Wednesday, July 12, 2000

Film Ideas / Effects / ( et. al. )

  1. Aquariums
    These aren't like normal aquariums,
    Although they sit on a shelf like a normal aquarium, and have silver edges, and may have something like fish swimming around in them, or not...
    You may see a living room, or an outdoor garden, or just about anything...
    And on the front of the aqaurium is a dot.
    And if you touch the dot; You'll be transported to the scene in the Aquarium, and then, you'll find yourself with your finger on the dot, on an aquarium, but the scene in the aquarium will be the room you just left...!
    And-- You may not be able to return to your previous location, because most of the aquariums are One-Way...!!! To get back to where you started, you have to find The Path through however many other aquariums, which is usually impossible due to the unknowability of where the aquariums lead to, and where they are to begin with...
    Plus: When you touch the dot, you are expanded to fill the entire universe, cross over the boundry of infinity, then collapse into the other universe. For someone seeing you touch the dot, they see you suddenly expand to infinity, then collapse on the other side of the aquarium.
  2. Skinny Door
    This is simply a very thin slot in the wall, and if you have permission to enter the doorway, you will slide through, as if you suddenly came upon an invisible funnel. Anyone that does not have permission to enter, will just crash into the wall. Can you see through the slot... Yes, but nothing without permission can pass through it.
  3. Skinny Room / Juke Box
    This is like the skinny door, except that it leads to a skinny room. That is: The room is very skinny looking from the outside, but once inside, it looks like a normal room...
    There are many skinny rooms avialable, and a Juke Box like contraption brings the room down to the entry way for you.
  4. Helicopter Rescue
    An innocent woman is thrown out of an airplane ( or some such ) and the hero guy is flying a helicopter and sees her falling, so he races over to where she is, then flips the helicopter on it's side, she falls onto the side of the helicopter, climbs in through the doorway, and they fly off together.
  5. Smoking Woman
    While woman is smoking, smoke rises to cover her face, then reveal it--
    As a Gorilla...!!!
  6. Tubevators
    On the ground are circles that are about 3 feet in diameter. Watching them, you will occasionally see a tube, which may appear to be made of steel or wood or granite or...??? ... It either drops down from above, or rises up from below. It is solid, there are no doorways on it. Then it either rises up or falls down, revealling a passenger, that walks off. To use the Tubevator, you walk over to a circle and wait a moment. A tube rises or falls around you, and it may either appear to be a large or small room, or a landscape or outspace or you may seem to be underwater with fish swimming by, but you are not getting wet, and you can breath fine. A mermaid, or goat or elderly woman sitting at a kitchen table, peeling cucumbers will ask you where you want to go. You will feel no movement, but after a few seconds, the landscape will rise or drop away, leaving you at your destination.
  7. Fractional Reality Toons
    These Cartoons seem to be just like ordinary cartoons, except that they are 'real' -- like toonville in Roger Rabbit. This idea of Realities with lower fractional reality index really should be explored more...
  8. Riding Tardegrades
    Two completely naked girls, one older, one younger, ride into a western town, on sheep sized Tardegrades. They are Witches. But this is a minor point to the storyline...
  9. Anomolous Genitalia
    What if you had aliens that were naked, but with such anomolous genitalia that it wouldn't be naughty...???
  10. Plate O'Plenty
    Plate O'Plenty is like a Horn of Plenty, in that it will provide you with anything you want, like a food generator on Star Trek, but instead of using Transporter technology, the items are pushed up from a gravity wave generating plate which forms atoms from the zero point background radiation. You just tell it what you want, and it makes it. To introduce it to something new, you just place it on the plate, and it is scanned as it's eaten by the device. If the thing you want is too big for the plate, then something intermediate is produced, which then produces what you want. You can also make things that aren't specifically defined, like a diamond skull... which would be composite of the delimiting boundries of a skull, made of diamond.
    It can also make things like a pill of immortality or other magickal devices.
    It's very ancient and knows lots of secrets.
  11. Flyocopter
    It's a giant fly, that you can get into, like a helicopter, and fly around in.
    It may or may not have the ability to change it's size.
    It may or may not have the ability to travel in space.
    It may or may not have a living quarters in the back area...???
  12. Path through Universes / Version One
    This would be a good start for a film, in which you start off with a naked boy and his dog swimming in a creek, then the dog gets out, and does that wierd dog twist to dry themselves off, and you zoom in onto a single drop of water, and within it, you see a tiny animal eating another tiny animal, you zoom in on the being eaten animal, into it's body, and within an internal organ are people playing badmitten, you zoom in on the birdy and inside it, are more poeple dancing on celestrial spheres, then follow one down to a plain where a shack is, inside the shack... and so on...
  13. Path through Realities / Version Two
    In a perfectly mundaine scene, the view tracks onto the television set, and into it, where the people are... from there, you jump into a photograph, then into a dark space, using a radio as a doorway, then into a painting, with action to the left, out of view from the picture frame, ( as with the photograph ) and so on...
  14. Non-Lethal Weapons from The Future
    An alein shoots a gun, and a bubble comes out, enveloping the victum and he float off.
    Or the victums guy and all his clothes disappear.
    Or he's pushed backwards in time to just waking up that morning...
  15. Future Appliances
    Future appliances should be completely incomprehensible.
  16. Mirror World
    A young boy discovers an ancient magick book and follows a recipe to make a magick coin with-which he can enter mirror worlds...
    But inside the mirror world, it only exists when someone is looking into a mirror at that scene... Everywhere else, it's black and he may fall into those spaces, or be weightless... And since mirrors and puddles and other reflective surfaces case their images in a wide variety of orientations, the world on the other side is very disorientating...!!! With overlapping regions, and weird distortions and colours...???
    Plus; As he's walking by a mirror surface, people in the real world can see him, as he can see the real world through these windows...!!!
  17. Cloud Beings
    Beings that live in the clouds, and look down on us, and have to be careful that the cloud their on doesn't disipate... if it does, they fall to the Earth as Rain or Hail...!!!
  18. Combining Movies
    Take any two movies and just lay them over one another...
    Like Gone with The Wind and Stargate...
  19. Changing Characters
    You take a perfectly ordinary movie and whenever the scene changes for the camera, you switch the actor playing a given character... So that say two characters are talking, and the camera switchs from Alex to Betty, Alex was a tall sauve gentleman, and betty is a sweet, slim caucasion, but when the camera comes back to Alex, he's now a short, freckle faced 9 year old with the same clothes and glasses on as the previous Alex... and he sounds just the same.... and so on... This happens with all the characters. No attention is ever given to it.
  20. Folding Chairs
    The movie starts with an elderly man, tied to a bunk on a ship that is sinking... He is attended to by a small boy that abandons him and is the sole survivor of the sinking... We follow him through his life and from time to time, he encounters older men, that later on in the movie, are Him, older now, interacting in those same situations with a young boy that was the previous him...!!! Then it ends with him tied to the bunk and the child running off and the quarters fill with water...
  21. Cut Ups
    Take a huge number of episodes from a TV show, like Leave it to Beaver, Gilligans Island or Star Trek, then electronically cut out all the characters and dialogue, then piece together all the backgrounds, and make new episodes, periodically inserting new chaacters... Or Combining Two Series', such as Gilligans Island with Leave it to Beaver...???
  22. Add More Violence
    While some Movie Rental places are editing the movies to remove violence and sour language... You can create new versions with more violence or more graphic violence or nudity, or rude language...
    Or change the whole plot around... to make it more politically offensive...???
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