeaning Rolls as Bit Players in what are Currently ‘The Popular’ Shows.


If Evolution may be thought of as An Eat or Be Eaten Reality, Then This Universal Edict applies across The Board to Nearly Everything.

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