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Full Review for : Walking Amoung Us : An Alien Plan to Control Humanity

This is The Full Book Report / Review for ( see below ) as it ran a little too long in The Amazon Review Section and was cut off at its Tail ! 

Book Report for :
Walking Amoung Us : An Alien Plan to Control Humanity
David M. Jacobs PhD
Published by DisInformation Books ( !!! ) 
© 2015

Very often; The Skeptical Inquirer Magazine will include an Article That ‘Debunks’ some Event or Claim that is so Obscure & Obviously ‘Hokey’ that its inclusion provides The Quixotic Phenomena with Some Degree of Legitimacy, Which, Presumably, is Exactly The Opposite of Their Desired Agenda ( ? ) 

So to; Writing a Review of a Book; Such as; Walking Amoung Us, By The Historian David Jacobs PhD, may be lending this book more Credibility than i would like to Endow it with !


Walking Amoung Us is A Sparse Collection of Anecdotes & Narratives by ‘Ordinary’ People that claim to have had or are currently having; A Relationship with An Alien Hybrid, that Jacob’s routinely calls ‘Hubrids’. 
What seems so Hokey about this Argument is that :
- The Sample of Contacts is so very small.
- Their Claims are So Obviously EgoCentric that The Relationship is Not about The Human’s Teaching The Hubrids Anything, but Rather; The Hubrids are Creating Situations in Which The Humans are Encouraged to Question their Elemental Assumptions about their own World. 

Alex The ( very smart ) Parrot was taught using a technique that included a faux student that The Teacher would include in each Lesson Plan. The Teacher would Ask Alex & The Faux Student; What Color is this Ball. And While Alex sat attentively watching; The Faux Student would say; ‘Blue’ & receive a Tasty treat. Soon; Alex was responding with ‘Blue’ & would also get a tasty treat. Once this protocol was established; The Education of Alex took off. 
This seems to be somewhat similar to The Narratives given by Jacob’s Contactees. The Alien Hybrids would ask obscure & ridiculous Questions, which The Contactee wouldn’t so much answer in an instructive manner, as it would require The Contactee to question &/or Analyze their own beliefs.

If this Activity were really going on, The Aliens would obviously be aware of Dr. Jacob’s Investigation & if they really were interested in keeping it all A Secret, they would put a Stop to it, Perhaps in The Same Manner that they Put John Mack’s Investigations to a Stop. ( By Running him over with a Taxi. ) There is a School of Thought that allows that Flying Saucers Crash Occasionally, or that The Aliens make other Blunders which allow us to Glimpse what they are doing. The Anti-Thesis of This is that If Roswell really was The Site of An Alien Crash Site, It was Staged to Present Humans with A Glimpse of Technologies that were (x Levels above what we are now accomplishing on our own. Aliens don’t make ( Substantial ) mistakes to reveal themselves. When they seem to; They are Performing Street Theatre Recitals for us, To Show us something. That Something may be as UnSubstantial as; ‘Look at Us; We’re Aliens’. 
In this Light; These Narratives are being provided with The Full Participation of The Aliens, or Hubrids, to Make us Think about something Significant; Not to Accidentally Reveal Themselves. 

Why are they doing this ?

This question makes The Stupendous Assumption, or Allowance, that There Really Are Aliens that are somehow Involved in this Phenomena. 
It might well be that there is something else going on :
- The Contacts that Jacob’s has Interviewed were ‘Spoon Fed’ to him by an Entirely Human Conspiracy Group to make him believe this nonsense, or perhaps they were actually contacting many more humans than Jacob’s has ‘Found’, And their agenda is to encourage their ‘Contactees’ to ‘Think Tangentially’ &/or Question their Elemental Taboos ( ? ) 
- The Hubrids themselves may be a delusional Sub-Cult of Alien ‘Wanna-bees’ that befriend people for their own unspecified harmless agenda.
-  Jacob’s himself is making this all up, or is merely schizophrenic.
-  Jacob’s is presenting a Didactic Children’s Storybook to promote his own Belief Agenda. 
- There really are Aliens, Whose Agenda is Very much Different than An Infiltration of Hybrid Aliens with Humans, And this is Their Cover Story !
- Something Else … 

i have often wondered what is The Correct Solution to Fermi’s Paradox; And i think that The Starting Point Assumption should be— What do we have to offer an Alien Race or Civilization ?
One should reasonably Assume that if they were after Water or Minerals, Such things would be Readily Available elsewhere than removing them from The bottom of a substantial Gravity Well. It may be argued that are Concentrated here, but as far as Minerals are concerned, they require substantial refining to obtain what they want. It ‘should be’ appreciably easier for A Starfaring Civilization to simply ‘Make’ anything that want with Solar Orbiting Atomic Fabricators which use The Nearly Unlimited Stellar Energy to make Atoms or Molecules of any kind they desire.
Are they looking for a Planet to Inhabit ? After filling up their own ? Maybe; But again; They would have to find one that matched their own Environmental Tolerances, which would probably be very improbable. Then they would have to get rid of all The Biological Agents that would threaten them, Completely Disregarding The Idea of Preserving Entirely Unique Biological Diversity. That would require a Stupendous SpeciesCentrism that boggles Any Sentient Mind.
No— It would make far more sense that they Cannabalized The Smaller Moons & Such in their or Any other Solar System to Make Huge Artificial Colonies that they could conveniently put in any orbit that they desired. After all; They would certainly have a robot flotilla & unlimited energy to make anything they wanted. 
What do we have that they can’t make or find anywhere else ?
We’re Different. 
We either Evolved or were made by angels in a very unique way that is; from The Alien’s Perspective, Very Different from the Way They were make. The Way that our Brains work is very Different from The way that their Brains ( or Whatever ) works. 
If they Overtly Contacted us or interfered with our Development, they would risk ruining our Independent Development & Evolution. 
But— They might nudge us occasionally to hurry us up along some path of our own choosing. 
Our Mathematics & Physics, Liberal Arts & Engineering, That we Created with The Constraints of Sensory Organs are undoubtedly entirely Different than The Aliens perspectives on Mathematics & Physics, Liberal Arts & Engineering. They are in a Wondrous Position to Add our Unique Insights to their Own, Building on That; Without Compromising their own Development. If they turned The Tables over & Started Sharing their Technologies with us; We would undoubtedly stop our primitive endeavors & try to imitate them as much as we could; As Preliterate Polynesian Cargo Cults after World War II have done, Destroying their own indigenous Cultures & contributing nothing to our sciences & culture. 

If Jacob’s is studying something real; It seems very unlikely that it is what he thinks it is.

There is also a Very Dangerous Alternative ‘Effect’ that may propagate from this ‘Revelation’; And that is; What if Some People ( Pure-Bred Humans ) Believe that this Infiltration of Aliens is really taking place; And they get it into their heads that they can ‘Identify’ These Hybid Hubrids ( ? ) They will undoubtedly believe that anyone that’s a little quirky or odd; such as someone with Marfan or William’s Syndrome, or Aspergerians are The Hubrids. What sorts of mischief will this result in ! 

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