Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Our Clocks

Our Clocks

The Clocks of Western Civilization are Based on A Sequence of Values from 0 to 12, which makes it a Non-Base-Ten System.
So that it shouldn’t included Values such as Eleven O’Clock & Twelve O’Clock, since Eleven means One Plus & Twelve means Two Plus, & Ten is A Specific Value for The Base 10 System.
The Value of 10 is Nothing Special to Add One or Two Too !
Zero O’Clock should be a Legitimate Value, So you can say it’s Nine after Zero; which is Nine minutes after Midnight.

Midnight is a Legitimate Value.
Noon is a Legitimate Value.

The Other Chronological Values are :
Naught O’Clock              
One O’Clock
Two O’Clock
Three O’Clock
Four O’Clock
Five O’Clock
Six O’Clock
Seven O’Clock
Eight O’Clock
Nine O’Clock
Bient O’Clock
Ureot O’Clock
Oeva O’Clock

Oeva O'Clock would/could be Either Noon or MidNight.
What we now think of as One O'Clock would be Eleveva O'Clock.
What we now think of as Two O'Clock would be Tweleva O'Clock.
Three O'Clock would be Thireva O'Clock, Then Foreva O'Clock.

Doesn't this simplify things.

Yes. It does.

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