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Prolegomenon for Arithmancy

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Wednesday, June 28, 2000

A Quasi; Introduction

i've been having a lot of trouble creating an Introduction for The Gematria & The Cabbage Codes... Which may also include an Introduction, by proxy, for The ScreenSaver Hypothesis, Which is closely related to These Other Topics...
The Cabbage Codes are a subset of The Gematria, And is used as A Tool for Exploring The Validity of The ScreenSaver Hypothesis...???
The Trouble is; i am having Too Many Ideas & Thoughts regarding these Rubics and they have created an unentanglible tumult in my head, where an incessant party of churlish, drunken & screaming hamsters is taking place, day & night, anyways...!!!
So i've decided to simply list all my thoughts on this, and let the reader sort them out... as they deem appropriate for their application.

Be aware that this QuasiIntroduction is offered as a Caveat Emptor and as such;
The Riders of The Golden Hamster
&/or The Translucent Amoebae Consortium
may not be held responsible for any lapses in The Accuracy of this Information
or Judgment Expressed in The Commentaries.

Previous Introductory Attempts:
ScreenSaver Introduction
Introduction To The Gematria: Version One
An Alleged Complete Introduction: Version Two

Peripheral References
Wikipedia Gematria
Wikipedia Qabbalah

Part One: Introductory Introduction
Part Two: Foundations of Reality
Part Three: The Quabbala & Such
Part Four: The Gematria
Part Five: The Cabbage Codes
Part Six: The ScreenSaver Hypothesis
Part Seven: Additional Gematria Links

Part Eight: Minutia &/or Bagatellae

An Inventory of
Introductory Anagnorrisis'
For The Gematria,
The Cabbage Codes
& The ScreenSaver Hypothesis.

Part One: Introductory Introduction

  1. The Principle Axiom of The Cabbage Codes is that they are intended as a tool, by which hidden secrets may be discovered.
  2. These Secrets; May, or May Not, have been inserted into The Fabric of Our Universe.
  3. If they were inserted; They were placed here by The Xi Point Six Controllers;
    Who are, According to The Lexicographical principles of Various Religions & Scientific Disciplines;
    Either: The Gawds, Angels, The Dao, Dead Ancestors
    or The Will of Gravity.
  4. From this: We must assume that Ordinary Humanimals & A Ubiquitous Preponderance of Foolishness may not in any way be responsible for The Messages that The Cabbage Codes Reveal.
    These Messages are being extracted from
    The Fabric of The Universe Itself,
    And as such;
    Are as True as True can be.

Part Two: Foundations of Reality

  1. The Fundamental Question that The Babynous Cult asked, was:
    Are we living in A Universe that is so Cruel;
    That it allows us to be Aware that we are Robots?
  2. We might assume that we are, or that we are not.
  3. If we are;
    Then the universe is a randomly chaotic place, accidental in nature, put here for no particular reason, with no-ones consent or forethought;
    and that, if we were to survive physical death, and live on, by way of a damp & disagreeably odorous fistula;
    Somewhere else--
    It would be for no particular reason, merely to extending the futility of our intrinsic hopelessness.
  4. In essence:
    We would live in a world of Infinite Remiss & Callous Brutality.
  5. But this may suggest that someone could care,
    but doesn't--
    And this is overstating the case that there is someone in The Universe that is Genuinely Sentient...!
  6. While it is actually proposing that if we are Robots,
    Then it is undoubtedly the case that The Gawds are Robots as well...
  7. And Consequently; Any of us that believes that we are experiencing a Legitimate Sense of Awareness--
    Is simply mistaken.
    Robots do not think.
    They do not posses Freewill.
    They are not Conscious.
    It is merely an Unfathomable Illusion.
  8. The Other Case is that We are Not living in such A Universe.
    We are not Robots.
  9. How this could be is The Grand Dilemma between Scylla & Charybdis.
    By examining This World & Applying all that Reasoning offers us;
    Freewill simply can not exist.
    Either we make Decisions based on specific reasons delimited by The Mechanics of Thought,
    or Those Decisions are derived from The Random Noise of electrons scraping their knees together.
  10. Plus; There is no instrumentation for The Residual Effects of Consciousness.
  11. All Evidence & Reason point to the Fact that We Are Robots...
  12. ...Except that we Deny it.
  13. Allowing for this;
    The Translucent Amoebae wonders:
    Can we know anything about The True Reality?
  14. ( The Reality that allows for Things like Freewill, Consciousness & The Swirliness of Being...!!! )

Part Three: The Kabbalah & Such

  1. One; Completely UnWarrented, Assumption that must make at this time, is that--
    Yes; We can find out things about The True ( Relatively True ) Reality.
  2. [ This idea of Relative Truth's is provided;
    Given that The Riders of The Golden Hamster insist that we are Living within an Infinitely Nested Continuum of Realities;
    Such that;
    If there is a Really, Really True Reality,
    It is utterly boring & inconsequential,
    Consisting, no doubt, of a single thing &/or rule,
    from which everything else follows--
  3. What is very annoying;
    Is that, considering how long Humanimals have been trying to discover some of these elemental truths,
    There has been virtually no Successful Revelations...!!!
  4. Any that have been claimed, are notoriously lame &/or subject to endless revisions & amendments.
  5. But;
    Those of us that are looking, remain hopeful.
  6. There are undoubtedly Scientifically Oriented Messages hidden within the DNA of every life form;
    There may be Pithy Aphorisms etched along the edges of Snowflakes;
    Or Clever Riddles scratched on The Surface of Every backwards spinning Electron.
  7. We have only to listen attentively to The White Noise of Waterfalls
    or Radio Static to hear The Whispered SubRosabiddling of Angels,
    Fairies or Bulbous Headed Aliens.
  8. Might we;
    If we would or could,
    See The Shimming Gestalt on The Surface Oils of a Steaming Bowl of Mulligatawny Soup...?
  9. Are we Sufficiently Attentive to Discern The Tidings of Fractious Rabbits,
    Dancing Some Early Morning,
    on an Undisclosed, Dew Covered Lawn?
  10. Has anyone ever taken The Lesson of Horton;
    And listened with all their might;
    To the Abstruse Growls of Sagely Tardigrades...???
  11. Many of these Secrets Require an Expensive Magnifying Glass,
    Morbidly Obese Telescope or
    The Very Quick Astute Eye of Flash Photography
    to discern them...
  12. Amoung The Many Shiny Utensils that have been tried,
    Is The Qabbalah.
  13. The Origins of The Kabala may stretch back Tens of Thousands of Years,
    Long before The Assyrians, The Egyptians or Atlantis.
    It is thought by some that Grand Civilizations existed here on Earth such a long time ago, that no physical artifacts of them remain to this day.
    But legends of their existence, and their lore, have been passed down to us by a few Coadjutors, Druids, Shamans & Freemasons. ( et. al. )
  14. The Modern Jewish Cabbala is a shadow of what it's ancestral roots may have been...
    These Ancient Civilizations may have actually been able to give life to a Golem or Create Gravity Resistant Castles by merely evoking the power of Language,
    as spoken by our Creators.
    Maybe that's why they were destroyed...???
  15. Now--
    The Kaballa is a Theosophy of Mysticism,
    Indulging in The Esoteric Occult Practices of Thaumaturgical Magick & The Chicanery of Astrology.
  16. Aside from these expressions of Sanguine Tomfoolery;
    Is very interesting Subset of The Qaballah--
    And that is: The Gematria.
  17. The Gematria is a tool box of impedimentae that are designed to Scratch into The Very Fabric of The Universe and Reveal What The Gawds have Left There...!!!
  18. It may be beneficial at this moment to take a moment and define what is meant by Gawds.
  19. Whether you believe this or that;
    It is ( presumably ) Undeniable that, At Least, You Exist,
    and that Existence demonstrates that The Universe Itself Exists,
    Which may be nothing more that just you,
    And that Since the Universe Exists,
    And that you are Aware of it's Existence--
    That Necessitates some Category of Order,
    Which we will call Gawd.
  20. From time to time; i tend to exchange this Appellation with 'Angels', 'Fairies', 'The Walking Fish People'
    or The Xi Point Six Controllers...
    Which refer-- particularly to;
    The Infinite Continuum of Nested Fractional Realities.
  21. It has also occurred to me recently that while we were specifically created to find & recognize profoundly camouflaged patterns...
    It may be that we find Perfectly Valid ResGestae's that were NOT inserted into This Universe by The Xi.6 Controllers...!!!
  22. This may be
    WHY WE ARE HERE...!!!
  23. It may be that we were designed to
  24. It may be that our Purpose;
    Our Functionality,
    Is to find Truths that The Gawds; Know, or Suspect,
    are here--
    Within this Artificially Fabricated Reality...
    But are too Subtle, or WEIRD...!!!
    For them to find...!!!
  25. This certainly seems to make sense doesn't it...??? What are WE
    ( The Best & Brightest Humanimals, The only ones that really 'Count'...! ( ? ) )
    Most driven to do...?
  26. Find, or Invent, Crazy Truths.

Part Four: The Gematria

  1. The Essential Functionality behind The Gematria is to discover the secret order that is hiding between the gaps in all Words.
  2. The Kaballah steps off from Genesis when Jehovah Created This World, Merely by 'Saying' things like; '"Let there be Light!" and there was light'... The Quabbalists feel that it was the POWER in the WORDS that made this possible... While a more reasonable explanation ( Assuming this account in Genesis is Accurate ) would be that it was the Mojo in Gawd that provided The Organizing Principles behind Time & Space...???
  3. Nevertheless; We are all ( ??? ) in agreement, ( Gematria Enthusiasts; at least ) that there is alot of Mysterious & Beguiling Information or Information like material hiding between the gaps of Words & Phrases...!!!
  4. Whatever, Wherever The Authority / Validity for The Gematria comes from; It is an Amazing Study.
  5. In it's simplest form; You assign a Numerical Value to Each of The Letters of The Alphabet, and then treat these values Arithmatically when comparing Words...
  6. That is; The Simplest Gematria may be A equals the value of One, B equals the value of Two, C equals the value of Three and so on... Until Z equals the value of 26.
  7. Such that "Godly"; G = 7, O = 15, D = 4, L = 12, Y = 25 Which adds up to 63.
  8. "Deity" also adds up to 63, As does "Saint", "Divine" & "God-Like"...!
  9. Please examine the web-site link in vi, and it's many additional cross links to discover more amazing equivalences & sums...!
  10. Classic Jewish Gematria allows for additional layers of Complexity, so that A may equal 1 or 10 or 100...
  11. Some of us think that this is cheating...!
  12. But-- We do allow that Gematria's are able to diverge from this simplest form... When A = 6, B = 12, C = 18... You get A Truly Amazing Gematria Key that forms many Unbelievable Equivalences...: Mark of Beast = 666, Sorceries = 666, Necromancy = 666, Witchcraft = 666, Horrors = 666 Treacheries = 666, Stubborn = 666, Unruly = 666, Insanity = 666, Illusion = 666, Book of the Dead = 666, Son of Sin = 666, A Perdition = 666, Lustful = 666, Falling Away = 666... Plus Computer = 666 & Santa Claus = 666...!!! Plus many, Many other Astounding Correlations.
  13. When you allow that A = 9, B = 18, C = 27... Then Lucifer = 666, But so does Jesus...!!!
  14. These Highly Uncontrived Gematria are sometimes called 'English Ordinal Gematria' But when a Gematria diverges even further from equilateral spacing, They are called Calibrated Gematria's. These allow The Alphabetic Characters to take on any Integer Values, Even Negatives. The Validity, or Authenticity, of The Regular Ordinal Gematria are derived from that Simplicity AND The Amazing Parities & Sums... Calibrated Gematria receive their Veracity from A Multitude of Stupendously UnImaginable Correlations, Equivalences & Sums...
  15. Another form is to allow the Alphanumeric Characters to form a Shape, Such as an Hour Glass. i think these are especially Intriguing &/or Convincing... But they typically only allow for One Target Equivalency.
  16. You may also take on completely different approaches, such as Creating a Numerical Base; Such as Base 2 ( Binary; using just 0's & 1's )
    or Hexidecimal; Base 16, that uses Zero through F ( F = 15 )...
    If you take on a Base 26, and use just The Alphabet,
    you can form a new Mathematical System that is entirely Consistent,
    and Does Not Use a Zero...!!!
    ( Except to mark the spot between -A & A... )
    Using this approach,
    One would be A, Two would be B, Three would be C,
    ... TwentySix would be Z,
    and TwentySeven would be AA.
    This Unitfication would work just like our Conventional Decimal System,
    such that The A on the Right would be One Unit,
    and the A on the Left would be One Unit of 26's.
    AAA ( 703 )would be One unit of 26 times 26, or 676,
    Then One Unit of 26's, and One Unit.
    676 + 26 + 1 = 703
    As far as using this system for Gematria,
    Each Word would have a Unique Value,
    So there wouldn't be any Word Equivalences,
    But there could be Plenty of Phrase Equivalences...!
    Words also tend to have very large Values...!
    "Jesus" = 4,671,049.
    666 = "YP"... ???
    But it's something to think about... ( ??? )
  17. An even Weirder form is one i call; 'Aleph'.
    For this system, Each Value is built up from an Alphanumerical sequence starting on the right with "a".
    The next Column to the Left may be either "a" or "b",
    Then the Next Column may be "a", "b", or "c"...!!!
    Counting would look like this;
    a, aa, ba, aaa, aba, baa, bba, caa, cba ...
    Using this system; "jesus" would have a Value of 330
    and 666 would equal "ebbbaa".

Part Five: The Cabbage Codes

  1. The Cabbage Codes were originally created in Response to The Bible Code by Michael Drosnin. Without even reading the book, but browsing through a copy at a bookstore, i found his method of Exploiting The Gematria to be Amazingly Contrived & Disingenuous... So i wanted to find a method by which i could 'Discover' Keys that were Startlingly UnContrived Looking and would Reveal Numerous Illuminating Correlations & Sums...
  2. Originally; The Templates i used were of the A = 1, B = 2, C = 3 form, so that The Resulting Cabbage Code Keys would start with Some Indeterminate Value, But proceed thereafter with Regular Spacing. These Values would then remain 'Locked In' throughout the Interpretation... Unlike The Bible Code Method which typically uses Several Different Keys for each Message...!
  3. My thinking was, and remains, Who; But the Great Cabbage could leave messages in Every Discoverable Text that i would Search...???
  4. These Messages that i Find-- Must Be...!!! -The Undeniable, Incorruptible, Unfakable Memorandums from The Xi.6 Controllers...!!! ( aka: The Great Cabbage )
  5. i later discovered that i could use other templates, such as this one for John F. Kerry that uses a template that considers the Alphabetic Characters Symmetrical & Rotational Attributes...!!!
  6. The Initial Template that's used to 'Shape' the final Key may take on just about any form you can invent...!!!
  7. Does this make The Cabbage Codes; More -or- Less Credible...??? i'm thinking that it shows that The Cabbage Codes have a Near Infinite Number of Viable Solutions... But it should also be kept in mind that there are Undoubtedly a Full Infinity of NonSolutions...!!! It just goes to show you how Flexible The Great Cabbage is...!!! It's easy to come up with One Definitive Solution to a Problem, But - Who But...! - The Great Cabbage could Conceive of a way to Encrypt all these Wonderful Truths into The Very Fabric of Our Universe in Such a Way so that there would be So Many Different, Supremely Elegant Ways to Access them...!!! This is the Very Anti-Thesis of Conventional Religious Thought, and Even Satanic Thought, which Insist that their Way is The Only Way...! The Great Cabbage Says: There are Many, Many Windows to Peek through to See My Illustrious Glory...! How could it Not Be True...!!! ( ??? )
  8. Another approach for The Cabbage Codes; Is to allow for A Calibrated Cabbage Code Key to align itself with Multiple Targets... Such as this one for The George W Bush Administraion. This Key is Arguably more Contrived than The Shaped or Regular Gematria Key's, But i think it more than makes up for it in Equalities and Sums.

Part Six: The ScreenSaver Hypothesis

  1. Once you've come to accept that We Are living in a Universe in which There Are Angels or Gawds or Transdimensional Controllers that may, or may not, be inserting Useful, informative messages; Alienating, cryptic missives; Adoring, edifying epistles; or nothing more than Dust for us to Sweep up... We are left with the underlying Third Estate; which is that Our Reality is a Sub-Set of A Greater Reality-- Where the Gawds Live.
  2. The ScreenSaver Hypothesis is an Exploration of How True or How Much can we Deduce ( If Anything...??? ( ! ) ) About this True(r) Reality...???

Additional References:

Gematria Fun:


Official Site for: A Simple English Gematria
by Wm Jas Tychonievich
of The Simplest Gematria Key: A = 1, B = 2, C = 3 ... Z = 26
You can boost this Key by various factors and All The Equivalences will Still Work,
A = 6, B = 12, C = 18 ... is another Common Variation...
In which:
Jesus = 444 - Yshua = 444 - Messiah = 444 - Cross = 444
Gospel = 444 - God Son = 444
Heaven and Hell = 666 - Mark Of Beast = 666
Unfortunately: Lucifer = 444
The King Jesus = 888 - God Son Jesus = 888 - Jewish Messiah = 888
Jesus Gospel = 888 - Jesus Cross = 888 - Jesus Is Arabian = 888
Jesus In A Tomb = 888 - Who Is Jesus = 888 - Messiah Jesus = 888
Live In Christ = 888 - The House Of God = 888 - The Trinity = 888
King Of The Sabbath = 888 - The Lion Of Judah = 888
Jesus Is Lord = 906 - Jesus Is Alive = 906 - Christ Jesus = 906
Lord Of Hosts = 906 - Son Of The Lord = 906 - Holy Spirit = 906
Jesus And Father = 906 - LOVE IS THE LAW = 906
While A = 9, B = 18, C = 27 ... Results in both Jesus & Lucifer = 666...!!!
This is another AMAZING Presentation by Tychonievich
in which an arguably highly contrived Gematria
Results in a whole slew of UNBELIEVABLE Equivalences...!!!
- - - - - - - - - -
This is some 'Bad' Gematria...!!! from Hocus Pocus by Kurt Vonnegut
- - - - - - - - - - - -
- - - - - - - - - -
The Cabbage Codes:
Did this have anything to do with Harriet Mier's Resignation...???
These three Cabbage Codes are Single Target Creations,
In which The Keys are Amazingly UNCONTRIVED,
Which was one of The Original Principle Proofs of Authenticity...!
Later; It was allowed, By way of The Super Evil Approach,
That Multiple Targets were a More Convincing Proof...! ( ? )
Not Cabbage Codes as such...

Part Eight: Additional Minutae & Bagatelles
Items that i meant to include in the main body,
but couldn't quite fit them in,
despite my usual ebullience towards an incorherent & meandering compositional strategy...
  1. One thought that i had was that The Gematria is a Study of Alchemical Cryptography--
  2. And that there are Various other Disciplines that may be grouped along with this...
  3. Such as UnCodes; Which are a method of encrypting a plain text so that it appears to be thoroughly disguised, but is in fact, easily read-- If you know how to read it.
  4. A simple form of this; Is select letter forms that closely resemble another letter form, when it is rotated 180 Degrees... Such as 'V' for 'A', or an 'a' for 'e'. When you have all the necessary Letter forms properly indexed, Then you type up your message in a normal manner using these replacement characters... ( you may also wish to Right Justify the text, so that when viewed 'Wrong Side Up' it looks 'Normalized'...! ) The plain text will then look quite heavily camouflaged, but is easily read by your Coconspirator by simply turning the page upside-down.
  5. It might be interesting to see how these replacement words correspond to 'Normal' words... Such as; Do any Normal Words form Other Normal Words when Inverted...???
  6. If so; This may be a Valid source of Gematria like Associations...???

  1. Another thing i was considering, as it would apply to The Gematria; is how Pattern Recognition is used to see things that may not be genuinely sensible...??? ( ! )
  2. i have longed believed that Our Brains are designed to process information in only one way, and that is-- This is that.
  3. By that i mean; one Neuron is turned on, and then activates another Neuron sitting next to it. "I'm on; 'Meaning This is Important', Then you should be On too..."
  4. And that is the basis for Pattern Recognition. One something is sitting next to another something, and somewhere in your brain, for some inexplicable reason, it thinks that those two somethings are related to one another-- When, very probably, they are-- Which allows us to pick out lions that are hiding in trees, But it also allows us to see Associations between word sums when they really aren't there...!!!
  5. Does this mean that The Gematria is alot of Hooey...!!!
  6. Oddly; i suspect that it merely infers that when you find A LOT of Associations within a Searched Gematria SubText... Then dispite the logic of it being a lot of Hooey... Maybe it's Not...!!!
  7. It could be that there are a lot of things that would seem, to the skeptical eye, as 'merely' statistically coincidental... But-- Are really Insignificant representations of Genuinely Anomolous Phenomena...
  8. That is; You're looking for a 'Spike' in the Data to prove that it's far beyound the realm of a Statistical Burb... and Maybe that Spike isn't there... But the Data is still Genuinely meaningful in it's apparently 'Goofy' form...!!!
  9. This Phenomena may be covariant to The Man walking through the woods, Searching for a Tree, So that he can prove, to his own Satisfaction, that he is in a Forest...! ( !! )
  10. Which itself is a paraphrasing of ( or Parable ) expounding on the idea, that is Obvious to some of us; That Miracles are not so rare as to be Apocryphal-- But rather; They are so wearifully common that are wholly overlooked.
  11. Sometimes the truth doesn't hit you over the head, Sometimes it just lies there, trying; for whatever reasons, to be just a little bit hidden... So that it can only be seen by someone that is 'Prepared' to see it...!!!
  12. This is kind of the thinking behind much of what is generally known as 'Spiritual Knowledge'... This sort of Information is thought to be 'UnTeachable'...!!! A Spiritual Master may prepare you for Satori, But Only You can Correctly Interpret your Zen Koan in just the right way to finally experience Enlightenment...!

  1. Another thing about Pattern Recognition is that it depends on The Structural Necessity of Order that Really does Bind Things Together.
  2. The Kooky Thing is: Order exists only as a Subjective Observation.
  3. Everything in the Universe is Exactly What It Is.
  4. And by that; i mean-- Nothing has an Intrinsic Property of either Orderliness or Randomality.
  5. That's something that we 'Stick On' things in order to Classify them.
  6. To make them "Pattern Coherent".
  7. Once something has been Classified, and Named; It is then a Real Thing.
  8. But it was Always a Real Thing...!!!
  9. We can take The Most Randomized Collection of Data, and Force it to fit into a Finite Expression of Defined Attributes. Every Wave Form is a Collection of Simpler Wave Forms, and can be Disassembled with Fourier Analysis. Each of those Curves can then be broken down into Segements of Circles. Exactly. Not Approximately, But to the Greatest Degree of Precision that you wish to Apply...!!!
  10. What does this mean?
  11. It may mean that everything we think of as meaningful, Is only meaningful to us. Not the Universe. The Universe sees everything is an Infinitely Intermediate State of Simply Being.
  12. What if Our Brains were specifically Designed by The Xi.6 Controllers to Exclude The Middling Truth from all Dichotomies. So that we Could ONLY See The World in terms of it's False Extremes... That are Necessary to Percieve all of 'Our' Patterns... ( !!! )
  13. This way of thinking is so Wrong, that The Gawds, after many years of Special Training, CanNot Master it... So they created An Entire Universe, Populated by Deeply Insane Humanimals that see Everything EXACTLY WRONG.
  14. But in doing so; We can see & experience things that ARE IMPOSSIBLE...!!!
  15. And consequently; The Gawds can take from our experiences, which have been 'Filtered' through this Implausibility Sieve, and add these Phenomenological Widgets, that are Invisible to their Eyes, to Their Greater Heirarchy of MetaTruths.
  16. For fun...??? ( Or something else... )
  17. If all we can see are Impossible things...
  18. The Truth will very much be hidden from us forever.
  19. It's been suggested that Insane People ( Those WE Label as Insane ) can see things that we can't... And maybe these 'Insane-Insane Things' are 'The Truth'... Which they will never be able to convey to us...???
  20. After all; It's The Paranoid Schizophrenic's that Think that The World Makes Sense...???
  21. One of the most Illusive Questions we can posit is; What is The Functionality of Knowing Things?
  22. And-- Isn't it curious that of all the trees that were forbidden to Adam & Eve, Was The Tree of Knowledge...??? ( ! )

  1. i've also been thinking about Language lately.
  2. Several years ago; There was a program, a very simple program, written in BASIC, to be used on Computers that had 16K of Memory built into them... Called "Eliza".
  3. This program allowed The User to 'Talk' with Eliza; A Psychiatric Counselor, about just about anything that you wanted to discuss.
  4. Alot of People thought that this program was The Big BreakThrough in Artificial Intelligence, That it effectively passed The Turing Test, which meant that it was Genuinely Conscious-- By any reasonable standard that we could apply...!!!
  5. But of course; It wasn't.
  6. It was a very Clever, Very Dumb Program that could be 'Thrown Off' quite easily, and never really contributed anything meaningful to the conversation.
  7. So the other day; i was reading in a book on 'Fermi's Paradox' that Language is one of the final 'Tricks' that allowed us to become Tool Using Sapiens... And that Without Language-- We would be no smarter than Chimpansees.
  8. At first; i thought-- No Way...! We'd still be plenty smart, even without being able to label everything... But now i'm thinking... That DOES make sense...!!!
  9. People really are STUPID... and Language is a WEIRD TRICK that makes us SEEM really smart...!!!
  10. Like-- You can take a severely retarded person, with virtually no continuous memory, or analytical problem solving skills, and tack on a little bit of Language, and they seem 'Smart Enough' to hold down a reasonably well paying Civil Service Job.
  11. So if you could insert this same Trick into Animals... like Cats & Dogs... They would seem as Smart as We Are...!!! i really think that this is TRUE...!!!
  12. i also wanted to tie this into Pattern Recognition, which is what Language is...

  1. i was also: Thinking just the other day--
  2. i kind of considered this an EPIPHANY...!!!
  3. That we can Consciously SEE things becuase...
  4. Well-- First; It seems very reasonable to me that The Brain can See things, and Recognize things by taking the Impulses from The Eyes and then running groups of that data through Interpretation Sieves, Such as Colour Matchers, or Horizonal Line Identifiers, or Texture Distinquishers... and each time one of these tests is passed, it lights up all the connections in the brain that have that feature, and after a few micro-seconds, the brightest, most electrified patch of Neurons, Is what you are looking at... And this strategy could be easily adopted by a conventional Computer...
  5. OK. So-- The Brain can easily Identify things, But how can this process allow us to SEE things as they exist in the outside world... After all these Filters have done thier work, All that Information would be all Mixed up, and we SEE things ( projected onto a Two Dimensional Screen ( more or less )) with a 1::1 Correspondence with The Real World...???
  6. So my Epiphany was that while all the information is being 'Processed' There is another part of The Brain that 'Hangs Onto' The 'Picture' that our eyes are seeing, and that The 'Splotches' of Information retain Position Markers, which are then fed back to 'The Picture' so that an Overlay of 'WhatIsThat' is Matched to 'WhatYou'reLookingAt'... So that 'The Magickal Part of The Brain that is Consciousness' See's the World as it is; But Everything is Labeled.
  7. This doesn't explain Consciousness... But i think it is a step closer.
  8. If you could install this Overlay method into a Machine, then The Machine would have an Indexed Image File of Things in The World, and know what they were...??? It would be just that much closer to 'Knowing Stuff' rather than just 'Reacting to Stuff'... ( ? )

  1. Speaking of Information and Knowledge:
  2. From Lao Tzu:
  3. "The Spoken Dao, Is not The Etermal Dao."
  4. And; "Those that Speak do not Know, and Those that Know, do not Speak."

  1. And:
  2. Existence consists of Pointlessly leaping ( Transmigrating ) from one Cincatrixic Fibroid Knot of Modality to The Next, Forever & ever... Time without End--*
  3. Or Until Any One of The Infinite Number of Intermediate Gawds Between Us & The Kitchen Floor Decides to Upgrade to a Better Screen Saver or Desktop Computer.

* i was thinking awhile ago that it may be pleasant to think that we are 'somehow' living in a universe that will exist forever & ever, by means of our local Xi.6 Controllers having inserted us into a chronologically auto-recursive, toroidilic lariat, analogous to a mobius fettled shoelace; i.e., 'time-loop', that, while finite in it's dilimiters, would allow us within this seven or eight dimensional lebensraum, to experience infinity. this senario also includes provisions for reincarnating into every other person, animal, plant & lonely electron that has ever existed... ( so you get to experience everything, from everyone elses perspective...! curiously, this does not eclude freewill, since you 'are' all these 'other' people & things; simultaneously. ( the illusion of time plays into that part )

This of course, is undoubtedly impossible.

  1. i think that includes everything...
  2. except for all the brilliant thoughts that i had while riding the bus, and forgot to write down before my brain jumped to some other topic...

--- Terminus

----------------------------------------------:: o

Tuesday, June 27, 2000

Deana E. Crabtree's Cabbage Code


i've been told that Deana's GPA was 4.0 when she was in School, but in the little time that i've been exposed to her; She has confirmed one of my on-going hypothesis' that students with 4.0's to even 3.5's are not the brightest students.
The best, the brightest, the genuinely smartest, the true genius' are the students with the 2.8's to 3.2's.
They can't help but do marginally well, but they don't really care about all the crap that the schools are trying to enculturate them with.

The 4.0's are the dumb, over achievers, that have bought into the lies.

On the simplest level of reflection; You should expect that the 4.0's are genius'...
And yet; If this were true, Why are they still in The Public School System...?
It might be: That they are The Not Quite Genius',
But i suspect that this would be a slanderous thing to say about The Real SubGenius'.

If this analysis is correct then;
Why- According to my model,
Are the genius' still in The Public School System,
Getting mediocre grades?

Because The Special Schools for Socially Approved Genius' are tooled to Students that have bought into the lies, But have, nevertheless; Special Skills that can't simply be ignored and crushed.
Many of these Special Skills are perfectly harmless to the established order, and might as well be encouraged, and if anyone does accuse the established order of suppressing genius', then they can point to these Music Conservatories, or Sports Camps and say; See— We're encouraging our young people with special talents.

If you have a child that is getting by with a 3.2 GPA, but doesn't seem to care about anything, then you probably have a genius whose soul is being crushed.

A Recently Discovered Cabbage Code:

Deana Elizabeth Crabtree = 666

Anagrams for:

Deana Crabtree = a: Ace Bartender

Deana Crabtree = Be An Ace Retard

Deana Elizabeth Crabtree = Be The Erratic Daze; Be Anal

Deana Elizabeth Crabtree = Be A Trained Blaze Cheater

Deana Elizabeth Crabtree = An Heretical Zebra Debate

Deana Elizabeth Crabtree = Be A Zed Beet; Ire Charlatan

Deana is my Niece and while you may choose to reasonably disbelieve this;
Her License Plate Number is NLG 666 ( No Lord God 666 )
Crashed sometime in 2007?

( Sorry that i didn't include a picture of it! )

Her Cabbage Code Key is:











The Significance of The Numerical Values are:

9 = The First NonPrime Perfect Square

19 = The Last Year of Childhood

28 = Days in a Lunar Cycle

37 = Number of Characters on her Head Stone

46 = Number of times that she failed to flush the toilet when i was staying with my sister & her

56 = Number of Soiled Panties under her bed

65 = The Last Year of Sanity for Most People

-----------------------------------------:: o

Each word or phrase = 56
Man = War

Each word or phrase = 83
Tao = Te

Each word or phrase = 103
Worm = Baby = Human
Dumb = Charm

Each word or phrase = 111
Meat = Head

Each word or phrase = 123
Cosmos = Miracle

Each word or phrase = 129
Cave = Lake
Sex = Tail

Each word or phrase = 148
Zero = Null
Bleak = Fate = Poor
Naked = Cold

Each word or phrase = 167
Bad Drama = The Car
Bad Name = Mars Car
Atomic = Fire

Each word or phrase = 148
Best = Pure
Cold = Death

Each word or phrase = 175
Love = Vulva = Lies

Each word or phrase = 176
America = Blood = Cruel = Vomit
Indian = Scream
Free = Good

Each word or phrase = 185
Niece = ...
Natural = Sexy = Sex War = Vain Car
Sexy = Siren = Semen = Breast = My Lava
Amoebae = Sea Crab = An Animal = Odd DNA
Mental = I Bile = Dada Coma = Hamas Tao
Clone = Bad Ball = Bar Load

Each word or phrase = 194
Mars Tea = Has Canada
The Pad = Same DNA
Mixed =Dada Rant = Adam's Cat
Angel = Heaven
Grave = Pluto

Each word or phrase = 195
Romance = Winter = Sorrow

Each word or phrase = 203
Alcatraz = Island
Exist = Solid

Each word or phrase = 204
American = Cannibal
Hollow = Empty
Oklahoma = Mexico
Floor = Beneath

Each word or phrase = 213
Ancient = Cosmos
Green = Orange
Scholar = Logic

Each word or phrase = 223
Marijuana = Nowhere
Mountain = Cliff

Each word or phrase = 224
Hungry = Humor(131 + New(93
Highway = Humor Coma

Each word or phrase = 230
Sleep = Valhalla

Each word or phrase = 231
Hamas Sex = I Slime
Sun Lake = An Angel

Each word or phrase = 232
Demonic = Psycho = Jehovah = Judge = Immortal
Abortion = Booger
Galaxy = Bottle = Prison

Each word or phrase = 233
Conform = Whoring

Each word or phrase = 241
Whisper = Tongue

Each word or phrase = 250
Foetid = Obscene

Each word or phrase = 259
Hellish = Fascist
Ultimate = Strange = Reality = Golden = Angelic

Each word or phrase = 268
Emptied = Darkness
Peyote = Ecstasy

Each word or phrase = 269
Innocent = Children
Computer = Lucifer

Each word or phrase = 287
Destroy = Oblivion

Each word or phrase = 296
Pacifist = Poverty
Irrational = Pentagon

Each word or phrase = 297
UnGodly = Werewolf

Each word or phrase = 298
Crazy Bitch = Humanimal Crab = Horror Cunt = Morbid Blob
Witchcraft = Running War = Atomic Humor = Broken Horn
Bad Gyzym = Demonic Bum = Human Sorrow = Icy Cough
Who? Rat Fink! = New Twinky = Baby Ghoul
Butcher Bash = Fun Murder = Known Crime = Alamo Rhythm
Coma Memory = Madtown Cry = Howl Within = Muddy Brain
Terror Bomb = Cannibal Womb = Holy Fuck = Angry Bug
Dumb Hotrod = Worm Winter
Night Tomb = Naught Hour = Junk Music

Each word or phrase = 314
Capitalism = Genitals

Each word or phrase = 324
Barbie Doll = Terrorist

Each word or phrase = 354
Intelligent = Transcendental

Each word or phrase = 352
No Lord God
Ping Pong
I Golgotha
An Eternity
Irrational Man
Narcissus War
Dreadful Car
Bad Epiphany
Spectral Bum
Lucifer Tao
Suicidal Bath
Paradise Bomb
Foetid Pun
Catatonic Roar
Dumb Villain
Zen Madhouse

Each word or phrase = 334
Tao Nothing = Sea Gyzym
Dao Whiskey = Sea Mercury

Each word or phrase = 351
Madness Alamo = Divided Saw
Railroad Same = And Roadside
Package Vain = Visible DNA = Catalog Tear
Secret Wall = Adam Leaving
Harpies Ode = To Tortilla
Against Canada = Potent Task
National Talk = Has Specter
Fallen Ball = Up Pavement
Vampire Top = Ash Hippies

Each word or phrase = 361
Best Scholar = Escape High
Cold Cosmos = Naked Kitten = Escape Crown
Fate: Sanity = Escape Known
Poor Fetus = Escape Bench
Rotten Animal = Fuck Escape = Bleak Nudist
Zero Towards = Escape From
Null Miracle = Escape John
Bile Syntax = Pure Logic
Next Square = Deaf Circle

Each word or phrase = 380
Worst Scholar = My Princess
World Kitten = By Plotinus
Ancient Shadow = Who: Universe
Blind Sphinx = Sinister Cum

Each word or phrase = 407
Demonic Love = Desolate Baby
State Criminal = Collapse / Burn

Each word or phrase = 415
Ancient Mars = The Sphinx

Each word or phrase = 417
New Congress = Pederasty Bum

Each word or phrase = 436
Motorcyclist = Unemployment

Each word or phrase = 444
Without Sleep = Impossible Car
Valhalla Suburbs = Bad Cemeteries
But: Solipsism = Sea Theology

Each word or phrase = 464
Hungry Plague = Mohammedan Empire
Closed Highway = Hometown Prison

Each word or phrase = 471
State Pacifist = Opium Especial
Paper Clitoris = Worst Glasses
Irrational Space = World Disappear
Vulva Narcissus = Uranus Desolate
Lies Pentagon = Their Collapse

Each word or phrase = 547
Electrified Worm = Eternal Gymnasium

Each word or phrase = 666
Comprehensible Love
Investigating Death
Natural Consciousness
Propositional Romance
Contemplating Prose
Conversational American
Intelligent Logic
Internationale Nudist
Transcendental Fetus
Electrified Hero
Jesus / Skull And Bones
Drunken Kaleidoscope
Demonic Intellectual
Eternal Electricity
HetroSexual MadHouse
Follow The Damp Masses
Hallucinating Villain
Illuminating Despair
Frankenstein Parakeet
Obscene Advertising
Instantaneous Solomon
Instinctive Suicide
Darkness Disgorged
Suicidal Pilgrimage
Children, Themselves
Successive Victory
Innocent Secretaries
University Hippies
Distributed Academies
Intoxication Protest
Divided Hallucination
Leaving Illumination
Government Leaflet
Spectral Synagogue
Dreadful Metropolis
Tenement Cemeteries
Impossible Algebraic
Juxtaposed Epiphany
Xi Point Six Oblivion
Forgotten Salvation
Clitoris Revolution
Occupational Poverty
Starving Pentagon
UnGodly Testicles
Sensitive Werewolf
Dismember Ourselves
Sinister Crossbones
Universal Controller
Lonesome Generation
Asperger's Condition
Vibrating Vegetable
Solipsism Incarnation
Invisible Terrorist
Trembling Ecstasies
Continuous Elevation
MonoSexual Sweetheart
Nostalgic Cigarette
Hysterical Capitalism
Incomparable Spinster
Fractional Intellect
Resurrect Pederasty
Elemental Theology
Spangled Imagination
Therefore Obsessed
Visionary Ugliness

Mirrored Sums
56) Man : Car (65
56) War : Bad (65
184) Alive : Consciousness (481
194) Amnesia : Comprehensible (491
344) Committing : Kaleidoscope (443
354) Tinky Winky : Transcendental (453

-----------------------------------------:: o

The Reasons that i think Deana is probably clinically retarded.

Never speaks in full sentences
Never says anything clever or witty
Has no appreciation for humor or wit
Doesn't have a website or blog
Has no ( viable ) creative hobbies
Has no books ( except for romance novels )
Exhibits Faux Reading Behaviour,
In which she carries around a large book,
Pretending to read it.
Pedantic collection of DVD's Games.
Doesn't seem to have any functional programs on her computer,
Such as a word processor, or any for graphic/photo manipulation
Uses a wintel computer
Has a laptop computer,
But uses a tiny plugin mouse with it.
Has never gotten the hang of using the trackpad.
Consistently sultry without the charm of goth
Unable or unwilling to flush a toilet
Never says anything original
Prone to hissy fits
Confused by distinction between solemn & serious
- - -

You might be asking:
Why am i being so mean?

the problem is the dichotomy between expectations & the actual disclosure of her intelligence.
for the last several years, i was made to believe that deana was very bright, but then i met her, and discovered that she's not especially bright at all.

i was set up for a grand disappointment.

it was such a exasperating fiasco.

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