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James Holmes ( How Crazy ? )

Friday, May 29, 2015 7:16:52 AM

James E. Holmes

James Eagan Holmes      Aurora CO / July 20th ’12

12_k / 58(±)_w

Veronica Moser-Sullivan      6_yo / Youngest Victim of James E. Holmes
Gordon Cowdon 51_yo / Oldest Victim of James E. Holmes
Jessica Ghawi     Victim of James E. Holmes /
   Second Mass Shooting Event that she was involved with ( ! )

Alex Sullivan      Victim of James E. Holmes
Micayla Medek   Victim of James E. Holmes
John Larimer Victim of James E. Holmes
Rebecca Wingo   Victim of James E. Holmes
Matthew McQuinn   Victim of James E. Holmes
Jesse Childress    Victim of James E. Holmes
Alexander Boik  Victim of James E. Holmes
Alexander Teves Victim of James E. Holmes
Jonathan Blunk   Victim of James E. Holmes

i’m troubled ( ? ) in an academic sort of way, by The Prosecutors in this case attempting to argue that James was ‘Sane’ at The Time of The Aurora Theatre Murders.

i was also very annoyed that The News Readers at that time kept referring to his ‘Red’ or ( Orange ) hair has ‘Shocking!’ ( ? )

Which was Not The color of The Joker’s Hair ( who he identified with ( apparently ) which was Green - So what does that mean ? It doesn’t seem to me that it would be all that difficult to find Green Hair Dye ( ? )


Consider your Typical Pick-Pocket for example. i think most people consider pocket picking an art form which requires a period of Training, an Apprenticeship, & finally; Journeyman Status.

These people are egregious criminals, as few things are more emotionally devastating than losing your most personal items, which are usually kept in your wallet or purse.

Such that there is a ‘Dichotomy’ of High Skill vs Monstrous Pure Psychopathic Behaviour.

The Point Being that there are certainly many pick-pockets that ‘only’ pick-pockets, & engage in NO Other Criminal Behaviour, except perhaps, for inconsequential Misdemeanors. And why don’t they; Because they ‘Believe’ it would be Wrong to Rape Little Girls, Push Old Women Down Flights of Stairs, Embezzle Retirement Funds from a Neighborhood Furniture Company or Drown Ugly Kittens.

So there is A Problem when we Judge A Person’s ‘Sanity’ by Which Acts they ’Know’ are Acceptable & UnAcceptable.

The Simple Rule that applies is :

No One Ever Does Anything That They Believe is Wrong.

Any Given ( Law Abiding ( More or Less ) or Not ) Person may be ‘Aware’ that -You- Think Masturbating on Public Transportation is Deeply Wrong, But i don’t share your Delusion.

What really separates A Sane Person from An Insane Person, As Measured by their Behaviour ? Can you simply ask or assert that ’They knew what they were doing.’ or that ‘They knew it was wrong’, & by that, they are tacitly implying that when they say that ‘they knew’ - means: that they were ‘aware’ that The Orthodoxy had established laws against such & such behaviour.

But Did The ‘Perpetrator’ ‘Believe’ ‘Themselves’ that it was ‘Wrong’ ?

Who knows.

The Bigger ‘Problem’ is that The Prosecutor seems to be saying The James Holmes got up one morning, & after carefully considering all The pro’s & con’s, profit’s & cost’s, best interests for himself & his community vs troubles & irritating changes to their life plans for others; He weighed it all out & decided to go to over to The Aurora Theatre & kill & wound a bunch of people, & that Now; Everyone agrees it was an entirely ‘reasonable’ decision.

It’s just that since we were able to capture him, we’re in a position to disallow The Values that he assigned to The Variables in his Argument.

James was thinking entirely rationally, but his logic was conditionally flawed.

It that how Sanity is Determined ?

To Review my position :

James thought that what he was doing was OK, he wouldn’t have killed all those people if he ‘believed’ it was wrong.

Nature shows us that while a given species doesn’t routinely kill its own members, it’s Not unheard of.

Civilization is largely defined by creating rules & laws that defy our essential human nature.

Most People ’Think’ or ‘Reason’ very poorly. Even The Smartest People often believe things that are later shown to be very wrong.

The ‘Smartest’ people are generally ‘Recognized’ as being ‘Smart’ because they are able to provide convincing arguments that The Crazy Things that they Believe are True.

It is alternatively The Case that Smart People often ‘convince’ The Damp Masses that they know what their talking about, because they are ‘Scientists’ or ‘Physicists’ or ‘Astronomers’ & these people are always Right about Everything.

If this were true; All Smart People would agree about everything.

If Sanity isn’t merely thinking ‘Clearly’, Which No One Does, What is Sanity ?

Wild Disorienting Confusion ?

Yes. But.

There are plenty of ‘Mad Scientists’ that are able to ‘Get things Done’ which is definitive Proof that they don’t suffer from Wild Disorientation & Confusion. ( they are just a little mixed up about a few fine, subtle points, or as in The Case of The Nazi Regime, they simply made a few dubious Assumptions about The culpability of The Jews as being what ailed Germany after WWI. )

 While i don’t want to believe that James Holmes was ‘Really’ Thinking Rationally; & that he was Genuinely ‘Insane’,

i must confess that i think all anti-social behaviour is The result of =Socially Defined Insanity= - - Which means that while all of these people ( with few exceptions, due to disease or injuries ) are merely acting like ‘Real People’. Criminals in General are exercising ‘Human Nature’ just as reliably as anyone  else.

Why are bad people bad then ?

Assuming ( Falsely ) that there is ‘Free Will’ & that we have The ability to ‘Shape’ our Social Communities - -

Bad People are Bad because it ‘Seems to Them’ ( implementing ordinary bad Thinking ) that they are making The ‘Best’ Choices for their ‘Self Interests’.

Once a person has gotten into an Anti-Social Mindset by The Time they’re 11 years old, Flipping them is very difficult. Even if they are ‘Rehabilitated’ into ‘Being Good Citizens’, They will merely be ‘Behaving’, which means that they are always looking for an opportunity for more mischief, if they can get away with it.

So anyways.

James Holmes.

He’s Crazy.

Probably due to disease or injury.

He will always be Broken.

What i find ‘Fascinating’ is that Society says that killing people is Bad, & that people that ‘Murder’ people are ‘Bad’ —

So that Society says that killing Bad People is OK, which clearly infers that killing people is Not Bad.

This proves that thinking itself is highly ‘suspect’.

Everyone thinks crazy thoughts, does crazy things, makes up crazy arguments that insist that crazy things are true, & since everyone is crazy, they believe These crazy arguments, which i would define as crazy, as; Not making a lick of Sense.


James Holmes.

Freedom, Hospital, Prison, Solitary Confinement or Execution ?

They’re all Equal.

Historically; They are all Equal.

In Application; They are all Equal.

Its perfectly alright for Police Officers to kill people for The Craziest of Reasons, Why can’t James Holmes follow those same rules ( ? )

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