Friday, July 14, 2000


From 12 Inventions that May Change The World...!!!


This is pretty much lifted right off of Star Trek,
But i think we could push it a little bit further,
By putting tubes in all office buildings, and then interconnecting them, not only with one another, but with other cities and countries...!
So that you could step into a Taxivator on the 6th floor of your Office Building, and go all the way to Japan or France...!
With all these tubes underground, we could also put all the overhead wiring down there, eliminating telephone poles and those cancerous high voltage towers...!
The tubes could also contain all of garbage collection services, Mail, Grocery & Department Store Deliveries...!
The Taxivators would be semi-autonomous; In that they would cooperate with a central directory so that they could pick up people along the way, just like a regular 'Elevator', and deliver people to their destinations in an efficient manner-- But the Individual Taxivators would watch out for other Taxivators and choose their own routes when they sense that trouble is brewing...???
Most of the Technology for something like this already exists... except for a really efficient tunnel building system...???

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