Wednesday, April 12, 2000

Story: Sewing Brains Together

- - - - - + - - - - -
This drawing has the same Cartoony
Styling that i really hate in my work,
But still; it's one of the better ones...
i think.
. . . . . . . .
It wasn't her usual routine to go out so late at night,
Especially when there had recently been reports [ Incipient Rumors ]
Of Shopping Center Managers hiding in her neighbor's garages
Wearing thin Polynesian boxer shorts that allowed their genitals to leak out,
If you sat in just 'the right' way.
On Thursday;
She checked the tan lines behind her ears and looked around for a scrap of paper
To write down her impressions,
But the cat had hidden them all.
On the TV;
At that same moment,
Avenging [ Off White ( Yellowish Khaki / Hazel Café au lait ] Angels
Made short work of several Non-European drug dealers
With their Broadpoint; Deuteronomously Flaming Swords.
Curiously; We never got to see where they put their swords
When they weren't slicing amorphous chunks from darkly hued drug dealers
Selling cartoon imprinted lollypops to curly pelaged ragamuffins
With filthy bandaids covering their misshapen elbows--
or Emaciated teenagers waiting in line at the abortion clinic,
or Sparsely covered dogs, leaning over into a lush garden of reddish pickles.
More unbelievable things began happening at the warehouse
In The Puerto Rican District,
But no one was there with a Video Camera to record any of it.
It was all as lost as the brittle scrolls at The Library of Alexandria.
Cats wept.
[ Over what; we may never know ]
} - - = + = - - {

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