Sunday, April 02, 2000

Story: Road Signs

- - - - - + - - - - -
i got really fed up with my drawings awhile ago
and started using photographs again
as base material...
i usually randomly take two pictures, start with one,
then try to find some room on the paper to fit in
some or all of the second...
and if an octopus can be squeezed in too--
So much the better.
In the original Photo's, The Three Characters used
on the Right, all had clothes on,
and the girl was not a bioform.
Also: The girl in the foreground was not
a Neaderthal.
i LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Neanderthals...!!!
And Dwarves... Although they don't appear in
my drawings quite so often.
And; of course-- highly anomalous genitalia.
Krescian™ dabbed at her left eye with the orange disinfectant.
Jueju wondered if confusion was the correct emotion to cry over.
Mrs. [ L ] wore her most important hat.
O'qimûia came that afternoon to ask about the recipé,
For something like brownies,
But had those giant pecans skins added after the eggs set... ( ? )
Mrs. [ L ] needed someone to keep a diary of her ghost adventures,
And that was the wrong time to be entering
The Smokers Lounge.
Private spots began appearing on the dogs face.
Above them;
A Centipede [ 18_inches ( ± 3 ) long ]
Made its way over their browning ceiling.
The baby noticed that something was very wrong,
But no one heeded it's mousish, hysterical screams.
Rolls of fat hung off Denise's best party dress.
A Chinese woman, in a state, far away,
Felt that a glass of milk had been spilt somewhere,
But her divining rod was acting up again.
She needed a new one; But they are surprisingly expensive in her small town.
Then the picture of his mother fell from the dining room wall.
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