Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Our Clocks

Our Clocks

The Clocks of Western Civilization are Based on A Sequence of Values from 0 to 12, which makes it a Non-Base-Ten System.
So that it shouldn’t included Values such as Eleven O’Clock & Twelve O’Clock, since Eleven means One Plus & Twelve means Two Plus, & Ten is A Specific Value for The Base 10 System.
The Value of 10 is Nothing Special to Add One or Two Too !
Zero O’Clock should be a Legitimate Value, So you can say it’s Nine after Zero; which is Nine minutes after Midnight.

Midnight is a Legitimate Value.
Noon is a Legitimate Value.

The Other Chronological Values are :
Naught O’Clock              
One O’Clock
Two O’Clock
Three O’Clock
Four O’Clock
Five O’Clock
Six O’Clock
Seven O’Clock
Eight O’Clock
Nine O’Clock
Bient O’Clock
Ureot O’Clock
Oeva O’Clock

Oeva O'Clock would/could be Either Noon or MidNight.
What we now think of as One O'Clock would be Eleveva O'Clock.
What we now think of as Two O'Clock would be Tweleva O'Clock.
Three O'Clock would be Thireva O'Clock, Then Foreva O'Clock.

Doesn't this simplify things.

Yes. It does.

Monday, December 22, 2014

Z-Mass Issue

it is almost just like a real magazine on issuu !!!
it's not quite right though yet.
getting it to look just like a real magazine can be surprisingly tricky !!!

It is on Issuu : Z-Mass Zyne

and in my Google-Drive : Z-Mass Zyne

Merry Z-Mass, And A Happy Sundry to All.

Monday, December 01, 2014



Sunday, November 30, 2014 11:48:15 AM

i’ve been agonizing over a good name for this for a very long time, & The Name Clavicle just suddenly jumped into my head. i was looking for a friendly, nice sounding, easy to remember name, & i also wanted it unique enough, so that it’d come up on a search engine without too many competing responses. While The Clavicle is a Common Bone in The Human & Animal Skeletons, & while it is easily broken, which may result in many search engine questions; i am holding to this as an alternative to a completely made up name like; Ardnin, Eaende, Atehu, Plihea, Owde, Ifead or Blecol.

Or Acronyms like:

WALNUT : ( ? )

BANDITO : ( ? )

PARSLEY : ( ? )

PIGLET : ( ? )

IPECAC : ( ? )


HIRSUTE : ( ? )

TYLWYTH : Terminal Yogic Logical Widget Yggdrasil Taboo Hagfish

POTLATCH : Personal Object TraversaL Autonomous Teleological Cogitative Helper


: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - : o



The App is like a very small fragile bone of The Skeleton that has one end anchored to your Chest, Right Above your Heart, & Equidistance from your Brain; & Connects to your Arms making The Clavicle The Keystone Bone to Getting Things Done from Elemental Ideas & Enthusiastic Determination.


The App is A Very Raw, Very Elemental Calculator that is a cross between An HP 48gx, The Children’s Programming Language ‘Scratch’ & A Finger Painting Application for your Android or iPad.


The Great Strength of Clavicle is that it is so Elemental & Simple that Anyone can just pick it up & use it, but It draws upon an Expandable Library or Warehouse of User Written Programs that Once in The Library, may be Used in Exactly The Same Way as Any Other Command or Function.

So That as more & more Users of The App write their own New Commands & Functions & Share them through an Online Repository; The Functionality of Any Given Clavicle App Becomes Greater & Greater, & Fits The Needs of Each User, without Filling The User’s Tablet with Routines that they Don’t Want or Need.


What if Someone were to write a very mischievous Routine & contributed it to The Online Repository ( ? )

So What.

Firstly; Since The App Executes all Programs so Quickly;

Because; A) It’s just fast to begin with & B) The Elemental App has numerous ‘BitCode’ Routines to Process The kinds of Data Lists that are The Usual Culprits in Slowing Down an Otherwise Short & Simple Program.

So That all Routines that anyone may download will be in ’Plain-Script’ The Nearly Plain English Programming Language, which may be easily examined, & if such a Routine is Discovered, it can be removed from The Repository.

Before it’s discovered however; It still can’t get into any real mischief because all Programs are Run inside an Enclosed Chicken Coop. No Program can look outside The Chicken Coop or Send anything outside The Chicken Coop. All Data that is Manipulated is Taken from The Seed Bin & Sent to The Excrement Pail. From There; The User must very Consciously use it in some more Global Manner.

- - -

The Initial App Offering ( Right out of The Box )

Comes with a Full Regiment of Arithmatic & Simple Algebraic Functions, List, String, Graphic, Tagged, Complex & Array Objects & Functions that Relate to these Object Types in An Elemental Building Block Kind of Way.

It also has a Fully Fractional Propositional Logic Language for Programming, which is like Boolean Logic, Except that instead of using Functions which Return either & 0 or 1, Fractional Propositional Logic has all The Usual Logical Operations that Return a Solution from Zero to One, with all Values In Between.

It also has a Stack; But you can use Variable if you want.

The Interface is very Menu Driven, that The User can Customize to their Heart’s Content.

To Write a Program; The User uses PreFormed ‘Bricks’ to make a Flow-Chart.

This Approach is Highly Customizable, with lots of gaps for Variables & Programing Decision Making.

If you want; You can type up a Program with a Keyboard, & then Sideload it into The Tablet’s App. This Typed Language looks very much like RPL, such that ‘Reserved’ Words are included in The Program without any special Delimiters or Quantifiers. There’s almost no Punctuation or Structure in between The Commands, Functions, Variables & Logic Branches.

RPL to add two numbers together is : 2 2 + : with The Result left on The Stack

Algebraically; That could be : ’n = 2 + 2’ or ‘2 + 2’ n

: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - : o

The Great Strength of Clavicle is that The Initial App is a Barebones, Nearly Empty Box that will be Filled up as More Users contribute Routines for The Library. It doesn’t have to be A Finished Michelangelo Sculpture when you take The Wrapping off of it.

- -

i have noticed that many Apps & devices that are now available have a lot of built in ‘Limitations’ ( ! ) i don’t know why The Manufactures would do this, but it’s pretty crazy. Maybe they understand that if these things were Genuinely Functional; They could be used for Great Evil.



Clavicle could be used for Great Evil. Accept that.

The -New- Star Wars

Monday, December 1, 2014 5:58:20 AM

The -New- Star Wars


Ugh !

i just saw some snippets of The ’New’ Star Wars, & it is so obviously a ClipArt Collage of The Previous StarWars, Particularly The First Three, That is; 4, 5 & 6 ( ! )


This revisits a similar problem that i have with All The Reboots & Continuances of Star Trek; In which The Original Star Trek with Shatner & Nimoy, featured at least 5 or 6 really, genuinely Hugely Original Ideas to Fantasy/SciFi :


btw : The OS Star Trek was a Fantasy ( Dream Time ) Program, Not A Science Fiction Program. All of The Star Treks After The OS Star Trek -Were- Science Fiction Programs.


a) The Design of The Enterprise, which was Completely Different from Any Spaceship prior to that.


b) The Transporters


c) Phasers, which were arguably different from Lasers, in that They were more like a Force Projection Beam, Rather than a Cutting Tool.


d) The Tricorder, which came out at a time that Video Recording was in it’s infancy.


e) The Tiny Medical Scanner & Scanning Bed.


f) The Communicator, which came out After The Man from UNCLE’s Communicator Pen, And at time when Walkie Talkies were very Common, But still many, many years before Cell Phones.


g) A Fairly Broad Spectrum of Genuinely Alien Creatures that appeared beside The Absurdly Bipedal, English Speaking Humanoids ( ! )


h) The Universal Translator, whose Operation was explained to some degree.


i) The Food Replicators, whose functionality may or may Not have been based on Atomic Printing.


j) Warp Drive was Fairly Old Hat by Then.


k) Force Fields / Deflectors had been in Lost in Space.


l) ( ? )


The Problem i have with this is that in all The Revisitations of Star Trek, even The ones that took place hundreds of years after The OS Star Trek, There was only The Barest Technological Innovation & Certainly No New Big Ideas.


i’ve often Speculated that it would be Fun to have a Film of The Future, say; 500 years into The Future, & Everything would be Completely Incomprehensible ! ( ! )


Spaceships would Certainly Not have Consoles covered with Buttons !


The Spaceships of The Deep Future would probably Not even Closely Resemble Physical Machines. ! They’d be more like Lawn Chairs & A Blanket laid out on a Freshly Mown Backyard.


btw : one of my favorite bits from The OS Star Trek was a Scene in which Kirk & Spock were operating The Transporter Console & The View was from The Far Right, & The Control Panel was Arguably a little too ‘Bare’, So Roddenberry or The Set Designer decided to fill it in a bit with A Surface of PingPong Balls cut in half. !!! That sort of thing, to my way of thinking far Surpasses anything that they had in ST-NG or Voyager.


Another small point : i had become rather annoyed that on The TV Series Star-Gate SG1 ( isn’t that redundant ? ), The Evil Aliens would often use Earth Guns to Dispatch Their Enemies. Granted; They would often use The Lightning Rods, but Contemporary Guns were far too common.

i was thinking that it would have fun, If every time an Alien used a weapon of somekind, it would be, or have an Entirely Unique Effect on The Victim !


One of The Very Fun things about The Original Star Trek was that whenever you saw an Alien using a Transporter Device, The Effect Would be Subtly Different from The ‘Federation’ Transporters.


Simply Disintegrating someone is archaically frumpy.


Victim bursts into Confetti.


Victim flattens out into a cut-out.


Victim’s Shadow Remains & Runs off.


Twirly Light turns Victim to Water


Modulated Hiss/Crackle/Whistle Crystalizes Victim


Rings of Light Envelope Victim with A Sparkling Bubble that then shrinks to The Size of a Pingpong Ball


Beads of Light Changes The Victim into An Improbable ( x


Bolt of Lightning Changes Victim into Photograph, which remains active for few minutes, as The victim in The photo slowly ‘freezes’ into a horrified pose.


Light Bulb causes The Victim to become transparent and Evaporate


TV Program causes The Victim’s Brain to Liquify and Leak out their Ears


Clown Horn causes The Victim to Explode into Buttons


Crayon is shoved up The victims nose, which causes their hair to start growing & growing until there is nothing left but hair.


Gun which instead of pushing out a bullet, sucks in a portion of The victim.


Hand full of powder is thrown on a lawn, causing all The grass to suddenly become carnivorous, immediately eating The victim from The feet up.


A Man is Arguing with another Man in an Office; The Man behind The Desk becoming Furious with The Other Man, which Senses this & Begins to Flee towards the Door; As he attempts to Escape, The Man behind The Desk is only able to pick up a Stapler, which he Begins to Hysterically fire at The Running Man that is able to leap behind The Door to The Office, But after he slams it shut & Collapses in Apoplexic Fear, The Staples Penetrate The Thick Door, Revealing Tiny Prongs beside The Man’s Head & Body.