Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Just How Dumb is IQ 100

Just How Dumb is IQ 100
It’s been suggested ( on King of The Hill, by Peggy Hill ) that Ordinary ( IQ 100 ) People are really Dumb !
“Do you know how Dumb Normal is ?”
But what does this mean ?
How are we measuring this ?
i mean; IQ 100 is supposed to be ‘Normal’.
This is The Baseline by which Intelligence ( in Humans ) is supposed to be measured, So shouldn’t these people be The Baseline by which we determine if you’re functionally adequate or Not ?
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The initial assumption that IQ 100’s are pretty dumb may be based on how Culturally Literate they are, or Historically Literate, or how firm their grasp of Elemental Physical or Scientific Principles are; that are empirically proven by functional demonstrations of engineering ( as opposed to crazy scientific ’Theories’ that pepper Popular Culture ! ( Such as Evolution or The Big Bang Theories ) ).
By these Yardsticks; IQ 100’s perform pretty poorly. Their ability to solve simple problems, either those that are well documented ( as found in puzzle books ) or unique problems ( as seen in everyday life with unique variables & situations ), they again perform very poorly.
But perhaps The Real Test is how often, or in what quantities have IQ 100’s contributed to Western Civilization; in The Sciences, Engineering, Liberal Arts, Social Institutions or Such ? And again; The answer is; None to nearly none. With one exception that may be, apparently; Popular Politics. Ordinary Politicians seem to be ‘Ordinary’ far more often than we’d like to see.
Another Indicator that may be used; By apologists for The IQ 100’s, is how much they contribute to The Industrial Work-Force. They are The Essential Backbone of America that performs all The Labor & Toil that keeps us afloat, Never mind that this Economic Model is highly dependent upon The Rape & Pillaging of 3rd World Countries, ruining their Cultures & depleting their indigenous natural resources.
But even so; Applying Pareto’s Principle ( The 80/20 Rule ), We might form an entirely reasonable ball park figure of 80% of The Work in these assembly lines & sweat-house factories as being done by 20% of The Labor Force, which ( may be ) substantially above the IQ 100 baseline. It is very ( probable ) that this 20% effective work force is made up of IQ 120’s, The Very Bright Normals that just fall short of The Creative Genius’s that make up our Rock-Bands, Middle Bureaucratic Managers or Tug-Boat Captains.
The Real ‘Base-Line’ for Inclusion into The Species of Human’s that make up Western Civilization should be more like IQ 115.
If all of these IQ 100s were isolated & allowed to form a Social Order on their own; It would take The appearance of a Bonobo Troupe in A Bornean Jungle. If left to their own devices in a small town; It would be clear that in only a few years, The Natural Decay of Elemental Services & Devices would soon cascade out of control & they would soon revert to former levels of technological capabilities at a rate of 20 years per every 6 months, throwing them back to Mediaeval 12th Century Living in only a few years.
IQ 100’s may be trainable, with classic pavlovian conditioning, to repair simple mechanical devices, but this is only applicable when these machines break in a prescribed manner. Any failures that deviate from their work-books or repair-manuals will be left inoperative, replaced with something else, if available, or discarded, forcing The User to provide for this service with an alternative method, which again; will require ingenuity that is Not available to them.
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The Development & Maintenance of Western Civilization is Dependent upon a tiny minority of our Smartest members, The Top 5% or possibly less. Without them; we would quickly slide backwards to a baseline represented by a culture that got along without copper utensils or ceramic bowls.