Saturday, July 08, 2000

Magic Trick: The Disappearing Elephant

This is kind of a Kitschy presentation...
The Amazing Retardo is introduced.
The Amazing Retardo comes out:
He stumbles and his tall hat falls off, releasing dozens of small birds.
He stands, ignores the hat that has rolled across the stage and begins...
"Valkum, Laydites hent Handelmuchs! Dos Ubenink, ul Vul Nek uh Hulobumd-- ISUHBEER!"
A shapely aid comes out with a carnivalish painted sign that reads:
[ The Amazing Retardo & His Disappearing Elephant! ]
She places the sign on a tripod facing the audience.
The Amazing Retardo looks at her suspicously.
She leaves the stage.
The Amazing Retardo exits for a moment, and brings out an Elephant.
While the quality of The Elephant's 'Costume' is impectable, it is clearly not an actual elephant, but two small boys; on stilts, in an elephant costume. As i suggested; The costume is of the highest quality, and this alone is worth the price of admission. The Elephant comes out in a respectable manner, and lead by 'confederates' in the audience, It is wildly applauded.
The Elephant begins to misbehave.

"Bleiz, Bleiz, Dos Hulbamd oz Pary Fanakie, Bleiz-- Nes Ubloz!"
The Elephant stamps around the Stage, trumpeting and rolling it's trunk up and down! It's ears flap back and forth, It's tail raises and twitches...! It is also designed so that its eyes can roll freely in its sockets so that when the confederates begin to take flash photos, The Elephants eyes burst open, so that the audience can see it's whites, as it continues to go Berserk...!!!
The Amazing Redardo struggles with The Elephant, continuing to plead with the Audience to behave itself...
After several mintues of this PrePerformance; The Elephant quiets down.
A small crew of beautiful girls come out, and begin assembling a levitated ( Raised ) Platform that the audience can clearly see under. They then roll out a staircase, and The Amazing Retardo leads The Elephant onto The Platform. It continues to stamp and trumpet, but is following instructions.
The Staircase is rolled away.
To calm The Beast, The Amazing Retardo feeds it ( clearly ) shedded newspapers, which it grabs with it's trunk and stuffs into it's mouth...!
Then The Girls lift up The back, sides and front of the surrounding box. It is clear that there is no trickery with the platform, or the cage.
It is also arranged and constructed so that The Girls can roll the cage & platform around, so that the audience can see all sides of it, after it's been assembled.
The Elephant can still be heard stamping and trumpeting inside.
The Amazing Retard instructs the girls to rotate the cage 180 degrees, and after which, he opens a circular window on the back the takes up about one third of the back.
The doors to this window open outward, and fold into thirds, accordian style, and rest, protruding slightly away from the back of the cage.

From this view, the audience can see The side of The Elephant, stamping and trumpeting inside.
The cage is rotated to view The Front again.
The Amazing Retardo takes out a 'Magic Wand' and snaps it sharply against the cage.
Nothing happens.
He strikes it again & again, then on his hand, then on the floor, and again against the cage, while The Elephant inside continues to stamp and trumpet.
Suddenly The Wand Explodes like a Roman Candle, and The Amazing Retardo simultaneously shrieks "OparGahdDeborAh!" & releases a latch, so that a Window; just like the one on the back of The Cage-- Springs Open.
The Stamping, Trumpeting and Elephant are gone.
The Amazing Retardo steps around the cage, waving the wand, showering the stage with sparks, when he reaches the back, he can be clearly seen threw the two windows, and points The Wand so that sparks shoot through the cage, out towards the audience. His legs and feet are clearly visible from under the platform the whole time.
The Roman Candle Wand Sputters out, And The Amazing Retardo turns to the Audience and announces with great pride: "Ta DA!"
It is clear from looking at the apparatus that The Elephant has simply been disassembled and the two boys are crouching out of view, since there is plenty of space to the sides of the window for them to hide.
Then-- There's a creaking, groaning sound, of wood twisting and breaking.
The sides of The Cage Fall away, then The Front, Then The Back shears off, falls vertically down, then falls over, flat.
Then The Raised Platform collapses as well.
There is only flat boards covering the stage. There are no boys & no elephant to be found.

The Amazing Retardo looks upon the fiasco with horror, then turns again to the audience, and repeats his previous finally, only this time; flat, and with a hint of embarrassment.
How was it done:
( In Magick Ink )
It's done simply with a trap door, but the two boys don't use it until the cage begins to fall apart,
then as the back drops straight down, then over,
the trap door opens at just the right place,
and they are pushed through, along with the disassembled elepant; rolled up into a compact bundle.
Previous to exiting through The Trap Door; They are standing in position, on the outside of the cage, Hidden partially by the rear window's door on 'that' side, and partially by the angle of the cage in respect to the audience... via a simple 'Invisible' Revolving Door, built into the back of the cage, which also contains a extending platform for them to stand on.

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