Monday, October 19, 2015

Proof of Angels ( possibly version two )

Saturday, October 10, 2015 12:33:15 AM

Proof of Angels

i’m Not really sure if this is a proof for angels or something else.

Amoung my many ‘lists’ that i’ve compiled; i have one that consists of 50 or so arguments for gawd, many of them from classical sources & some from my own considerations. All of them are ‘Weak’ & are easily challenged, but as a corollary of these arguments, there are a second tier of arguments for what i call ‘The Transcendental Reality’. These are arguments that attempt to show that there is ‘Real’ ‘Magick’ in The World & i believe that many of them are very convincing.

The Strongest is perhaps The Question of Consciousness.

Seeing things. Seeing things is very strange. A Robot might be able to recognize objects, but a Robot doesn’t ‘See’ Things.

Seeing Things is Magickal.

The Epiphenomenalistic Argument is very odd. It suggests that if The Brain Generates All of Our Thoughts, And Behaviour; These Thoughts are then ‘Somehow’ Translated or Shunted to A Conscious Awareness, which serves No Purpose Whatsoever. This Consciousness can’t influence the Thoughts Generated by The Brain, Since all of those Thoughts came from The Brain. ( ? )

So why is there this Consciousness? We are irrefutably Homunculi Riding around as Passengers inside a Robot, Unable to Control it in any way.

But i am thinking of Angels today.

i recently got a new ‘Battery’ for my iPod, which is about 5 years old, & this consisted of simply getting an entirely new iPod. iPods can’t be opened up, so to replace The Battery, Apple replaces The Whole Unit, for about $80, which is no Doubt a considerable Markup from the Unit’s Actual Cost, while A New iPod is Several Times The Markup of The Unit’s Actual Cost to Apple.

This is something that i see over & over; The Cost of Replacement Parts for a Device, Exceed The Cost of The Original Item.

It might be more Economical for The User to Buy a Whole new Printer, than replace The Ink Cartridges.

It might be more Economical to Buy a New Cell Phone than to buy a new Battery for it.

It might be more Economical to Buy a New Electrical Razor than to buy a New Shaving Head.

But this is Not my concern today. These are side issues.

What i noticed when The Apple Service Representative pulled The New iPod out of The Box, was that there was Absolutely No Instructions with it. She told me that there were instructions on The Internet, But no Instructions to tell you that there were Instructions on The Internet ! ( ? )

i very much honestly believe that there is something very hinky with The Entire Computer ‘Revolution’. i can’t imagine how ‘Ordinary’ Featherless Parakeets, ( The Damp Masses ) can operate any of these devices.

i have an IQ of 130 & am routinely stymied by a wide spectrum of technical issues that threaten The use & functionality of all of my Devices. MacBook, Kindle Fire, iPod & Cheaply Made Smart Phone.

i can’t imagine how ordinary hamsters overcome these problems.

One might suspect that at every difficulty, every tiny annoyance, they run off to The Apple Store or Other Technical Venue & after The Irritant is resolved within seconds ( as some of The problems that i have encountered were fixed within ! ) The Average User will no doubt be embarrassed that they have gone to so much trouble to fix such a minuscule inconvenience.

How many times are they going to do this, before they give up & just quit using it.

As a Side Issue to This; i have noticed that many of The Magazines that i routinely read, feature Big Full Page Ads for Wrist Watches, which strikes me as very odd, as these devices are, & have been ( Should be ! ) Completely Obsolete for more more than 20 years now. Who is buying them?

Why do The Cable Companies insist on ‘Bundling’ Landline phone services with Cable TV & Internet Services, when no one uses Landline ( Should Not be ! ) phones anymore?

But ‘Everyone’ seems to be on Facebook. Everyone is using Email.

Are they?

Given that many people are using Facebook with a Computer, i have also noticed that i rarely see ‘Notices’ that should have been created with A Computer & Printer, such as Lost Dog Posters, or signs inside small shops, are Not. They are invariably hand Written.

For someone that ‘Knows’ how to make a poster like this, it is very easy to do. Very Easy. But. Very few Meerkats know how to do this.

It is my contention that 90+% of everyone that has a computer, uses it for one thing, & nothing else.

i discovered sometime ago that most Civilized Domesticated Canines are Illiterate, & that The number of books to be sold to make any such novelette a Best Seller is surprisingly small. One wonders how book stores stay in business.

So how does civilization work? If only 2 or 3% of The Population is Genuinely ‘Productive’, while everyone else is merely a ‘consumer’ or fulfills some other ‘Janitorial’ Service, Is that enough to keep a Technological Civilization Floating ?

This idea of ‘Janitorial’ Services is anyone that merely Cleans Up &/or ‘Maintains’ Something Else. Doctors for example; are Janitors. Lawyers, The Police, Firefighters, Shop Keepers, Assembly Line Workers & Certainly Everyone in The Bureaucratic Middle Management Occupations; are Janitors.

If you question this Fraction of 2 or 3 Percentage : Consider The Obvious Bell Curve(s that reveal that if you Divide The Population into Children, Adults & The Retired or Disabled, That cuts The Productive Amphibians down to 33% right there. Then another one third are gleaned from The Very Dumb & Average ( which are just barely functional themselves ) leaving you with 11 percent. Divide this again as those with genuine imagination & initiative, plus The circumstances or position to actually produce & contribute something original or useful. You now have substantially less than 4 percent. Of those; Additional Circumstance & Whatever accounts for Fate will reduce that to half, which conservatively leaves Western Civilization with 2 percent that are Actually Responsible for everything that Defines our culture as something more substantial than a forest full of masturbating Bonobos.

Granted; Things like Chairs & Wheels were invented a long time ago, & are used over & over again, Under-going slight design modifications by ‘Craftsmyn’ of SubGenius Intellects, leaving only designer jeans & new technologies that are brand new for any given generation. 

Another Class of Improbability People are Functional Drug-Addicts. Given that i am very dysfunctional, i find it deeply incomprehensible how there can exist a class of functional Drug-Addicts. These are people that routinely use Crack-Cocaine, Smoke Dope, Shoot Heroin or Swill Alcohol & maintain a successful job, family & take care of a lawn. Granted there are many such people that lay immobilized in Opium Dens or sleep every night on a vomit soaked mattress in an abandoned warehouse, But there are Enough of The Other genus to rouse one’s suspicions that something deeply hinky is going on. / A Subset of this argument, perhaps tangental to this; Is The Wife or Husband that supports & empowers The Drug-Addict, while sneering at nice-boys like me with contempt & derision. Is it simply that The World is Dependably Upside Down, & might one easily predict any such outcome or circumstance, once you readily buy into this ? Might it be The Lunatics that Expect The World to behave ‘Reasonably’ or ‘Make-Sense’ are The only ones that live in perpetual confusion ?

And these are only a few small Facets of many such ‘Impossibilities’.

It seems very Improbable to me how there could possibly be enough Peanut Plantations to provide enough Peanut Butter to Fill all of the Jars of Peanut Butter sold throughout The World every Day. It takes a lot of Peanuts to fill one jar of Peanut Butter, & those Peanut Plants are only a Tiny Fraction of Peanuts !

Plus all The other Things. Cows, Chickens, Pigs, Lumber, Wheat & so on. Either i have a very Distorted view of how many people there are in The World, or how much of it consists of Farms of all Kinds.

Or does this mean that The World is Impossible. Are we, am i, living in A Screen Saver Reality that is Operated by Ξ.6 Controllers ( Angels ) or is something even kookier going on ?