Thursday, December 30, 2004

Various Positions...

Various Positions...
  1. Abortion : Women should have the freedom to choose; Not to get Abortions.
  2. Fetal Autonomy : The way that i think of Life, is that it's a Miraculous example of Clever Machinery, and that if it contains an extended warranty of Consciousness, as a by-product of it's Emergent Complexity -- or Whatever... ( ? ) ...Then that additional bit of nonsense is simply an extension of that original mechanical wonderment...! You should never break something, Unless you can fix it. But---!---Nature seems to have a tacit contempt for life... Allowing for the appearance of Waste & Misuse of this resource without providing us with, even, an appearance or hint of some Grander Meaning for it all... ( ??? ) The net effect being; You should express a benevolent respect of All Life, including blobs of cells with a potentiality for becoming a morbidly obese, chain smoking humanimal-- or a common housefly, delicately washing behind its ears, while sitting on a mound of dog shit. Life is simply The Best Trick we know about, Show a little appreciation for it, Even if it's as common as dust!
  3. 911 : i very much suspect that it was an organization within the United States... Some Unknown Group of PsuedoGovernment Employees, that organized these attacks.
  4. The Universe : It's fake. That is; It was created, And it's not Infinite, or 'Everything', or an Accident... Somebody made it, and we're their property.
  5. God : There is undoubtedly some alien intelligence that influences our existence, and may have created us, or some portion of us, or modified us... &/or The Universe as we understand it... ( ??? )...But this intelligence is as far from a weeping hamster with rickets-- as from the gawd mentioned in any popular religious appellation...! The True Gawd is Unknown to us, and is undoubtedly Unknowable. i very much doubt if the gawd that created our reality is All Good, All Knowing or even has a Definitive Plan for our Well Being...! The True Reality; Is unknowable as well, and given that the True Universe consists of an Infinite Continuum of Realities; The True Universe is Unknowable to our Local Gawd as well.
  6. Public Schools : The sooner they're eliminated; The better...! Everything about them is wrong, From uninhibited & wanton spending on gratuitous sports programs, to tenure for imbeciles, to overstuffed classrooms, run by bands of malformed bullies, to obscenely written text books... et. al.
  7. Anarchy : i'm not really sure what Anarchists mean by Anarchy...??? But if it's simply Lawlessness; then i'm against it... If they mean; The Law of The Jungle or Natural Order... Then i'm against that too. What i would like to see replace Western Civilization, and it needs replacing, make no mistake about that...! i would like to see the humanimal species become subservient to a race of Giant Mechanical Ants that are themselves, The Faithful & Loving Drones of A Reasonably Benevolent Floating Electro-Plastic Brain. This new social order would embrace the simple doctrine of Pleasantly running all afternoon in a Wire Wheel and Munching on The Soft Mellony Husks of artificially grown shrubs that both calm us down, and allow us to think clearly about Mathematical Progressions or Balancing on Unicycles.
  8. Satori : i don't believe in Enlightenment. It seems to me that if there is something like Reincarnation or Transmigration [ my own favorite scenario is that we not only reincarnate to different people and animals, but that we reincarnate to all the other people, animals & inanimate objects, including all the component elemental parts or subunits of those people, animals & inanimate objects, complete independently of any chronological restrictions... Such that you will, or have already been, every other people that has ever lived or will live...! ( Along with all the individual ants, amoebaes, electrons, photons & virtual particles in this local universe & -- Possibly all other universes in The Continuum of Realities. ] As such; The idea that at some finite point in your development, you would suddenly or progressively: "Get it." --Seems completely absurd to me. It may well be that there is Nothing to Get...! The only axiom of wisdom that has any meaning whatsoever is very possibly, The definitive & obvious observation that applies equally to all Beings & their components: Is to Keep Busy.
  9. Cellular Telephones : Cellular Telephones are a lot like smoking, in that when people are using them, they are obvious to everything else.
  10. Recreational Drugs : i have never used recreation drugs, but the reason for this is rather bland... if you or someone you know would like to use them, i good with that.
  11. Cigarettes : i have an idea for a AntiCigarette Commercial... It starts out with a cute little girl eating a bowl of icecream, and she is saying... "I love my icecream!" and then a reasonably friendly, but authoritative voice from off screen says; "You do huh-- How would you feel if you had to go a whole day without any icecream?" and saying this, a hand reaches into the frame and takes away her icecream! The girl pouts and says; "Give me that back!" And the friendly, but stern off screen voice says; "You can have some ice cream tomorrow, But not today." The little girl sneers into the camera and says; "Fine then-- You meany!" Then off screen-- Behind the little girl, perhaps while this was happening, we hear someone rummaging around the room, opening drawers, shuffling things around, and mumbling... Then as the camera pans back so that we can see more of the room, we can see an older woman frantically tearing the room about and screaming-- "Where the Hell are they...?!!!?" She tears the pillow couches off the sofa, and turns over chairs... "Where are my Cigarettes...???!!! What have you done with them you wretched child...!!!???" Then the friendly, but smug off camera voice says; "If you smoke, You can be certain that you don't Love to smoke, The Cigarettes have chemicals in them so that they control your brain! The Cigarettes love nothing better than to make you smoke Them! The final shot is the woman throttling the child by the neck, "WHERE ARE THEY...!!!"
  12. Drinking : Perhaps because i've never had any direct experiences with problem drinkers, i'm passive about alcoholic consumption. i get a pounding headache and inoperably dizzy after sipping a beer on a hot day... But if other people want to destroy brain cells, ( so they say ) then; Go ahead.
  13. Terrorism : The problem with Terrorism is that it's, apparently, used so ineffectively most of the time... If i was going to use Terrorism to advance my perfectly reasonable agenda, then i would follow some simple guidelines to maximize their effectiveness! First: i would make an honest effort to inform the people, and the subservient drones that serve them, of what my grievances are. Secondly: i would arrange a Secret Signature with my oppressors, So that they could be sure of when i attacked, and that it was me. ( it's so annoying when a plane gets blown up or a building inexplicably falls over, and all the frothing, catnip sniffing ferrets call up their local 70's & 80's Rock & Roll Radio station to claim that they're the group that was responsible! ) Thirdly: i would strike hard, unexpectedly, never the same place twice, never the same way twice... and often. ( So Called Terrorists like Al-Qaida & Ted Kazynski that blow up a few buildings, or send a mail bomb once a year, without letting anyone know why they're doing it, and so infrequently, that the only people that become concerned are news junkies that tape pages from Newsweek to their refrigerator doors! ) Fourth: i would provide my victims with a clear & unambiguous list of demands that i expected from them. And i would accept no substitutes! As a Thoughtful & Object Oriented Terrorist, i would expect results in a timely manner, If i wasn't getting the results that i demanded, then i would just keep applying more and more pressure until i was caught, or things started rolling in my direction. -- The thing to remember about Terrorism though, is that it's a perfectly reasonable, And Necessary Component to any Freedom Loving Culture. It's just another tool to balance the scales that often become weighted towards a Status-Quo of Powerful Industrialists & Entrenched Political Families that fill the courts with judges that are too sympathetic to their patrons whims. That's where Terrorism comes in; When a Society or Majority forgets to listen to The Lone Nut, The Lone Nut still has a voice that must be listened to! What is the Antidote to Terrorism? To be Forever Reasonable, Embrace the tenets of Perfect Egotism & Infinite Greed-- Which spell out the simple techniques to lead a full & happy life of opulence, while surrounding yourself with placid sleepy little hamsters that wish you the best & treat you like an eternally popular movie star.
  14. Legal Insanity : i have this idea that seems obvious to me; And that is; That no one ever does anything that they think is Wrong...! If you thought that 'x' was wrong, Then you wouldn't do it! It might well be that you understand that other people believe that 'y' is wrong, But that You Don't! Thus: Legally; When judges or prosecutors faithfully wonder-- 'Did Joe Blow really understand that 'y' was wrong...?' And the answer will ALWAYS BE -- NO!
  15. Flying Saucers : There is undoubtedly a Phenomena that is commonly addressed by it's Acronym : UFO's ( Which outside of it's trivial considerations - Means: Flying Saucers! ) - But i'm not willing to say what this phenomena refers too... The literature on this topic is all over the place, and it may well be too simplistic to think that all Flying Saucers are filled with Creatures from Other Planets...! The actual solution may be MUCH MORE complex or Just Plain WEIRD...!!! If our Entire Idea of Reality is Wrong...! - As i suspect, it is -! Then such questions as 'They come from another Dimension' may be more meaningful in a way that we can't imagine... and by 'Can't Imagine' - i mean = We Humanimals with our brains or 'Minds' preprogrammed in such & such a manner; We simply can't bend our thinking to 'See' the real solution...?!?!? What does this mean for Flying Saucers...? Does it mean that we shouldn't even be Wondering About Them...! ( ? ) - No-- i think what it means is that We SHOULD be trying to figure them out -- But while this Investigation will Never BearOut any real Solutions... We may discover alot of fun things about The Universe & Ourselves by Thinking Hard about this Otherwise Intractable Puzzle. ( ! )
  16. Bigfeet : The most reasonable solution, i think, as to why we've yet to capture a Bigfoot, is that they're 'somehow' related to The Flying Saucer Phenomena...??? And as such; Outside the 'normal' continuum of experiences...!
  17. Ghosts : Many Ghosts seem to be dead people trapped on 'This Plain of Existence' -- While other Ghosts behave in a very puzzling manner... Performing the same ritualized acts over & over again, time without end... What does this say about them... Are they Recordings... or Really Kooky Spirits...??? As with most Weird Phenomena... It may well be that we've given one name; [ Ghosts ] to a whole spectrum of very different phenomena...! Are there Dead People Trapped on The Earth...??? i would certainly hope so... It may well provide those with a ticket to Eternal Damnation, A back door out of their well deserved, But ultimately dubiously unjust fate...??? ( ! )
  18. Angels : i believe that Angels are an elemental part of this universe and that they are nondenominational! While many religions may claim that Angels belong to, or work for them-- They are Independent agents, whose acts are determined by a standard of morality that we have no inkling of.
  19. Dwarves : i just think dwarfs are adorable...! Is that wrong?
  20. Sex : It has been widely suggested that the funniest thing in the world in an erection... But the use of that erection is even funnier.
  21. Consciousness : There are so many Impossible things about Consciousness that it's hard to know where to begin... But suffice to say that if it were the case that The Brain generates The Mind; Then at any given moment, The ElectroChemical Patterns of all your Neurons are somehow being projected into a Mental State of SelfAwareness...??? Is it that Patterns themselves, within this Universe are able to exhibit Consciousness... That any doodle or painting or skid mark-- Represents a frozen instant of Consciousness... And how do all the Neural States spread out over the area of your brain communicate to form a Holistic Unity of Mind... Are they projecting somekind of Magnetic Field... And -- Is that somekind of Natureal State of Consciousness... ??? i think it proves more than any other example, that we're living in a 'False' Reality, and the True Reality, where such things as Consciousness, Gravity & Freewill -- Make Sense.
  22. Freewill : The nutty thing about Freewill is; There's just no way that it could work! Either you make decisions ( That's what Freewill is-- Isn't it... Making Decisions? ) based on a reasoned set of mechanical procedures... Either Logical or ElectroChemical -- Or you make random Decisions... And in either case; It's not really 'You' that's making that Decision...! It's the procedure or Randomality...! Even if we were to allow that it's the brain that generates the mind, and that the whole of the universe, from gravity waves churning out of distant blackholes, or the subtle magnetic lines of force that stretch through the Earth, coming off the wings of a Butterfly in China... Then the whole of this is complicated, But it's still the same principle. You may be a node in an autonomous universe of one mind that we all share, the decisions that you make are governed by the structure or underlying randomality of that universe! OR -- If you want to believe that there is an Homoculii or Dark Wingless Angel hiding in your Brain, Heart or Liver... Then the before mentioned question is simply moved to this other realm... We don't have any other items to select from other than Effects follow Causality, or Not. -- BUT Since the underlying foundation of our existence critically depends upon our ability to be Free in Spirit, This leaves, i very much suspect, Only one recourse: The Universe as we Perceive it; Is Wrong. We are living in a world of Maya; Illusion & Shadow, Completely fabricated without a smidgen of commonality to The Real Reality... Which somehow allows for Freewill, and pipes it into this world... along with Consciousness.
  23. Logical Paradoxes : i don't believe in Paradoxes... That is; i know of several good ones, such as the teacher that announces to her class that on some Undisclosed Day next week, there will be an Unexpected Test at 9:00am! A especially thoughtful student then surmises that this unexpected test couldn't be on Friday, since if it hadn't come by Thursday, then it must be on Friday, and would not be Unexpected! Using this same logical; The student reasons that it can't be on Thursday, or Wednesday, Tuesday or Monday...! Then the Students utter horror... The Teacher suddenly announces on Wednesday morning there will be a Test...! The Student is Dumbfounded! How did his logic Fail? What i believe is happening in the case of Paradoxes is that While The Sentences that describe the Paradox May Sound Reasonable, they are in Fact-- Pure Gibberish! Somehow, Somewhere, In the Verbal or Textual Definition; There is a Gruesome Flaw in the way Logical Language SHOULD Be Used. This may be... That is; While we are still using The Flawed Rules of Grammar that we put up with -- The Aliens will stay away & keep all their Clever Medicines and Antigravity Machines to themselves.
  24. Mathematics : The System we use is Wrong. For one thing; You shouldn't be allowed to multiple by Negative Numbers! -4 x -4 should not equal +16...!!! That's just crazy! It doesn't make any sense to multiple anything by a Negative Number...!!! If you multiple 4 empty egg cartons by 4 you'll get a perfectly reasonable 48 Missing Eggs... But what do you get by multiplying 4 Eggs by Negative 4...??? 16 Missing Eggs...??? NO! That's Crazy! Until this is fixed, It is undoubtedly another reason why the Aliens are avoiding us...!
  25. The Filthy Rich : i think that there is definitely a place for the filthy rich in the continuum of social castes. Without the filthy rich, who would build The Pyramids or Cathedrals or absolutely pointless Rockets to Mars...! The worst thing ( regarding avarice ) is to accumulate great wealth & then do nothing with it. This is undoubtedly The Greatest Crime of Bill Gates.
  26. The Filthy Poor : Just as we need the filthy rich, we also need the filthy poor so that... uhhh... well, i'm sure that they perform some useful function on the grand floating mattress of hellish shipping accidents that has become our signature of existence.
  27. Aborigines : In the same vein as the filthy poor, ( since Aborigines are usually filthy & poor ) is that we as a technological society that overwrites their cultures... We should allocate a suitable & adequate geographical region for them to live as peacefully ( or not ) as they wish, outside of our decaying civilization. It would then be up to their council or elders or Shaman to allow for non-aboriginals to join them.
  28. Literacy : It's a Fad. Literacy was developed as a bad solution to the expanding collection of verbal histories, folk stories & weather reports... Now that we have the tools to record these things in their native format, we can abandon books & their ilk. This may even allow forests to begin growing again... ( after we start turning our mountains of plastic garbage into building materials. )
  29. The Big Bang : It just sounds wrong to me... When astronomers talk about the universe expanding outwards forever ( one scenario ) -- they seem to think that all the galaxies are moving straight outward from a single central vertice... It would seem much more likely that all the galaxies are moving in a chaotic pattern, swinging around one another, in a daisy like manner, like a Spirographic Drawing...! As for why we don't see starlight from galaxies farther away than 17 Billion Lightyears ( or whatever ) --It's because photons of light, after a long time of flying through space, is absorbed back into The ZeroPoint Sea of Nothingness. Of course, if this reality is really just a ScreenSaver for our parent reality, one universe up, then this whole inquiry is moot.
  30. Bell's Inequality : Does anyone know what this is about...??? Please Eep me.
  31. Sages : As a general rule; i don't believe in Wisdom... i have yet to come across anything that resembles wisdom, and i certainly haven't come across anyone that demonstrates an ability to apply some resemblance of it. There are plenty of lucky people, that are lucky either through statistical aberration or psychic abilities... But Good Fortune is along way from a deeper understanding of The Incomprehensible Meaning of Stuff.
  32. Good & Evil : There are events & circumstances that may appear superficially to be in your favor or not, but there is certainly no general, universal circumstance or conceptual ideologue that is good for all references. The closest approach to something like this; Would be some circumstance that when applied to the fabric of reality-- Is good for The Universe, every time. But since The Universe 'Is' exactly what it is... It's kind of difficult to imagine something that would potentially alter Te Universe into 'What it is not.'
  33. How to Act : The trouble with acting is that there's no way you can predict how your actions are going to 'playout' in the future...! So that; If you try to do something 'good', it may very well tumble along the side roads of fate into the future where it will knock over an old lady carrying a discarded nuclear bomb and wipe out an orphanage of genius' destined to save a friendly Alien that is about to give us the secret of their unimaginably perfect Tapioca Pudding! Or -- All those bad things that your parents & teachers scolded you about, May play an irreplaceable role in The World being saved from Evil Aliens; That scowl at the very thought of Tapioca Pudding...!!! As a side note: Have you even thought about how many people, children, dogs & cats, or Invisible, Friendly Aliens you've killed; Either by some collection of otherwise innoculous actions or INactions...??? i'm sure that if we could trace all your actions & inactions backwards to the afternoon that you were born, we would find many, many examples of horrific carnage...!!!
  34. Modern Manufacturing : The great promise of Modern Manufacturing was supposed to allow machines to manufacture the greatest ideals of humanimal design with trouble free & inexpensive abandon... And yet everything is looking crappier and crappier as time goes by...!!! One of my most virulent pet peeves is the visibility of Screws & other Fixatives...!!! Why can't we built everything like automobiles, that hide these things...!
  35. Osama Bin Laden : i don't think he exists. He's no more a real person than Alfred E. Neuman, Scratchy & Itchy or Grover Cleveland! The real tip off i think is all these 'tapes' that are allegedly coming out of Afghanistan or Pakistan or Florida...??? For one thing, He keeps referring, ( so the translation says ) to himself as a Terrorist...! i just don't think any Terrorist would refer to themselves as one, It would be like a liberal calling themselves a Democrat. ( or vice-versa ) Once you've come to the realization that this Whole War on Terrorism is a Hoax! Then it's Obvious that None of The Elements of The War are Real...! What is this War Really All About... i don't know... It may be that our beloved President is willing to destroy The World so that he can raise the price of oil in Texas... Or it may be ( So we would all pray to hope... ) That there is some other reason that we don't know about... Maybe it's all a cover story to allow the government to protect us from Aliens that we'd never believe in -- No matter how much indirect evidence were given to us...! ( Those Aliens are pretty UnBelievable... Even if you're 'Prepped' to believe in them... The Real Truth about The Aliens... If it ever becomes available... Will be Genuinely Unbelievable...!!! -- Yes, i think so! )
  36. The 2nd Law of Thermodynamics : Very often; When you hear about The 2nd Law of TD... It is spoken of as the expansion of disorder as a function of time... That is: Everything becomes more disorderly as time goes by... But the curious thing about this is-- Is that Order is a purely subjective observation...!!! Every definition of Order requires an observation of it to be made, and then decided upon, based on an aesthetic criteria...!!! Plus: The 2nd Law implies that the universe was More Orderly Billions of Years ago, when it was allegedly a huge ball of white hot plasma...! It seems to me that the universe will be Much More Orderly, when all the particles are spread out in an even pattern, and as cold as a Witch's Refrigerator.
  37. Neanderthals : Wouldn't it be fun if the Neanderthals had survived, and we could Enslave them with very nearly the same argument that use to enslave animals...! Or -- If at some point, Western Civilization decided that we shouldn't be enslaving Neanderthals... That would allow the Animal Rights Humanimals to say that we should be enslaving Any Animals...!!! Which side would you be on?
  38. Nudism : i just don't understand why it's illegal to Be a Humanimal. Fashion Laws are essentially saying; In no Uncertain Terms that The Natural State of Being a Humanimal is Just Plain Unacceptable! On the surface; You would think that the reason for this is so that The Religiously Minded could assert that People are not animals, since we can drape the skins of dead animals over ourselves, and they ( the animals can't drape our skins over themselves ) which makes us superiour. As a Religious point of view, doesn't this violate the Separation of Church & State...!!! ( ? ) If on the other hand, it's supposedly a Health Issue, Then why do we allow dogs & cats to run around naked?
  39. Dinosaurs : Who doesn't love Dinosaurs?! i think that this is because everyone has subconscious memories of when they themselves were Dinosaurs, and that was the last time they were really happy.
  40. Clouds : Clouds are one of the ways that The Gawds Communicate with us. Whenever i see a Square Cloud, or one with a Sharp Corner on it... i interpret this to mean that Everything is Going as Planned... Since it's forming a 'Right Angle'... Is every cloud you see a message...??? Is this related to The Idea that Every event that happens to you, was arranged by Angels...??? Who knows.
  41. Tornadoes : They're alive. ( as is Ball Lightning )
  42. Levitation : i would like to believe that some people can Levitate, But if it really were possible... i think that it would have been unequivocally shown to be an genuine attribute of The Universe by now. As a side note; The TM'ers demonstration of Levitation is comically tragic.
  43. Money : Evil or just a Carrier of Evil?
  44. The Damp Masses : While i freely & voraciously believe that flies are Conscious... i somehow also believe that most people aren't. They are just zombies... Acting either randomly or at the behest of evil forces... ( ??? )
  45. Sad Things : Chewed Gum, Unread Newspapers, Telephone Poles & The Strings that Bind them,
  46. MailArt: Mailart is a form of art for people that lack the coordination & attentiveness for craft kits.
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