Monday, January 11, 2016

Taboos and Breast Feeding ( Brain or No-Brain ) + with Fish

Friday, January 8, 2016 at 8:23:34 AM


There was just a bit on Good Morning America about The rather Well-Worn topic of Human Breast Feeding in Public;

& While they were discussing this; They deftly avoided The Elephant on The Table; Which was; It’s Taboo.

The End.

People are Enculturated to Believe all Sorts of Very, Very Crazy Things, & The Functionality of These Beliefs is made all The More Utilitarian by Their Craziness !

That is; The Crazier The Taboo is; The Better it Works !

And That Functionality Is — To Distinguish Inskies from Outskies,

And — Provide Every Citizen with A Very Easy Test for Identifying Seriously, Clinical Insane People on The Street.

Only A Truly Insane Person would Violate A Taboo.

That is How Taboos Work.

One simple Indicator for if something is a Taboo or Not;

Is if Activity (a is Very Wrong, While Activity (aa, which is nearly The Same as Activity (a, But perfectly alright.

Such as Showing Women’s Nipples is Very Wrong, While Exhibiting Men’s Nipples is perfectly OK.

Murdering Your White Neighbors is Very Wrong, While Murdering Darkly Complected Strangers is perfectly OK.

Everyone; Absolutely Everyone, No Matter how Smart or Dumb They Are; Believe Very Crazy Things;

But If someone mentions something to you, & You Think;

“Wow ! That was pretty Crazy !”

Another Simple Test for Determining if What The Other Person Just Mentioned was One of Their Person, Communal or Cultural Taboos; Is — To Ask : “Why do you think that?”

If their response is some Schizophrenic Rant that is both Amusing & Frightening; Then They’re ( Normally ) Crazy. Unless of Course it concerns a possibility of property damage, boxes & boxes of ammunition or an embarrassing fiasco that would involve people you care about; Then you should tell The Authorities. Otherwise; They’re probably harmless.

But— If The Other Person Responds to your Question by becoming ( usually Hysterically ) Angry & Flustered— Because they don’t know Why They Think or Believe what They Do; Then; It’s almost Certainly a Taboo that they’re holding.

It also means that they have no brain.

Which also means that they’re perfectly normal.

Because as most ‘Intelligent’ featherless parakeets ‘know’;

People are about as Smart as Fish.

This however is Not to Suggest that people are merely dumb.

No. What this means is that People Brains & Fish Brains are essentially designed & work exactly The Same Way.

( Most ) People seem smarter than Fish, Only because of a Greater Number of Prepared Response Routines & Something very Remarkable, Called : ‘Emergent Complexity’ —

 Which essentially means that when you mix & match even a very small number of possible actions; Very Unexpected Combination Actions will Result.

That’s Not Real ‘Intelligence’ though, & The Aliens know that. They know that we’re just clever Fish, which is why they haven’t invited us to join The Federation of Planets yet.

It may well be another 5 Million years, or never, that Humans begin to experience true sentience.

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