Wednesday, April 12, 2000

Story: The Wisdom of Fish # 2

- - - - - + - - - - -
What is particularly curious about this Illustration
is that i have a deep and visceral loathing for
The exclamation of any bodily fluids [ or solids ] ...!!!
For a time -- When i was somewhat younger,
My Subliminal Self made a distinction between
Spitting and The Ejaculating of Semen...
[ Particularly onto to Faces; in either case...! ]
Which appear Virtually Identical...
But i became morbidly nauseated by one,
and was sexual aroused by the other...
i thought that this was very interesting...???
Perhaps this is something like my Adversion to Violence...
i hate Real Violence,
[ i don't even { casually } kill bugs...!!! ]
and yet i find it's paradilogical treatment,
in films, highly enjoyable...???
- - - )( - - -
[ The Fish in this Story
Has the Ability to Speak Intelligibly,
But chooses not to. ]
'Bop York' was considered by many to be an Advertising Loony.
This connection to The Nightmare Dynamo of "The Loveboy" { # 4 };
That won't listen to The French Union of Mustard Sculptors,
Had effected The Treasuries in Idaho...
( wink, wink... )
What was the instinctive recreational opinion of
Those dazed women that sit all afternoon, irationally scribbling--
[ Madder than a Hat Salesman ]
--On the hot, flooded, hydrotherapy containers...?
- Therefore: -
The Connection was; that;
In an underworld hetrosexual tenement building,
{ Obscene by Woodlawn Standards }
Was divided in a fractionally consciousness sort of eclipse.
The Academies; whose Saintly Religion
Gave Asperger's The Mystery of Lies
Bade a Mohammedean TinkyWinky a 'Heart Blast' of Fairies
which sent The Jury off the trial.
The Regiment; [ Uncle Lou's old R- ]
Under a Granite Stanza of Intoxication
Left everyone in the hydortherapy unit feeling as if their
Union of instantaneous witches was
Somehow forgotten.
- - - ^ - - -

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