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ObamaCare ( a case study )

My Parents were Ostensibly Democrats,
But i have Never Really thought of myself Political Enough to Choose a ‘Political Party’
For awhile in The 1980s, i was A Conscientious Whiggamore, The Party of Millard Fillmore,
But when i tried to Register as a Whig in Oregon, i found that that State would ONLY Allow me To Register as A Republican or Democrat ! i found this completely incomprehensible & have dropped out of The Registration Process thereafter.

i think i may have been Registered in Washington State for a little while, as i recall being called for Jury Duty, but after spending a few minutes with me, they excused me from any future service.

And then Sometime later; ( ? ) i got a Federal Jury Duty Form that i had to fill in with a Number Two Pencil, So i used a Glitter Pen & added copious notes to The margins.
i never heard back from them.


This is about ‘Obama Care’ which is actually called The Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act.
i have Not been following this At All — But i have recently been dealing with it a little bit.

So; This is a Tiny Sliver of A True Story.

This ( Being a Tiny Sliver ) is Not A Disingenuous ‘Out of Context’ Fragment meant to Suggest a Contrary Position of Some Greater Truth—
This is an Entirely Accurate Summation of The Nonsense that i’ve been Enduring for about 3 months now.


Since about 1985 i was ‘Awarded’ ( i am Not comfortable calling it anything that i can think of ! ? ) SSI Benefits for A Very Disabling ( Collection of ) Personality Disorder(s &/or Learning Disabilities which went undiagnosed throughout my entire childhood & high school years. i believe; because my comparatively high IQ was ‘Masking’ these disabilities into causing my Parents & Teachers into thinking that i was merely ‘Lazy’ or Actually Very Stupid.

i’ve always done rather poorly in school, & was held back in The 5th Grade, & in The 9th Grade ( Jr. High ) , i begged the Administrators to give me an actual IQ test to help resolve The Deep Confusion that i was experiencing as to Whether i was ’Smart’ or ‘Dumb’, but they refused to cooperate.

Much later; i spiked The Navy’s ‘IQ’ Test ( Twice ) & just before i got on SSI, i was given a Real IQ Test, & scored 130 ( i think it was a Wechsler Test, which doesn’t recognize a ‘genius’ status, Only ‘Very Superiour’ ( ? ) ).


i remained on SSI until just recently ( September 3rd 2015 ) When SSI insisted that i apply for A VA Pension.
Which i thought was Crazy, as :
a) i ‘Looked into’ this when i was first put on SSI to see if i was eligible for something like that, & i was deemed to be Not Eligible !
b) i was only in The Military ( Navy ) for about 1½ years, far short of my 4 year enlistment obligation, because i was too crazy for them !

But it turned out that i had only to be in The Military for 90_Fawking Days ! to be Eligible for this Crazy, Non-Military Related Disability ( Clause ) ? !

i suppose that this failed to ‘Engage’ in 1985 was because they ( ? ) never really considered it as thoroughly as they ( ? ) should have, or The Laws pertaining to such things have since changed, perhaps only very recently ! ?

Anyways; Rather than taking The ( Predicted ) 5 years ( as suggested on The Forms ) it took about 2_Fawking Weeks to become Activated !!!

So i’m on a VA Pension now.

As a Result of this;
i ostensibly lost me Medicaid which was somehow tied to my SSI.
But — ?
So that i had to obtain ( Under Severe Penalties ! ) A New Health Care Plan under ObamaCare ( The Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act ).

They ( ? ) Sent me a bunch of forms to fill out & i had to try 3 Times to get them to accept one of my submissions. At which time they sent me several ‘Options’; All of which, i thought were ridiculous ? !

And So; That brings us ( Approximately ) to this Letter that i sent to Their ‘Help’ Line to help me resolve these issues.

( As it turned out ( ??? ) ( i’m still Not really sure Whuck is going on )
i may still be on Medicaid, without ever experiencing a break in my Molina Care Plan ( ? ) - As Evidence for this; i haven’t had any problems renewing any of my prescriptions, which i pay Zero Co-Payments for ! )

The Letter that i sent to their Help Line :

hi hi hi...!!!
i am very confused by all of this !
i was on SSI for a very long time, then suddenly; SSI insisted that i switch to a VA Pension; which is $ 1072 from SSI's $733.
and then i had to apply for a health plan thinger; and then all of the plans that you sent me seem very expensive; The cheapest is $ 393 per month, while the Wikipedia article said that for people with an income of 133% of the Federal Poverty Level ( i'm only 109% ) shouldn't pay more than 3% of their income. $ 393 is more like 40% of my monthly income ? Is that right. Is that how this works ?
It just seems kind of shocking to go from Zero to 40% when my income has only gone up by less than half. This not only wipes out what little advantage ostensibly came from the VA Pension, but i'll actually be much poorer than before when i was SSI ?


Thanx !
: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - : o
Their Response :

Hello Christophe,
To apply for medical benefits:
1.       Use the online application at
2. Call 1(855)WAFINDER or 1 (855) 923-4633 to have an application sent to you or apply by phone.
3. Get assistance in person by contacting a Broker or Navigator (in-person assister).

To find an assister use this map:
Send additional questions about the application process to:
: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - : o

Which was Completely UnResponsive.
They just fed me back into The Loop.

What is mysteriously curious about this response though; Is that because they got The spelling of my name wrong, It suggests that some human actually read my missive, began typing a response; then pasted in this prepared ‘everymyn’ solution blurb. ( ? )

That is ObamaCare.

Their Phone Help Line is Completely Dysfunctional, as i Absolutely Dread calling Any of these Services. i Very, Very Honestly believe that they make these phone services so amazingly defective is to discourage anyone from calling or completing their call, because they don’t want to be bothered with helping anyone.

So this brings up this question :
Is ObamaCare so Dysfunctional because The Republicans have infiltrated it & are breaking it from within,
Or — Are The Democrats & The Obama Administration Breaking it from Within because they want to replace it with True Universal HealthCare at some later time.
Or — Is ObamaCare a Tepid ( Clintonian ) Solution for Something that ‘America’ isn’t quite ready for yet; Such as ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ or other failed Half-Baked ‘Solutions’ ( ? )

All of this is really testing my faith in angels.

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