Friday, January 23, 2015

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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The KeyStone

Thursday, January 15, 2015 12:58:57 AM

The KeyStone

i’ve been thinking for quite awhile that Al-Q’dae, or now; Isis or Terrorists in some generic form, just didn’t exist, Certainly Not as any kind of Well Organized, Well Funded Global Movement to Accomplish any given agenda.

This idea has too great a disconjunct with reality to be taken seriously.

Sure There are occasional ‘events’ that are labeled as Terrorist Activities, & i would eagerly acknowledge that many common exploitations, such as email spam, are truly Terrorist Occupations in that they Interfere with The Commerce of Internet Capitalism.

Internet Email Spam & such, that make people fearful of using The Internet, Making Internet Purchases or to Freely Share Information or Promote Important Ideas, Diminishes The Quality of Life for Everyone living within The Confines of Western Civilization.

So when i assert that i don’t believe in Terrorism in The Venue Spectrum of Blowing up Airplanes, Buildings or Murdering Cartoonists; i mean that these incidents are completely ineffective in changing anything, & are invariably The work of individuals or very small groups, usually family members, that are operating completely on their own.

Even if it were made Absolutely & Unambiguously Clear that there existed a World Wide, Well Funding Organization that would Not in any way tolerate The Disrespectful Treatment of their Religion or Philosophy; They would be attacked & suppressed in a piecemeal manner making their agenda(s futile & pointless.


i also believe that it is very definitely possible to conduct a program of ‘Civilization Corruption’ which, Very Inexpensively & with Little Real Effort by a Very Small Number of Agents, They Could Sufficiently Corrupt a Given Civilization so that it would become Completely Subservient to The Demands of This ‘Truly’ ‘Terrorist’ Organization.

This idea is supported somewhat by The Apparently ‘Incidental’ Collapse of Modern & Ancient Civilizations that ‘Went Down’ without The Help of any particular Agencies Agenda. These City-States or Entire Nations that Internally Collapsed, Did So because Civilization Itself is Incredibly Fragile.

i personally think that this is because Any Civilization has an ‘Idea’ of how people are supposed to behave, that is very contrary to Genuine ‘Human Nature’. These Civilizations are always operating on A Fishing-Line TightRope.

- -

If or When this ‘Method’ becomes ‘Validated’;

i call this The Keystone.

Like ‘The Singularity’ That Computer Enthusiasts are predicting, which will utterly change The World in some Startling Ways, The Keystone will have The Same Effect which will mean that Western Civilization will have to change in some Stunningly Disturbing Ways.

The Keystone is The Time or Point when it becomes ‘Understood’ that just about anyone, any small group, any club or gang can effectively Bring an Entire City or Nation to its knees & Make Any Unreasonable Demands that The Individual or Group Desires.

The Idea is Simplicity Itself.

It’s Impossible for me to Consider that this Method has Not been Thoroughly Considered by Others before now, So it is rather Baffling why it hasn’t been implemented yet ( ? )

Since it hasn’t been used ( Effectively ) by any-one or Group yet, i should be reluctant to outline it. But maybe i’m eager to see Western Civilization change in some very Dramatic Ways !!!

After The Keystone; The World Population will have to be Brought down to a much more manageable volume so that shortages of anything will be unthinkable.

After The Keystone; Many of The Few Feeble Freedoms that we now Enjoy will be harshly curtailed.

After The Keystone; Everyone that desires a simple life without The Fear of Constant Irrational Threats & Worrisome Dangers will fervently accept An All Seeing Big Brother Computer Network that will oversee & micromanage all of our lives.

After The Keystone; Such Quaint Ideas as ‘Human Rights’ will be laughable.

After The Keystone; We will be on The Fastlane to becoming a Borg Hive Mind.

After The Keystone; Individuality will be The Greatest Crime Imaginable. Everyone will dress in The Same Dull Grey One-Piece Pajamas with Footies & Mittens that will make picking up small objects nearly impossible.

Just how The Singularity & The Keystone will interact with one another is an unknown quantity.

Maybe they will somehow Cancel Each Other Out ( ? )

The Singularity is when Computers / ElectroMechanical Cogitators become Genuinely Conscious, or are able to Emulate Conscious to such a Degree that it is Effectively As Indistinguishable from Consciousness in Fully ‘Awake’ People that The Same Results are Obtained.

It is widely supposed that once this ‘Event’ happens; Machines will Very, Very Quickly Surpass Human Consciousness Limits & Evolve into An Entirely New Form of Eidolon Cognizance which will perceive humans as an annoying or dangerous parasite that must be Exterminated.

The Keystone is The Validation ( Acceptance of ) The Idea that A Single Individual with very limited resources can Manipulate &/or Disrupt Certain ‘Keystone’ Operations within a Society, making it’s functionality completely Impracticable, which will require that its citizens must agree to any irrational demands to allow these Keystone functions to resume.  

Apparently; This Very Idea of there being Any Keystone Operations has Not yet been ‘Validated’.

Validation is when an idea is allowed to be considered Viable or ‘Authentic’ ( ! )

Very few people are -Able- to Accept a New Idea & Consider its Applications without it being Validated for them.

A simple example of this is Any Given Fashion Trend which is substantially or even trivially divergent from The Previous Fashion Mores. Most people would find it completely unacceptable to begin wearing a new kind of hat, shirt, shoes or drive a ‘Funny’ looking car, until its been ‘Validated’ by some Authoritative Jurisdiction First.

There are a Wide Spectrum of Behaviours that are thought by any ‘Sane’ person to be simply ‘UnAcceptable’ even though they may be quite easily performed; such as appearing nude in public.

Taboos; However Are capable of being broken down, sometimes in silent, accumulative steps which makes their disappearance so imperceptible that we now hardly remember a time when such things were forbidden.

It has struck many in our Contemporary Society that The Idea of Homosexuality has so readily been flipped from a Completely Unacceptable Behaviour to one that is nearly mandatory !

Talking to yourself used to be a sure sign of pathological insanity, but nowadays, nearly everyone is seemingly constantly talking to themselves with their ‘Bluetooth’ headphones that have been surgically implanted into The Sides of their Heads.

For The Keystone to Occur; It must become ‘Permissible’ to ‘Believe’ that there are These ‘Keystone’ Operations that if they were hampered in any way at all, would cripple our Way of Life.

Until Then; We are Safe.

Thursday, January 08, 2015

Family Links

My Aunt Beverly Passed away about a week ago,
and I thought I might take the Opportunity of The Wake to Promote some or all of The Genealogy stuff that I have scattered around on the Interweb.

Each of The Sets here is a Collection of Many Photographs :
The SanbornAlbum Sets

This is a Set in which I tried to Tie Everyone together in Genealogical Trees :
Anthropological Glyphs

This Set is A Collection of Family Pictures with Everyone or Nearly Everyone Labeled :
Labeled or Anointed Images

This is an Editable Genealogical Document of Ancient and Contemporary Family Members
For The Sanborns, Campbells, Gumps and many other Tangental Families.
Add To This Document !

This is The Same form as a pdf :
Genealogical Family History for Tablet or Computer Examining !

Try to Keep all these things up to date; As Future Generations may enjoy The Minutia of our Foibles
as much as we may wish we knew those of our ancestors !