Wednesday, November 25, 2015

What's in the News ?

i was thinking of posting this short blurb to Facebook, but it's kind of an inbetweener ! ?

Regarding the Recent News story in which a pastor's wife was murdered by 2 or 3 'burglars'; 
one might 'wonder' what the pastor's position is on the fate of these men ? 
It would be 'obvious' enough for one to expect him to forgive them, 
but if Jesus were to determine that they should be condemned to hell, 
should the pastor passively accept this judgement by jesus 
or hold his position that jesus has acted rashly and continue to fight for the souls of the murderers ? 

This sort of question is vaguely similar to a question that Michael Dukakis was asked on his campaign trail, 
'if you came home one afternoon and discovered a burglar murdering your wife and daughter, would you argue for or against capital punishment for this intruder ?' 
My position is that it is entirely reasonable for an individual to act 'emotionally' when they are in 'possession' of all the facts pertaining to a crime against them &/or their loved ones, 
but an entirely different 'issue' when a Government or State makes a 'Judicial' decision based on a collection of accusations and Forensic Evidence that may be strongly biased by police detectives &/or The Scientists that processed that evidence and assembled the arguments of someone's guilt. 


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