Thursday, April 09, 2015

Is Discrimination ( per se ) Bad ?

Monday, April 6, 2015 8:13:01 PM

Is Discrimination ( per se ) Bad ?

It seems like every once in awhile, some group (x will claim that they’re being discriminated against & will demand equal rights.

What is curious, is that no one ever fights against Discrimination ‘itself’ because everyone wants to reserve their right to Discriminate agains some ‘other’ group in The Future.


Negros, Women, Gays, Jews, Mormons, The Irish, Southerns, Any Neighboring Country & its Nationals ( Citizens ), Communists, Arabs or Muslims, Socialists, The Poor ( Class Distinctions ), Persons with Opposing Fashion Sensibilities, Young or Old, Intellectuals, or The Horrifically Dumb; Nerds & Geeks, Christians, Asians, Native Indigenous People or Aborigines, Neo-Nazis, TransHumanists, The Proletariate, Lizard Headed Aliens disguised as British Royalty, Lowly Service Providers, Sales Clerks, Lawyers, Chiropractors, School Teachers, Bureaucratic Administrators, Bosses, Gentlemyn Criminals & Gypsies, Sissies & Nancy Boys, TomBoys, Environmentalists, Excessively Tall Women And Child Molesters have all had to fight their Battles against Discrimination One Battle at a Time, Clawing their way up to Social Acceptance while all their misfit brethren hid behind thick shrubbery or fought against them to show that they were part of The Established Orthodoxy.

Which Groups are still ‘UnRecognized’ ?

Each of these Groups was thought, at one time, to be Invisible, & Subhuman, undeserving of The simplest acknowledgement of social inclusion.

So that Any Groups that remain ‘UnRecognized are hard to Spot.

They are Invisible.

It takes a keen eye to spot The invisible Flying Saucer, Bigfoot, Ghost or Brownie.

Candidates :

The Ugly. The Ugly are clearly discriminated against, but who amongst them wants to march in a parade to fight for their equal rights ?

Anyone exhibiting any number of ‘Personality Disorders’ which are usually so subtle that to discriminate against them is an act perpetrated by The Victim’s own Awkwardness or Indifference to Social Conventions.

Unconventionals or Eccentrics. These parakeets might, most certainly, have ‘something’ wrong with them, But merely Thinking outside The Box of Validated Fashions, Social Proprieties, Economic Necessities or Slang Memes is Enough to get you The Cold Shoulder at a local Bar or Skating Rink.

 Any Sneech without a Star on their Belly.

Cultures & Societies are Defined by Everyone within them, Sharing a Fixed Set of Values, Tastes, Rituals, Parameters for Etiquette, Customs & Taboos. If you fall outside this Framework, then you ‘Should Be’ Discriminated Against.

Imagine a World in which True & Real Freedom was allowed.

All The Crazy things The Those Foreigners Openly Do on their own Streets, would be allowed anywhere.

The Biggest Problem with Living in A Free Society,

Is Enduring The Freedom of your Neighbors.

Additionally; Many of our Taboos are Simple Indicators that someone is Dangerously Insane. If someone is Breaking a Taboo, Then They Must, By Definition; Be Crazy.

It used to crazy to talk to yourself. Nowadays, everyone seemingly talks to themselves with Bluetooth.

So that that rule has been discarded.

What about walking around Naked. Should that Be Allowed ?

Girls kissing Girls ?

Boys kissing Boys ? Boys wearing Dresses ? Older men wearing elaborate Makeup that is commonly seen on Women ?

i’ve often thought that it is very ‘odd’ that women are ‘required’ to wear makeup to be taken seriously.

How about Ugly People as Waiters or Waitresses ?

No one, absolutely no one, wants that or is willing to patronize a restaurant with predominantly repulsive waitresses !

Everyone has to play their selected or assigned roles.

No one wants to live in a society of True Equality.

That would be Crazy.



Paul Fillmore said...

I understand that you're insane but I can't understand your obsession with the shift key.

A Translucent Amoebae said...

Aren't you supposed to capitalize Nouns?