Monday, July 10, 2000

IQ 100 Town

From: 12 Experiments that May Change The World

IQ 100 Town

If you know anything about IQ's then you should be aware by now that psychologists think that everyone has a whole bunch of different kinds of IQ...!
You've got your Math IQ & Social IQ & ConArtist IQ & Lover IQ and so on...
What we're concerned with now, ( mostly ) is the General Purpose,
Abstract Problem Solving IQ,
which we apply to all sorts of everyday concerns, to help us overcome our daily annoyances.
For this Experiment, We want to accumulate a whole bunch of people with an IQ of 100,
Preferably 5000 or more, so we can assemble them into a viable town with lots of redundancy so far as functionality goes...
( e.g. Several Barbers, Several Plumbers and so on... just to be as fair as possible ! )
All the participants should also have no more than an IQ of 105 or less than 95 for peripheral IQ skills, such as Music, History or whatever...
Then you isolate them completely;
So that all that they're exposed to is the products of their own mediocrity!
All the Newspapers, Films, TV, Books... ect...
are all produced by other IQ 100 participants.
The Experiment asks: What will the net effect be?
The Translucent Amoebae Consortium predicts that over time--
Weeks or Months; Things will start to go wrong, Refrigerators will break down, Cars will develop odd mechanical problems, and while we took pains to make sure there were plenty of technicians to handle repairs of "this sort" -- there will always be problems that fall outside of their technical manuals or their expertise, ( as it were ).
Thus; these things will go unrepaired, and since new products must be manufactured by IQ 100 Participants, they may very well go un-replaced!
In Short- We predict a slow and steady decline in their standard of living...

The Big Question is though- How Far Will They Sink...???
We were thinking initially that they would fall back a hundred years or so...
But the more we thought about it, the more we began to realize that at every technological phase of humanimal culture; All innovations were brought about by genius'.
Without -Them- The IQ 100 Town would continue to spiral down to a Chimpanzee like Social Structure!
Even making Flint Arrowheads were the product of genius' ( of their time ( and ours! ) )
Such that you might be able to teach an IQ 100 participant to make a flint arrowhead,
they will never figure it out on their own, irregardless of how familiar they are with flint arrowheads, The manufacture of such items is just too complicated...! ( Honestly ! )
What does this mean?
Should IQ 100 Citizens be allowed to Vote?
Should we even be trying to educate them?
Should they just be trained for Menial Labor?
Should IQ 100 Humanimals be sold & bought like toasters?
After this Experiment has run it's course to it's Logical Conclusion...
After say 5 years --- ( long before they're reduced to howling at a full moon )
It will be clear that we'll have to seriously rethink our attitude towards "Normal" People.

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