Saturday, July 08, 2000

Universal Hieroglyphical Language

From: 12 Ideas that May Change The World

Universal Hieroglyphic Language

One of the things that people -now- will have to get more and more used to is that young people of the future will be illiterate.
But this is not a bad thing, since our world culture will simply revert to the preliterate oral culture that we were back in our early agricultural development...
Back then; Genius' were writing down stories and then they'd be forgotten, so a 'Stop-gap' solution was developed called 'Writing'.
Writing is now, no longer necessary.
Now we have Video and Computers and DVD's and so on...
So we can become a culture of Live Story-Tellers again.
There is a small problem: And that's Airports and Billboards.
So as Globally Addressed Stop-Gap Solution to this:
We'll have a Universal Heiroglyphical Writing System that anyone in the world can read!
It may be used on Signs all over the world without confusion...
On the Internet ( or What will replace the Internet ( the Sooner, the Better! ) )
And Books ( Some books may still exist )
Nouns will just be themselves... Cartouches will surround Peoples Proper Names...???
A system of Phonetic Symbols will be introduced and taught so that Names and Place may be pronounced correctly...
Then you'd have symbols of verbs and pronouns and adverbs...
and all kinds of new modifiers to subtly change 'BaseWords' such as 'Muscle' into any specific Muscle or Auto-Part or what-not...
The new Hieroglyphical System has to be just as Precise & Expressive as any 'Usual' Language...!
So all you Linguists out there... Get Cracking on this...!!!

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