Wednesday, April 12, 2000

A Simple Story: The Misplaced Eraser

A Simple Story : A Fallen Sehlett
Another Moukebox finds The Stanhipunti's
forgotten Love Interest

Aggie opened the dog. ( Mrs. Tch' bae )
It lay quietly as she stretched her fingers under it's intestines,
And then moved the liver to one side, looking under it...
When she pushed the lungs up, away from the gently beating heart
The beast let out a soft wuff sound...
"There they are!"
Aggie lifted out the keys...
Aggie looked at the dog suspicously...
"How did they get in there...?! -- Bad Dog!"
She smiled wryly as she closed the dog and set her on the floor.
Mrs. Tch' bae was a combination Chestnut shepard & Dachshund,
The combination of large and small dogs was raving through most suburbs,
And creating numerous disquietingly mutant creatures that seemed reasonably content,
Although they had a few unusual medical problems, couldn't walk or pee normally
And often swallowed, or absorbed, objects that were left unattended.
"Now don't you go and annoy General Purken while i'm gone!"
General Purken lay curled up behind the davenport, quivering with a confused dread.
The General was prone to hallucinations and suffered many phobias.
Aggie took the federally designated speed limit from her ear purse and began to unwrap it.
The giant squid that her boyfriend had boughten her for her birthday wanted to play
And wouldn't take 'no' or 'maybe' or 'not now' for a suitable answer.
It wrapped it's manicured tenticles around Aggie and began to wrestle with her.
The neighbors fly, which seemed to hang around her dinette set; more & more,
Acted amused... if you're sensitive to the subtle and inscrutable emotions of aspergeric insects...?
She finally managed to dislodge it and trapped it in the silverware drawer.
Out on the porch...
The Refrigerator complained of it's recent repainting as she got in.
The mirrors were askew and Aggie wondered if Merry had been in it since yesterday.
Never mind that Merry had been dead for 6 months.
After she'd gotten the mirrors balanced to her liking she turned
The Refrigerator down the steps and began rolling into the future.
Her socks pulled themselves off her feet and curled up under the seat.
"Don't you two wander off now, This is going to be a short trip!"
When she passed the year 3261 she pulled into The Stick & Stack,
Aggie wandered up and down the aisles, looking for the one thing that she'd forgotten the day before.
She still couldn't recall what it was.
At the counter, she'd discovered that she'd picked up a box of extra absorbent hamsters.
The brand was different from the kind she usually bought, but she paid the 76.30_R's anyways.
While she was looking through the tabloids on the way out of the store,
She placed two of the hamsters under her fleshy armpits.
One began squeaking so frantically that she took it out and replaced it with a more composed one.
Outside; she saw a homeless woman sitting with her legs stretched out in front of her.
She handed her the boisterous rodent.
It quickly disappeared between the womans legs.
Surprisingly; the noise stopped.
ξ ξ
As much i would love to draw flies accurately,
i think that their wings and ambiguous [ androgenous ]
bodyform ( Thorax ) make them to easy to Visually misplace.

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