Thursday, January 08, 2015

Family Links

My Aunt Beverly Passed away about a week ago,
and I thought I might take the Opportunity of The Wake to Promote some or all of The Genealogy stuff that I have scattered around on the Interweb.

Each of The Sets here is a Collection of Many Photographs :
The SanbornAlbum Sets

This is a Set in which I tried to Tie Everyone together in Genealogical Trees :
Anthropological Glyphs

This Set is A Collection of Family Pictures with Everyone or Nearly Everyone Labeled :
Labeled or Anointed Images

This is an Editable Genealogical Document of Ancient and Contemporary Family Members
For The Sanborns, Campbells, Gumps and many other Tangental Families.
Add To This Document !

This is The Same form as a pdf :
Genealogical Family History for Tablet or Computer Examining !

Try to Keep all these things up to date; As Future Generations may enjoy The Minutia of our Foibles
as much as we may wish we knew those of our ancestors !

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