Friday, May 20, 2016

A Small Note on 'Minimum Wages'

Chrstphre Campbell This has been coming up so very often; That we need to be 'more' clear about what we mean by 'Minimum' Wage. Certainly in the case of sweat-shop labor positions, these women are working for slave wages. But in more industrialized/Technological Societies, Small Business absolutely need to be able to pay entry-level workers an entry-level wage. Maybe we should redefine how wages work, and put time-limits on not only Entry-Level positions, but most other tiers as well, until a worker enters a 'journeyman' level or becomes a certified jedi-knight. Then their wages are bound to proficiency and work-ethic. ( ? )

Monday, May 09, 2016

The Principle Reasons that i Hate Science

The Principle Reasons that i Hate Science :

The Difference between Smart & Dumb People or Clever Scientists & Gullible Pedestrians is that while both of these groups believe in all sorts of ridiculous things; The Clever Ones, that aren’t always any smarter than The dumb ones; Make up Ingenious Arguments as to why their Silly Beliefs are Right & The Dull Peoples Ideas are All Wrong.  Barring that; They’ll resort to cheap attacks of The Sort that Small, Rude Children would find beneath themselves to use on their playmates.  

When Scientists, Pundits & Other Learned Myn or Gullible Skeptics Insist on Peddling their Truth; i might counter that their Truth is merely Today’s Orthodoxy— Which are Routinely Overthrown by The Next Generation of Scientists, Pundits, Learned Myn & The Common Seed which want to cosy up to Whichever side has control of The Overlords of Our Democratic Republican Government or The Yellow Journalism Media & Celebrity Whores that sell themselves for a Bag of Peanuts as Pitchmyn for any SnakeOil or Insurance Fraud.

Knowing, or Believing what is True, or Accurate or Reasonable— 
Is very Difficult. 
You can pick a source that you ‘Want’ to believe is Reliable, But even a moment’s reflection of their Record will reveal that it is Invariably Spotted. You may Try to Draw from many Sources, but this only leads to Confusion & Uncertainty. 
Most people Strongly Prefer to be Confident with Some Viewpoint, Rather than Correct. In most every Example of this; These people do Not hold Positions of Policy Determination, So that it’s Inconsequential. But when they do; It may Effect The Lives of Millions or Billions of People, or Change The Course of History for Centuries to Come. 
The Way that Computers are Presently Designed ( Principally by IBM, MicroSoft & Apple ) will Persist for Another Hundred Years, Before it’s finally Discarded & Computers & Cogitators are ReDesigned from The Bottom Up.
Those few that are seeking to find some Greater Truth are Frustrated by this; But What does it really matter ? 
What is The Functionality of Knowing True Things, When it is Obviously Apparent that people have been getting along perfectly well for Millenia on Folk-Beliefs, Rules of Thumb, Pragmatic Approximations & Enduring The Average Intelligence of The Damp Masses. 

: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - : o 

Case Points :

The Demotion of Pluto to a Junior Dwarf Planet
- - - 
The Big Bang Itself / On The face of it; It’s just ridiculous ! How has it possibly become such an intrenched idea— Unless it’s all some sort of trick to see who’s The Type to play along, & Who’s capable of thinking independently ( ? ) 
i really most genuinely believe that many of The Things that we are ‘Told’ it True by Authoritative Sources is So Amazingly Wrong, That is has to be some kind of crazy Sieve to Separate The Damp Masses into Manageable Categories by something like a Global Illuminatii that treats most of The World like A Neglected Farm of Chattel to be Slaughtered for The Consumption of Future Generations. 
- - -
It should be noted that this : Illuminatii — Is The ‘True’ Global Secret Society that Really is Completely Secret. There are many Faux-Illuminatii's that are merely Boy’s-Clubs or Nepotistic Fraternities of Inbred Classmates; But there ‘Must be’ A Real Illuminatii that was Established long, long ago & has remained isolated, Establishing a Technological & Social Base that is Centuries ahead of what The Damp Masses believe is Possible. 
- - - 
New Drugs / i suppose that most lay people believe that The Large Pharmaceutical Companies somehow ‘create’ or ‘invent’ new drugs; But actually— They extract them from plants & directed brain tissues or wherever, then tediously inject them into countless small animals to see how their affected ! / If they’re wondering if a new chemical or compound will cure some disease; Then they induce The Disease in countless small animals & inject or feed Their found substance to them & see if it cures them. The Whole process takes many years & thousands or millions of small animals to work through. It is The very embodiment of trial & error. It is completely crazy. 
- - -
Engineers make things by tinkering around with whatever was left to them by The previous generation of tinkerers. They may occasionally use some simple arithmetic or algebra to help with electronic circuitry; but will build scale models of buildings & bridges to see if they’ll really hold together when you pile some bricks on them. 
Occasionally; Engineers ( which includes Chemical Engineers & Material Sciences Engineering ) will discover some new principle or effect from their mixing things together, which may result in a new super-conductor or memory circuit, which Scientists contributed nothing to, but will take credit for knowing it all along, & glibly create formulas which they insist are proof of The Manifest Discovery, while fudging this ‘Proof’ as more empirical evidence comes from The Engineer’s laboratories. 
- - -
Much of Science is Very Politicized; We often hear stories about our enemies ( USSR, Cuba or The Nazis ) that have Dictated to their Scientists what is True, & What they must adhere to, to Remain Funded or even Alive. 
Of Course; This sort of thing Doesn’t happen ‘Here’, But— It does. The ReCategorization of Planets, Global Meteorology, What Studies are Permissible by Universities or Federally Funded Research Facilities, All While Billions are Squandered on District Pork Projects & Absurd Studies whose Rationalization makes children burst out laughing; Are Examples of our Government’s Strangle-hold on The Throats of Epistemology. 
- - -
Dark Matter and Dark Energy / These two things are entirely make-believe, yet have somehow become completely embodied into modern ’Scientific’ thinking, while many quixotic phenomena, with hundreds of years of case-files to support their claims are carelessly dismissed as hooey. 
- - -
Entanglement is completely Bogus. Firstly No one is able to explain what this even means, or how particles become entangled, or assuming that this process may occur naturally; then in stars or wherever, every particle in The universe must now be entangled with every other particle in The universe. It is also ludicrous to suppose that you could isolate any pair of entangled particles & measure their properties.
- - -
Bell’s InEquality is supposed to somehow prove ‘Spooky Action at a Distance’— But i have never been able to confirm, through extensive research !, whether this is a real experiment or merely a thought experiment. & even if it is a real experiment, The results are purely statistical & must be ‘interpreted’ to yield some kind of conclusion.
- - -
Most any Scientific Article that completely neglects to reveal how The experiment is performed or how critical elements of The experiment is performed; But instead simply tells you what The ‘Results’ are, & what The reader is now expected to believe. 
- - -
Any Experiment that uses light, or specific properties of The photons of light, that in The experiment, pass through glass, lenses or reflect off of mirrors, because The photon that entered The glass, lens or mirror is Not The same photon that come out of it. The Way Mirrors & Lenses work is truly amazing & surrealistic ! 

- - - 
Inflation after The Big Bang
Generically; Anything that 'Physicists or Scientists' just makeup out of whole cloth to apply a patch to one of their theories that is contradicted by empirical evidence. 
- - -
The Orthodoxies Position that Fringe Investigations shouldn’t be -Allowed- to Continue until The Defenders & Supporters of these Topics can Fully Explain what their underlying causality is, or how they may work. This is The Very Anti-Thesis of how Science should work. 
- - -
Irrational Numbers / All numbers, Whole or Fractional, must necessarily exist as a Unique Position on The Number Line. Irrational Numbers, By Definition, Do Not Have a Unique & Fixed Position. 
- - -
The Idea of ‘At Infinity’ / Theres is No such a thing as ‘At Infinity’. / Parallel Lines for example to Not Meet At Infinity. An Irrational Number does Not have a fixed position At Infinity. 
- - -
The ‘Proof’ for The Irrationality of The Square Root of 2, Only works for that Value ( 2 ) & Not ( obviously ) for All Square Roots. 
- - -
There’s No Such a Thing as ‘Paradoxes’. Paradoxes, If anything, are proof that ‘Logical Thinking’ is Bunk. All Paradoxes may be ‘Resolved’ by simply allowing for The Obvious Idea that many Statements & Sentences, Although they may seem ‘Sensible’ or ‘Well Structured’; Are Not. They are simply Non-Sensical. They are simply Gibberish. 
- - -
Many Mathematicians, Physicists & Scientists ( seem to ) believe that Anything ‘Proved’ or Even Demonstrated, with Mathematics, Must Necessarily have a Correspondence with Reality. 
Mathematics are Digital, Quantified Artificial Increments that Correspond to Marks on Paper; While Reality is a Seamless Continuum of Analog Machinery, Whose Parts Recede into an Invisible Pit of Mysterious Blackness. 
- - -
Quantum Anything. This is most egregious when Deepak Chopra uses The Word ‘Quantum’ to mean just about anything, but When Physicists & Scientists Misunderstand The Really Fundamental ideas of Quantum Mechanics, it’s just unbearable. 
The Essence of Quantum Mechanics is merely that Reality is Not made up of Tiny Grains of Sand, But is a Continuum of Fuzzy Blobs, whose Delimiters, even for The Smallest Niblets, may well extend to fill The Entire Universe, Which of course Suggests that something very hinky is at The Bottom of The Kitchen Floor, With Nothing more, beneath that. 
One Obvious Point, That seems to be very true; Is that The ‘Fields’ That Extend from Every Fawking Atom, Stretch Out to The Limits of The Universe. This sounds completely Ludicrous, That The Magnets on your Refrigerator, Although Measurably are Effective only for an inch or Two, Are actually reaching out & Pulling Solar Flares Away from The Sun. i’m Not sure that i’d be willing to pile that into evidence for a Transcendental Reality, But it’s certainly very CounterIntuitive & Requires some serious Tangental Thinking. 
i also think that much of These Dark Matter & Dark Energy ( Enigmas ) ‘Problems’ would just ‘Go Away’ if Physicists would consider how Magnetic Fields from Stars are Effecting One-Another. Everyone is certainly willing to believe that Gravity is Effecting The Shapes of Galaxies, & Magnetic Fields are much, much stronger, Yet their Influence in Galactic Formation is Completely Discounted. ( ? ) 
- - -
Epiphenomenalism is A Very Clever Argument that There is this thing called; Consciousness, But since it is produced entirely by The Brain— It is somekind of weird Residue of The Brain’s Activities. Since the Brain Creates Consciousness; Consciousness contributes nothing to it’s own Experience ! Consciousness can’t control or Direct The Robot that is Creating it. Consciousness does nothing. It is An Observer trapped in A Robot that creates all of it’s own Thoughts ! 
When The Brain generates The Thought; ‘I Think, therefore I am.’ or Consider’s any idea that includes The Attributes of it’s own Consciousness; Which it can Not in any way have access to ( ! ) It must therefore be referencing another ‘faux-consciousness’ that it is somehow aware of ! 
This is obviously very Counter-Intuitive & Repugnant to any Reflections upon one’s own Sentience; Thus ‘Proving’ that this line of reasoning ( Epiphenomenalism ) must be wrong in someway. But how ? 
In any analysis; How can The Thing ( Whatever that may be ) that Creates our thoughts that we become ‘Aware’ of, Feed that Awareness back into The Thing that Creates those thoughts ( ? ) To suggest that it’s Recursive or Circular, merely begs for another tier of The Same Inquiry. 
The Only Real Solution is to Assume that Reality & How our Brains &/or Minds allow us to think about it, Is entirely Fallacious. We are living in a Transcendental Reality of which we are unable to ever truly examine or accurately think about. 
- - -
Anything that Astronomers claim. / The Evidence for ‘New Planets’ in other Solar Systems is Very, Very Tenuous— to be so Polite that my toenails ache when i give them that tiny smidgen of credibility. 
- - -
That NASA has been so disingenuous with their search for life of Mars. / How difficult would it be to put a dang microscope onto some of these probes, which would allow ground observers to direct The Robot on Mars to pick up a scoop of Martian soil & prepare a slide so that we can see if anything’s wiggling around. ( ? )
- - -
That ’Science Books’ are so very disingenuous with ‘Interesting’ or ‘Curious’ things on Mars or other Astronomical Discoveries.
The most genuinely interesting or curious things are invariably left out of them.
- - -
E=MC Squared : Doesn’t mean anything. It’s a catch phrase coined by A. Einstein to Popularize his general theories.
- - -
Many of The Constants used in The Standard Theory, that is supposed to Explain all of Physics, Are Completely Made Up, to Fill in Gaps, to Link Disparaging Equations together. 
- - -
Large, Heavy Objects fall faster than smaller, Light Objects. / The Heavy ( more massive objects ) are pulling ever so slightly up on The Earth as The Earth is Overwhelmingly pulling down on them. 
- - -
Logic is Bunk. / Propositional Logic is completely useless. 
People are about as Smart as Fish. 
At any given point in history, Scientists have always felt that ’They’ now have a thorough understanding of Reality, & quietly dismiss all of The Crazy Ideas that their fore-fathers had as home-spun folklore. 
- - -
There is something obviously wrong with The 2nd Law of Thermodynamics. If everything is supposed to be becoming less orderly; Then The Universe was much more orderly however many billions of years ago. What is this supposed to mean ? 
- - -
The Matter of The Universe may be disappearing into Black-Holes or White Dwarfs, But when these object come together & Tear each other apart while tightly orbiting one another, they refill The Steady State Universe with Hydrogen & other Elements. 
Even if Red-Shifts demonstrated that The Galaxies are ‘Currently’ moving away from each other, it’s Not necessarily The case that they Started out as a Singularity. They might have ‘Recently’ come out from a Daisy-Wheel Spiral, Such as A Flock of Birds that Compact, Then Disperse. 
- - -
The Applications for when ‘Infinity’ may be applied to things, needs to be severely ‘Revisited’.
It is often suggested that any given ‘Line’ has an infinite number of ‘Points’ in it. i would like to amend this by encouraging a new school of thought; That this idea of Infinitely Tiny Dots is Disingenuous & Misleading. i would like to replace these ‘Points’ with ‘Nodes’. A Node is a Well Defined ( Geometrically Defined ) Locus on a Number-Line that Indicates a Finite Value; Such as ‘2’ or ‘.5’. π is also a Specific Node, but Not an Irrational One. 
When one considers The ‘Volume’ of ‘Points’ in A Pair of Lines; The Key to comparing them is Correspondence. Any given ‘Point’ ( Node or Region ) may be Linked to An Equal Point, Node or Region in The Second Line. Obviously if A One Inch Line is compared to A Two Inch Line, The One Inch Line Corresponds Equally to The First Inch of The Two Inch Line, Leaving nothing for The Second Inch. The Two Inch Line is Longer, Thus it has A Greater Quantity of Infinite Points. But they tell us that this is Wrong. All Infinities are Equal. But Cantor said that that’s Not Correct Either. 
Clearly; The Whole idea of Infinities needs to be Reconsidered with something that i would like to call ‘Mathematical Common Sense’. 
- - -
Much of Science is Severely Muddled with Foundational Ideas which were Wrong from their Inception, Then Incorporated into The Hierarchy of Well Accepted Truths; & are now stuck there. Many of The Core Axioms need to be reconsidered & Discarded. 
- - - 
2 x 2 should Not be Commutative. 
2 x 2 = 4
2 x -2 = -4
-2 x 2 is nonsensical.
-2 x -2 is nonsensical. 
2 is a quantitive value or a Factor 
-2 is a missing quantitive value, but Not a Factor. 
- - -
Although we were taught in school that any base number system must contain a zero to be meaningful, this is Not true.
The simplest example is to consider is a base 26, made up of The Entire Alphabet. Although this base allows for a Zero before The Value ‘A’, it does Not use a Zero as a placeholder, or for any other application. 
A = decimal 1
B = decimal 2
Z = decimal 26 
AA = decimal 27 ( 1 unit of 26 + one unit of 1 ) 
AB = decimal 28 ( 1 unit of 26 + two units of 1 ) 
From this; A perfectly agreeable Multiplication & Addition Table(s are producible, which all school-children are required to memorize. 
- - -
i have also hypothesized that there may be An Alien Race on another Planet somewheres that doesn’t consider The Use of Whole Numbers. It allows for a Number Line Value of 1 & 2, but doesn’t consider them as anything special. 
When considering a Basket of Apples for example; A Human would say that one Basket contains 2 Apples & another Basket contains 6 Apples.  But The Alien would counter with The Observation that all The Apples are of Different Sizes & Obviously consist of Differing Quantities of Appleness. Which they apply to all ‘Tangible’ Quantities, Even when two Separate things seem by all measurable means; Equivalent— In The same way that we might allow that any given drawn circle may seem perfectly round, but really isn’t. 
This then opens The Door for Many other ways to construct a consistent & fully functional mathematical realm. 
Our idea of Mathematical Universality is just mistaken. 
- - -
The Current Theory for how Snowflakes form, is very wrong. The Key to understanding Snowflakes is how they generate ‘Tones’ which Ring like a bell & Create WaveForms throughout The Growing Snowflake as each new water-molecule slams into it. 
- - -
Gravity & Magnetism are completely & utterly Unexplained, But Physicists & Scientists have The Audacity to believe that they Understand Reality Nearly Completely. 
- - -
Scientists very often believe that merely ‘Labeling’ things is The same as Explaining them. 
- - -
Darwinian Evolution does Not Allow for any Alternative Theories to Question its many problems. Anyone that attempts to point out some obvious & severe problem with Darwinian Evolution is immediately Branded a Christian Creationist Extremist, Intelligent Designer or Merely a Lunk-head. 
- - -
The Radiation from Cell-Phones is obviously very detrimental to our health, & in a very few years, Doctors will be involved in a massive conspiratorial Coverup that most people are dying inexplicably of Brain Tumors, While The Scientific Community tells them that The Solution is Right Around The Corner. All Autopsies after 2040 will only be conducted by Government Doctors. Extreme Penalties will be imposed on anyone that questions their reports.
- - -
There are many very odd things that surround The Alleged Moon Landings in The 1960’s & 70’s.
There were many very odd things that happened on September 11th 2001.
- - -
The Smartest People have an IQ of about 130 to 140. People that are ‘Smarter’ than that suffer from many Delusional Ideas, such as; Anything that They Think Up, Must be True. There just aren’t enough people in their peer groups to constrain their crazy thinking. 
The Smartest ( Straight A ) Students, are The ones that have learned to Con The System. The Brightest ones are The B- or D+ Students. 
- - -
Although Our Entire Judicial Network may Not be considered ‘Scientific’; It is a Predominant Structural Component of Western Civilization that Considers its Foundational Justification as ’Scientific’— Is pure bunk. / i find it fascinating that there are still judges that are bickering daily over elemental moral & ethical issues that should have been decided 25,000 years ago.
- - -
Although Not ’Scientific’; i find it fascinating that Nearly Everyone can’t ( or won’t ) ‘Like’ something until it’s been ‘Validated’ by an Authoritative Source.
- - -
Taboos. / They are crazy. 
- - -
While ( All ) of The Arguments that attempt to Prove the Existence of Gawd are always flawed in some simple way; There are many very Strong Arguments for A Transcendental Reality. This merely means that there are Things in our Reality that Defy any ability that we have to ‘Explain’ them. These are Not simply ‘Hard’ Problems that we will ‘Eventually’ Explain; But things that defy our Current Fundamental Understanding of ‘How to Think’. We will have to Transcend Humanism & our current understanding of what ‘Consciousness’ is. 
- - -
The Flying Saucer Phenomena clearly exists. What this Phenomena is, is very mysterious.
Likewise; With nearly all other Quixotic Phenomena.
- - -
There are Variety of Things that ‘Prove’ we are living in a Screen Saver Reality. / This means that our Reality is essentially something like a computer program; Such that many of The Things that we ‘Know’ are Irrevocably True, are Not True, & Have No Underlying Causality. They are just lines of code that say something like; If (x then (y. / Consequently; All of Science is Pointless. We can never ‘examine’ this reality, because we are confined by The Fallacious Reality itself. 
The Best we can do is Aquire a Listing of all of these Rules, But since there’s no underlying causality or Relationship to All of These ‘Attributes’, They are by Definition; Senseless. 
Even if we could trust our Ability to ‘Think-Reliably’, Creating such a List of ‘Physical Facts’ is entirely pointless.
If this Interpretation is Accurate ( ! ) It may well be Entirely Possible to Build A Time Machine that our ‘Reality Generator’ will ‘Allow’ to Work; If ‘We Believe’ that it Can !!! ( ? ) 
That kind of Thinking may account for a lot of What we pass off as ‘Possible’ or ‘The Way Things Are’ ( ? ) 
- - -
i should think that most people put Scientists & Doctors in The Same Potato-Peeling Factory; & now we’ve recently been told that The 3rd Leading Cause of Deaths in The US of The A’s is Physician Error ( Which may include Nursing Errors as well. ) 
And i have met many people that Believe Anything, ( literally ) Anything; That Doctors & Scientists say as UnQuestionably ( Literally; Un-Questionably ) as True. 
Which is very annoying.
- - -
Something that Crops up from time to time; Is A News Story that Scientists ‘Release’ making some Absurdist ( on The First Tier Face of Hearing It ) Claim about Whatever, & What is very Annoying is that The Liaison Media Personality ( News-Something ) will Completely Accept it, without ( Apparently ) having The Slightest ‘Science-Background-Education’ to know that whatever they just said was ‘Very-Wrong’, Or— At The Very Least; Highly Dubious, Which Certainly, In either Case; Warranted some Follow-up Questions, which were Not forthcoming. 
Sometimes this ’News-Releases’ are Soooo Very, Very Quirky & Bizarre, that — i have to wonder; What is The Real Purpose of this ? 
In one Case; Circa something like year 2000, There was a New-Report from ‘Astronomers’ that a Very Odd Star was recently Discovered, But they didn’t say what was Strange about it, or where it was ( location in The Sky ) or Who made these Observations. And — Although i heard this Report several times on The Radio &/or TV, i could find any Additional information about it, ( Although i did find The Original very Vague Report ) on The Internet.
i was thinking; Maybe they’re trying to ‘Bait’ The Fringe ( Art Bell Crowd ) into making a big Hoop-de-Do about this ‘Weird Star’, But as The Days went by, The Story entirely disappeared. 
Do ‘Scientists’ or The News Media Do That ! ? 
Do they Occasionally just ‘Make Stuff Up’ & Present it to The Damp Masses as Entirely Authentic New Reporting, just to see how ‘We’ll’ React to it ??? 
i think so.
Very Often.
Another Case in where The Local News will Report a Crime of Somekind, like a Bank-Robbery, & show a very tiny, very fuzzy picture of The ‘Alleged’ Criminal, & Ask The Viewing Audience to Phone in Tips of who they think this photo is of. ( ? ) i think that The News Media or Police do this to simply ‘Glean’ a New Repository of ‘Potential Ne’er-do-well’s’ that they then pick from a hat at some future time when they need a sad-sack to take The fall for some unsolved crime. 
- - -