Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Believing UnBelievable Things

Sunday, April 10, 2016 at 8:36:56 PM
Believing UnBelievable Things

i often consider that i have some missing molecules in my brain that allows me to freely believe unbelievable things.
Such as :
      That 911 had absolutely nothing to do with Islamic Terrorists.
      That The Apollo Moon Landings were hoaxed
      That OJ Simpson did Not Murder Ron Goldman & Nicole B. Simpson

But there are other things that may be commonly believed that i don’t believe in.
Such as :
      The Big Bang
      Darwinian Evolution
      Time Travel
      Gravity Waves
i also believe in Faeries, Ghosts & Something very much like Angels ( The Ξ.6 Controllers )

But what struck me this evening was that While many people ‘believe’ in Time Travel; i admit that there is some interesting evidence that supports it, but a universe that allows all instances of time to somehow simultaneously exist, even if we freely allow for an infinite universe ( in all particulars ), There remains something deeply annoying about it.


It may be that Time Travel is permissible, but Not in a way that we commonly think that it should.

But aside from that; i was thinking, that maybe this ‘believing’ stuff doesn’t have anything to do with how reasonable or unreasonable or believable or unbelievable something is.
Maybe it has to do how ‘pleasing’ The idea is to your personal sensibilities.
Which fits right in with my ‘Thinking is Bunk’ Synopsis.
Which is very similar to my ‘Logic is Bunk’ & People are about as Smart as Fish Philosophies.

i like to think ( believe ) that i ‘believe’ things that have been constructed from elemental principles, but maybe i don’t.
Maybe i’m the same as everyone else.
After all : All Reasoning is Jiggery Pokery. There is No ‘Good or Sound Thinking’.

Maybe Time Travel is one of those ‘things’ that must necessarily exist, but can’t : Thereby -Proving- That Reality is Wrong.
Or : Our Perceptions of what is real is entirely fallacious.
We are living in a screen-saver reality that does Not allow us to examine ( in any way at all ) The True Reality, So that everything we think we Must Necessarily Know About Reality is Wrong.

We are living in an Artificial Reality where impossible things can freely happen without any concerns for an underlying causality.

i believe that there is plenty of evidence for this;
But if this is true; Then my reasoning is necessarily suspect.

This seems to be approaching somekind of Catch-22 Principle.

Needs refining.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Chemistry Grrrl

A Rather Odd thing happened to me a few days ago.
i was on The Bus & i was trying to talk with A Very Pretty, Very Friendly Grrrl that was something like 19-22 years old.
- - 
It should be noted that before i begin; 
i have a personality disorder that may be Schizoid Personality or Asperger’s. Both are Symptomatically Equivalent; But it’s thought ( ? ) that one is caused by Autism ( one end of The Autism Spectrum Disorder(s, While The Other ( Schizoid P ) is thought to be related to Schizophrenia. 
i was diagnosed ( twice ) with SP, but both times, it was quite a few years before Asperger’s was even a Named Syndrome. ( ? ) 
The Difference that i ( from my own reading on these two classifications ) quantify them with is that while both The Aspergerian ( Aspie ) & Schizoid P generally shun other people, The Aspie wants to be around other people, but finds it very awkward for both parties, & The Schizoid P simply hates other people. When guests come over to visit, both The A & SP run down The Basement & hide under The Stairs, but for different reasons.
My own attempts to decide which one i really am is confusing & ambiguous. i seem to have significant traits for both. 
- - 
So Anyways.
i’m sitting there on The Bus & it’s marginally crowded; & i noticed that This Very Pretty Grrrl that is sitting right beside me ( by The Window ) is flipping through a deck of Flash Cards for Chemical Diagrams  
So i says; ‘Oh; you’re a chemistry person?’ & she says yes! 
- - -
The reason that i was so interested in talking to her, was because i wanted to discuss this ‘idea’ that i’ve had for sometime now regarding The Cable TV Series ‘Breaking Bad’. i’ve had this idea for awhile that it might have been much easier for Mr. White & Jessie to build a ‘Robot’ or Manufacturing Assemblage Machine to make The Meth for them. Of Course; it would be VERY Complicated; But The Advantages would be that once it got going, it would operate 24-7 & you wouldn’t need The Complicated Base Chemical that they were constantly scheming to get their hands on. The ‘Robot’ would be able to Synthesis Meth from ‘Base’ Chemicals, like Raw Hydrogen, Oxygen & so on. This would of course take much longer & require many more steps, but since The Robot’s doing all of The Work, Who cares ! 
So i’ve been wanting to discuss this with a Chemistry Person for quite awhile & here i had The Opportunity. ! 
- - 
First Odd Thing; i couldn’t remember The Name of The Show ! Bad something, having to do with The Meth & ??? & Finally i remembered ‘Breaking Bad’ & it seems like she is only vaguely aware of what i’m talking about, as if she’d never watched The show ( ? ) ??? !
Second More Troubling Odd Thing: The Moment that i ‘Broke The Ice’ with this Grrrl, all The other Guys on The Bus wanted to talk to her !!! There was this really big fat retarded kid ( early 20s ) sitting in front, that had a pronounced speech impediment that was chiming in with ridiculous comments & another guy behind us that immediately introduced himself to The Grrrl & Starting Chit-Chatting with her !!!
This Grrrl for her 2 Cents worth, was being very polite to me & seemingly wanted to stay on The Topic of Chemistry, but it was impossible, & then my stop came up.
- - -

Ugh. It was so very frustrating !!!