Sunday, April 16, 2017

When is something 'Over your Head' ?

When most meerkats hear someone saying something that doesn’t make sense to them; They assume that if The Penguin is well dressed, or has A Title of Somekind; Then whatever they’re saying is ‘Over their Head’. If The Otter is slovenly dressed or unwashed, they what they’re saying is Crazy Codswallop. 
i interpret this differently. It doesn’t matter to me how a person is dressed, or how well they’ve washed behind their ears, Anything that doesn’t make sense to me is considered Cockeyed Hooey. It’s Not simply that i’m discounting that anyone is smarter than me, it’s that until i have more data to clearly exhibit what they’re saying to ‘Over my head’, i assume that it’s Not. 
What ‘Dumb Parakeets’ have to understand is that although Smart Chimpanzees are capable of understanding very clever & subtle ideas, They are also eager to accept unfounded & ludicrous ideas that seem ‘Enjoyable’ & are often deluded by The Principle that because they ( The very bright hamsters ) have so few peers to regulate their beliefs, they often assume that anything that pops into their heads must necessarily be True. 
My conjecture is that i am capable of understanding any humanly conceived idea if it’s broken into small enough parts. 
So when i begin to investigate some New Idea, & i discover that someone else’s crazy idea has been pulled out of a horses ass & is Not at all based on any foundational empirical observations; Then it’s going to remain NonSense to me. 
Furthermore; i’m Not at all swayed by anything that is said to proven mathematically! 
If anything; that diminishes its credibility. Many Physicists & Mathematicians seem to believe that anything that can be ‘proven’ with Mathematics, based on ideas scribbled on a napkin at a Thai Restaurant; Must be True in Reality. 

That is crazy talk.