Sunday, July 09, 2017

Right off The Top of My Head / Flat Earth Thoughts

The Reasons that i’m A Flat Earther !
a) While many of The Usual Flat Earth Arguments are Weak or Feeble; Sickly Arguments don’t kill The Position, They should be discarded & forgotten. ( Apply this to something that you believe is true ! ) 
b) The Earth Appears to be Flat.
c) There is No Way for me to Verify Independently that i’m living on a Spherical World. To Believe this; i have to Trust Authority Figures or Institutions that have consistently & chronically lied to me in The Past.
d) All of The ‘Full Earth’ Pictures that NASA shows us have weird & quirky anomalies to them, or are blatantly composite images.  
e) The Women on The ISS always have The longest hair imaginable, never wear hair-nets, & when they move, it looks like they’re wearing plastic wigs. Compare that to The way hair behaves for women swimming underwater.
f) Along with The Flat Earth Argument; There are other corollary Arguments that seem to ‘Fit Together’ with this one that Strongly Suggest that everything we’ve been taught is very, very wrong; Such as The Existence of Dinosaurs. Doesn’t it seem awfully suspicious to you that in all The Thousands of years that Human Civilization has been digging in The Ground for Copper or Silver or Gold, or Quarrying Stones for Monuments; No One ever found any Dinosaur Skeletons until They were -Required- to Support a Darwinian Agenda ( ? ) 
g) Again as a Side Note : Astronomy is less credible as a Science than Economics. i Believe that there is more Truth to Astrology that Astronomy, which is 99% just made up nonsense. 
h) Doesn’t it seem suspicious that The Gawd Particle ( Higgs Boson ) couldn’t be found after 20 years of searching; Then on The Eve of Physicists finally throwing in The towel & acknowledging that their entire Standard Model & Atomic Theory were built of Cards on A Foundation of UnWarranted Assumptions— The Trillion Dollar BoonDoggle Cern Accelerator finds one in The White Noise that they’d previously been neglecting ( ? ) 

i) Science is Far More Political than most meerkats suspect. It is all about The Exercise of Power with The Haves & Have Nots.