Wednesday, April 12, 2000

Story: Groceries

- - - - - + - - - - -
i keep wanting to discover a [new] fashion trend
but none of them ever seems to catch on...
The Golden Treasuries Collection:
Someone from The Class of '46 had his finger wander beneath
The incarnation of another invisible hopeful canidate
That sent shivers through the resurrected editor's
Blue Line Connection.
It was the 3rd rocky morning that they thought
That they'd ever find living in the same box with The Groaning Hamburger
( pet name for an animal that resembles an african honey cat )
From a shoddy pamphlet cast from the plaster mask of
A Plaid Werewolf Cub.
[ It ] was taken from The Alien's Grave,
[ a popular, non-alcoholic, taco salad bar ]
And vanished while the radio was droning our sensibilities
To a velvety creaminess of yellow, mashed potatoes.
( Ξ.7 )

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