Tuesday, July 11, 2000

Internal Inertia Generator

From: 12 Inventions that May Change The World!

The Internal Inertia Generator has been around for along time, under various names, and various descriptions.
i used to come across some description of one, or one about to be released to the general public, and then never hear about it again. Was this because the idea is as silly as a perpetual motion machine--
( which i believe is possible...! It just seems to me that if you put together some magnets and a gravitational body together in just the right way, They've got to create an infinite amount of motion...??? )
--Or was it because someone, somehow...???...is suppressing this idea, along with an easy to use programming language, voice recognition and robots...???

You decide.

My version consists of a plastic ring, train rail wise, arranged so that a large steel ball may roll around and around inside of it... Like inside of bowl, only on tracks, so that it's precise path may be specified.
OK - So then you affix some Copper Strips along these Tracks for about a tenth of the way around... so that when The Steel Ball rolls over them, it will form an electrical connection.
Then The Copper Strips are connected to an ElectroMagnet so that when The Steel Ball rolls over them, The ElectroMagnet is turned on, Pulling The Steel Ball towards it, which is just at the end of The Copper Strips.
When The Steel Ball rolls past The Copper Strips, The connection is broken, The ElectroMagnet is turned off, and The Steel Ball, Released from The ElectroMagnets pull, is allowed to roll past, around the ring, Until it again runs over The Copper Strips... and so on.
The net effect is that The Steel Ball will experience an acceleration each time it runs around to where The Copper Strips & ElectroMagnet are.
This will cause the whole assemblage to snap 'forward' in that direction.
What if; You now assembled a whole bunch of these, and put them into a car, so that this Internal Inertia Generator pushed the car around, but the wheels weren't attached to a motor in any way...?
It could be put into a submarine and, with sufficient insulation, the submarine would be completely silent!
Could this be used to create an AntiGravity Effect...???
( would it resist Gravity or Push an Aircraft Up... if the Generators were arranged in the proper orientation...??? )
Many people who hear of this, automatically resist this because it doesn't already exist.
All inventions that don't already exist, particularly Simple Ones that would turn the world upside down...!...must be impossible for that reason alone.
If you have a work space and would like to work this into a prototype, and perhaps commercialize it, feel free to do so. Keep in mind however, as i've already mentioned, many have attempted to share this idea with the world before, and they are not famous, they have disappeared.
It may be that in order to share this idea with the world, you'll have to get one working, then;
Either publish it's full implementation on the internet, or send working units to several seemingly friendly newspapers or T.V. stations... Anonymously...
Some ideas are just meant to be free.

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