Friday, July 14, 2000

PreCogitator Version Alpha

Here are some Ideas / Suggestions of How
The Next Generations of Computers
Might be Configured...

  1. i should first of all note that i'm Very annoyed with the lack of progress in the development of computers & their software...! i don't think this is accidental...!!! -- Just imagine for a moment what would happen if a genuinely intelligent PsuedoIntelligent Robot Mind were to become available to a Free Market Capitalist Economy--? Every Industrial Management Sector would replace all their workers, which consist of at least 80% of The American Work Force...! Why isn't this being discussed...??? Is anyone ready for this...??? What makes this all the more critical-- Is that; i believe that these Robot Brains are already available; But are being suppressed by someone, somehow... But that it's only a matter of time, days or weeks... ( ? ) ...before the cat is out of the kitchen...!
  2. This new computer / precogitator will have a collection of Central Processing Units, Rather than the Bottled Neck version commonly Available... While some computers have dedicated Math CoProcessors, or Video Cards & Such... The next generation will have a wide variety of specialized Assistants that process spoken language, both to understand & create it. It will also be able to interpret Visual images, recognize faces and identify common objects & 'scenes' to determine whether something anomalous is occurring! There will also be assistants to 'consider' things in the background of normal activities...
  3. Amoung all these specialized CPU's; Will be 3 SubSystems that may be thought of as The SuperEgo, Ego & Id. The Ego is in the middle of operations, organizing the activities of the other Processing Units, but even it doesn't 'Run' the programs that have been loaded into it... The Work of the Ego will be so involved that irregardless of it's speed, that job of merely Running programs will be done by underlings.
  4. The SuperEgo Subsystem will set aside of all the other activities, monitoring the Ego & all the other systems, It will be hardwired into the cogitators motherboard so that it will be incorruptible! The SuperEgo will have its own HardDrive that only it can read & write to. No instructions from The Internet, Programs or The Keyboard can tell the SuperEgo what to do...! The job of the SuperEgo is to protect the whole system and all it's contents!
  5. The Id is active mostly at night, but during the day, it's constantly looking for ways to make the job of the Ego more efficient! At night, when the System is sleeping, It analysis all the instructions and 'lessons' that the User has tried to teach the system, to make it smarter... During this dreaming phase; The Id boils all these helpful hints down, fitting them together with all it's other 'Cogitative' Directives and thus, when morning arrives, The System is Fully Self Consistent & Compacted to run as smoothly & quickly as is possible.
  6. As mentioned in [5.] The PreCogitator has a ability to be taught things. These things may be shortcuts as to how to perform various functions, or simply saying "Good Morning!" when the User gets up each morning.
  7. One Elemental difference between Computers of Today ( Jan 2005 ) and The PreCogitators of Tomorrow, will be the absence of anything resembling The Operating System & The Internet.
  8. Instead of a Desktop, The PreCogitators may be configured any way the User would like, But as a Default format, They will present the User with a Blackboard that the User interacts with... The User may write on the Blackboard or speak directly with the PreCogitating Ego. There will be No Programs...! Instead, The PreCogitator will simply 'Do Stuff' that the User would like to get done.
  9. In the place of well delimited 'Programs'-- The PreCogitator will have a Gigantic Collection of 'Routines' that do 'Little Jobs'... Most of these will be performed by the PreCogitator without the Users participation... The User will simple ask the PreCogitator to Do Something... And it will get done...
  10. Another big difference will be that the PreCogitator will have a Sense of 'Goal'... and will keep trying to achieve this Goal even if it's usual approach doesn't seem to be working.
  11. The User may well understand what the Routines are though, and construct new Routines using The older ones as subroutines... Thus allowing the functionality of the System to continuing growing over time...! These are the 'Lessons' that the Id will consider at night-time, when it's Dreaming... All these Lessons will be compared to old lessons and merged together &/or modified to avoid conflicts that would make the system schizophrenic. When morning comes around, the Id & Ego may hold a morning conference with the User to discuss how these Dream Sessions went, and what further modifications or adjustments are necessary... As time goes by, and the User & System Matures, These morning sessions would become fewer & fewer... The Ego & Id would continue to Anticipate the Desires of the User...
  12. This is not, Nor would be require the System to have any 'Magical' Conscious Abilities... It would simply create a large catalogue of Routines that would make the system easier to use, over writing previous instructions that may have been clumsily written, thus allowing the Users Preferences to be superimposed on the Systems Operations.
  13. The Internet, as we now understand it, will become more and more invisible to the User, and become more & more a repository of resources for your system's Ego. When the user would like to access a movie, book or file of information, it would be the Ego, or a subsystem directed by the Ego to go to the internet and retrieve it for the User.
  14. Chiefly; The PreCogitator would be Trainable. It will grow and Adapt to the needs of the User, and allow itself to be shaped into any form that the User Desires.
  15. Elementally opposed to this-- Would be a sense of primal Morality that the SuperEgo would be hardwired with, to prevent the User from using the computer as a tool for Evil.
  16. What exactly this Elemental Moral Code would consist of; Is something that will have to be debated further, and may make the difference as to which model or manufacturer the User purchases his/her PreCogitator from.
  17. --- ?

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