Monday, December 20, 2004

ReCent Events...

So last night, i woke up at around 1am and thought...
"Ow! My arm really hurts... What is that about...???"
So i turned over, and after a while...
"Ow! My Neck really hurts... What is that about...???"
So i turned over to my stomach... and...
"Ow! My Ear really hurts...!"
So i jumped up, grabbed my flashlight, and started shining it around,
and noticed a GIGANTIC...!!! Millipede ( Centipede-??? ) furiously scampering away...!!!
It was at least 8 inches long, Very skinny, and was a deep & shiny Cockroach brown...!
Since it was running away, and i was still trapped in my sleeping bag,
i let it escape...!
But that place that i've been sleeping at is Now Compromised...!!!
It's been a Very Good Place, that is usually BUG FREE...!!!
So i'll keep using it...i guess...
i certainly don't want to find a new place...
This place is Really Nice ( Usually )...
It's kind of noisy, But the traffic sounds are actually kind of soothing...???
and The headlights against the walls are actually quite pretty as they shine through the trees and other obstacles...???!!!
So the 'Bites'...!!! Hurt for about 10 minutes or so, then cooled off.
What i think is worse now-- Is all the dang GNATS...!!!
i used to like laying in the grass, but now that it's apparently Gnat Season,
They are all over the place, and just chew & chew & chew away on my delicate legs...!!!
My Right Knee is now almost completely healed,
But my Left Knee has developed, or was trying to develop an Identical abscess...!!!
But i think i have it under control...
( The last time i was in Hawai'i; i had two other abscess' that followed the same pattern...
One started on my left leg, in the middle of the shin, then after i started taking care of it,
i got another one, in the SAME PLACE, on the other leg...!!! What is That about...??? )
So anyways...
Now that i don't have any OutStanding Leg injuries...
My Right Foot is acting up...???!!!
i think i may have stepped on an Acorn ( Or Hawai'ian NUT! ) about 4 days ago,
and it must have bruised my foot bones...???
The foot doesn't LOOK injured... It just hurts ALOT when i walk on it...
And it seems to be getting worse every additional day, rather than better...!!!
It's always something.
After washing out some things the other day,
i noticed that my Ball Cap was becoming unraveled...!!! Around the Brim...!!!
( The trouble with Hawai'i is that everything decays Very Quickly around here...
Everything is Damp All The Time, and there are tiny, tiny, tiny bugs that eat everything...! )
And because i can't stand wearing tattered clothing... dirty is OK though... But Not Tattered...!
That i started looking around for a replacement Ball Cap...
A nice one... of Quality... But WithOut an Advertisement on the front...!!!
A plain one.
And i could find any plain ones, so i had to settle on an Red, Old Navy Ball Cap.
It says: Old Navy ** NY * SF EST 1994
They were on Sale for only 7.50$.
And Old Navy has a 90_day Return Policy.
Then; The day after that unexpected expenditure...
i discovered that one of the nose grips on my glasses had broken off...!!!
So i went over to Lens Crafter's, and they fixed it for 10$...
BUT-- ( Get this...!!! -- That 10$ can be applied to a Purchase...!!! )
So i got a new Hard Case... One that the Glasses fill All The Way Into...
For 10$...!!!
So i got my glasses fixed, and a new Glasses Case for only 10$...!
Bakery goods though... THEY ARE VERY EXPENSIVE...!!!
Hostess Fruit Pies... That were 12 cents when i was a teenager...
Are Now Two Freaking Dollars...!!!
A few days ago...
i must have eaten something WEIRD...???
Because i was sitting in the middle of Ala Moana Park and i felt a fart coming on,
So i let it come out... But it WASN'T A FART...
i unloaded; ( Explosively...! ) about 5_lb.s of CRAP...!!!
So i very calmly... after several minutes of contemplation...!!!...loaded everything back into my backpack, took off my filled shorts, dragged my butt around on the grass for a few minutes, put on my ONE Alternate pair of shorts, then gently picked up my beloved purple shorts that i bought in Hilo, and threw them away...!!!
i haven't crapped my pants since Navy Boot Camp.
Then; Later on that day, i bought some new shorts, very pretty ones, and a new shirt too.
All these unexpected expenditures sure add up...
But if i stay until March... i should still have enough to move into someplace right away when i return to the mainland... If i can only figure out where that will be...???
( i've now begun considering UFO hot spots...??? )
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