Wednesday, April 12, 2000

Story: Spurt(s)

- - - - - + - - - - -
this is one of my favorite drawings.
it's simple
and it also contains those
wonderful spurts of blood
that suggests,
along with the hanging chair,
that another disreputable soul
will soon be singing the praises of satan
in the eternal dark paradise
of logic & forbidden knowledge.
- § -
The living shift their psuedo horns
While plunging from their totally wild, sunny dreams;
With hot green tongues,
In a country retirement of loose fashion requirements,
Brought into a mindset of Taoistic recordings of
Tabacco Filled Fetus'...
Riding on an even looser highway of Blue Academics
That are joined at the ears to find
A sockless Pederast whose skin is tatooed with
All the latest holocaust anecdotes
That have filtered in from
The Gravity Empire.
A girl;
Brilliant with floor designs,
Found a deaf hometown in boxes of dandruff,
Eluding to the strange amnesia of rocks,
Shuddering in a firetrap; East of Chinatown.
Amoung The Sensitive Spectral Railroad Hobos;
Each of the hours closed with a discernable---
= = Θ = =

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