Sunday, April 30, 2000


A Picoan is an Iconographical Koan.
My Picoan Group on Flickr
A Pictogram of objects;
With which you are already sufficiently familiar,
But when presented to you in such & such a manner,
As those items are displayed here...
You will find that reason has no place to rest it's shoulders,
And that hairs-- Recently taken from the belly of a dog, having fallen from heaven,
Will make your danish & coffee feel like a carrousel spinning out of control, on a moon with no name.
And then: Enlightenment may ensue, if your mind is suitably prepared.


If an illustration doesn't have a story or narrative attached to it,
Or-- You think that you could produce a better one...!!!
Then; Please compose something suitable, and attach it as A Comment...!!!
If i Agree that it's something Special--
Then i'll move it up into The Proper Body of The Blog...!!!
[ Full Credit and possible prizes will be awarded...!!! ]
Many of these photos are inexcusibly fuzzy...
And i'm not sure why...???
The 'Other' ones that came out pretty well were taken in the same way...
i think...???
So i'll just try to be 'more careful' for the next batch...
Even though i don't know what being 'more careful' actually means...???

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edgarblythe said...

I have to say, you are very talented.