Monday, December 27, 2004

Predictions for 2005

Various Predictions for 2005
  1. Flying Saucers will remain as mysterious as ever.
  2. Your Favorite TV show will be Canceled.
  3. Fidel Castro will become terribly popular after he marries Condoleezza Rice.
  4. The 'War' in Iraq will end suddenly-- When one morning, No one shows up for roll call.
  5. Disney Corporation will be found out as the principle distributor of subliminal Internet Porn.
  6. Peyton Place will be made into a Hit Movie, Starring John Kerry & a computer generated telareplicant of Mary; ( Mother of God ).
  7. Another UnderSea City will be found, and you won't be told about it.
  8. A 14_year old in Kansas will think up a wonderfully novel way to pay for her Future Social Security; And that is-- To Lease her DNA rights to a newly created National Mexican BioTech Firm.
  9. A Hollywood Movie's Production Cost will Exceed 1 Billion Dollars, Half of which will go to Tom Hanks; But curiously-- It will not be released, And No Reason will be provided for it Suppression.
  10. Fully Implanted Cell-Phones will become Popular amoung wealthy Teenagers.
  11. A Rival Operating System for Intel Based Computers will become immensely popular for several months, then mysteriously begin disappearing from users hard-drives...
  12. Autonomous Robotic Pets will become more popular than parakeets & turtles, but lag behind dogs & cats.
  13. A New kind of Bicycle will be invented.
  14. A Children's book about 40 foot dustballs will become extremely faddish.
  15. An investigation of the 2004 Presidential Elections will show that John Kerry is our actual president; But he will decline to fill the office, after his loosing interest in politics.
  16. Food will become obsolete.
  17. Brain Tumors will overtake Car Accidents as the leading cause of death amount 20 to 40_year olds.
  18. Martha Steward will become involved in Politics & become the leading Libertarian Candidate for President in 2008.


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