Tuesday, February 01, 2000

Repository of .pdf's

i have recently moved this list of my Google Docs to The Left-Hand SideBar,
So this listing ( Below ) is effectively Obsolete... !
But ! Curiously & Mysteriously; i have clicked on a few of these,
Ones that i've Deleted from my Google Docs Folder, and they are still coming up here...! ???
So i am leaving this link & Listing here.
Keep in mind that many of The Documents Listed here,
And may actually connect to Documents somehow ( ? )
There are probably Newer Versions Accessible in The Left Hand Side Bar: Google Docs ( ! )

This is Intended to be a Repository of .pdf's
Which are much more colorful & fancy than mere blog entries...!

So until all Blog Entries can Match The Versatility of .pdf's
This will have to Stand in as an Inconvenient Substitute for Elegance.

Cinematic Ideas
A List of Various Small Idea ( Cimematic Elements )
And full blow Film Ideas; Revealed in a few impatient lines.

If you'd like to Develop any of these ideas and make a million dollars,
You are welcome to do so...
And if you send me a few Cartons of Ink Cartridges for my Printer...
That is all i want...!

Obvious Untruths
The Idea of Obvious Untruths started with The observation when i was around 8,
That what many people refer to as Red Hair is Actually Orange...
And more interestingly;
If you point this out to most people,
They will become Violently Hysterical.
i suppose that this is because you are pointing out
That something that they believe with all their hearts
& all their logical minds...
Is Obviously Wrong.
The Second most curious thing about Obviously Wrong things
Is that while i very much suspect that there are innumerable examples
Of Other Obviously Untrue things...
They are very hard to ‘See’ for the very reason that they,
As a class of phenomena,
Are more readily believed as Axiomatic Foundational Truths.
Assaulting these truths is an Attack against all Truths!

A History of Micro$oft
This was created when M$ was attempting to Buy Yahoo...
Which they apparently gave up on back then ( circ. 2007 ??? )
But now they're sneaking in through Yahoo's Search Engine.
Apparently The Plan is To Replace Yahoo's Search Engine with M$'s very Unremarkable PeekABoo... Or whatever it's called...? ( ??? )

Interesting &/or Amusing Words

Fractional Propositional Logic
This one is concerned with Propositional Logical Operators that work with A Range of Values from 0 to 1. Plus other Logical Topics; Such as: Logic Proves that Logic is Bunk!
i really believe that while logic is very entertaining, it is completely useless for any practical applications. ( Allowing for the functionality of Boolean Logic in Computer Programming )
The Most Egregious Failure of Logic & Reasoning is that it can not be applied in a Useful manner to the Judicial System. The Guilt or Innocence of people are still decided by Circus Acrobats & Trained Seals.

Archetypes : As applied to The Tarot

Kooky Names & Celebrities of Various Sorts
This is just a list of Names, Categorized in a variety of ways.
i used to use lists like this when i was writing a story,
And wanted to pull up the name of some unlikely or improbable celebrities...
Whenever i would actually need some improbable celebrities,
My mind would invariably go blank,
So i started making lists of them, and this grew out of that.
The most interesting SubGroup is that of Flash Celebrities.
These are people that everyone knew ( Excluding Guiness Record Holders & such ) for awhile,
And then forgot.

Dangerous Ideas
This list was inspired by The Book of This Name...!
The premise is to think up Scary Things
That are far more Dangerous than Nuclear Bombs
Or AntiBacterial Resistant Strains of Staph Infections...!

Especially Mischievous Ideas
My Darkest Thoughts...

What would Socrates Say
Another list Derived from & Inspired by This and Several Other Books...
Profound Questions with Plenty of Commentary...!

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