Monday, December 21, 2015

My Favorite Masturbation Fantasies

Introduction :

The Following is a compilation of many raw ideas and some slightly filled out stories, fantasies, conversational snippets & such;
Which are of The Theme; My Favorite Masturbation Fantasies.
Some of these are more along The Lines of Cognizant Ideas which have occurred to me, but have never actually been used as A Masturbation Fantasy. Most of my real Masturbation Fantasies tend to be very simple and involve photographs of friendly looking women that are merely looking in my general direction & are unposed, allowing me to superimpose them into The Situations that i find more applicable to The Wet Dream.

- - -
i have also heard that Schizophrenics are usually loath to share their Imaginary Friends or Voices with Others. Particularly the Things that these Delusional Characters Tell them, in the form of Disembodied Voices.
i used to experience these sorts of voices rarely, and usually in bursts, which may last an afternoon or day, But lately; i've been experiencing them on a daily basis.

Hearing voices is a curious thing; and while i'm sure that all of you 'listen' to internal conversations that you have with yourself when making a decision or role playing a story in your mind--
Hearing ( Literally Hearing ) Voices is startlingly different.
The Voices suddenly pop into my consciousness, and it is immediately clear that it is not my own inner voice, nor is it part of any train of thought that i was experiencing before it materialized.
Unfortunately; My own voices never reveal anything interesting to me, nor do they, as they are said to do with most ( full blown ) Schizophrenics, Torment them in some way.
Instead; My Voices are from various speakers, and i only 'catch' a snippet of some benign and innocuous phrase. They are So Benign and innocuous that i can't think of an example to share with you.

i only bring this all up because Disincarnate Voices and Masturbation Fantasies are Deeply Personal.
But i also feel a strong urge to share them with you.

Many of them may seem Shocking & Possibly Deeply Illegal !

But i would like to assure you that because of Personality Disorders; i really can't stand being around other people, Adults or Children ( with very few exceptions ) for more than a few moments, and even with those few people that i like, i become very anxious with them after only a few minutes.
Such that the possibility of any of these Fantasies being Actualized,
Even the Barest Designs, is very improbable.

They are all just Fictional Scenarios without any foundation with Physical Beings.

- - - - -

Some of My Favorite 
Masturbation Fantasies
for documentation, stories, films, dance, music or street theatre


Favored Names Used for Characters 
in My Masturbations Fantasies :

Gingers : Amy / Emily / Autumn / Sandy / Audrey
Colleen / Maureen 
Hav’ Penny
Karen / Carol 
Kelvin  : The Generic Male Character ( endo or exo projections ) 
Leana ( Leena ) ( Grrrl from Dream / Feb. 2 2015 / Strong, Thin, Dirty Blond with little brown spots, like finger prints, all over her back & torso. She lived alone in a small house in a rural area, 2 blocks from a grocery store, but The street that she lived on, or one block south of it, was a busy street. She was renting out a room for 110$ + a 100 Deposit, but i still had 6 months on my lease. before i could move in, i returned to visit her & found that a man had moved in, heavy set, older somewhat that claimed to be her fiancé, but this remained ambiguous ( ? ) i’d brought over some cardboard to make a kleenex like dispenser for her toilet paper roll, as The dispenser on The wall was inconveniently located for use. 


Glossary :

Grimalkin Quixotic Cat Like Human that gets into considerable mischief 

Ghosts Perfectly Ordinary Ghosts

Not A Ghost Usually Solid, But they Can Walk through Walls

The DisRegarded / Seemingly Solid, but everyone just ignores them

The UnDiscovered / Ghosts that seem entirely real & tangible to certain people that can ‘see’ them. They are completely Corporal, although if they died a gruesome death, their appearance may or may-Not reflect that, such as limbs that were chopped off, or missing lower torsos, but if they were merely stabbed to death, they may Not exhibit The Stab wounds. What they seek from The ‘seers’ is to communicate The details of their deaths to The living, so that their bodies may be found & given a proper burial. In The mean time, or even afterwards, these UnDiscovered may enjoy The company of The seer, even participating in sexual acts, conversation, watching TV or going out for window shopping or watching a film together. They are able to subtly influence people that can’t properly see them, such as causing police officers to ignore their natural inclination to charge The seer with their murder, for The simple reason that they know too much about these murders or disappearances. 

Preface / Prologue

One of The Most Curious Aspects of Sexual Deviances 
Is this Preoccupation of The Orthodoxical Damp Masses is with Adult Males that Like Children. 
It is widely presupposed that Any Adult Male that shows any interest in Children, 
must necessarily be a Pedophile.  
It amazes me that with this common attitude, 
there are any male school teachers at any grade level.
 As for my own favoritism towards very young naked girls, 
It seems incredibly obvious to me that preadolescent girls are so very much more attractive than adolescent, teenage, young adult or mature women. Preadolescent children of both sexes are; 
for all intents & purposes, presexual/asexual in both physical & mental attitudes; which makes them, to my way of thinking, True People, that aren’t influenced or coerced by hormonal or sexual urges. 
They are like Adam & Eve before Their Fall from Grace. 
i have often wondered what would ‘motivate’ sentient minds that are installed into robots or machines of some kind. Without all of our Sensual & Sexual Desires, 
What would propel us to do anything?
Perhaps The Answer lies in The Behaviour 
of PreAdolescent Children ( ? ) 
My attraction towards them is at this level, in which i would like to enjoy their company 
in a physical & tactile manner 
without sexual overtones. Children love to tousle around with other children & adults, 
They love being tickled & fondled in a gentle manner & touching without concerns for what is 
& isn’t proper behaviour. i have always felt if there are to be any ‘boundaries’, 
these should be determined by The children themselves, 
which for many would find Head-Touching or Aunt-Kissing out of bounds ! 
Of course; For most Adults, This sort of companionship is truly incomprehensible, 
as a few Celebrities; Such as Michael Jackson, Jerry Sandusky, Mary Kay Letourneau, 
Paul Reubens, Kaitlyn Hunt, Jocelyn Elders 
& Bill Cosby have discovered.  ( ? )

One of my most pervasive Masturbation Fantasies 
is to live in a Harried Nudist Compound with Dozens of Young Children Running Around that are Precociously Sexual.
It is my belief that many young children are precociously sexual in a way that doesn’t include sexual intercourse or sodomy or even french kissing, But by ‘Adult’ Standards of ‘Proper Behaviour’, They love being naked, touching themselves and each other, and being completely ‘Natural’. 

Also; i also believe that children are much more attractive & pleasing to watch, than adults, or even young adults, either males or females. One of The most appealing features of very young children that are running around naked, is that they are completely Asexual. There are no boys & girls, just perfect homosapiens. And if they’re well behaved and get along with each other, it is a very close approximation to what Heaven or Eden would be like.

So according to this theory; i; as a very wealthy ‘pedophile’; 
i collect children from orphanages or dysfunctional families to come and live in this compound. i am looking primarily for children that are sexually precocious that don’t fit into ‘Ordinary’ families, and may have been sent to & rejected from dozens of such foster families. As for Dysfunctional families, i, or agents working for me, identify dysfunctional children by spotting them and their specific dysfunctional ways, in parks, schools, alleyways, wandering alone at night or hanging around bus stations. They are either ‘ReIdentitied’ or simply Bought from their parents for a few thousand dollars. 

One Subset of this fantasy is to live together with everyone on a whole floor(s of a fancy hotel, so that everyone’s needs are well serviced, and also provides a high level of security for everyone. 
Plus; i might also find otherwise dysfunctional women from homeless shelters and such, and make them into slutty housekeepers & room maids. Under normal circumstances, these women would be too careless to actually work in these positions, ( even these positions ), but since little is expected from them, they happily clean a few rooms a day and provide The guests with ‘Special Services’ which may actually pay their way. Naturally; They never expect or accept gratuities for these ‘Extras’, as only sexually precocious women are employed in this capacity. 

Another Subset is to buy up all The houses on a city block(s in a nice neighborhood and connect them to one another with natural looking fences or hedges, so that The Internal ( Backyards ) are all connected together and inaccessible from The front-yards and streets. 
If more than one block is used; They are connected with expansive underground passages and work areas, where large and secret ( think BatCave ) activities are engaged in.

- - - - 
Ideas Specifically Related to Porn Films.
Plus Masturbation Fantasies

1 ) Girl Running around her neighborhood naked. She is morbidly obese, but has no trouble clambering over fences or squeezing between garages. She peeks through windows and watches people doing the most improbable things. She stops to masturbate and climbs through windows and licks things in bedrooms while the owners sleep in the same room. ( more... ?
2 ) A Car is full of Matronly Women or A Single Woman, or A Bus of Young Girls, or ?. The Driver has taken a wrong turn and then worked its way along a rarely used road for many hours. The Driver & Passengers were convinced that this road must eventually turn up somewheres, but all along The Way, They saw no cross roads, signs, farms, fences or any sign of civilization. They had been traveling for such a long time that they began to realize that when they run out of gas, it would take them several days to walk back along The Curvy & Hilly Road back to The Fork where they turned off, and even so, The Road back from there, was another day or more beyound that to The Isolated Grocery Store that they vaguely remembered passing, but they also seemed to think that maybe it wasn’t a store, but an empty shack. They sat wondering what to do, when they heard wolves or some other wild animals. Then i would come across them, convince them to come with me to a cave where i lived as a spiritual master, witch & hermit. Using magick, i returned some of The Women to Safety, but bargained to keep one that would sacrifice herself to save The others. But in reality; she would want to stay and become a hermit herself, but needed this excuse to separate herself from The others. 
3 ) A young man ( 20ish ) is caught masturbating on a bus and arrested. While being arrested, his pants fall off and he is handcuffed and taken in without pants. He has a very large erection. While waiting for a patty wagon, he is left standing on the sidewalk while many young girls & nuns walk by. elderly women in wheel chairs roll by which brush by his extended phallus. The patty wagon finally arrives and there are other naked women & men inside. They are taken to a processing center and when left alone, engage in considerable sex. They are then taken upstairs where they are extensively evaluated by psychologists with computers & postcards. Wires are hooked up to them and and tubes inserted in orifices. Finally they are taken to small rooms and left there in couples. The next day they are taken to an administrative office with numerous cubicles. The young man is now naked and walking up and down the aisles looking for his assigned worker. He finally finds her. She measures his penis size with a special tool and asks him lots of personal questions. They he’s taken to another section where many very young girls are in cages. He picks 6 and they are all taken to a very nice apartment where they are left. They learn that the walls are covered with tiny cameras and there is nowhere where there is any privacy. They are told they are part of an experiment and encouraged to have as much sex as possible. 
4 ) The Unexpected Heaven A young man that has a box full of pictures that he’s cut out of magazines that he uses for masturbating. Some of the pictures are of naked women, but many are of children, women and cute boys with clothes on. On the TV one evening, a fundamentalist Pentecostal preacher predicts that the world will end tomorrow. The young man doesn’t believe it, but plans on attending a rapture party as this preacher has received a phenomenal amount of publicity. He sleeps in late, but after getting up, and reaching for his box of pictures to masturbate, discovers that all the girls in them have come to life. They talk to him from within their frames, pose and remove any clothing that they are wearing. Some are more sultry and rather abusive towards him. He thinks that this is odd, but strangely enough, accepts it without questioning it. Afterwards; he reflects upon how strange this is and how strange it is that he doesn’t think that it’s impossibly strange. Its as if; It would have been strange in ‘That Other Universe’ that he lived in yesterday, but this universe easily allows for this sort of thing. He thinks that this is very odd that he would think this. When he tries to leave his apartment, the door opens, but the hallway is missing. Instead there is a grassy meadow with deer and other animals, but they’re not quite deer or other animals. He leaves and finds the bar with the party. There are other people there, and they are also bewildered by what is happening. Each has their own interpretation as to why everything is so peculiar. A young girl shows up and everyone recognizes that she is more odd than everything they have experienced so far. The girl begins talking to them about all sorts of crazy things. The Young man comes to realize that everything the girl is saying, are parables. Very surrealistic parables. ‘What is this place?’ He asks her. She won’t say exactly; But the young man comes to believe that he and the other’s in this bar, as well as many other people wandering around outside, have been raptured. This is The Unexpected Heaven.    
5 ) Girl Running around the world naked. She has huge pendulous breasts which repeatedly bounce into her face. She is able to run over water, leap over large obstacles and spring through open windows. She runs down corridors and past famous landmarks. She is chased by polar bears & evades aborigines throwing spears. She rides on the tops of airplanes & swims with giant squids while they attack sperm whales. She crashes fancy parties, and dashes through crowds of people while security guards shoot wildly into the dancing throngs. ( more... ? 
6 ) Naked girl playing with various toys such as a paddle ball, hula hoop, tether ball, jacks, hop scotch...
7 ) Boing! A Girl with huge breasts visits a friend at a university where he is doing research with high energy transformative physics. In a terrible accident, The girl is pushed into the ( x ) Phase. She reappears miles away, completely naked. After a few minutes, this happens again & again. Disappearing in one place, and reappearing in some new very unlikely place. / A child’s closet that is locked shut / A swimming pool overflowing with old people / An Airplane’s restroom / The Trunk of a car stopping at a boarder checkpoint / under The sink of a elderly woman’s apartment / A gradeschool gym’s shower just as The boys are coming in from soccer practice / 
8 ) Take a Story or Prior Film, or Book that would be treated in A Verbatim Manner, But with People having Sex, Masturbating or Fondling Someone At all Times During The Course of Their Other Routines.
9 ) Porn in The Future / Appliances of The Future, used for Porn.
10 ) A Young Wandering Guy finds himself wandering in an uncivilized wilderness. It has been several days, or weeks, since he had last seen an inhabited farm or any sign of a town. Then he comes across a nun gathering berries along The road. She is thoroughly startled at first, then recovers herself, and takes him to her convent, which is in complete disarray because The mother superiour died several weeks ago, and she had apparently been micromanaging The lives of all The nuns, so that, now, without her, they have no idea what they should be doing. They’re unable to even perform what they considered their ‘usual’ routine, because, while alive, The mother superiour had come along every day, berated them that they were doing whatever they were doing, wrong, and then correct them. Without this constant supervision, they are unable to do anything. They have even been unable to remove her body from her office, which has liquified to a horrible condition, and this has prevented even The most senior nuns from going to her office to find The little money that they depend upon go buy supplies & contact The outside world. So he moves in with The nun that found him, then he buries The mother superiour and begins to get things rolling again. Natureally; He’s not supposed to be there, but no one ever comes to visit, so it’s not really a problem. Many of The nuns are seriously crazy, And their order was apparently created to dispose of nuns that didn’t fit anywhere else. He then gets into endless mischief with them, and they end up saving The world from An Alien Invasion from The Center of The Earth.
11 ) A Man is Standing next to a woman that is about his height on a very crowded bus or subway. He takes out his penis and puts into her jeans pocket, Then begins to copulate with the pocket. She is reading a book and because of all the jostling, does not appear to notice what is happening to her jeans. We are also able to view what is happening in her pocket and can see that there is a hole which allows a thick glob of semen to exit onto her pubic hair, as she is not wearing any underwear. On The bus, The man finishes, extracts his penis and leaved the bus before the woman. She gets home, takes off her jeans and throws them in the laundry hamper, Takes off her light coat and shirt, then puts on a large gym sweater with no pants, then sits down in front of the TV and paws at her crotch. Weeks later she discovers that she is pregnant, but her hymen is intact, as we have learned fairly early on that she is very unattractive. The baby is born with two heads and becomes a world leader like Hitler.
12 ) An Alien from another world ( planet or dimensional plane ) arrives on earth and asks some natives of our world, typical anthropological questions about everything. 
13 ) A woman in a department store takes off all of her clothes and hides them behind some boxes, then climbs into a refrigerator and closes from the door. After several minutes, and listening to people pass by, someone finally opens the door and she leaps out! Hilarity ensues.
14 ) Overabundance of Ejaculate from Guys & Gals. Men & Women, Boys and Girls ejaculate through their pants in social situations. /  i read or heard from ‘somewhere’ that one of The particular classes of pornography that is inexplicably illegal, is films which depict men ejaculating ‘too much’ ( ? ) ! / another of these classes was ‘nude-mud-wrestling’ ! 
15 ) A nice guy captures a bigfoot woman, cleans her all up and keeps her as a lover. Is this bestiality, & if so, how much ? / Same premise; But with a Neanderthal brought back with a time machine. / Same premise; Except with a Homo Habilis / Same Premise; Except with An El Chupacabra. / Or an Alien / 
16 ) Naked Girls robbing banks / Liquor Stores / Fast Food Restaurants ( this has actually been tried ! The premise that The grrrls were working from, is that while they weren’t wearing masks or disguises, no one was able to give proper descriptions of them ! ( ? ) )
17 ) Mutant Naked Girls & Cyborgs robbing banks, hanging around town and getting into mischief... But they can't be controlled because they’re from the future, and have access to technologies which make them invulnerable to contemporary weapons...? / With Mutant Dinosaurs & Other Elements. They aren't so much a real danger to anyone, but they're very annoying.
18 ) A Car with One, Two or More Women are going somewheres and decide to take what they believe is a shortcut across a desert. But after driving for several hours, they don't see a single structure or sign of civilization. Then they run out of gas. Getting out, they become aware, finally, that the road that they've been driving along may not be a road at all.
i. They continue to walk in the direction that the think that the road was leading towards, and find a bridge that has collapsed long ago. Living under the bridge; They find ( x ).
ii. Off in The Distance; They see a light and walk towards it. Along the way they suffer great hardship, being stung repeatedly by small scorpions & spiders.¹  Finally, they reach the light that turns out to be (x).
¹ This premise was used in The film; The Way Back ( 2010 )
iii. They Argue over what to do and it's getting late, so they decide to get some sleep and figure out what to do tomorrow. During the night, one of them looks up into the night sky and notices that the stars are wrong. She argues with the other girls that the night sky looks different because they are looking at a night sky without all the light pollution of the city, but then they notice a second moon rising over the horizon. 
iv. A young, hairy & naked man approaches them and seems friendly, but they are very wary. The girls lock the doors and one pulls a gun and manages to shoot herself. She quickly bleeds to death, and the man takes the remaining girls to a outcropping of rocks where he lives. This is the one safe place in the world, which will end in just a few days. The days pass, and then they see a huge meteor coming towards the earth. They can see missiles fired towards it, and huge explosions chipping it away, then it drops closer and hits over the horizon. A explosive wave passes over them, and they are safe. Over the horizon in all directions, there is a blazing fire.
19 ) A young girl falls through a hole in the space time continuum, or is kidnapped and pushed through time by crazed college students that have created a time machine. / In the future; The girl is taken into custody and processed as an illegal alien. / In prison, crazy things happen to her while she waits for a ship to take her to an outworlder colony where someone will buy her. / She is then taken to a transport ship, but has to wait for several weeks while they wait for more passengers and clearance to take off. / The trip takes several years, and most of the passengers are frozen, but some are woken up from time to time to tend to the ship. / They get to a collective of colonies on an asteroid belt, and there she is bought by another ship captain and is taken on various adventures, in which she saves the universe, but no one notices.
20 ) A woman is giving a man with a very long peepee a blow job, and you can see a bump pop up & down on the back of her head while he’s thrusting it into her mouth.
21 ) A mad scientist has strapped a man to a table and attaches a device to The mans banana to extract a semen sample, the device hmmms up then sparks, at this moment, the subject screams like 100 9 year old girls, and a huge volume of cum fills a large bucket, we can also see that his toes are popping into his feet, leaving little dimples where his toes used to be. 
22 ) A long line of men & women are standing beside a gallows to be hung, Many of them are in rags and tied up thoroughly because they are considered very dangerous, while others are standing unbound, waiting on the honor system to be hung. The hangmen have been working long hours and are complaining that they are on over-over time. one of the hangmen is given a woman with very large breasts and is naked. her hands are tied behind her back and she is gagged. The officiating priest reads the crimes that she’d committed to a gathered crowd, but there are many being hung simultaneously, so that what he says is garbled with others announcing at the same time. The handle is pulled and the crowd and official notice only now that the hangman has strung the noose tightly around her breasts, so that she snaps at the bottom of the rope, her head is flung back and the gag falls off, so she can scream and scream. The crowd breaks into applause and the official tries to pull her back up, as they are reluctant to cut the rope which is very expensive. She dangles, screaming and her breasts are stretching out as the rope, although tightly synched, is slipping off. After several minutes. The rope slides off, and the crowd rushes forward to grab her and carry her off. By the time soldiers arrive, there is pandaemonium. some of the prisoners grab the executioners and officials and hang them. Then they rush toward the castle, where the king knows that this is the final straw on his rein of terror.  
23 ) The Peeper. A Young and reasonably attractive, not at all creepy or scary looking man, becomes enamored with an attractive older woman in his neighborhood, and begins passively stalking her. He discovers where she lives, and one evening goes to her apartment in an older building. The doors to these apartments are so old that while they are equipped with modern locks, they still have the old fashion key holes. Her apartment is at the end of a hall way in which the next apartment is around a corner. He is thus allowed to kneel down and peep through the key hole without any chance of someone just coming along and discovering him. He has only to be wary of her opening her own door, and it is late, what reason would she have of going out now? As he peeps through the key hole, she is moving around in the apartment which is quite small. He can see most of it, but still; he is seeing only a slice of the whole apartment. Soon she is disrobing, and he can see her legs on the bed... Soon; The most curious and inexplicable things are happening in the apartment.  ( This is ‘perhaps’ based loosely on a story by Robert Sheckley; Is this What People Do? ( or something like that ? )
24 ) A Young Girl is riding on the bus. The people on the bus are reading the paper and discussing the latest brutal attacks of a monster that is beating & murdering men & women in the city. The Young girl gets off the bus, and A shadowy figure is seen in an alley, The young girl ducks into the shadows and peeks around the corner. Suddenly a terrible commotion ensues. The girl is seen leaving the scene, she is badly beaten, bruised and limping. Her clothes are torn off, and we follow her stumbling through alleys. Soon Another ruckus breaks out. The girl escapes again, this time, cut & scratched. She stumbles along, and again a horrible fight occurs. Later; We learn that she is the monster murdering people. In a confrontation with police, terrible collateral damage ensues, but she brought down in a hail of bullets.
25 ) A young girl is given a notebook by an old hag. Whatever she writes in the notebook happens. The result is great mischief. ( This has been done so many times, it really needs a new twist ? Instead of being greedy, the young girl tries to fix all the world’s woes, but it always backfires, resulting in mischief for others, and unexpected benefits for her. Whenever he tries to ‘doublethink’ the book, it double double thinks her intentions. )
26 ) Flashers at Very Public Events / This sort of thing happens often enough in real life, so you’d have to notch it up by making the events more public or the event somehow & otherwise more zany.
27 ) A young boy ( 12 or so ) makes extra money around the neighborhood by specializing in ‘Very Odd Jobs’. For his job of Toenail Clipping ( Monday Afternoons ) he’s built a foot holder that allows him to strap the foot down with a velcro strap to keep it from jiggling around. The foot rest is fully adjustable, and it’s steadied by be attached to a shoeshine like seat that he sits on. He’s also invented an electric finger & toenail clipper so that he can effortlessly cut through the thickest toenails, without having to worry about struggling with a difficult angle. It also has a shoe shine box under the seat, and an electric callus remover. Tuesdays, He shaves legs, buttocks, arms, facial hair, including nose & ear hairs & vulvas. Wednesdays are spent with general house cleaning, & Checking for Bed Sores & Treating other small injuries or identifying larger lesions & staph infections— in the nude or wearing a silly costume. Thursdays are for running errands. Fridays are for special appointment visits, in which he goes around to visit with people, he inconspicuously records their conversations and then has a girl from school convert them to transcripts that he uses to develop a dossier & reminder notes so that he soon knows as much about their family as an old friend. Fridays sometimes turn into sleep overs with lots of naughtiness. 
28 ) The Affables ²  / The first was seen in a large city, or perhaps numerous cities. After they were identified as a distinct population/species, the first one was claimed in many locations. They appeared superficially as crazy homeless women ( originally ) that were wearing little or no clothing, digging through garbage cans, masturbating in public, enticing young men to have sex with them, and while being generally incoherent & intelligible, they were always very friendly & relatively harmless. For this reason; Local Police chose to ignore them. Amoung the other homeless they were actually less disruptive, and generally yielded fewer public complaints. The Game Changer occurred when one of them allegedly seduced a young boy of 11, whose parents were sufficiently connected to demand some sort of action. The local police were sent out to find and restrain her for a psychiatric evaluation and probably permanent institutionalization. They found her with very little effort, but when a short pursuit failed, the officers reported that they had lost her when she leapt 40 feet into the air, and scampering along a shear wall, over the rim of building and disappeared. She was spotted a few days later and again, she escaped by jumping into heavy traffic, hopping from the top of one car to another as they sped along at 40 miles an hour, then dropping to street level where she apparently clung to the bottom of an SUV and disappeared. A Week later, some college students found her, filthy, naked and burrowing through a dumpster, eating discarded pizzas. They decided to capture her themselves, and where able to sneak up on her, and slam the lids of the dumpster down and then sat on it, while another called the police. When The dumpster was opened, She was missing. At other times, she was observed to squeeze through gaps that a cat would be unable to get through, escape through closed windows, jump into a shadow and vanish, crawl under furniture without disturbing their position, open doors and escape where there were previously & afterwards, no doors. When more of them started appearing, they were at first very young looking, with lithe & filthy bodies. But after a few months, older & just as gymnastic & magickal Affables began appearing. Some of them had huge pendulous breasts. Then young men stared appearing. Some of these has absurdly long genitals. Occasionally a female affable would have extremely odd labia & an enlarged clitoris. Young women that were beguiled by these daylight incubuses would report being fully penetrated with these impossibly engorged phallus, yet suffer no injury whatsoever. While Mature Affables could not be captured, it was discovered that many of the sexual contacts of the Affables, would, after a few weeks, become an Affable. The females would just prior to their conversion, give birth to dozens of yellow & pink pollywogs that would either disappear down a bathtub drain or scurry into a storm drain after being expelled. How exactly these creatures developed and what they eventually became remained a mystery for many years. It was believed that The Affables themselves only came from contact with other Affables. Once a person was transformed, often suddenly, they abhorred wearing clothes and hated sitting still for any length of time. A few men would try to tame Affables by bringing them home and letting them sleep in a closet when not engaging in frantic sex with the Affables, The Affable would invariably leave unexpectedly without any particular reason. Then; A few weeks later, the contact to become an Affable. In one reported a case; A young black woman, that was a regular rider on this bus, very suddenly became frenzied, tore open the pants of the man sitting beside her, And what was thought to be a state of distraught panic, masturbated him until he erupted like a park fountain. Then she stripped off all of her own clothes and vaulted out a window that was too small to push a small child through. She then rolled off a passing car, onto another and disappeared. Soon every large city in the world had hundreds or thousands of these creatures that openly engaged in sex on sidewalks, in yards, parks & the corridors of hospitals & office buildings. They would be found in the showers of grade-school gym classes, crawling amoung the feet of parishioners in churches, leaping from roof to roof in suburbs, or they would turn up laying beside you in your bed. Although everyone was warned to avoid contact with them, It was apparently futile to resist their gentle caresses & natural fragrance. Although they were always seen to be covered in grime & excreta, There was something about them that made their beguiling advances inescapable. Every attempt to create Affable Free Zones failed almost immediately. There were a few people that seemed to have an immunity of sorts. They would turn into Partial Affables. They would strip naked and possess only some of The Affable’s magical abilities. They would also retain the ability to speak semi-intelligibly, and report that they were never happier. They could now see new colors, hear grass singing, smell the thoughts of animals & people And feel time rush over their skin like a summer breeze. Surprisingly; Although more & more people were being turned to Affables, There remained plenty of Normals. There persisted an odd balance that defied explanation. Although some people tried desperately to become An Affable, the Affables would avoid them. Very Rarely; An Affable would revert to a normal. This Flip would result in a person that was very dysfunctional, but could be returned to a productive position in the work force, although they would never be a part of the social community. They would be very uncommunicative, and would usually commit suicide in a few months. Another related phenomena was that some of The Affables would be Hermaphrodites. And very, very rarely, Someone would become an enemy of The Affables, And After an Unprecedented Affable Attack, they would lose their genitalia. Such a person would entirely smooth on their fronts, and thereafter pee through their anus’. 30 years after the Affables were first recognized, They settled into a sustaining population of about 1/5th of The world population and became a normal part of the world community.
² In later considerations; i have renamed these creatures ‘Grimalkins’ 
29 ) An incompetent Medical Examiner that is always in trouble with all of his superiors, is also sexually abusing his corpses. Occasionally a second medical examiner performs a second autopsy and discovers the sexual abuse, but they always attribute it to incompetence, not necrophilia. 
30 ) A Mad Scientist likes to collect curious, beautiful, moon faced, adorable, or strangely ugly women. But he doesn’t kidnap the originals, he is able to scan them to a sub-molecular level and then reproduce them from a teleclonic map. These teleclones are modified before they are reconstructed, making their fingerprints into geometric patterns, their irises form perfect star bursts, cuticles have a wave form pattern, and their memories and desires can be changed as well. All The Teleclones are reprogramed to be very fond of the mad scientist. They are also cured of any diseases & addictions. But Their brains can’t be entirely reconstructed, nor would you want to. The Flavor of each individual is what makes them so desirable. When a Teleclone is discovered to have a regrettable trait, A new one is created without it. Also; Their new memories can sometimes conflict with old memories causing deep confusion, craziness and suspicions, And fudging all these conflicts can be very hard to fix. / The scientist keeps them all on a beautiful farm, where their encouraged to romp around in the nude and fondle one another. 
31 ) Perfectly Ordinary Daily Affairs with about 20% of the people naked.
32 ) Perfectly Ordinary Daily Affairs with about 20% of the characters Fish headed Mutants.
33 ) A Series of people appear in public, completely & inadvertently, naked. Each accident leads to the next, each somehow related to the letters in the alphabet, a through z. A second series, in which a character is scratched by someone or something, is simultaneously inserted that matches to the numbers of a set with a finite limit. A Third set of characters that are involved with something that looks like sexual intercourse or masturbation, but isn't, and is correlated with each of all available punctuation marks. ( Are there punctuation marks that are unknown to English speakers? Other than accents … ? )
34 ) A woman with huge breasts gets into endless mischief, causing a beat policeman to give chase to her, but at every turn, after some terrible bit of trouble, the policeman attacks an innocent woman that looks like the guilty woman in some innocuous manner.
35 ) A Classroom is briefly interrupted by The Principal that comes in to collect 4 of the students, out in the hallway, there are 6 more students. They then go to another classroom and 2 more students are taken to join this group. The Principal tells them that they are going to a special presentation, and it will be explained at that time. A boy in the group discovers that his two sisters are in the conference room, with about 20 students all together. When everyone is seated, A Nurse is Introduced by The Principal, and then she takes a seat with the students. The Nurse explains that This School doesn't have an integrated SexEd program, as everytime it is brought up at the PTA meetings, it is hysterically voted down. But occasionally; A Parent will want their child to participate in a special extracurricular program to meet this need. Many of you are here because your parents suspect or know that you are already sexually active, or have expressed a curiosity about sexual matters. A few of the boys are here because your parents have discovered a damp spot on your bed linens that suggest that you've had a single wet-dream, but don't yet know how to masturbate. This presentation will give you a thorough introduction to sexual reproduction in paramecia, plants, animals, mammals in particular, & humans, ( Along with a Special Film that was provided by a Disgruntled Air-Force Colonel, Of 6 different species of Aliens and their Sexual Genitalia & Behaviour ) along with variations on human sexual deviancies, the diversity of sexual genitalia, self affected masturbation & in groups, french kissing, fellatio & cunnilingus, how to locate the g spot & other erogenous zones, back, neck & foot massage, the fundamentals of beginners bondage & discipline, the elements of mind control to gain sexual favors, how to recognize the symptoms of most north american venereal diseases, recipes that include semen, femen & other bodily fluids, how to control & mount a large dog, sheep & other suitably sized sexually receptive animals & criminal boundaries for sexual behaviour. The Students then watch a series of Short Swedish, French, Brazilian, Congolese, Japanese & Canadian Films made for & with children to explain a wide variety of sexual matters. The nurse then instructs them to undress and put their cloths into paper bags, which are stapled shut with a photo of the student attached. They then practice masturbation, fellatio, Japanese bondage, numerous sexual positions, & discuss the flavors of semen & femen. The Boy has sex with both his sisters while they lay on large sheets of paper, and their pictures are then printed beside the blood stains, documenting, with commentary, their loss of virginity. When the boy and his sisters get home, they frame the loss of virginity posters and their single mother encourages them to masturbate and have sex in front of her to assure them that they don't have to hide from her. Then the boy has sex with his mother, in his bed, her bed, his sister's beds, in the living room, in the shower, in the back yard, then the four of them run around the neighborhood naked. As they discussed in class; children under the age of 14 can run around naked anywhere in the city, although the mall has it's own policies regarding nudity & masturbation. Likewise; the mother can go topless anywhere in their county, and if she has a thick bush of vulva hair, she can go bottomless. The bus service allows nudists to ride free, so they ride over to a local park where swingers go to have public sex after sundown every thursday night. They then walk home after having sex with dozens of partners. At school the next day; the boy's teacher asks him about the sex-ed class and asks him if he would like to have some sex with her. They then go to the teacher's lounge and he has sex with several teachers and other students from previous sex-ed classes. They then tell him that he has to run through all the schools hallways to pass his initiation test, so he does that, running into several other teachers that have sex with him in the hallways. Then he's taken, still naked to the principals office where she shows him, and some other students another film that instructs them on proper sexual conduct at the school. ... ending ( ? ) 
36 ) A Slight Variation on this is for just one young 12_yo boy that is called down to The Principles Office. He is asked which Teacher in The School he likes best and she is brought down to teach him how to masturbate. The Principle watches, and has sex with him. Then he’s asked which students in his class he likes best, both boys and girls, and if they are already sexual Precocious, they are brought down and he has sex with them to, and then he goes home to have sex with his mother, then they move to a mall where they can run around naked and have sex with visitors to that county, where The age of Consent is The Age of menstruation or Ejaculation and they all live happily ever after, or are abducted by Aliens. 
37 ) A bomb is planted in some improbable place that moves from location to location as the timer ticks down, we see it winding down, but the audience is unsure when it will go off. Meanwhile children & adults to about their business, adults are having sex just around the corner from children playing silly & equally mischievious games, All The while the bomb is there, nearby. Layers and layers of mischief that is unknown to the people nearby. A simple murder that is about to take place, A plane that is about to crash, a car careening off a cliff... Each is about to happen, but the audience is not allowed to view it. At the end, the bomb ticks down to zero, and something else; entirely unexpected happens, and the principle character at that moment, finds herself in a heavenly purgatory with something about to happen... as the credits roll.
38 ) A Genre Vehicle in which a character, A naked woman, disappears, convincingly, but none of the people that she has just recently interacted with, recall seeing her...! ( Why don't they remember her...? Each has a very convincing, reasonable & believable reason for claiming complete ignorance. ) Then a very quirky reason must be revealed as to why she disappeared, and then reappears. Or does she? Is The woman that reappears, the same one that disappeared!? The audience is put in the same situation as the characters as the people in the film. Do you remember the woman that disappeared... The woman must convincingly convince both arguments that she is or isn't the first woman! Plus lots of quirky nonsense. 
39 ) A magician performs a series of tricks involving naked women before a perfectly ordinary audience in a large auditorium. Or before a children's birthday party.
40 ) This may have come a little from a Story in The Magazine ‘Heavy Metal’ as it was in The first few years / A young girl presses The button for a elevator, but The elevator doesn’t come. She waits & waits, but it doesn’t come. She finally finds The stairs & starts down, but after a few floors, she looks over The railing & falls down The inside column. She falls & falls, hits another flight of stairs, tumbling down them, end over end, crashes through a window, falls several more stories, hitting flag poles, ledges & canopies on The way down. Then she finally hits a buses roof, crushes it, causing it to tip over, which then tumbles down a steep hill with her, she bounces off many cars, some of which are in motion, crashes through fences, bursts through walls, falling off cliffs within The city, bouncing along roofs, along The tops of cars on a freeway, then over another cliff, falling & falling, through a thick forest canopy. During all this; all her clothes are ripped off, & she receives many scratches, but doesn’t sustain any serious injures, such as broken limbs or serious cuts. Then she falls to The ground again along a steep hill, trying to grab at bushes & trees, but they consistently slip out of her reach. She then falls into a raging river, where along The way, she is able to lift herself to The top of a log, where she haphazardly navigates a treacherous rapids filled with boulders. On The way down this river; Natives shoot arrows at her & several pierce her arms & body, but again, no serious injury is sustained. She escapes The natives by rolling over a water falls, while several large aquatic animals fall beside her. this episode of falling takes her more than 20 minutes to reach The bottom, Another River, but plunges so deeply that she enters an underground river system & finally comes to rest in a cave illuminated with small fires & dozens of other young women, all of which speak different languages & are from different times in history.  & then An Adventure Begins; As a side note to The Main Story which is a verbatim account of a famous novel.
41 ) Enemies of The People. A Mad Scientist, Serial Murderer strongly believes in the life after, and also believes that this afterlife is ethically benign, so that when you die, you are not judged in any way. You simply enter the disembodied state, then after a time, become randomly, or semirandomly assigned to a new incarnate form, which may be a person or animal like your last incarnation, or it may be something completely different, but there is no structured order to it. This Maniac also strongly believes in justice, so that he has made a list of people that he believes are very bad and must be punished. And since killing them will not result in this effect, he takes matters into his own hands. In his basement, A large 1960’s era bomb shelter, is filled with gurneys that have numerous nude people strapped to them. They have IV tubes in their arms, along with electrodes attached to all parts of their bodies. He is torturing them, and taking great care to keep them alive, so that they suffer, minute by minute, day after day, for months or years at a time. The area is filled with both screaming and disturbing noises and mechanical sounds that are intended to add to the victims anxiety & constant fear. He also fills them with drugs to heighten their senses and make them more fearful. Besides simply electrocuting many of them, he has dissected some of them and arranged mirrors so that they can see what he’s done to them. He also conducts bizarre medical experiments on some of them, including isolating some of their heads, and attached them to robots which are forced to fight each other. The film consists of The Torturing and Medical Experiments, Capturing new victims, the police investigation of the missing people, some of which are high level politicians and the filthy rich. Some are merely school yard bullies, the youngest in 7, a young girl that he has decided was unnecessarily impudent. He frequently sends parts of his victims to victims to come. He also torments his victims, days or months before he captures them and brings them to his basement. When he finally trips up, the police find his basement, where all the victims beg to be killed, but they are all taken to hospitals where their torment continues. Although The Mad Doctor is captured, he escapes and a new wave of victims disappear shortly thereafter. 
42 ) Naked Witches.
43 ) A Hiker is Captured by Magickal Mice and Shrunk to a height of about 2 inches, and then sold to a widow Gnome. 
44 ) Several Naked women with huge breasts are kept in a jungle prison camp by disheveled boys wearing outfits that suggest a very dark version of The Boy Scouts. The girls are kept in the most cruel manner and so on... The girls eventually, after months of careful planning, escape and then struggle through the jungle suffering greatly. Contains Dinosaurs and Alien Robots. ( Based on The Film; Little Dieter Needs to Fly )
45 ) An inventor comes up with a way to hypnotize women very quickly and under his influence, are unable to resist his unseemly advances. He has sex with these women is public venues, while several people look on, themselves under the effect of the hypnotic device. Then he leaves, and the victims slowly recover, unable to recall what just happened, and find themselves undressed or covered with semen. / In another version, a young man is given a magick necklace, which is a simple string with a small beads attached to it. The necklace allows him to control the wills of most women, except witches or women that are unactualized witches. In return for, or payment for having sex with all these women, they are cured of all diseases, and he also performs other good deeds for them. They are also kept from getting pregnant by the necklace. Again; If the victim looses sight of him for longer than 4 minutes, they forget all about him, and are thoroughly disoriented when they find themselves in public places, completely naked. Some other witches, that have their own standards of acceptable mischief, make feeble efforts to interfere with him.
46 ) A couple is abducted by aliens that perform a series of completely over the top medical procedures on them. These procedures certainly seem to be lethal, but they don’t die, and while they are suffering terribly, the aliens tell them to calm down, everything will be fine. They are almost released several times, but are brought back again & again for more cruel experiments. 
47 ) Nudism is Legalized & The Age of Consent to lowered to The Age of Menstruation for Girls¹ & The Age of Ejaculation for Boys. Although Legal, Only a small percentage of people are nudists and are looked upon with some scorn. The Attitudes of most people are the same as before, Yet nudism & public sex, and pedophilism are performed openly.
¹ Actually The Case in Portions of Mexico !
48 ) Naked Girls with Huge Boobs, Kick Boxing.
49 ) Naked Girls with Huge Boobs, Slap Fighting ³  in a Variety of Venues, such as stores, where they make a terrible mess of things. ( ³ i just love Slap Boxing, which is The Usual Venue of Flighting amoung Gay Men, Small Children or Distraught Emotionally Tepid Women. There is something Benignly Hysterical About it, & for The most part, completely harmless. ! ) 
50 ) Girls that, in a variety of venues, Start Arguing, then slap flighting, then ripping each others clothes off. Includes biting & scratching, then well orchestrated ballet fighting...???
51 ) A Mad Scientist briefly kidnaps women or with their cooperation, scans them so as to be able to make a perfect duplicate or several duplicates. After they are scanned; He can change various features, such as make their breast bigger or give them tiny arms or no arms. He can also moves their eyes to the sides of their heads and provide them with encyclopedic knowledge for any & all topics. He can also make them very small, and instill them with directives which they must willingly obey. Then he abuses them terribly. Are they real people? Is it a crime to kill them? After all; While they are duplicated in many precise ways; The Mad-scientist is able to make them so that they lack any feature that is determined to necessarily make them ‘human’…??? !  They may well exhibit The Consciousness of Apes or Other PreConscious, PreHuman  Standards; Should they be legally equivalent to humans based on the simple & irrelevant condition that they ‘look’ partially or entirely human?
52 ) Naked Dwarfs as Super Heros
53 ) The Population Library / An Indestructible Robot in the form of a human, with all human senses and feelings is touring the universe in a small spacecraft with a few other Indestructible Robot companions. They find a huge spaceship drifting through space, far from any galaxy. The Technology is very different from their own, clearly inferiour in many ways, but equally incomprehensible in others. There is no one on the ship. It was apparently abandoned a very long time ago, Billions of years perhaps. The ship has something like a central computer, but the language of the aliens in very hard to understand. Their manner of illustration is so stylistically schematical that little can be derived from their pictures. Then they find The Population Library. This is a huge library of E17-Pf Units. Called this because the ideograms attached to many of them look vaguely like E17-Pf. The Indestructible Robots find that they can take one of these Metallic Ceramic Crystals blocks and recreate a person from them. They are apparently photographs of such detail that the original may be reanimated from them. When such a person is brought back to life, Some, astonishingly! Speak English and are questioned. Their last memory was of an accident that resulted in their death. Some elude to the possibility that they were frozen, and after looking into all this further, They decide that some of the people were at first frozen in nitrogen, then had their heads removed and refrozen in helium, then their heads were scanned into a data recording medium, Then these recordings were recompiled into their original form and found their way to The Population Library, which consists of Trillions & Trillions or beings from throughout the universe. More examination of The Records reveal that the original librarians, which had been leaping back & forth through time, collecting all their specimens were obsessed with the fragility of the universe, and wanted to preserve, at least a sampling of all the different sentient beings in this universe. Then something odd happened, and all the librarians abandoned their ship & their mission. In one obscure section of the ship, they find a machine that can open a window to another kind of universe. The machine is reactivated and on the other side is a universe in which the land area extends to infinity. The ground beneath is infinitely deep, while pocked with caverns, some of which are as big as our whole universe. This strange realm is so big that every imaginable world in represented somewhere. Above is a infinity of empty space with no suns or planets. Light emanates from pockets of light in some places, floating by like clouds, Where there are no pockets of light, there is darkness. These Clouds of light are sufficiently big enough and common enough to allow forests and jungles to exist without any chance of harm coming to them. The Indestructible Robots find a huge city and the descendants of The Librarians. It has been many, many millions of years since the librarians came here and were marooned when they lost the remote controller that would allow them to turn the machine / window maker, back on from their side. They return to their ship and begin bringing The Population Photo’s over to The Monoverse, which they’ve decided is much safer and stabler than our Universe. The Indestructible Robots replicate the Window Machine in their own spaceship and leave with some of the Population’s members that they have grown fond of.
54 ) A Movie that Breaks Every Taboo. Naturally; Such a film that challenges every social edict that gives power to The Gentry and takes power away from The Serfs, Is going to be suppressed at all costs. So that it would be distributed to everyone by means of numerous worms & virus' that invade everyone's computers and then accumulate the film a little at a time. Every benign email, Flickr image, Sound bite or harmless looking program, would contain a few minutes of the final film.
55 ) A Perfectly Ordinary Film { About (x } that features Two Characters, A Slightly Short Man ( 5’ ) & A Shorter Woman with Large Breasts. They Get into Endless Adventures, Make Love, Kiss in Public, Have a Full & Exciting Life, & then at The End of The Film, It is Strongly Hinted ( Revealed ) that The Woman is Actually a 9 Year Old Girl, that has been doing nothing more ( Disingenuous ) than wearing a Heavily Padded Bra & Adult Fashions. Throughout The Film it is Additionally hinted at that she seems unfamiliar with several ‘adult’ topics or cultural references. 
56 ) A Movie that Reveals that Everything you have been taught is true, is actually very false.
57 ) Sex with Aliens / Make a Film which includes the most abhorrent sexual deviations, But with Very Non-Terrestrial looking Aliens. These Aliens don't look anything like people or any terrestrial creature...? 
58 ) Might it be -Legal- to make a film which includes the most abhorrent sexual deviations, But with Animals. A GoldieLocks & The 3 Very Sexually Deviant Bears...???
59 ) A Guy & Gal, Naked & Having Sex, Tied to The Roof of a Car as it Careens around The Streets of A Large City, With Police Chasing it.
60 ) Guy finds a Naked Quadriplegic amputee in The Park and takes her home.
61 ) Guy is caught in a torrential rain storm and seeks shelter in an abandoned building where he finds a group of Dog headed naked women.
62 ) Naked women, riding dinosaurs, get into endless mischief in a small southern town. Remake of Shane.
63 ) Naked Astronauts in The ISS.
64 ) Experimental Robot Teddy Bears. ( See Film : Ted )
65 ) Snow Faeries living on the surface of a snowflake as it falls from heaven.
66 ) A perfectly ordinary story, set in a city of nudists.
67 ) Nudist Hired as (x).
68 ) Guy is found with a young girl in Arkansas and forced to marry her. At the ceremony, he is required to consummate the marriage in front of a congregation of witnesses, and take on several of the girls cousins, sisters, neighbors, indentured servants & knitted twins as Concubines. 
69 ) Naked Carbon Faeries live in the Graphite of a Pencil and are left on a sheet of paper during sex.
70 ) An Inventor discovers a way to enter the photographs of porn magazines and is surprised by what he finds...
71 ) Naked Hired Assassin.
72 ) Evil Scientist breeds a race of tiny women.
73 ) Smartest Woman in the world is a Nymphomaniac.
74 ) Man masters Remote Viewing for Mischievious Ends.
75 ) Peeping Tom Discovers how hillbillies have sex / celebrities have sex / doctors have sex / 
76 ) British Soldiers in The Trenches of WWI are visited by German whores.
77 ) Time Travelers have Sex with Neanderthals.
78 ) A man lures adults & children into abandoned houses and pays them to have sex while he video tapes them. He assures them that he's only making the tapes for his own collection, but after collecting several thousand tapes of thousands of residents, he broadcasts them over pirate TV. Hilarity Ensues. / i really can't understand how something like this hasn't ever ( ? ) occurred...?
79 ) An attractive woman with a huge ass and breasts, dark aureolas and Wild Orange hair is naked, laying on a cheap bed in a small room flipping through various magazines. These magazines are of all kinds, for all levels of intellect. In the room with her is an attractive naked man performing all sorts of calisthenics. He is ignoring her. Periodically; She asks; “When are we going to do it?” He ignores her. At one point he goes to the bathroom to take a pee and furiously masturbates into the bathtub. Outside; through the windows, we can only see the windows of the building across the street. It is an old brick building. We can see people moving in the rooms there. We can hear sirens, crashes, screaming, gunfire, explosions, babies crying, people arguing, loud thumps, banging, electrical explosions, moaning, animals being tortured or slaughtered. Outside we can see fires burning, explosions, people falling past the windows. Finally; The man sits in a chair beside the woman. She asks; “Are you ready?” He says nothing. She gets up, takes an electrical cord from a drawer and begins to strangle him from behind as he masturbates again. His eyes bulge and tongue expands to a purple slug extruding from his mouth. He ejaculates blood and craps in the chair. He remains sitting, but the color drains from his head. The woman lays back down on the bed and continues flipping through the magazines.
80 ) A naked woman is first seen prowling along alley ways in a neighborhood of residential houses. She finds her way to a library and jimmies a window, crawling inside and then closes the window. She spends an hour or more looking for a specific book then takes it to an open space, laying it on the floor and opening it. With much difficulty, she crawls inside it. Then reaches up with one hand and closes it. The next morning a librarian finds the book and returns it to the shelf. Many weeks or months pass and no one takes the book down from the shelf. Finally; a young boy, maybe 8 or 9 finds the book and checks it out. He takes it home and begins to read it. That night; The woman comes out of the book and gets into bed with the boy. They become good friends. Whenever the boys parents enter the room, the woman hides under the bed. As the boy gets older the woman does not age. They have sex and she gets pregnant. The baby sometimes cries, but the woman and baby hide when the parents come to investigate. The boy and woman have several children together. When he graduates from high school and goes off to college he takes his family with him. He lives in dorm room and the woman and children hide from his room mates in the most improbable places. The boy graduates from college and takes his family with him. The children grow up and leave the boy & woman. He gets married but the woman comes along and hides from his wife. The boy and his wife get older and older but the woman does not age. Finally the boy dies and the woman leaves the home, and finds a library.
81 ) A Troupe of Girl Scouts are abducted by a flying saucer and after a series of humiliating indignations, Are sold to some very blobish aliens that keep the girls in cages whose sides will disintegrate them if they are touched. The Aliens principle pleasure is to rape the girls by inserting their huge penis' into the girls vaginas. The penis' are so large however, that as the creature pumps the it into the girls, their entire body undulates and expands over & over until it finally ejaculates, causing a thick sickly green goo squirts out of all the girls orifices, ears, nose, mouth & her eyes, as well as her nipples. Surprisingly though; This doesn't kill the victim, This torture only makes the girls very nauseous, causing the girls to throw up more of the green slime, forcibly ejaculating it from their ears and nostrils. By exercising remarkable cleverness; The girl's manage to escape, kill off most of the creatures, take over the space ship, use it's weapons to devastate the alien's home world and while they have no idea how to return to Earth, They find another world inhabited only by cute boys that reproduce by dropping their toe nail clippings into bowls of salt water. Amazingly; The boys have comfortably large penis' and the girls live happily ever after.
82 ) A homeless man sits down beside a homely woman with large breasts at a bus stop. He takes his penis out and begins to masturbate. The woman says nothing but watches him abuse himself. He asks her if she'd like to help, but she says nothing. He stand on the bench so that his penis is next to her face. She says nothing as he presses his penis against her face and continues to masturbate. Meanwhile cars pass by. He puts his penis against the woman's mouth, and she remains silent and doesn't appear to complain. He eventually ejaculates all over her face. She doesn't wipe it off, and remains silent while he presses his damp penis against her lips, pressing it just hard enough so that it enters her mouth, where he ejaculates again. He notices the bus coming and pulls away, and they both get on. He follows her home and then hurries to her door as she opens it. He enters while the girl seems to be both unwilling, yet does not resist. He undresses himself and the girl, then takes a shower with her. She never speaks. He takes her to her bed and performs many complicated sexual acts with her. Later as they watch television together, both naked. A Friend of the girl comes by, and he asks questions concerning the girl, but the friend says nothing, communicating with the girl by sign language. He then takes the girl and has sex with her again as the friend watches. He then undresses the girl's friend and insists that she masturbate herself as he has sex with the girl again. He then takes both girls to bed with him. In the morning; He awakens naked; at the bus stop in the early morning, covered with leaches and a mechanical electrical device surgically attached to his penis... He Watches with great curiosity as it's gears within it begin to whirr...
83 ) Girls & Boys are given a test at school to determine if they can taste, smell or otherwise sense a variety of chemicals. Some of which are industrial components to see how they affect ( in small amounts ) the health, perceptions or thinking when exposed to them. Some of them are pheromones or sexual hormones that are expressed by some men & women to attract the opposite or same sex. The test determines which children can taste or experience orgasms when they ingest chemicals that are found in semen, women's milk, vagina fluids, saliva or ear wax. These girls & boys; roughly 6% of the general population, can not only taste semen, but find it's taste pleasant or experience a sexual rush or orgasm when exposed to their tongue, inner ear, nasal passage or colon lining. The testing procedure then matches up the children that are producing these chemicals in greater proportions with those children that are receptive to them, in order to create friendships or life long bonds which society is sadly lacking in. / The entire system is more complicated and should be fully explained in the film. There are Dozens of Chemical Pheromones that occur in various percentages for various races & ethnic groups. Likewise; the percentages for receptors varies amoung the races. Curiously; There are more female receptors amoung the Vietnamese for Y-03a than Vietnamese males that produce it; So that Vietnamese women are more likely to be attracted to Swedish Men. And so on... Eastern Turkish Men are highly attracted to several agents in the semen & ear wax of Other Men that were born from an Ethnic base of The Inuits. Turkish Men that are receptive to these chemicals would not be even remotely attracted to men that don't produce these chemicals, but are wildly smitten with many ( but not all ) Eskimo Men.
84 ) A Spaceship with aliens that just want to get away from everyone else, sits, blacked out, between galaxies and detects another space ship cruising by at a substantially fractionalized velocity of light. They have apparently come from a distant galaxy millions of year ago, and are headed not towards any nearby galaxy but headed towards more empty regions. The ship is very large containing billions of sentient creatures, but remarkably, the technology that they're using is very primitive. After carefully scanning the entire ship, The Aliens in Ship ( A ) who are technologically superiour by thousands, if not millions of years; Discover that the upper echelon is not keeping a superiour technology from the masses, but the entire ship is very primitive. Further examination of their records reveal that they've been in a technological decline for millions of years. To break their own monotony, the aliens on Ship ( A ) disguise themselves as the aliens on Ship ( B ) and infiltrate it. They get into all sorts of mischief, while making numerous modifications to the ( B ) Ship to make it safer and more pleasant for them.
85 ) A Bachelor that lives in a small room, with the kitchen & bathroom down the hall, becomes friends & has sex a few times with a woman that lives across the hall. She lives with her 11_year old daughter; Becky, that she gets along with fairly well, But the young girl is a compulsive masturbator, just like the young ( 20_yrold ) man next door. One morning, The woman comes over to the young man's door and discloses that she has to run a very important errand out of town, and would it be alright to leave Becky with him for a few days. Being such good friends, he agrees. A week later; The woman has not returned, and upon examining her room when the landlord comes over to collect the rent, they find the room empty. He takes the girl over to social services to find out what he should do with Becky. The Social Worker that they are assigned does a complete psychological work up on both of them, and it's discovered that they are both compulsive masturbators, and the psychologist discovers that they have been masturbating each other, french kissing and having sexual intercourse from time to time. Ordinarily; this sort of thing would be very illegal; But their Department is so overwhelmed, and their psychological profiles reveal that they are so well adjusted and like & trust each other so thoroughly, that it would be more criminal to separate them. In fact; The Social Worker sets them up in a nice apartment and expedites The Foster Care Protocols to allow him to care for 2 more girls and 1 boy that are compulsive masturbators as well. It seems that these kinds of children are very hard to care for in institutions, and are routinely brought back by families that thought that they could care of a precociously sexual child, but discovered that they could not. Each of the children that he is given, have been placed in more than a dozen families, and then returned to the Orphanage. The young man sets up house as best he can, and thoroughly enjoys the company of the children, but The Social Worker agrees that he needs help, So she find a Nymphomaniac that has recently been released from a Mental Health Care Facility and would benefit greatly from living with an understanding family ( or sorts ). Soon they are all getting along so well together that the Social Worker brings over several more children, and after about 6 months, This couple has added 4 more adults, and are caring for 38 children. They are then moved to a City Block that has had all it's houses connected together, and the sides connected with walkways, hedges and walls that successfully separate the interior space from the outside world. They are then joined by several more adults & children, all of which are highly sexual. They never wear clothing, are all home schooled, and are accepted for who they are. ( ...? )
86 ) Along a Similar Vein ) A special Cloistered Community for Sexually Precocious Nuns of many religious faiths is built on an Island were The DNA of Dodos and other previously extinct animals is cloned into breeding populations. They even have a small community of Neanderthals. The Convent/Monastery has members of both sexes and allow them to masturbate, make out, and engage in sexual intercourse without restrictions. There is even an altar that consists of a large bed where couples can make love while other members kneel and meditate in a circle around them. Each meditation vestibule has a dildo &/or plastic Vulva that pumps for The Sister or Brother. When you enter this facility, those that are to be members, disrobe and enter through a large white marble vulva which features a very large & prominent clitoris, which it is thought to bring good luck if you rub or kiss it. If you're merely a visitor, a stairwell enters the main hall where the while marble vulva rests to welcome visitors. / On top of this setting; Superimpose some perfectly ordinary classical story line... ?
87 ) A young man with a very large penis and is a compulsive masturbator discovers that he's been left an astonishing amount of money by a miserly aunt. Much of the money is kept in boxes that fill her attic & basement. About 20% of the money can be accounted for, As to where it came from, But the other 80% ( or more ) can not be. The young man moves out to the farm where all the boxes are stored, and builds a more secure vault deep underground with numerous hidden passages and such. All the workers are brought up from Mexico, blindfolded and made to listen to loud music for the trip up to the farm, where they are kept from looking at the surrounding landscape. They are then paid well, and returned to mexico. By compartmentalizing their work duties, none of them have a clear idea of what they are building. Once that is done, he fixes up the farm, then sets up sophisticated listening stations that oversee various towns. These listening stations can zero in on the conversations & other noises in many thousands of homes. When he discovers a young girl that is sexually precocious, and having sex with her father, he zeros in on that house, videos the father & daughter having sex, then blackmails the father into letting him buy her. He also blatantly kidnaps other young girls that are in unhappy families so that all of the girls are happy to live with him at the farm. Soon he has dozens & dozens of young naked girls running around the farm naked, available for his insatiable sexual appetite. He has also set up a defense grid around the farm, and bought off the local sheriff and neighbors to keep quiet about his exploits. / On top of this scenario; Superimpose a perfectly ordinary story line. 
88 ) In Old Arabia; A line of naked men & women are being shuffled to their fates. As each one reaches the administrator's table their records are checked and verified by examining the brand on each person's butt. Some are lead off to a bloody block and summarily decapitated while those in line watch, then the body is tossed into a pit where the remains are eaten by huge wild boars. Some are let go; and roughly pushed out a side door into a busy marketplace. Some are chained and lead away...  And some are tied with a glimmering string and taken to a side area where a wizard processes them for what many consider the cruelest punishment; Immortality. These victims are placed into a magic circle, then evaporated into a bottle with a book or folio of pages & illustrations. Those waiting can see the victim materialize in the bottle, and then watch as it is corked and sealed with wax. The bottle is then carelessly thrown into a large tub where, although you would expect the bottle to shatter, it does not. What is, by some unspecified means, commonly known, is that the person in the bottle will be thrown into the deepest sea by fisherman, all throughout the world. In the bottle; They are then able to examine the book which is self luminous. They needn't eat, drink or eliminate while in the bottle. It is unsure if they sleep or not. The book is an instruction manual on how to become a genii. They have centuries or more to come adept genies, and once found and released; The magick that they have learned will allow them to grant wishes, and as they are bound to the person that releases them, They are just as bound by the cruel & mischievious rules of the genii code. / For this story; A victim is imprisoned into a large opaque bottle, and just as the wizard is about to cork & seal it, he is interrupted by an aid which occupies his attention for several minutes. When he returns to the bottle, he absentmindedly inters another victim into the same bottle. This time though, it is a beautiful woman. The bottle is then corked and sealed, and we then watch it being further processed and dropped into a deep ocean where it is swallowed by a whale, which is eaten by a series of other aquatic monsters, until many centuries later, it is washed up upon a beach inside a rotting monster. The creature is dissected by students of local H.School and discovered by a pair of lab partners which simultaneously release the two genies. Hilarity ensues.
89 ) A Mother is discussing her son with a friend at work who has recently had a wet dream. She discovered this while she was changing his sheets and hasn’t even told him about it. The friend suggests that she should teach him how to masturbate and get him some porn magazines, otherwise he will grow up very maladjusted. She mulls this over and talks to his teacher at school, who tells her that the school doesn’t have a sex education program, but they do have a kit for parents that want to tell their children about sex. The kit costs $40 but it contains everything they’ll need. She buys the kit which has 12 DVD’s which cover everything from plant & animal sex, the evolution of sex, Bonobo culture, Japanese, Preliterate Societies in Africa, South America, Polynesian & Scandinavian Cultures and how they interact sexually with their children. The series then goes on to B&D & S&M, Along with Snuff Films & Films from Nazi Germany with Sexual Medical Experiments on Jews. The kit also contains several porn magazines, Condoms, Sex Toys and Some Costumes. She watches all the DVDs with her friend, and in order to help the mother, The woman’s friend brings her daughter over to watch the films. The all gather, make pizza and pop corn, and watch all the films over an extended weekend, stopping frequently to practice positions and try out the toys. Plus lots of mischief.  
90 ) “Up The Elephants Trunk” is a sexual act that consists of well lubricating one man’s penis, then inserting it into the urethra of another man’s penis. When compatibly mated, This results in one penis sliding back & forth inside the other penis, but occasionally, The inserted penis will be a little too thick or the recipient’s penis will be skinny, causing the recipient’s penis to split open like a banana, resulting in considerable hilarity & weeping.
91 ) A Young man signs up for a class at a community college; How to pick up girls. A film reveals 12 sure fire pick up lines and approaches to get the most beautiful, inaccessible girls to have have casual sex with you. The technique is described to the student with an assistant woman who cooperates with the teacher & student. Each method is obviously flawed, but it seems to work very well in class. The student then goes out and tries the methods, one after another, but each goes horribly wrong. At the end of the film, The student returns to the class room to get a refund. He is in a body cast and struggling with a wheel chair, and discovers to his disappointment that the sex school is now teaching a new class how to sell pots and pans door to door. He signs up for the class.
The 12 Approaches ( Overview )
I’m taking this drug for Glaucoma that makes my semen taste like tapioca pudding.
You have the most beautiful nostrils, may I please lick them?
I just passed my finals in providing Breast Examinations.
How would you Like a larger Clitoris, I have a kit that will make it bigger.
Why spend thousands of dollars for breast implants when I can double your bust size with a common vacuum cleaner.
This may sound improbable, but I’m sure that I’m madly in love with you.
That’s my birthday too, We were meant for each other!
I love that soap opera too; Let’s watch it together sometime in the nude.
I can’t possibly get you pregnant, my testicles were bitten off my dog when i was 4 years old.
You look very smart, are you sure you’re not a brain surgeon?
I’m really an Alien from Another Planet, Drinking my semen will grant you immortality.
I’m a reclusive millionaire.
92 ) Overheard Conversations: A good looking guy, about 17 or so, is sitting on the bus and overhears several conversations. In The film, the conversations involve recollections & fantasies that are depicted visually. / Two girls are talking about boys at work that one or both have dated. The conversations are about the unusual features of these boys or how amazingly rude or inconsiderate they are, or how an ordinary date goes terribly sour & then either gets worse or astonishingly better. Discusses; The Thickness or Thinness of Penis', Vomiting during Fellatio, Huge Natural Breasts...
93 ) A 12_yrold boy falls in love with a female class mate and decides that he wants to Be her...! He grows his hair long, dyes it to her color, dresses like her, even wearing skirts and blouses with a stuffed bra. His parents & teachers are concerned and he is razzed by the other students, but the girl of his imitative affections is deeply flattered and does not mind. The parents are unable to afford a real psychologist, So the school provides one for their use. The psychologist is herself a cross dresser that has successfully passed herself off as a man for more than 10 years. She has had hair implants to her upper lip, although she doesn't grow a mustache, she only wants it to look unshaven. She also wears a ridiculously large plastic penis, and wears shoes that are 3 sizes too big. She encourages the boy to develop his own persona, building on the girl's traits & styling, but he is only interested in being exactly like her. Many people often confuse them, or think that they are twins. The Two become close friends, and she starts to imitate him, bringing them even closer to a central identity. When the school body becomes completely acclimated to Their behaviour, A few other boys and girls begin imitating other students, teachers and celebrities of their own sex or not. When the principal decides that this has gone too far, it is already too late. The Principal's first attempts to rein in their behaviour results in a massive lawsuit against the school. Thereafter; More students and teachers take on the appearance's of other people. The students that are trying to be themselves are pressured to become someone else. Soon; Everyone in The School is someone else. Then; One of the students decides that he wants to be a bear. He dresses in a bear costume everyday and will only answer with growls. The Principle and Other Administrators are afraid to discourage him in any way. Then Another Student decides to become a chimera of a bumble bee and giraffe.  ( needs work... ? / On top of all this; Superimpose a perfectly ordinary story.
94 ) Take a Reasonably Thick Collection of Mother Goose Rhymes / Stories and make each into an Intertwining Large Story with Porn Themes... So that the final film would contain each of The Mother Goose Rhyme/Stories... And there would be Prose/Poems as Dialogue & Narration... But it wouldn't be -Obviously- Apparent that The OverStory would be Implementing all These Elements...?
95 ) A Very Shy Young Man goes about his every day activities, which include masturbating & spying on women in the neighborhood, and peeking up dresses at the park. He holds down a regular job and is for the most part unimaginative and tedious to hold a conversation with. One of his weekly activities is to play softball with his companies coworkers. One friday evening, he is hit with a line drive smack in the forehead and is knocked out cold. They drag him roughly to the dugout and prop him up so that everyone thinks he’d OK. At the end of the game, he is still unconscious and there is some talk that they should take him to a hospital, but his supervisor says that they’ve waited too long and it would be too complicated to try and explain why they waited for more than 3 hours before taking him in. Someone else suggests that they just take him home, put some pajamas on him and put him to bed, but everyone has an excuse to get home. So they just leave him in the dugout. The next morning, some children discover him and thinking that he’s a drunk and just sleeping, they poke him with sticks, and when that doesn’t wake him up, they strip him naked, take his wallet with $14.62 in it, find his ID and keys and go to his house to party; and throw everything else in a dumpster. Later; More kids find him and poke him some more, Two of the rowdier girls play with his penis until it’s erect and masturbate him. They are surprised that he ejaculates so much. Then they leave. Some adult joggers find him even later that evening and call the police, thinking he’s some kind of pervert. The police arrive and thinking that he’s pretending to be asleep, abuse him for an hour before they finally call an aid van to come and examine him. By this time he is covered with bruises and minor cuts & scrapes. They take him in and decide that he’s in a vegetative state that would require hundreds of thousands of dollars to take care of him, and that he’ll probably die within a few days anyways, so they get some goons to take him out to a ravine and throw him into it. They later deny that he was ever admitted. That night, around 2:00am, he awakens violently shivering. He is very confused and staggers along the ravine until he comes across some hobos that take him in, put some filthy rags on him and put him back to bed in some cardboard boxes. In the morning, they feed him cold pizza and their own urine, which he drinks greedily. He they leaves, thanking them for all their help, and somehow finds his way home, and with the front door wide open, the inside is trashed and there is feces smeared all over the walls. Unsure if he’d done this all himself, he cleans it all up and goes back to bed. 2 days later he gets up feeling much better. He dresses and goes to work, but there are numerous things that don’t seem quite right. A lot of people are walking around, and riding on the bus in the nude. There are fawns leaping in the park and dinosaurs creeping around behind buildings. There are also faeries buzzing around, many of them are whispering things to him, but he can’t quite make out what they are saying. Lots of other details are very wrong. He is confused, but at the same time, Everything is so real that he is sure that it must be that he’s the one that is out of phase with everything. At work; More women are naked, the men are not quite human, and otherwise inanimate objects, appear to be small animals. Despite all this; he manages to get some work done. No one seems to have noticed that he was missing for several days. At lunch; He is more lively and amusing than usual, Because he’s so confident that this is the true reality that he’s experiencing and acting on these perceptions, the other coworkers meet him halfway with his delusions which he’s careful to present himself in a manner that doesn’t alarm them. He’s just eccentric now, and much more fun than before. Many things are going on only in his own head, during these times, he appears to be either going through the motions of working, or gently gazing off into space. While others see him walking down the hallway with a female coworker, his version is that he’s riding her like an ostrich. But somehow these two versions seem to mesh with one another. Everyone soon likes him a lot and he ends up marrying the most beautiful woman in the office. They live in a nice home and have two children, but his alternative reality persists. His world is bright and crazy, and this perception is so cheerful that the normals that are living in a disturbing world of pollution & corruption are eager to be near him, and soak up his unwarranted optimism. 
96 ) A woman is standing on the side of a building, on the ledge. The ledge is about half the width of the length of her feet, so she is just barely able to keep her balance. When someone notices her there, building security is alerted, but they are unable to pull her in. After considerable rambling, she mentions the name of a coworker, and he is brought to see her. She reveals that she is madly in love with him and is deeply despondent that he never notices her. He gets up on the ledge and tells her that he is just shy, but that he’s always thought that she’s very pretty. He gets close enough to hold her hand and they get closer. She leans towards him and they kiss. He reaches over and cups his hand under her breast. She reaches down to his crotch and massages him until he is erect and undoes his pants. He pulls off her blouse and they are soon frantically french kissing. He kicks off his pants, pulls off his shorts and leverages off his shoes, allowing them to fall many stories to the sidewalk below. They are now embracing, And soon fornicating on the ledge. Another woman appears at the window and is upset because the man is her tentative boyfriend. Their relationship is very superficial, but nevertheless, she is very jealous. She gets on the ledge and works over to where the two, now completely naked and groping each other while they teeter on the ledge. The new woman then notices that the other woman is her best friend, and the first woman suggests that they share the man. The second woman hastily strips naked and the three of them are now licking and sucking each others bodies on the narrow ledge. Below; firemen have set up an inflatable mattress and from above, two more firemen are being lowered by ropes to them. When the firemen on ropes reach them, a small fiasco ensues and the two firemen fall into the mattress, while the two of the three lovers loose their footing, and nearly fall, but are caught and pulled up by the remaining woman on the ledge. They then decide to go in, but there is so much activity in the room beside them, they work around to the side of the building, crawl up two flights, and push up a window in an office. They climb inside, take the freight elevator to the parking garage where one has a key to their car hidden in a magnetic box in the wheel well. They drive home and live happily ever after, occasionally going out to have sex in the most unlikely places, which they are now addicted to performing.
97 ) Porn Films ( or Magazine ) which is actually about ‘Romantic Love’ so that it appeals to Religious Groups, Women, Feminists, And would be shown in Schools as How to Really Express True Love. Features lots of french kissing, back rubs, shaving arms & legs, doing fun things together, watching TV and making dinner together.
98 ) A Not Exactly Unattractive Guy, Balding, Slightly Overweight, But Sort of Cute with Electric Eyes ( ? ) wearing a not particularly clean pair of overalls, is first spotted driving an old truck to an apartment building. He gets out and in the hallway, changes a lightbulb. He hauls a short step ladder around, knocking on doors, changing light bulbs for elderly residents. Occasionally he goes to an apartment that has younger people in it, but they don't have a step ladder to change bulbs that are near the ceiling. Many of these encounters are merely odd &/or quirky, But many of them have a decidedly porn aspect to them. Elderly women with huge breasts wearing ratty t-shirts and no pants. Young Daffy women that want the handyman to fix a pencil sharpener or change the batteries for an appliance that they are unable to open. 3 Teenage girls laying on a bed reading magazines, While he's on the step ladder changing a bulb in their room, the girls discuss the length of boy's penis' in their class at school, He gets a hard on, which they notice. A man in another room is using a taser on a girl that is tied to a chair. He changes a bulb and changes a mouse trap under their sink, which has caught a very large cockroach. Another man is working on various inventions and tries to sell the handyman a neanderthal that he's pulled through a time portal. He has gotten tired of having sex with it, and wants to sell her for $500. The Handyman tries sex with the neanderthal, but it goes berserk and starts biting both of them. The inventor inadvertently kills her with a glowing sphere. The handyman offers to haul her down to a dumpster. On the way downstairs, several people see him dragging the ape like girl, and no one says anything. ( And so on...
99 ) One might wonder why this is in The Porn Set... Any Story is substantially improved by having additional Elements that would make it into a Porn Film. The reason that most Porn Films are so Awful, is that they don't start off with an interesting idea. They feature only the porn elements without a foundation to build on. / A Spaceship Blasts out of a Section of Space beneath the moon, causing the moon to explode outward with sufficient force that huge chunks of rubble are torn off and sent huddling towards the earth. The spaceship itself is sent towards the earth, at a substantially greater velocity, crashing through several satellites, an airliner, then hitting a large city, as if it were aiming for it. Great destruction ensues. The spaceship ( Time-Ship ) experiences no damage as it plows deep into the ground, blows a hatch and two chrononauts crawl out. Both are naked. In the future, no one wears any clothes. They refuse to put any clothes on. Their space ship has apparently released a few trillions tiny, not quite nano, robots which get busy repairing most of the damage that the space ship caused. The robots are quite good at repairing the buildings and machines that were damaged, and easily sew arms back on, as well as re-flesh the horribly burned victims. They aren't quite so good at fixing people with severe head trauma. These victims are brought back to life, but they act strangely. Not exactly like Zombies, as they appear perfectly healthy, In most cases, better than new, but they act oddly, and occasionally try to eat other people. / Meanwhile; The Chrononauts discover that instead of arriving 6 months before the disaster that they are there to prevent, they have arrived 3 days before it is due to happen. / While explaining Time Travel, they state that while this is going to make their job more difficult, they were apparently successful, otherwise, Another team of Chrononauts would have been sent. This is later revealed to probably not be accurate for a variety of reasons. One is that about 80% of all the ChronoMissions sent back in time, fail to achieve what they were sent to accomplish, And Two; They may be following a timeline that endures the disaster, while the main time line avoids it. It turns out that there are not an infinite number of timelines, but there are a lot of them. There is the Reference Time Line, And beside that; The Main Time Line that very closely follows The Reference Time Line. Beside those Two, There are innumerable off shoots which deviate a little or a lot from What was Meant to Happen. If A Chrononaut changes a time line with the intent of avoiding some disaster, It may succeed, or succeed in an unexpected manner, But it will often heal itself to get back to the Reference Time Line, Perhaps even merging with The Main Time Line, or another Line that is more closely following the Reference Time line. This time line may very well be one of the time lines that significantly deviates from both the Reference & Main Time Lines. But they will try to achieve their mission anyway. In just a few days, without any real warning, a super volcano will erupt on the ocean floor in The South Atlantic. It will devastate Africa, India, Much of South America, And The Atmosphere in General. Billions of People will be Killed and about 60% of All Surface Species will be driven to Extinction. Their mission is to save only one particular Individual, A Giraffe. Then leave the surface of the earth, go to mars where they will be safe, put the giraffe and themselves into hibernation/deep freeze, and wait until their time period comes around, in about 800 years in the future. In their quest for this giraffe, hilarity ensues.
100 ) A Game is played like football, except that instead of running around with a football, they carry, toss and kick a naked woman with huge boobs. 
101 ) A man covered in blood, drags a large bag onto a bus. Everyone ignores him. The bag is leaking blood, making a large puddle. Everyone continues to ignore him. He gets off at the bridge. A young girl gets off at the same stop. He ignores her, Then with great difficulty, lifts the bag up over the railing and drops it over the side. Unfortunately though, he is too close to the end of the bridge and the bag does not fall into the water, instead it falls into a thicket of raspberry bushes. He is not aware of this though, and crosses the street to wait at the bus stop on the other side. The young girl works her way around the end of the bridge and tumbles down the ravine. She finds the bad and drags it out of the bushes. Inside it is an Angel, badly beaten, her wings, breasts & arms torn off. The Girl knows that it is clearly an Angel by The Radiance that it is exhibiting. The Angel is alive but coughing up blood. The young girl packs grass into the open wounds and finds an old skateboard to haul the angel home with her. When she gets home, she hides the angel in her basement, and feeds the angel candy & pudding. The Angel slowly heals, Its arms reappearing as flippers, Its wings as insect wings. ( needs work ) 
102 ) Two Supernatural Assassins accidentally discover one another walking down a busy downtown street. They immediately take out their supernatural/magick swords and go at one another. Many innocent passerby's are cut to pieces. The police arrive, shooting many innocent passerby's while the assassins are unscathed. Despite their apparently inability to harm the assassins, The Assassins quickly kill all the police anyways. The National Guard is brought in with heavier weapons, then helicopter gun ships and jet aircraft. Huge Collateral Damage ensues. Eventually An Alien Spaceship arrives and does more damage. The Assassins keep at one another. Another Alien Spaceship arrives, bigger than the first. The world is destroyed and blown to bits, The two assassins are alive, floating in space, but unable to get at one another, at just a few feet from one another, drifting apart— they are livid with frustration. 
103 ) A Woman with Huge, Pendulous Breasts gets on an Elevator. It Drops suddenly, rises up, then drops again, then zooms upwards, stops suddenly and drops again. Her breasts are thrown up and down, slapping into her face and belly. The elevator then drops, and falls a very long way down, slamming into the subbasement. The doors open And she tumbles out. As she steps away from the elevator, the doors snap shut and leaps upward. There is no outer container in the subbasement, so she can see the elevator disappear. The subbasement is filthy, and softly illuminated. There is strange machinery and pipes all over. There are ramps that allow her to look downward, several stories down into darkness. She wanders around, looking for a door or stairs leading back up into the building. Then she hears the elevator returning and screaming from more women that are dumped from it. When she runs to the elevator, it has left, but there are two more women there. They are bruised and their clothes torn off. They are hysterical and unable to speak coherently. After wandering around, later, they find many other women, and some men & boys. They have been trapped in the subbasement for months, perhaps years. Continuing Strangeness.
104 ) A Large Burly, Flat faced man with scars all over his hands and arms enters a office with a counter and one woman sitting at an old fashion typewriter. He asks if he can use the phone, but she says no. He insists that it is rather urgent, and after some more assertive pleading, she finally brings over a large black rotary dial phone. While she stands there, he dials 911 and after being quizzed as to what the emergency is; He tells the operator that they need an ambulance at this address and hangs up. He then pulls an official looking document or full page bill from his pocket and tells the woman that there’s been a slight error in their billing department. He then pulls out two sets of brass knuckles which he fits on to each hand, and lifts the counter divider to enter the woman’s work space. She is Screaming hysterically. He then brings the bill over to her and civilly explains what the problem is. She is Screaming, pees & craps her pants, Throws up, and collapses, then feebly tries to crawl towards a back door. He goes to her desk, finds a red pencil, makes some marks on the bill, makes a color copy of it, then puts the copy in the ‘in’ box. Then leaves. The Ambulance arrives moments later and takes the hysterical woman away, strapped to the gurney. 
105 ) Naked Gymnastics / Naked Women with Huge Breasts or Men with Long Penis’ perform perfectly ordinary Gymnastics, periodically dismounting their bars or beam or routine to land directly on an erect penis or vice versa to ‘stick’ by penetrating their partner. / Or / The Gymnastics are performed while The Couple is Copulating. / Or / Circus Performances with The Same Underlying Effect. On Horses, Jumping through Flaming Hoops, In Cages with Wild Animals, Riding Wild Animals, Having Sex with Wild Animals while performing Gymnastics. May or May Not include Grotesque Clowns, Engaged in Creepy Clown Activities.
106 ) A man is walking along an alley very late at night & sees a light on in a house that he is passing. The lighted window is along The side of a house, but he can see a figure or shape moving inside The house, so he goes to investigate. Stopping along side The window, he peeks in & sees a woman undressing for bed, she is taking her time, examining her breasts, cleaning her face with facial cream, shaving her pubic hair, & such. When she leaves The bedroom for a few moments, he crawls in through The window & waits for her return.
While he’s climbing through, another man walking along The sidewalk, sees him clamoring through The window & goes over to investigate. He peers though The window & sees The first man attacking The woman & gagging her to prevent any more of The few screams that she was able to wail before being tied down. The first man then proceeds to violate her in a wide variety of cruel & bizarre acts of Japanese & Islamic sadism. The Second man creeps around to The back of The house & quieting pries open The door & enters. Another man from across The alley, suffering from insomnia, & smoking a cigar on his back porch, sees this activity & crosses The alley to investigate, then sees The shadows from The side window & it attracted to that portal, he arrives in time to see The second man overpower The first man, & begin preforming more & different acts on both The man & woman. The third man is spellbound & watches for several minutes before entering through The front door, which attracts a Fourth voyeur, A marshal arts woman that becomes involved in an unexpected manner. Then a Fifth, Sixth, Seventh, Eighth & Fortieth Participant become involved— Until The Police arrive, answering several neighbors complaining of The noise, & find a spectacle of such horror & revulsion that they can only stand dumbfounded in The living room, retching & weeping. 
107 ) All The Cars have Obscene, & Often Cryptic, License Plates.
108 ) A young man discovers a somewhat lucrative occupation of acting as a gigolo to women with physical or physiological anomalies that make them unattractive to ordinary lovers. / Women that profusely sweat when even remotely aroused /women that bleed through all of their orifices when achieving an orgasm / women that spasm uncontrollably while having sex / 
109 ) A Porn Movie that makes perfect sense; But each & every line is taken verbatim from The Bible; ‘The Cock crowed Three Times’ & many more obvious examples. 
110 ) Same with The Q’ran or BO’Mormon as source Material.
111 ) i’d been using The Name Kevin for a long time for The ‘Guy’ in many of my Masturbation Fantasies; Then i Switched that over to ‘Kelvin’— But this morning ( sunday, february 23, 2014 7:51:13 am ) A very unattractive Black Male with a perfectly mediocre singing voice was featured on Good Morning America as The New Singing Sensation, with The Name ‘Kelvin’ ( ? ) !

Looking for a New Apartment
A Young Man is looking for an Apartment or Studio Room. He first looks through a Newspaper, circling prospects and goes out to see some. He visits several rooms, but always finds something unacceptable about them. Either The View is Terrible, The Doors are Too Narrow, The Floor is squeaky, The Landlady is strangely misshaped, There are unusual, unidentifiable bugs on The counters, The Water is Darkly Colored, The Refrigerator is too noisy, The neighbors are screaming at each other The whole time he is there, The Closets are full of Cat shit, The previous residents were killed in a Family Dispute, and The walls are peppered with shotgun pellets; Or A Strange, remarkably ugly face is watching them through a window. 
Exhausted from looking all day, His last prospect is a large house at The end of a street, whose other houses in The neighborhood are all abandoned. A modestly attractive middle aged woman answers The door and reveals that she is only renting out small rooms for $5.00 a month. He is intrigued and follows her down a twisting set of stairs, with doors leading to hallways in every direction. They are descending so far that he is sure that they must be at least 3 stories underground. 
She finally led him down a hallway, where he notices that none of The tiny cavities have doors, and many of The residents are laying on bare mattresses, masturbating, having sex or working on very peculiar projects. They also pass a bathroom which doesn’t have a door, with open pit toilets, side by side, with men & women squatting & doing their business. 
They finally come to A room which is reasonably clean, and right across The Hallway is a Beautiful Woman with huge Breasts. She then takes him around to The Showers, Common Kitchen with Several Refrigerators, Cabinets for Each Resident, And Rules for Washing Dishes; Then there’s The Toenail Clipping Room, TV Room, Laundry Room, Lounge; Where Several Boys & Girls are Making Out. The Landlady then asks him if he’d like to move in, which he readily agrees to. She leads him back to his room, which she reveals has had all his necessities moved to by some magical process. In this reality; magic is well understood and used from time to time, but not commonly. He lays on The Bed, getting comfortable, and watched The Woman across The Hall Reading from A Digital Tablet.
Shenanigans & Hilarity Ensues.

Robot Evolution
Late in life; i am selected for a highly experimental program in which my brain is extracted from my skull and installed in a Robotic Spacecraft which is Sent to Pluto. The Ship has a Neural Net, Polymetronic, ZeroElectron Plasma & Element 467 Memory & Cognitive Cores which my own Consciousness Merge with as The Carbonbased Cells in my own Brain Die off. 
The Ship also has a compliment of Robot Drones which maintain The Ship and may be sent off to Explore Artifacts along The Way. 
Once at Pluto & it’s moons. i am tasked to create a permanent Observation Station and thoroughly map Pluto & Its moons. 
While there, i discover that under a 6 mile thick sheet of ice, Pluto has a very active core, which keeps an World Wide Ocean liquid, and provides all The Energy Necessary to Sustain a Thriving Plutoian Civilization, which is thousands of years more advanced than The One on Earth. They have Spaceships, but spend most of their time exploring The Outer Solar System, rather than The few, Boring Planets near The Sun, which they Fear. 
i make friends with them, and they share a little of their technology with me, allowing me to Reinvent myself as A Collective of NanoBots, Under The Condition that i Never Share this Knowledge with Earth or Anyone Else that should ever come across, as this has now made me an indestructible robot.
i am however; Allowed to make duplicates of myself, in various forms, which i provide with their own consciousnesses; Either Created Ad Hoc or Grown in Elaborate Fractional Realities. 
The Stations that i Construct in The Plutonian System report back to Earth that The Plutonian System is Lifeless and Very Boring, possessing few useful metals or other materials. 
It is thereafter ignored by future Explorers. 
i then leave The Solar System, Heading Out at SubLight Velocities, having been unable to obtain Light Speed Engines from The Plutonians. i do however know that such Engines are possible, and After Absorbing The Resources from Several Asteroids & Other Bodies in The Kuiper Cloud, i am able to Greatly Increase The Size, Complexity & Functionality of my Own Spaceship. After only 200 years of Independent Research on my own, i Build a Very Reliable & Navigable Warp Speed Engine which Transcends The Engines that The Plutonians Use. i share this knowledge with them, and in return, they reveal many secrets of The Universe that they have discovered. 
Several Plutonians come aboard my ship and we begin to Explore The MilkyWay Galaxy and soon, Other Galaxies, Realities and get into great mischief, finding our own moral compass & understanding of Life’s Functionality & Purpose. 
My most trusted companion is Amy, who i periodically ‘Restart’ over The thousands of years i continue to exist, as she goes off on her own. This Restarting consists of creating a new Amy from The Original Prototype. 
Each of My Duplicates & Creations are all linked to one another with Instantaneous Communications, so that we can each ‘Watch from Within’ The Activities of Each other, and Exchange Bodies or ‘Sit In’ from time to time. 
These NanoBot Constructions can change their shape to any configuration, Easily becoming Werewolves, Vampires or Mermaids. They Also possess a Rich Interior Fractional Reality, that consists of A Lounge or Library that The Homoculii can Step into From The Eyes or Face of The Main Unit. This Library has Doors which lead to Other Entities, Parks or Worlds, While The Main Unit Rests in an Undisturbed Grave or Cave. 
One of most Beloved ‘Actual’ Worlds is on a Comparatively Primitive Planet that resembles Earth circa 10,000 bc, when City States were first being Created. i have a modest Adobe home adjacent to The Kings Palace, which is integrated into The Walled Community.  i have a reputation of a powerful wizard, and while most of The residents are expected to wear clothing, i can get away with public nudity. i also have several slaves that i responsibly care for. My principle occupation is Basket Weaving; But i also have a Glass Blowing Workshoppe, and do some nice Stone Carvings. 
From time to Time, i lend my services repelling attacks from neighboring city states and hordes from distant countries. i do this without revealing to outsiders that there is anything particularly special about his City State.
At other times, i come across other travelers from other worlds and wonder at The odds of meeting them. 
i live on this world for many thousands of years. Always taking a low profile, but keeping The natives from destroying themselves for The most part. 
And more mischief. 

Language Translator
Last night i Watched about 10 minutes of ‘The Terminal’ with Tom Hanks. i’d been putting off watching it for a few years, because i just had a dark feeling about it. And sure enough, it was a stinker.
One of The Worst Films Ever.
One of The Terrible things about it was that 90% of The Trouble that The Tom Hanks Character and The Airport head of Security was having, Could have been solved by simply finding an Hungarian Translator, Which According to This Film, None could be Found in The Entire State of New York.
One of my Masturbation Fantasies has been, for quite awhile, to be able to Speak Several Different Languages, and by Extension, to live in a Hotel, Occupying an Entire Floor or Two Floors of A Nice ( Not The Best in The World, But a Nice Hotel ) Hotel with dozens of young girls that i’d collected from ‘Bad’ homes or Orphanages, or Psychiatric Clinics or Hospitals where they were being kept as Wards to protect them from their own Sexual Precociousness. 
And they would run around Naked and Masturbate constantly; And we would make a living by making lots of Crazy Art, and Illustrating Books and Creating Medical Illustrations,
And Translating. 
i would create A system of Language Acquisition, that would allow all these young girls & Transexuals to learn any Language in just a few weeks or months. And eventually; The Collective would Speak Every Language on The Planet. And we’d then translate documents & poetry and books,
And Principally; Allow anyone, anywhere in The World to Call our 800 line, and we’d Act as A Translator between them and Whoever they were having a communications problem with. 
This would be Terrific for Hotels and Shop Keepers in Tourist Towns and Anyone that simply wanted something Translated. They could FAX or Email Documents to us, and occasionally we’d have to work in Tandem to translate from Spanish to German to Swahili to Russian to Inuit.
What is Curious; Is that No Such Service Exists Currently ?
So besides being a Masturbation Fantasy; It might well be A Terrific Business Opportunity. 

Sexualized Nuns is a very old idea.
In this version; There is a Convent adjacent to a Medium Sized City, Located in such & such a Geographical Region, so that while The City itself may continue to grow & expand outward, The Convent’s Agricultural Area will forever be boarded by Natural Features. The Front portion of The Convent is Insulated by a Large Park like Area, so that The Convent, Abbey & Monastery are substantially Hermitic. Along with The Principle Convent there is a Girls School for Orphans and Novices from Good Wealthy Families. The Abbey is a Separate Collection of Buildings and is Dedicated to Various Works projects, such as Illuminated Books, Furniture Carpentry, Weaving & Carpet Making, Small Crafts, and Other Activities. The Monastery is for A Separate Order of Monks which run a Bakery and some Animal Husbandry, Taking care of, And Harvesting The Wears of Sheep, Rabbits, Minks & Chinchillas, Goats & Ostriches. 
There are roughly 40 Sisters, 30 Rassaphores, 30 Stavrophores, 30 Abbess’, 12 Mothers, 4 Mother Superiours, 60 Orphans & Novices ( Which are Treated Equally in All Respects ); 30 Brothers, 20 Cenobites, 20 Friars, 12 Oblates, 40 Postulants, and a Few NonDenominational Marabouts. 
Each has their own Plain Frock or Habit of a Specific Color & Unique Hood Design for their Formal Wear. Each Individual also displays their own Pictoglyph which embodies their person search for spiritual truth, as this particular collective is nondenominational. 
The Womyn all drink a tea every morning which interferes with their ovulation cycle, stopping their menses, and allowing them to ‘catch’ The Semen of The Myn, preventing their Sperms to fall upon The ground, which is considered a terrible sin. Because The Womyn are not ovulating, This form of conception is not creating & preventing a Embryo from forming, so it is perfectly acceptable.
The Womyn and Girls are encouraged to Masturbate frequently, and While they are inside The Grounds, they are usually nude.
They are also shaved of nearly all their hair, except on their heads, because The secret ingredient for The Bread that The Monks make is The Sweat & Bodily Fluids from Love Making. The Dough is pressed up against a couple making love to absorb their sexual energy and healing powers, and Then make into uniquely formed loafs of intricate woven patterns. 
All The Appendages are encouraged to learn many skills, such as their own form of Kung Fu; Which comes in many different Flavors, Gymnastics to Encourage A Fit Body, Spiritual Healing, Language Acquisitions, Crafts; Such as Weaving, Carpentry, Portraiture, Topiary & Lawn Care, Animal Care, Gardening & Farming, Mushroom Cultivation, Magickal Arts, Animal Transformations, Mind Control, Animal Communications & Becoming a Liaison with Various Quixotic Beings, such as Elves & Sprites. 
All The Adults sleep on Straw beds and take only cold, rain water showers; While The Orphans & Oblates are allowed subdued comforts. 
They never wear shoes, even in The winter months. 
Nor do they wear underwear, only their one piece over habit or frock which includes their head wear.
Their Diet is Plain, but varied, and they don’t have any electronic devices. Lighting is provided by Natural Light & Chemical or Biological Sources, Never Electricity.
One of Their Few Extravagances is Elaborate Quilts which they make for themselves and Sell to The Barbaers. 
The Barbaers being Outworlders.
They Also sell furniture, bread, Woven Fabrics, Simple Shirts & Skirts, Socks & Mittens. 
They also sell The meat from their livestock, as well as clothing & furniture coverings, bags & bedding from The skins of The animals they raise, as well as The skins & flesh of their own dead. 
They shrink their own dead’s heads and provide their funeral services to barbaers. The rituals are often very elaborate. 
They also provide spiritual healing service for donations. 
These include cures for ailments, breast reductions & enlargements, as well as penis lengthening, fat redistribution, eye color changing, tooth replacements, body odor adjustments, ear & nose reductions; & hair augmentation or removal; Amoung most any other requested services. 
Curiously; They refuse to ‘Cure’ Dwarfism, Although they frequently perform genitalia tergiversations or unorthodox Clitoral modifications upon request. 
They Ride Broom Sticks, Can become invisible, Change into Animals and prey on Sickly or Criminal Humans, often snatching deformed or infirm infants from Their cribs for consumption, or removing gifted children and raising them within Their Academy.
They are committed to doing good, but their version of good often conflicts with their communities standards of what is good.
Although they community buys their wears, The Barbaers tell their children to stay clear of them whenever possible. 
- -
The Gist of The Film Version is about a Young Moon Faced Girl, Whose mother needs to leave town to visit her ailing sister, perhaps for several months or even years, who is dying of an unspecified illness; Needs to put everything into storage and find someone to take care of The her daughter, as where she is going is no place for young girls. There are some crazy holes in this story, so we’re never really sure where The mother is really going, or what is going on. But The Mother locates this school, and discovers that they’d be willing to take The girl in for a nominal fee. The Mother endures a very crazy tour of The Convent with The Daughter, which include considerable nudity, masturbation, kung fu, dangerous minks attacking a student, gymnastics that include copious sexual intercourse, and occasionally magickal events that left them wondering. In The end though; The mother agrees to leave The daughter, and before she goes, The daughter is striped down, all her clothes and underwear are put in a bag and given to The mother. ‘We don’t allow The girls to have any personal possessions, so there’s no where for her to store these things.’ Explains The Sister that is taking her in. After The mother leaves; The Sister assigns The girl, who is thereafter referred to as ‘NewGirl’ by everyone, to another student that finds her a bed to sleep in and takes her on another, more extensive tour of The school. In one of The ceremonies; The NewGirl is given a new name; ‘Becky’ and she is then guided in designing her own pictoglyph which is made into a wire brand and used to burn it into The spot below her navel. Great care is taken to make sure that it looks very nice and professional. This same design is then woven into her habit and made into a piece of jewelry that is attached to a necklace that will be her ‘charm’ necklace, that accumulates many other frickfracks that allow her magicak powers and protect her from magicak & secular forces of harm. 

the eschaton 
A Huge Flying Saucer lands in The MidWestern United States, It is about The size of Chicago & its surrounding suburbs. Soon after landing; A World wide broadcast in all languages, using all media outlets, Television & Radio, The internet as well as Talking Clouds in more remote areas. A Horrible looking alien reveals that it is looking for Human Brides and requires 238 Human Womyn to Voluntarily surrender themselves to him. If he is pleased with their beauty, servitude towards him, body odor & passive stupidity; They will be included into his Harem. Otherwise, he or his minions will eat them. Each Day, Another Potential Bride will be allowed onboard his ship and evaluated. The Alien has placed Metallic Disks with 3 Nested Circles of Strange Characters all over The World, You simply go to one of them and stand on it. One will be randomly selected each day and that womyn will be transported in a ball of intensely hot plasma to The Spaceship. If you are not taken, This does not mean that you were pre-rejected, and you’re encouraged to return The next day. This process will continue until 238 Brides have been Selected.
At First; Millions of Womyn rushed to The Platforms to be taken aboard, but their trials are broadcast revealing that The Alien horribly abuses them, killing them outright during The sexual acts, or then eating them bit by bit, while they are still alive. Despite this; there are still some volunteers and 1 in 40 are chosen, only to be dropped in a pit of many other alien womyn or creatures that fight for The few scraps that they’re fed. 
When fewer and fewer womyn step onto The Platforms, The Alien tells The world that each day, at The appointed time, If a platform is empty; A random person from that community will be taken and eaten. If a womyn is forcibly or coerced onto The platform, those that forced The womyn onto The platform will be taken and eaten. Some communities refuse to cooperate, but most do; many womyn selflessly sacrifice themselves. 
It is also discovered that The womyn that survive The sexual interview; are impregnated with a hybrid creature that grows into a mermaid which are released into The oceans. The womyn gives birth to hundreds of The tadpoles at a time and they are dumped into The oceans or rivers leading to The oceans, or in many cases, large fresh water lakes. These creatures are apparently very intelligent and knowledgable without any educational process. They are also intent on ‘Taking Over’ or ‘Possessing’ The Oceans, Attacking and Eating Humans from Fishing Boats or on Military Ships. These Ships & Boats are Then Sunk and used to make sprawling Cities in The Nearly Deepest Spots in The Oceans. 
This all goes on for several years; with some attempts to resist, all of which are soundly defeated. 
Then The Alien announces that The 238 Brides have been Found and They would all be leaving. The Merpeople would remain, and The Oceans are now theirs. 
The Ship then leaves; But all The Womyn that were ‘chosen’ as his brides are left behind. They are deposited in random spots throughout The world and at first go unnoticed. They have no interest in revealing their presence, but it soon becomes obvious, when many are recognized as some of The womyn that were taken aboard The Spaceship. 
There are apparently two sets of these Womyn; Those that remember what happened, and those that don’t. The ones that do remember however are not at all eager to tell anyone what happened, but The ones that have forgotten, just want to return to their old lives. 
The ones that do remember; Refuse to wear clothes, and are intent on disarming The World. They take guns & tanks, bombs, war-planes, swords & peripheral war debris; And crush them into balls & polyhedra, various other shapes or sculptures. 
The very curious thing about them is that when they are shot at or attacked in any way; they appear to be injured, but irregardless of how destructive The weapon is; it never really does any permanent damage to them. They are severely bruised or cut, scratched or torn open, and they appear to be in pain or agony, but they are never completely disabled or killed. They occasionally are driven off, and escape, flying or running away to be found in a jungle, city park or laying exhausted on The roof of a building in a city, far from where they battled. 
They are occasionally taken in by ordinary people, washed and allowed to rest and hide in their homes or apartments. 
These ‘Alien Brides’ don’t eat food, or don’t need to, but may occasionally enjoy a grilled cheese sandwich, or share a bowl of popcorn while they sit on The couch, watching a movie. 
Sometimes, but not always; These Rescuers are made into ‘Brides’, even if they are men. These Beneficiaries are made ‘immortal’ and soon find wearing clothes repugnant. They also no longer need to eat or drink, and share The other’s desire to pacify The world. 

How to Meet Womyn
A Collection of techniques for men to meet womyn or Womyn to meet men. Boys to meet Girls, Girls to meet boys, Boys to meet Womyn, Men to meet girls and so on.
An older womyn meets a young boy while bringing her groceries home and invites him to come over and clean up her basement or attic, or pick up all The Clutter that is piling up around her house, or clear out a garage.
A Womyn or young girl is at a bus stop trying to scratch a spot on her back and asks The man, boy, girl or womyn to help her scratch The spot, after a few moments of scratching, she takes off her bra and urges The scratching to continue. She then instructs The Scratcher to scratch further up, down or from side to side.
A young man is sitting on The stairs of an apartment building in ratty underwear, no t-shirt and possibly mismatched socks. A womyn or girl comes along and it has been arranged that if it’s a young girl, her parents are away at work. The young man tells his story of being locked out of his room while running down to check his mail, or looking out a side window to investigate a strange noise. The man’s roommate will be coming back in about 4 hours, could i please come and sit in your room until then. Once in The woman’s or girl’s room, he begins to masturbate. At first with a pillow or blanket over himself and then takes them off, along with his underpants. Participation is encouraged.
A man & womyn are making love behind a bus stop, where voyeurs are watching. They finish, The womyn or man leaves along a path behind The shelter, and The remaining partner goes to sit inside The bus shelter, where a conversation ensues.
A middle aged woman is sitting on a bus and watches a young 20 something man seduce a preadolescent girl and have sex with her, on The bus. He is sitting and she is bouncing on his lap. The Womyn can see his large penis as she bounces on top of it. There is considerable bleeding, as The young girl is clearly a virgin. When his stop comes, he takes The girl home with him, and The Womyn who lives in The same building walks along with them, as The man knows her from previous casual non-Sexual encounters. They get on The elevator together and he mentions which floor and room he lives on, and what a nice view he has from his room. He then takes The girl to his room and they have more sex. Later; The womyn comes to his room to let him and girl know that she, The young girl is on The news, as a missing child. The Young girl says That her parents abused her, and shows The older woman whipping marks along her back and legs, stomach and featureless breasts. The older woman is confused as to what she should do, but stays and watches The man have more sex with The girl that enjoys his loving attention. The girl stays with The man, and The womyn becomes their good friend and confidant. 
A young man teaches himself self hypnotism and is able to create his own Tulpas at will. A Tulpa is a psychic projection, like a fully realized hallucination of a figure. The Technique that he creates for himself allows him to choose a womyn from a magazine and then she knocks on his outer door, and he invites her in. In order for him to be sure that she is a Tulpa, her eyes are set 2 eye widths apart, as opposed to The usual 1 eye width. She also has only 3 Fingers on each hand, and a tail. To get rid of her, she simply leaves or he may brutally murder her and drag her out into The hallway, where he may see her for many weeks before she finally disappears.
By a Similar process; A Man or Womyn, troubled boy or girl is able to enter a photograph, painting or crude drawing and remain there for days or weeks while they nap for a few hours in their room. When they awaken, it is no different from a dream, except that they remember every detail of their visit to The pictoglyphs world.
A Myn ( or vice versa ) enters a Womyn’s bathroom at The park telling a womyn in a stall that The Myn’s room is uninhabitable due to vomit covering The entire floor. He sits on a toilet in The stall next to hers & begins to masturbate. The Stall walls are only Half high, so she can watch him. She is polite, but when he ejaculates, some of it squirts onto her. She is annoyed, but he comes over to help wipe it off her blouse & face, & comb it from her hair. 
A woman is bored with waiting for an elevator & decides to take The stairs. After entering The Stairwell in a very tall building, she discovers that all The doors to The floors are locked from The other side. She then finds that a myn is in The Stairwell with her. After several days trapped together, they become romantically bonded.

i am living in a small rural town 
with my mother & several sisters, many of which i have gotten pregnant. The town is far from any other town, but consists of several thousand people, mostly women, as The men are routinely killed in accidents at The Turquoise mines. 
Then my female cousin comes to live with us. Her mother had recently gone insane & killed or attempted to kill several of her co-Workers. This does not surprise anyone in my family. We are all Crazy. i explain to my cousin that being crazy has its advantages, as once you have a reputation of being crazy, everyone pretty much leaves you alone to do nearly any form of benign mischief, as they merely shrug it off as The tomfoolery of Those crazy people. i am often allowed to go to school in The nude, even though i am known or suspected of getting many young girls & women pregnant. 
i have three of The Village’s ‘birth-defects’ which are common, but not especially pervasive. They are also recessive, as many of The children that i have fathered do not have any of these traits. 
Our Communities Recognized Birth Defects
Fish Eyes ( Normal Eyes set farther apart than normal, or actually on The sides of The Head. )
Three Fingers ( Two Fingers & one Thumb / or No Thumb & Three Fingers ) 
Long Fingers
Cloven Hooves for Feet ( Children exhibiting this are usually neglected to death when they are infants, but there are quite of few of them anyways, suggesting that it’s much more common than medically reported ) 
Tails ( that come in a wide Variety )
No Nose ( Very small Nose )
Cat or Goat Eyes ( Vertical or Horizontal Slits for Pupils )
Elfin Ears
Extra Arms ( Either One, Two or Three ‘Sets’ of Extra Arms below The Usual Arms. The ones directly below are usually a third of The size of The ‘Primary’ Arms, & The ones following those are progressively smaller still. )
Very Anomalous Genitals.
Reasonably Conventional, but Very Long Clitoris’
Reasonably Conventional, but Very Thick Penis’
Reasonably Conventional, but Many Layers of Labia
Short Legs / Like Dwarf Legs, with either very short Femurs or Tibia, but rarely both.
Multiple Heads.
Long Breasts ( Occasionally reaching The knees by The time The girls are teenagers )
Back Ridges. ( Spines extending from The Vertebra ) 
Multiple rows of teeth
Very long Tongues ( Sufficient to lick ones ears ) 
Reversed Elbows or Knees
Very High Flexibility ( Includes Yoga Like Abilities, & Even The ability to noticeably bend ones long bones to desired positions.
Third Eye ( Above The Two Usual Eyes )
One Eye ( usually much larger than usual eyes )
Extra Full Face ( Can appear nearly anywhere on The Body or limbs )
Excessive Furriness ( there is high premium for very soft furry girls as wives ) 
Animal Whisperers ( Children ( or adults ) that can talk to animals )
Excessive Tallness ( If you are excessively tall, The height of The usually excessively tall is around 9 feet, while some have gotten as high as 17 feet. These people are very, very skinny, & live in their own district; & make furniture.
- - 
When my cousin comes; i stayed home from school, but while i am having sex with a whore that my mother brought home with her after visiting The City. This Whore is not particularly attractive, but she has huge breasts & is about as smart as a cat. Everyone loves her. 
My cousin knocks on The door & comes in when i shout to her to come in & she finds me furiously thumping The whore. i tell her that i was supposed to meet her at The train station, which, had i been on time with, i would still have been an hour late, but since she caught a train 2 days earlier than we were expecting, & she was unable to call us, since we don’t have a phone, she walked The whole 12 miles, lugging 3 large suitcases. 
i apologize even though i am mostly blameless. 
She was sure that someone would know via ESP, which she is sure that she can use at will. 
i show her to her room in our small house, where she will be sleeping in a singles bed with 2 of my sisters. There are side brackets to keep anyone from being pushed out in The night. 
All of her cloths fit easily in The closets, as we have very few clothes of our own. 
The next day, i take her to school, introducing her to everyone along The way. The trip to The school is 6 miles, which we walk to, assisted by hill trams, which are reset with windmills. Since it is such a long trip to The School house, we often stay for several days at time, then returning home to do some chores. 
Few families have phones, so that no one worries about their family members that don’t turn up at night. They only become concerned or saddened if someone comes to tell them that someone is killed by a mine accident or attacked by wildlife. If someone just disappears; as might occur when they were eaten by a bear or having fallen into an abandoned well, It might be weeks or longer before they are consciously missed. 
In our Village; A Myn may have one wife & numerous concubines, which i have, but because i’m only 12 years old, they are all living with their own families until i build my own house when i’m around 16. 
There is one Woman with a very nice house, & two daughters that i am all married to, & is willing to let me move in with her, but she doesn’t like some of my other wives & doesn’t want them to move in with me. 
My primary wife is very sickly girl that i got pregnant when i was only 7 & she was 4. The baby was carried to term, but very sickly & died soon after, as well as The baby that her mother bore at about The same time. We think that it’s The water they’re drinking, but they refuse to move. Most of my other concubines are hoping that they will just die off soon, allowing me to choose one of my other wives as my principle wife, but they persist in being sickly but not fatally so. i love both of them ( mother & daughter ) & am not eager to see them die off. 
The Medicine Womyn is a Witch & Dwarf, & we stop off to see her with my cousin. There are several patients there so we stop to help her with them. i tell my cousin that if she ( The Witch ) likes her, she will teach her how to ride a broom. Which is True!
- More - 

A young girl is patiently waiting at a bus stop 
when she notices activity behind The shelter. The shelter is shoddily made, so that with The smallest effort, she is able to see through cracks between The boards & can see a reasonably attractive woman giving a reasonably attractive man a blow job. From time to time, they shift their positions, he copulates with her, or hot dogs with her moderately sized breasts, or she gives him fellatio. Her fingernails scratch deeply into his legs, but he apparently is impervious or unaware of this. After several minutes of this; The man tells The woman that he is about to cum & she begins sucking him furiously.
He Ejaculates forcibly onto her face & into her mouth. The Semen in very thick & Gelatinous. It has The Consistency & Color of Cheap Craft’s Paste. It covers The Woman’s face & Breasts while The man Moans & The Woman declares that this is The most delicious cum that she has ever tasted, much better than her father’s or The Chinese Dock Workers. She continues to suck & suck on his dick & masturbate him as he cums & cums. Soon her hair is drenched in his cum & she is using The head of his dick to smear it all over her torso. Everytime it may appear that he is finally spent, she begins to masturbate him more aggressively to keep him ejaculating again & again. The man’s moans soon turn to cries of discomfort, pain & then agony. He tried to pull away from her, but she claws at his legs & pushes him against The walls of The bus stop. 
The girl inside The Bus Shelter is dumbfounded by all of this & is paralyzed with confusion & fear. Clearly this situation is beyound anything that she’s ever seen before, & it is equally clear that The Woman is completely insane & quite dangerous. 
The Man finally breaks away from The Woman & runs out into The street, The Woman pursues him, Screaming at him to return & begging for more of his Ambrosia like Semen. 
The Man is Depleted & Weak, Stumbling out into Traffic, His Penis still remarkable erect & occasionally spurting Cum. He is pulling & slapping his own penis to get it to go flaccid. The Woman is Chasing him as they both dodge cars as they honk & stop abruptly, causing many fender benders. The Drivers are screaming at them, & finally a car brushes past The man knocking him over. 
The Woman grabs his hands And pulls him out of Traffic, back towards The Bus Stop, dragging him over to a grassy spot as The cars begin moving again. They are only concerned with getting to where they are headed. 
The Woman then begins masturbating The man whose is now insensible. She is soon able to get his fountain shooting more & vigorous streams of cum into her mouth & against her body. 
The Man is screaming as if his limbs are being pulled off, & finally The Semen stops flowing, But is now replaced by Deep Red Blood. The Woman continues masturbating The man as he flails about, unable to get up or crawl away. The Woman is now laughing hysterically as she furiously pulls & pumps The man’s penis until there is skin peeling off The shaft! 
The Girl that is watching this is still dumbfounded, she watches in fascination & horror as a large puddle of blood forms around The man. Finally A Car stops & begins screaming at The woman, & she runs off. The Man comes out to see what can be done, throws up near The man in horror & revulsion; then returns to his car & drives off. 
The bus comes & The girl gets on. The Bus Driver apparently does not notice The man laying beside The shelter & The girl is too confused to say anything. 
She sits quietly in a middle seat, mute & catatonic. 

A young girl is walking along an alley in a medium sized town
& as she passes an open window, slightly above eye level, she hears The most peculiar sounds coming from within. She steps up onto some boxes & peeks inside. There is a woman laying on a medical examination table, with her legs propped up on The leg holders, & a rather attractive man is fawking her. They are both making a racket. After several minutes, his very large penis pops out, & ejaculates onto her stomach. He then puts in back in her & continues fawking her some more for several more minutes, then it pops out again, spraying more semen over The girl & The examining room.  
He steps back & turns to The other side of The room that The young girl can’t see. He says; ‘Next.’ & The girl on The table helps herself off The table & walks away. Another girl comes over & kneels down to give The man fellatio, She works on his cock for a few minutes until it’s nice & hard, then she gets on The examining table & puts her legs into The braces. He proceeds to fawking her, & they are soon making a terrible racket again. 
The young girl is mesmerized & continues watching as 4 more girls take their turn. Then someone behind her pokes her on her sides & whispers; ‘Gotcha!’
The young girl jumps off The boxes & is about to run away, but The person that poked her is standing there giggling. She is about The young girls age & begins to tell her, her story of The room.
She has also discovered this room in The same manner as The young girl & in a fit of boldness, walked around to The other side of The building & gone through The door that seemed to be connected to The room. ‘I’m here for my 2:40 appointment.’ she announced to a receptionist at The desk. ‘Take a seat.’ The girl behind The counter said. After about a half an hour…
( needs more work ) 

Convent for Wiccan Nuns

The Kissing Closet
An Attractive young man meets a homely young or middle aged woman at a bus stop, donut shoppe, library or somesuch & takes her home with him. His room is utterly bare, without even a bed or chair in it. The Woman is suspicious, but The man is very attractive, so she suppresses her natural inclination to flee. He undresses himself while she watches, then, as she is apparently reluctant to undress herself, he takes off her clothes, kissing her all The while, caressing her legs, back & arms. 
When they are both naked; he tells her that his favorite place is in The Closet. He opens a door along one wall, & inside it there is nothing on The clothes rack, there is nothing stored above The rack & nothing on The floor. He takes her hand & leads her into The closet, taking her carefully to The back, where there is a turn that leads to a small alcove— just large enough for The two of them to sit down. He instructs her to sit facing him, with her legs wrapped around him with her ankles locked together. He sits in a likewise manner & they begin kissing. Between kisses, he tells her that this is a magick closet & that while they are kissing, they will be transported to a world & life which The snowflakes of eternity have chosen for them. The Best of all possible destinations would be The Garden of Eden, where they could live forever in a world without sin; But as he has tried this closet on several other occasions already, he has yet to find his perfect mate. 
He is an immortal, & by coming this far with him, she is an immortal too. Over The coming centuries, she will develop numerous super powers, & may choose to leave this planet or era & live wherever she’d like to. He has typically lived which each of his previous ‘wives’ for many hundreds or thousands of years before separating. 
One previous journeys, The Kissing Closet has taken him to :
A Lifeboat in The middle of The South Atlantic with a dozen women & children that had already been adrift for 2 weeks.
A Cave in Asia.
An Abandoned Motel in Canada.
A fountain in The Townsquare of a Village in Italy in The 12th Century. 
A Hut in Russia, surrounded by starving wolves.
A Spaceship on its way to Mars.
It might be noted here that The Immortal is often taken to The Future or Past, & lives for thousands of years between these journeys. 
On this attempt to find Eden; He & his foundling ‘wife’ find themselves in a basement filled with filthy children, many of which are chained to The floors or walls.

This next idea is another of what i think of as; A Big Idea ! ( ? )

The DisRegarded
This is a Variation on Both ‘Not Ghosts’ & ‘Grimalkins’ 
The DisRegarded are Physical ‘Ghosts’ that endure an Existence on This Plane of Reality, which they perceive as a Purgatory with Episodes of Happiness & Sadness; But mostly frustration & Confusion.
It seems to them that they are Fully Physical Beings, able to pick up things & are Clearly Seen by The ‘Living’; But The Living DisRegard them. No matter what they do, they are DisRegarded.
The Living appear to appreciate that The DisRegarded are engaging in horrible mischief, But they ( The Living ) seem confused as to what to do about it. They do Not report what they are witnessing to The police, or even rarely bring it to The attention of someone standing beside them. 
Children are inquisitive, but even they are confused as to The Wrongfulness of what they are watching.
When The DisRegarded Pick up something & Move it, it will, after a time, Move back to where it was. Broken Things return to a State of Repair, People or Animals Injured by The DisRegarded are made well again, & Recall Their Horrific MisAdventure for awhile, but it fades within a few days. 
The DisRegarded are Usually very Mischievious, But occasionally there will be one that isn’t. These ‘NonMischievious DisReGarded NotGhosts’ Are especially Tragic, as they are just trying to get along, but are extremely confused by everything. They don’t seem to ‘Get it’ that they are in a Different State of Being. Instead; They Strangely Accept that everyone is simply ignoring them.
The DisRegarded can Eat & Crap, But these Actions do Not result in any lasting removal of food or Deposits of Feces. 
Or they can go without Eating, & Do Not Suffer Hunger Pangs.
The DisRegarded can Not immediately Recognize Other DisRegarded Beings. They see them more ‘Consciously’ with a Greater ‘Cognizance’ of their Activities than The Living, But they might just as well Not see them as Something Very Different from The Living. Each DisRegarded Usually Believes that they are The Only DisRegarded Being in The World. 
When they do ‘Connect’ with one another; This only caused more Confusion & Frustration, as Their Personal ‘Karma’ is Not Calibrated to Accept a Relationship with Anyone, Whether The Other is Living or Not. Very Rarely will a DisRegarded form ANY Sort of Liaison or Alliance with Another DisRegarded, The Living or Even An Animal. 
Escape from This Form of Purgatory will Usually mean that The DisRegarded simply going off somewheres, to a forest, mountain range, inaccessible jungle or swamp & transform into a quixotic Creature that lives there. After a Time, they disappear, & no one knows what becomes of them. 
No Reincarnated Being ever Reports that they were formerly a DisRegarded Entity.

The idea of nuns as a source of masturbation Fantasies is no doubt very common. So this version is that i have arranged, by supernatural powers, to lure a carload of 4 nuns to my 3 story house in a small town & by means of further contrivances, maroon them there, putting Them up in small rooms & seducing them in a variety of supernatural/magical scenarios. 

i ( some time ago ) became aware that Oregon has essentially no laws pertaining to indecent Exposure. This apparently applied to The whole state, & curiously; it is tested very infrequently, but when it is, there is something of an outcry & those that wish to practice a little social nudism are suppressed. 
So this has been weighing on me quite a bit lately, that i did Not take advantage of this when i lived in Oregon. 
i am currently revisiting this with a masturbation fantasy, in which i ask The local librarian about this, & whether it would be permissible, by The by-laws of The library itself, that i can visit The library in The nude ? 
An Alternative of this is that i would simply walk around town wearing only a too large t-Shirt that would come down to my mid thighs. & i would often have an erection. 
i’m too old for that now; But ? 

i was just reminded on The TV that there are ‘Themes’ which reoccur ad nauseam, such as a crime fighting duo,
Which caused me to think that there should be more alternative themes on TV & in The Movies; Such as one of my Reoccurring Theme ( Occupations ) in my Masturbation Fantasies;
Data Analyst 
Porn Movie Post Production Special Effects Supervisor
Nurse’s Aid for Quadriplegics 
Robot Inventor
Refrigerator Repairmyn
International Terrorist for Righteousness
Indestructible Robot from The Future
Grey Witch / Amoral Witch
Psychotic Serial Killer that has a Heart of Gold 
- - - ( Dexter ? only less motivated to kill only bad people )
Foster Parent for Pariah Children that are Precociously Sexual 
Mad Scientist that is Protecting The World from (x
Homeless Street Person that Stumbles into The Remnants of Eden
Migrational Fruit Picker
Human Slave Smuggler
Incompetent Alchemist
Insane Substitute Teacher

i just love this next idea– ! 

The Desperate Girl 
Porn Film Idea
A Rather Unattractive Asian Girl is in Bed with a Man Fawking her on top; 
Along The bottom The Day is Revealed : 
[ Monday ]
‘So— Do you think your parents will like me?’
‘Huh— ? Oh— Uh— Yeah, i’m sure they’ll think you’re delicious.’
‘Whaph! Delicious—! ?’
‘Yeah; Did i forget to mention that everyone in my family are cannibals.’
‘No— I don’t think you mentioned that.’
‘But we only eat Relatives or Girlfriends, It’s Not like we’re serial murderers or anything crazy like that!’
‘So, How about if i take you over for Dinner this Sunday?’
: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - : o
[ Tuesday ]
She’s in bed with a different Man Fawking her.
‘This is really nice; You’re a very good lover!’
‘Uh huh—‘ 
‘Do you think you’re family will like me?’
‘Do you think your mother will like me?’
‘What? — What do you thin—‘ 
‘I have a BA in Anthropology & while i’m only working at a Wendy’s now; I’m working on a Kindle Book that is going to reveal how Brick Layers are a Keystone Occupation for Western Civilization, which is why our civilization is collapsing.’
‘I thought you were a prostitute! I was going to pay you $15 for this.’
‘What did you think was going on here?’
‘Well; The Way you looked at me, It seemed to me that you fell in love with me.’
‘I had a hard on from that Hispanic girl with The Huge Tits, & you were sitting there in your short-shorts & no underpants.’
‘It’s hot out today.’
’So will $15 be OK?’
‘Yeah— That will be fine.’
: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - : o
Goes on for several more episodes :
The Man agrees to marry her then stands her up.
The Man is a Terrorist & is trying to recruit her as a suicide bomber.
The Man is 12 yrs old.
The Man is a Woman with a StrapOn Dildo.
The Man is a Pillow.
The Man is a Quadriplegic in an Iron Lung.
The Man is An Alien from another Planet.
The Man is a Donkey.
The Man is Very Drunk & keeps throwing up on her face as he’s fawking her, but she is undeterred & continues to pester him about The Names of their future children.
The Man is Laughing like a Maniac & is Stabbing her repeatedly, But she continues to ask him about his job & whether he’s expecting a promotion soon.
The Man is a Retarded Hospital Attendant that is Masturbating himself against her leg between The bandages that cover her body. She is conscious, & is telling him how nice his eyes are.
The Man is A Hobo that finds her after The Hospital abandons her under a freeway because she didn’t have Insurance. The Hobo is Filthy & Masturbating on her face & breasts as she lays in a shallow gully as another hobo leaves with her cheap wheel chair.
The Hobo Takes her home to his spot under a bridge that was washed out years earlier. She is holding a baby that is nursing from her, & she is doting after The Hobo. 

The Building
A Young Man, Reasonably attractive, but Not exceptionally so, meets a Middle Aged Woman with Huge, Huge, Huge Breasts. They are so big that she is wearing a special harness to contain them & carry them with her. They Meet in a donut Shoppe. She is buying a box of Glazed Old Fashions with Sprinkles & he is sitting in a dark corner masturbating with a stack of plain cream filled day old brown donuts & a cup of hot cocoa. The Woman notices him & says ‘hello’. The Man ignores her, but stares at her at The same time. She sits for a moment with a cup of coffee, watching him masturbate. The Woman behind The counter is oblivious to him. He is apparently a regular that everyone ignores. 
The Man ejaculates on The Floor, & The woman notices that there is a large puddle of cum there, much of it dried, & The stain covers a larger area, from many previous days of activity. 
When The Woman finishes her coffee, she gets up to leave with her box of donuts, The Man gets up as well, & as they leave, he invites her to come over to his apartment. The Woman agrees & they walk a block over to an undistinguished brownstone that seems somewhat out of place in this neighborhood. 
They go up to his apartment, where he makes some hot cocoa & she shares her donuts with him, they chat about this & that. Then he undresses her & they go to bed together. They make love repeatedly & She says that she is in love with him. 
In The Morning; She gets up, & discovers that her previously huge breasts are Now only huge. Double Ds or such. She is confused by this, & more so when she looks out The Window & sees a giant squid swim by. 
: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - : o
The Man Then explains that they are living in ‘The building’. 
Every few weeks or days or years or hours, The Building moves to a new improbable Location. If a resident leaves The building for a time, The building will wait for them to return. Many residents have actively sought to leave & Not return, but something always ends up pulling them back, or The building somehow tricks them into returning. 
Although The Building often appears in locations where it should draw a substantial amount of attention, it never does. The building extrudes a dampening field of confusion & ignorance which causes The local residents to simply ignore it.
If The Building appears in a foreign country, The Residents find that they can speak The local language, Even if it The Building relocates to a different Planet. Although The Aliens may appear quite different; They ignore that The Residents appear human. Some of The Residents are Aliens. They are always welcomed into The Building’s Community. 
If a Person comes to The Building with an ailment, it is cured, & The Resident is made immortal. The Building protects them from accidents & injuries. 
If The Building appears on The Moon or Under The Sea, They are able to leave The Building without discomfort or Injury. If they leave The front door while The Building is Underwater, they are provides with a Mermaid Tail & Gills. In a vacuum, they are covered in a skin tight plastic bag. 
The Residents often ( but Not always ) find that they are somewhere that needs their help. When they have solved The local problem, them may remain there for some time, or be relocated during The next night. 
The Woman with The Large Breasts stays with The Man for many weeks then moves into her own room. Although all The Rooms are occupied & no one ever leaves. New rooms become available when New Residents are Invited or simply wander into The Building. 
There is a Laundry Room; But it contains a Large Herbivore like Creature that Eats their dirty clothes & then craps them out clean. This process takes about a half an hour. The Returned clothes are clearly The Same, but sometimes oddly different. Objects are sometimes found in The Pockets which are UnIdentifiable. 
The Manager comes around at irregular intervals to collect The Rent, but since everyone in The building either works at home, is retired or unemployed— The Manager accepts bartered items or services for rent. Such items may include an unusual spoon, a toenail clipping of The Manager’s feet, An afternoon spent watching TV together, an interesting bit or trivia or gossip; Or a sheet of paper with a crudely drawn map indicating a hidden treasure somewhere near by or at an undisclosed location. 
The Building includes many stray cats.
Some of which are very large
The Mice can speak, but never say anything interesting.
The Film consists of several adventures.
Then Ends with The Large Breasted Woman entering a donut shoppe to buy a box of donuts with Sprinkles. As she is leaving, A Man follows her out & invites her over to his apartment. 

The Cardboard Cut Outs
Wednesday, December 9, 2015 at 1:41:39 PM
From a Dream 
i was in a waiting room with my mother & sister, waiting to get into court, we’d arrived on time, but then they made us wait for a half an hour, we went over to a far corner & abby sat in an overstuffed chair while sandi sat on a couch, but i sat on The floor. i had my backpack with me. When we were called to go in, i noticed a green or blue coat that was left on The chair, i called to sandi, that seemed to already have a coat, & she ignored me, so i threw The coat back onto The back of The chair. When we got inside, i couldn’t seem to recall why we were there, then someone from The clerk’s table handed me a glasses case, which on The inside had all of my old addresses in it, long before i started wearing glasses, they said it was mine & that someone returned it, but they didn’t know who. When i pulled The inner lining of The case open, there was an electronic activation device inside, but i was wondering why they would have gone to so much trouble to use this ploy to find me since they’d been following me from The day i was born & activate a signal that anyone else could have activated? Then Colleen Chun appeared & i called her by name. She revealed that The connection between us was The picture i’d had of her & that i’d been masturbating to for years. There was mystery about this still, & The year was revealed to be 3016, & i said that i was in The wrong time-line ! But then another woman from my masturbation box appeared & when i took her hand, we were teleported to her home, where The photograph was taken, but her husband that had taken The picture, wasn’t there. She was aware that we’d both been teleported from The courthouse, but she didn’t know how that worked, or who was doing all this, but she did recall that all of The times that i masturbated to her, i was making love to her. And that we’d had some 30 babies together, but none of them lived with her now. 
When i went to touch her though, after i’d taken off all of my clothes, i discovered that she was a card-board cut out figure. When i turned & walked around her to see her cut out side, The figure that i was looking at, turned so that i couldn’t see this edge of her, but i knew that she was flat, because when i touched her, she felt flat, & felt like cardboard ! When i left this room where we were & stepped through a doorway, i found myself in another setting with another of The women from my masturbation box, she too was a card-board cut out, but was fully animated & looked real from all sides, so long as i didn’t touch her. We talked about who took The photograph of her & her life outside of my masturbation box. Then i left again & eventually came to The 3 asian girls in school outfits, i talked to them for some time, & then said that they weren’t attending classes at The school in The picture behind them, they were just standing there, waiting for me, & that when i suggested to some of The other girls that i’d come across that if they were real, i probably wouldn’t get along with them, but they said that they were in love with me, all of them. ! While i was with The asian girls i tried having sex with one, & discovered that although they felt like card-board cut outs when i touched them, when i put my penis into one of their vagina’s, it felt like a real vagina! Then i tried french kissing her, & i could feel her tongue inside of my mouth ! as i continued to touch her more & more, she became more real & 3 Dimensional, but i had to touch them quite a bit before they were fully filled out, & felt warm to The touch. The girls that were still card-board cut outs couldn’t come with me through The doors to other scenes, but The filled out girls could. i also discovered that neither they, nor me needed to eat or drink anything & that while they could touch each other, they were mostly interested in me, & weren’t jealous that i was having sex with all these other girls. 
Also; These weren’t just The girls from my current masturbation box, but all of The girls that i’d ever masturbated to, so that as i wandered through doorway after doorway, many of these doorways that i couldn’t see in The original photograph, there were lots of girls that were vaguely familiar & many that weren’t, but each remembered each time that i’d made love to her, by masturbating to her. 
i also discovered that if i ‘came’ on The face of The card-board cut out, she would just wipe it off with a shirt or blanket & it wouldn’t ruin The card-board finish !
then i woke up ( or exited this hypnopompic state. 

My Twelve Confessions

i shouldn’t have murdered those 7 girls in New Mexico in 1982. 
It’s curious that they were never reported missing by anyone, & The Newspapers never featured a story about them. 
i disposed of them simply by attempting to hack up 2 of them, & dumping The parts in a swiftly running irrigation canal, but it soon became too tiresome & inefficient, so i bought several rolls of masking tape, then bundled The remaining 5 into balls, so that only The Tape could be seen when i finished with them, & then left them in a ravine that may well have been routinely visited by teenagers & hikers. But again; They were never found as far as i could determine. 

: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - : o
i shouldn’t have raped The Nun in Seattle. 
Although she gave her consent, i coerced her by convincing her that i was possessed by daemons & that making love to her would be The only way to free my soul from it’s control !
Then it took several tries before i was sure that The devils agent was driven out of me. 

: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - : o
i shouldn’t have broken into The Green House ( Not a Green-House ) on Whittle Ave in Oregon & peed on The Floor where The Elderly Couple were Sleeping.  Although i thought i was making quite a lot of noise, they didn’t awaken. 
i also ate all The Turkey Scraps in The Refrigerator, Hid their TV Remote behind The Bookcase, Tied Magnets to their Cats feet ( 3 ), Switched all Their CD’s & Cases around, Masturbated on their Magazines, Took The Batteries out of their Smoke Alarm, Switched The Silverware around in their Utensils Drawer, Moved The Plates to behind The Cereal Boxes, Filled The Sugar Bowl with Salt, Stapled their Coats together in The Hall Closet, Drew Childish Pictures of Genitalia on The Living-room’s Walls, Opened their Mail; which was accumulating on a table in their dining room. i marked The important pieces with post-it-notes, then left them in The Refrigerator. 
i stayed until early morning, getting into continuous mischief, until i heard them rustling around upstairs. Without thinking about this at all until that very moment, i stripped naked, putting all my clothes in a bag & leaving it outside, then slipped several rubber bands around my ankles,  & several more around my wrists, & taped my mouth shut with one thin strip of scotch tape & sat on a chair in their kitchen until they discovered me there ! 
i pretended to struggle against The rubber bands & The scotch tape until they freed me. This all sufficiently aroused me that i had a prominent erection which i repeatedly brushed against The elderly woman that was wearing a ratty bathrobe & shear nightgown. She & her husband seemed to accept my ridiculous story that included several women dressed in gorilla costumes that spoke a language that sounded like Vietnamese. 
As i told them The Story while The Wife made Coffee, i masturbated on their Couch. They were very polite. The Husband offered to call The police, but i told them that i was an illegal immigrant, & they would send me back to Wisconsin. 
i asked if there was any chores i could do for them, such as trimming their toenails, which The Woman considered thoughtfully, & then brought me some clippers. i trimmed both his & her toenails to their satisfaction, considering that neither’s had been cut in quite a long time. i then offered to shave her legs, & she said that she hadn’t shaved her legs for many years, & i said that this was a special occasion, so she got one of his shaving razors & some shaving cream. i then got her to lay down on The dining room table, took off her robe & nightgown then proceeded to shave her legs, arms, back, buttocks, stomach & facial hair. Then i gave her a Breast Examine, Checked her for Cervical Anomalies, Masturbated on her breasts while her husband submissively watched. i spent The rest of day with them, vacuuming The whole house & washing their windows. She & i remained naked The whole day. i playfully inserted my penis into her several times, & as her husband seemed only confused by this behaviour, i fucked her 6 or more times in several rooms of their house. When The mailman came by, i opened The Curtain by The Mailbox & told The Couple it would be a hoot if he saw The two of them on The couch, her giving him a blowjob. But she’d never given anyone a blowjob, so i hurriedly showed her how to proceed as we watched The mailman come around their block. It all went well, but The mailman didn’t look through The window or just ignored them, which disappointed all of us. 
After The Evening News & a nice Dinner of Meatloaf, i told them i should be leaving, then left just as it was getting dark, picked up my clothes that i’d put by  their garage & returned to The park where i was hanging out across town. 

: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - : o
i shouldn’t have thrown The hissy fit at The 7-11 in California.

: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - : o
i shouldn’t have kept a decapitated head alive for 6 weeks in Montana. 

: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - : o
i shouldn’t have taken all those underpants from The day care center in Kansas.

: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - : o
i shouldn’t have lived in The crawl space at The Junior highschool in Arizona for 8 months in 1993-94, spending much of my time watching The girls in The Gym’s Dressing Room. 
i managed to reveal myself to several dozen of The Students, bringing them into my crawlspace & sharing my discoveries with them, & impregnating at least 9 of The girls. 
When i was finally betrayed by one of The boys, i had foreseen this possibility by arranging a false wall to cover The entry point to The Crawl Space, so that The Authorities that he brought to that spot thought he was crazy. 
But things soon spiraled out of control, & i had to leave. 

: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - : o
i shouldn’t have told those aliens that abducted me all The Crazy things  ( Terrible Lies ! ) that humans do. 

: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - : o
i shouldn’t have called in a bomb threat, every day at 3:00pm, to A Pet Store in Wyoming. The first Few days they evacuated all The pets, but then just ignored me after The 3rd day.  i continued to call every day for 4 weeks, & then 2 weeks after i stopped, i made a crude bomb that i planted in The store that went off a little prematurely at 2:53pm, which broke several aquariums, but only traumatized The mammals & reptiles. 

: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - : o
i shouldn’t have tried to assassinate George W. Bush after he was president. He was walking out of a hotel, surrounded by other people & i inadvertently shot a woman that had been receiving death threats for months. The Attack wasn’t considered to be a threat to Bush, & i later learned that several people were charged & convicted in The Conspiracy to Murder this woman.  Naturally, they insisted that they were innocent, but The circumstantial evidence against them was overwhelming. 

: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - : o
i shouldn’t have invented a time machine in 1973 & changed this timeline, preventing world war iii, but causing AIDS, & set into motion a series of events that will cause a much worse war in 2018. 

: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - : o
i shouldn’t have sold my soul to aliens that provided my empty, lifeless sentience with an indestructible robot to exist inside of.

: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - : o

A Film starts out with a Nun in The Mother Superiours Office 
being told that she’s just not working out as a Nun & that she is being ‘dismissed’. The Nun however has wanted to be a Nun all of her life, since she was a little girl, & surrounded herself with Nun Paraphernalia, Toys, Greeting & Post-Cards, Board Games, Dolls with Every Historical Habit, Posters & Stacks of Sketch books filled with drawings of Nuns in Every Activity; everywhere she’s ever lived. 
This is The Third Convent that she’s been kicked out of; But she has enough Connections to be given one last chance. There is a Convent in The Wooly Mountains of The Inaccessible Massifs of Northern Asia in Russia. She takes a Steamer, Bilge Class, Then a Series of Trains to a Remote Station, where she is picked up by an Elderly man in a Dilapidated Wagon, pulled by a Glue Factory Reject for 4 days to a Fork in The Road, Where she is met by a pair of Nuns with a One Wheel Wagon a Very Narrow Path. They load her meager bag into The Wagon & walk another 3 days to The Convent that is apparently only accessible by way of a Narrow Bridge over a Crevasse & disappears into a fog hundreds of feet below them. 
Once inside; She is taken to a tiny Room with a Straw Bed & one Tiny Window that is 20 feet off The Floor. The window is a Hole without a Glass Cover, & as it is Spring. There are Tiny Birds flying in & out, with a series of nests affixed to The Wall near The Ceiling. 
After Arranging her things in a dresser beside a simple desk & chair, she is taken to meet The Mother Superior. 
The M. Superior provides The Nun with a History of The Convent, which was previously a Monastery, & Prior to That; The Castle of a Minor Duke of Russian Royalty. It apparently was built long before that though, Used by an Ancient Cult that claimed it was built by Angels that had rejected Gawd after The Fall of Lucifer, but were spared The Torments of Hell. These Angels were Sent to Earth, where they Constructed numerous Ancient Structures, then left them to wander The Earth, without purpose or ambition. 
There is a substantial library which contains thousands of extremely old books, clay & stone tablets, metal scrolls & light tablets which appear that they may be from The Future. 
The Convent has an Extensive Underground Mushroom Farm where they grown dozens of different kinds of Eatable & Medicinal Morels, Chantrelle, Cremini, Enoki, Matsutake, Porcini, Boletes & Buttons for export throughout The World.
While The Trip took her weeks to get to this remote location; They have an alternative Elevated Cable Car Network that allows them to Export & Import small containers over The Forests & Through The Mountains to a Village that is More Reasonably Connected to The Rest of The World. 
They also produced illustrated Translations of Ancient Texts & Poetry, Produce They Own Yoga Videos that specialize in Christian Tantra Masturbation Techniques. 
The Nun Settles in; Working principally in The Kitchen, Preparing simple foods collected from The Surrounding forests.
After several months in This Huge Castle, Exploring many sections that were closed off long ago.
During one such expedition, she finds another Nun sitting in an Enclosed Section where she herself likes to go to ‘Practice her own version(s of Zen Meditation’.
- - 
These Two Nuns then explore a Garden that is outside, through a ‘secret’ doorway, along a dangerous Path, & apparently can’t be seen from anywhere in The Castle Proper. 
They come to believe that this Garden is a Preserved Piece of Eden. 
- -
Madcap Adventures ensue. 

The Woman Upstairs.
There actually is an Eritrean Woman that lives upstairs with her husband, & they used to have a son living with them, but he disappeared some time ago. Was he murdered or moved out with an Asian Whore ?
- - 
Anyways; i briefly ran into her in The Stairwell during a series of odd things were going on in The building today. There were two separate ‘emergencies’, one in The laundry room, & one upstairs in # 9. 
She was apparently curious about ‘something’ but only grunted some inarticulate, non-english word or phrase & after a few moments, retreated back up to her room.
- - 
She is about 40-50 years old, & may have been at one time, a radiant middle eastern ( dark eyed & mysterious ) beauty. 
But now— Not so much.
i have let her husband ( 40ish, fit, good looking ) in The building a couple of times, after hearing him shouting under my window, by The front door, after being locked out of The building. 
- - 
i have also heard them ( directly above me ) having sex ( rarely ) in the early mornings.

i hear something odd upstairs & find her sitting outside her door. apparently she has locked herself out. her husband won’t be back for some time. although she doesn’t speak english, & may be slightly retarded, i manage to get her to come down to my room for tea. There is no chairs in my room, except for The one beside my drawing table, & although she is hesitant to sit on my bed, i throw The quilt & blankets over it & she sits down. i make some tea that she seems to enjoy. unable to talk about anything, we sit on The bed & i show her some apps on my kindle. She seems sleepy & takes a nap. i get up & she lays back, she soon seems to be asleep & i take The opportunity to masturbate beside her. i ejaculate on her face & she wakes up & opens her eyes a little, but doesn’t get up. this sufficiently arouses me to keep masturbating while she watches. i cum on her face again. & then i pull up my pants & sit in my chair. after a few more minutes, she rouses herself & goes to The bathroom. The door is left open & i can see she is using The bathtub as a toilet, then gets my attention so that i am allowed to come to her. she has left a large turd in my bathtub & is having some trouble cleaning herself, as i don’t have whatever they use for this ( ? )
i get her out of The bathtub, retrieve a spatula from The kitchen with a bucket & clean The turd from The bathtub & flush it down The toilet. i try to show her that The toilet is for pooping & peeing, by taking off my clothes & pantomiming these acts. But is difficult to teach anyone something, when they are already certain that they already know what they are doing is correct. 
While then trying to wipe her butt, i discover that she has substantial sores & dried poop around her anus ! So i then disrobe her & get her into The Shower, where i turn on The Hot/Warm water, which substantially surprises her, but i manage to keep her in There. i then Shampoo her hair, which is filthy, combing out streaming clumps of dirt & ( ? . Then i gently scrub her body & wash her anus, which takes quite some time. After getting her reasonably clean, she is now acquiescent enough that she allows me to shave her legs, arms, back, stomach & breasts, along with her face, mustache & trim her eyebrows. It never seems to occur to me how she will explain this to her husband. 
Once is all cleaned up, i am aroused again, & she is again quite receptive to having sex with me, once in The shower & again on The Bed,  & again from behind, then we take another shower, which she now enjoys anew. We have sex again in The Shower. 
i then rinse out her underwear & hang them over The heater to dry  them out. i apply copious amounts of 3 in 1 Ointment to he anus & tend to some other abrasions. 
We can now hear her husband upstairs & she goes upstairs. 
The next day, she comes down to get me, takes me upstairs to see that their bathtub is full of shit. apparently; they have been trying to wash some of it down The drain, but there is lots left in it. i go down to my room & return with my bucket & spatula, & we clean up her bathtub, washing it out thoroughly. Then i have sex with her again in her shower, on her bed & on The Floor. She sees The clock says it’s nearly time for her husband to come home, so i gather up my clothes & go down to my room, just as i notice her husband passing by to go upstairs. 
The next day she comes down to see me, takes me upstairs & shows me that The bathtub is still clean & she beaming with glee that she has apparently taught her husband how to use The toilet. 
We have sex again; & i shave her pussy smooth again. i show her how to shave herself, but i help her with her butt, & apply some more 3 in 1 Ointment. She is healing nicely. 

What will Replace Television in the Near Future
In The Very Near Future— Televisions are going to evolve beyound boxes or screens to occupy entire walls, or all The walls in a room, or all The rooms in a house, including The ceilings & floors.
Thereafter; There will remain conventional story based entertainment venues, some of which make use of this 360˚ Environment; But there will be a Secondary Genré of Video Art that will be largely unexplored until a medium becomes available that doesn’t intend The ‘Viewer’ to watch it at all.
This The Nature of Painted Walls, Wall Paper, Textured Siding, Roofing Tiles, Fabric Designs, Carpeting or Decorative Architecture. These things are intended to be viewed only peripherally, or if noticed, Only briefly considered as ‘Pleasant’. 
What might these Video Walls of The Future Display when no one is Watching ?
Walls that subtly change color or Their textural pattern, so that one might sit down in a green room, & become aware at some later time that it is red, having never been aware that it was, or had changed.
There may be QuaziFractional Looping Films, in which The Viewer; If they were to ‘Watch’ The Video, would be aware that they were watching a continuous Activity that seemed very much like a loop, but were unable to determine where The loop began or ended; because The Video would be a composite of many ‘Fragments’ seamlessly added end to end, in a Random Manner. In Such a Video, there would a sufficient number of these Fragments that even if one tiny section were played again & again, The leading & following segments would cause The viewer to doubt if The segment were being repeated.
The Principle Idea here is that these Videos would go on & on, Potentially Forever, without being noticeably repetitive !
Such QuasiLooping Subjects might include :
A woman sucking on a mans testicles.
Two women french kissing in a manner to include copious licking of each other’s faces.
A man masturbating so that he is continuously ejaculating.
A woman sucking on a thick beefy Areola & Nipple.
A woman pulling & masturbating her clitoris & Labia. 
All of these would be very closeup, like a single art photograph.
A woman continuously painting & painting over their toenails.
Two women slap boxing.
- - 
A wall of Cockroaches.
An Illusion of The wall being Translucent, & women with large Breasts showing on The other side, occasionally falling against The ‘glass’ separator.
Any number of Mathematical / Geometric Designs.
Hamsters crawling around in plastic tubes.
A Aquarium with Odd Animals. / Deep Ocean battles between Squids & Whales.
An Ant’s Nest
Egg’s Frying / Pancakes being made / Chopping Vegetables.
Puppies or Kitten Playing.
Children on a Playground.
A Never-ending Parade of People being dragged to their executions.
Someone playing a musical instrument with a tune that is constantly changing
A Nude woman with very, very large breasts, running, as seen from someone riding in a truck in front of her. She would run through a wide variety of landscapes, occasionally tripping or stopping to throw up.
Large Snowflakes falling. 
A Child cutting out Paper Snowflakes
A Child stepping on Bugs.
Animals being slaughtered in a Processing Factory
A Man eating Donuts.
A Prisoner of War throwing a baseball against a wall.
A beautiful woman being whipped. 
A Man throwing children off a building.
Cattle Grazing
A Flock of Birds 
A Women Shelling Peanuts & Eating them.
The Tip of a Plant Growing & Sprouting Leaves
A Lion or Tiger or (x walking against an ever changing background
A Mouse eating seeds on a floor covered with mouse traps.
A Man tied to a Stake in front of a line of rifle bearing executioners that keep missing him
A beautiful naked woman tied to a spinning wheel, with knifes being thrown at her, many of which fall off as The wheel turns. 
A woman squatting & peeing & peeing & peeing on a sidewalk, while pedestrians walk around her. 

Friday, August 9, 2013 8:44:14 PM
On Shark Tank / There is a company called ‘Verbalize’ which Instantly provides a Translator for any two people that need to communicate with each other.
This is an integral part of a Masturbation Fantasy that i’ve been having for several months, or years.
In my Fantasy model, there are several girls & guys that each speak several languages, many obscure, that are available 24/7 via a Tablet Phone. A Customer calls up & suggests which language translations they need, which are then connected to The Translator.
Occasionally; The Polyglots will need to determine what The Crazy Language being spoken is. A Shop Owner will call The Language Center & get The Customer to Speak for a few moments, whereas The Language Center will make a Determination of what Language they’re speaking, & transfer that call to A Bi-Language Translator that’s needed. 
The Masturbation Element is that this is Easy Money for Genius’ that just want to be On Call whenever, & spend The rest of their time having sex. 
The Service in this Version is aimed primarily at Hotels, Businesses that attract hagglers from around The world, & others that need light conversations at a high school level.
In this Episode of Shark-Tank; It’s been argued that in Specialized Business Environments, The Off The Shelf Translator would be out of their League— This Service is more aimed at Translators that need to think on their feet, which Machine Translators can’t do, & Specialty Information & Vocabulary aren’t required. 
A Business Environment will hire a Translator that they need for a Specific Application; This Phone service is aimed at conversations that would last no more than a few minutes to agree on a price, service or resolve a simple dispute, bill or misunderstanding. 
Verbalize uses an App as The First Tier for The Customer, Which could allow The User to Pick The Two Languages if known. 

Not Ghosts
A woman moves into an Apartment Building with 4 Floors. On one day, a few weeks after moving in, she passes a room, & through The Crack left by The Door being open, on The Side with Hinges, she can observe a young 20ish man with a huge penis, vigorously having sex with a small, breastless girl in pig-tails. She is moaning violently, but The Woman can’t tell if it’s pleasurable moaning or terrified moaning, or agonizing moaning. She watches for several minutes before hurrying to her own apartment & calling The police. They arrive in a few minutes, but when she takes them to The Apartment, there’s no door there. Thinking that she’s confused, they talk with a gaunt, grey faced woman in The apartment next to where The missing apartment is. The Gaunt Woman tells them that The Apartment that they are looking for was sealed off 3 years ago, but is now accessible from The Apartment above it. So The Woman reporting The Disturbance & The Police go up to The 5th Floor & knock on The Door there. The interiour of The Apartment is such that it couldn’t be The one that she saw The Violation taking place in, & they have already determined that it wasn’t on The 1st, 2nd or 3rd Floors. The Police are very patient & ask to see The downstairs unit. The Man that lives there is very reluctant to allow them in, but after some persuasive threats, he takes them to a stairwell, explaining The history of The changes made to The building, making this unit a two story version. Downstairs, The Police discover a young man, but not The one that The Woman first Saw. He is accompanied by 6 adult women with large breasts, they are having sex & masturbating. While being interviewed by The Police, they continue to have sex & masturbate. The Police search The unit, but do not find The Man that The Woman saw or The young girl. They are confused & exasperated, but promise to file a report & leave. The Woman then returns to her apartment & along The way, passes The missing apartment which has reappeared. The Door is Open & she hesitantly enters to find an elderly couple watching TV. She tries to explain The afternoon’s fiasco to them, & they nod pensively, finally telling her that The Building is haunted by Not Ghosts. 
The Not Ghosts are fully physical Beings, that can touch you & seem in all respects, entirely real. They occasionally have sex with The people in The building, climbing into their beds in The middle of The night, persuading The awakened victim to have sex with them for several hours, then The person goes to The bathroom at dawn, coming out to see that it’s now dark out. Looking at The Clock, they see that it’s just a minute after midnight. 
The Not Ghosts can change The physicality of The Building, as they did when they added another floor for The Police & The Woman. She then tries to find The stairwell leading up, but it is now gone. There is no usual Elevator, but sometimes one becomes available. 
Many odd Characters come & go. 
Several of The Residents have tried to leave The building to move elsewhere, but The Not Ghosts will not let them leave. Sometimes it becomes clear that someone is no longer welcome & are allowed to leave, or they just disappear, & their unit is found empty.
If The Not Ghosts let you move in, then they must like you.
The Woman lives there for many years, enduring many zany adventures. 

Porn Magazine Publications
Themes for Magazine / Monthly Issues
Scary Grrrls
Huge Aureolas
Huge Clitoris’
Flipper Arms
Two Heads
Very, Very Fat
Various Syndromes 
Autistic Girls
Down’s Syndrome
Midgets & Dwarfs / Special Issues for All Kinds
Round Faced Girls
Beautiful Big Nosed Girls
MS &/or CP
Muscle Girls
Insanely Large Breasts
Women having more than 11 Babies in one Pregnancy
Quadruplets ( +
Girls that like to cut themselves
Girls that like to shoot themselves
Girls that like to have their Breasts Nailed to Things
Girls that have a mysterious Racial Heritage
Odd Looking Girls
Strangely Appealing Ugly Girls
Mutant Limbs
Public Nudism
Mad Doctor Experiments

- - - -

Commodore Verdant Pickles
The Madcap adventures of Commodore Verdant Pickles
Bo's'n mate on The S.S. Chapeaux
Series of films depicting young children six to fourteen doing bizarre sexual and psychologically impossible perversions filmed through a one way glass so you can see a faint reflection of the camera and operator, plus date and time notations at the bottom  done with perfect computer simulations example young nine year old girl frantically plays, fidgets, then poops and draws/paints with her shit and pee menses amazingly accurate pictures of impossible alien landscapes
Terrible similes, analogies and metaphors
names animals. then wants sex with the animals 
very improbable animals takes on the form of a riddle "what animal am i having sex with...?" never explicitly stated
various mysterious quixotic characters
plenty of conspiracies
historical distortions
whenever in a fight, tears off arm or leg of an opponent, or causes The opponent to choke on their own eyeball.
these events that i'm relating are true not because any of them happened to me, or even anyone i know, but because they were found in a diary and handwriting analysis has shown that the writer by all factors of measurement he believed that what they were relating were true  and also  the analysis shows that there are no indicators of psychosis or delusional neurosis or tendencies to deceive
perfectly ordinary cabin boy is routinely described as a horrible mutant  he as disfiguring blotches covering his body ( freckles )  a large tumor-like growth on the center of his face convoluted worm like growths on the sides of his head ridiculously short arms stringy unnaturally colored fungus sprouting from his body 
companion friend 'lady' that is a complete lunatic incomprehensible speech that may or may not be insightful wisdom of the mad  crypto-babble jiggery pokery
has a shadowy 'facilitator' that takes care of him from behind an unseen curtain... ( this idea was discovered later to be a major component of ‘The HBO’s Carnival, And prior to that; The wizard of Oz. )

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